3 Famous Aquariums in Ontario

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We know that 80 percent of the sea remains a mystery. The portions that are discovered reveal a marvelous new world. This marine world is a fascinating place for the land’s inhabitants.

While an aquarium can glimpse some aspects of marine life, it cannot fully represent the vast and largely unexplored marine environments.

Ontario is one of the perfect destinations, with many zoos and aquariums. It acts as a sanctuary for many exotic animals and marine life. Here is a list of some of the most famous zoos and aquariums. This article will help you gain an Ontario fun-filled experience.

1. Famous Aquariums in Ontario

1.1. Ripley’s Aquarium in Ontario, Canada


Ripley’s Aquarium is operated and owned by Ripley’s Entertainment. This aquarium of Canada consists of more than 20000 exquisite creatures from the sea world. More than 450 unique species from freshwater are also found in this place. This famous aquarium in Ontario is in downtown Toronto, near the CN Tower. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is large enough to contain more than 5.7 million liters of water.

1.1.1. Different Segments of Water Life in Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

The waters of Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada are organized according to the habitats. These unique habitats belong to different marine species. These well-maintained organized habitats present various aspects of sea life in particular segments.

These exquisite segments are named Rainbow Reefs, Discovery Centre, Ray Bay, Planet Jellies, Dangerous Lagoon, Canadian Waters, etc. Let us explore some of these long lineups of marine divisions.

  • The Canadian Waters: This segment of the aquarium displays many marine habitats. ‘American Lobster,’ ‘Wolf eel,’ ‘Largemouth bass,’ and many more exciting creatures are present in this segment.
  • The Rainbow Reef: This aquarium portion presents other sea life visions from Indo-Pacific water. Catch a glimpse of Picasso triggerfish, unicorn surgeonfish, emperor angelfish, and pyjama cardinalfish.
  • The Dangerous Lagoon: Looking for some more underwater adventures?  It would be best if you visited this Dangerous Lagoon. Catch a glimpse of marine animals like green sea turtles and dangerous sharks like sand tigers and sandbar sharks. Enjoy the magnificence of these marine animals while walking on a moving conveyor belt.
  • The Discovery CentreEnjoy various hands-on activities with fossils, clownfish, and horseshoe crabs. The discovery center is also home to a marine animal sanctuary. This marine animal sanctuary includes brown-banded bamboo sharks, cow nose rays, southern stingrays, etc.

1.1.2. Kids Budget Friendly Good Educational Programs at Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada is perfect for spending time with your family and children. Kids will have fun watching the popular Ontario categories of marine life. Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada holds a lot of educational programs to educate the young budding mind.

Marine Ontario museums like Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada also run several species survival programs. These include animal conservation, zoological practices, and creating awareness about saving the Great Lakes.

1.2. Marineland Aquarium

Ontario aquarium
Image Source: Marineland.

Are you searching for an all-in-one fun place for your Ontario tours with kids? Marineland Aquarium is a perfect place for you. Your kids and family will have such a great time at this place.

This place exhibits marine life. It also has an amusement park and picnic spot. The place is a culmination point of all land and water animals. This beautiful spot is mesmerizing and entertaining as well.

Enjoy watching beluga whales and penguins. Don’t forget to take a thrilling ride at one of the world’s largest roller coasters. If hungry, enjoy your exceptional Ontario food at The Hungry Bear Restaurant. Purchase tickets to Marineland Aquarium in Ontario to book your fun-filled day with your family.

1.3. The Aquatarium at Tall Ships Landing

The Aquatarium Discovery Centre

Have you ever heard about the St. Lawrence River? If you have not, then this proves there are so many fascinating places in the world unknown.

The Aquatarium at Tall Ships Landing educates us about the different species of fish living in the St Lawrence River. It also takes us on a virtual journey through the unique habitats of nearly 1,000 islands.

This fun yet educational place has friendly staff. The hired hands are trained to fuel curiosity about the aquatic world. Don’t forget to meet Brock and Oliver. These two friendly river otters are there to entertain and keep you engaged.

Take your whole family to The Aquatarium at Tall Ships Landing. Get a glimpse of the northern exotics. Meet the North American Beaver, known by the name Justin Beaver, at this place.

2. Toronto Zoo of Exotic Animals

The Largest Zoo in Canada | Toronto Zoo 2022 Complete Tour

Catch a glimpse of elaborate animals and endangered species. Small squirrel monkeys and many different birds are a distinct part of the Toronto Zoo. Booking a private tour at Toronto Zoo can be the best birthday gift for your child. Your kid will interact with Ontario Nature and animals up close at this wildlife park.

The private tour takes nearly 5 hours. This small trip will indeed engage your child for the day. Toronto Zoo is an all-in-one package. Catch a glimpse of a variety of species from bird kingdoms and aquariums.

2.1. Toronto Zoo & Non-profit Charity to Repopulate Endangered Species

Aquarium of ontario
Image Source: Toronto Zoo.

Toronto Zoo has a vast population of unique animals and a botanical garden. However, the aquarium of the Toronto Zoo can easily be a significant attraction. The aquarium consists of unique species of marine life. These unique species include pennant coral fish, lionfish, Florida gar, axolotl, and jumbo gurami.

Toronto Zoo also runs several non-profit charity events. Programs like Wildlife Conservation, Adopt an Animal, Fighting Extinction, and Become a Volunteer are a part of this famous zoo. Toronto Zoo accepts donations. Donating online at this renowned zoo will surely help rescued animals to gain shelter.

2.2. Adopt A Pond

Adopt a Pond is a program sponsored by the Toronto Zoo. In this program, volunteers and environmental professionals interact with the general public. This program intends to create awareness about the diversity of the animal world.

The program includes presentations. Student workshops and curriculums play a significant function in Adopt A Pond. Various curriculums include a wetland curriculum, a turtle conservation curriculum, and many more.

3. Other Ontario Boat Tours; Ontario Outdoor Activities

Do you wish for more fun places to fill your dull day? You can pay a visit to the places mentioned below. Most of these places are entirely accessible or exceptionally affordable.

3.1 Peterborough Zoo

famous zoos in ontario
Image Source: Riverview Park and Zoo

This Riverview Park is accessible. It also has a fun waterpark. This is one of the largest parks in Ontario. Take a survey of this park through Mini trains. Catch a glimpse of exotic animals. Two-towed sloths, African dwarf crocodiles, yellow-footed tortoises, and many more exciting creatures are found here.

3.2 Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo and Nature Centre

Little Ray’s Reptile and Nature Centre is a member of CAZA (Canada’s Accredited Zoos & Aquariums). It offers fun training and educational encounters with animals. This unique nature center has branches in Ottawa, Hamilton, Ontario, Syracuse, and Edmonton.

3.3 Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park

Enjoy exotic Ontario nightlife at the Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park zoo camp. Experience a thrilling nighttime safari. Spend the night at cozy cabins with unique names like Lion’s Den, Jaguar’s Den, safari lodge, etc. Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park will surely provide you with a fantastic experience. This wildlife park is one of the best Ontario traveler resources. It provides one of the best Ontario sights.

4. To Sum Up

Ontario is a perfect palace for those who harbor a love for nature. It is also ideal for those who are compassionate toward animals. These educational attractions, zoos & aquariums present a new side of our fascinating world. It encourages budding minds to protect nature around us.

Make occasional visits to such aquariums and zoos. It will help your kids to learn and feel compassionate towards nature. Show your kids the fascinating side of nature and the marine world through the best aquariums in Ontario.

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