Famous Zoos in Alberta – A Treat for Wildlife Enthusiasts!

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Are you an animal lover and want to see a lot of animals in one place? Zoos are places where you can see many different species of animals. If you live in Alberta or plan to visit Alberta, Canada, you can see many zoos in Alberta.

These zoos are home to many exotic, extinct, and endangered animals. You can also see friendly farm animals in the zoo. The Alberta zoos have Canadian wilds, Tibetan yaks, penguin plunges, whooping cranes, llamas, alpacas, and many more animals.

Zoo In Alberta
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1. Famous Zoos in Alberta

There are many famous zoos in Alberta. These zoos have both wild, farm, and pet animals. The Alberta zoos are very famous in nearby areas such as Edmonton and Calgary. These zoos have their own ethics, rules, and regulations.

The visitors have to follow the rules made by the governing bodies of the zoos. Some famous zoos in Alberta are Hobby Farm, Calgary Zoo, Valley Zoo, Wildlife Parks, and many more.

1.01. The Calgary Zoo

The Calgary Zoo is one of the best zoos in Alberta. This zoo is located on St. George’s Island near the Bow River. The major exhibits of this zoo are Penguin Plunge, destination Africa, Panda Passage, Prehistoric Park, Eurasia, land of Lemurs, African Rainforest, and Canadian Wilds.

This zoo is home to over 4000 animals. It has distinct species of insects, fishes, reptiles, birds, and animals. The governing body of this zoo is the Calgary Zoological Society. It is a non-profit organization.

Address: 210 St. George’s Drive NE, Calgary, Canada.

Calgary Zoo | Full tour of Calgary Zoo in 4k | AmanzWorld

1.02. Discovery Wildlife Park

Discovery Wildlife Park is the only zoo in Alberta that allows you to remain in the zoo overnight. It should be a new and memorable experience for visitors to remain in the zoo and listen to the roar and howls of animals.

They provide many facilities for visitors, such as car rentals, washrooms, tenting sites, cabin rentals, fishing rods, and many more things. But all these things have extra charges, so you must pay for all the extra services.

Address: 5400 42 Ave, Innisfail, Alberta, Canada.

1.03. Edmonton Valley Zoo

Edmonton Valley Zoo provides various facilities to visitors. This zoo organizes many events for visitors. The main aim of this event is to connect people with animals and teach them the lifestyle of animals.

The events organized by this zoo are sensory-friendly days, animal talks, parties, and event rentals.

Address: 13315 Buena Vista Road, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Edmonton Valley Zoo (Alberta) | Canada 2020

1.04. White Barn Fun Farm

White Barn Fun Farm is a petting zoo in Alberta. This zoo has almost all species of pet animals. You will see dogs, cats, yaks, cows, buffalos, llamas, donkeys, emus, goats, alpacas, and many more.

Visitors are allowed to feed animals and play with them. It is the only zoo in Alberta that boasts a white Bactrian buffalo and camel.

Address: Range Rd 154, Duchess, Alberta, Canada.

1.05. Little Ray’s Nature Centre

Little Ray’s Nature Centre’s main motive is to educate people and help animals. They adopt many animals and take care of them. It has various species of animals, and you will find many exotic and endangered species here.

Address: 8882 170 Street NW Entrance, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Zoo In Alberta
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2. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How are zoos beneficial for animals?

Ans. Zoos preserve biodiversity. They are home to many extinct, endangered, and exotic animals. Zoos are also engaged in research, so they also research hybrid animals.

Q: What is AZA, and what are its functions?

Ans. AZA is the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Their main function is to look after the research, recreation, conservation, and education of zoos and aquariums.

Q: Is admission to the zoo free for kids?

Ans. Yes, admission for kids is free, but for up to 10 years only. After that, they also enter only by the entry ticket.

Q: What is Enmax Conservatory?

Ans. Enmax Conservatory is the Calgary Zoo project. The project mainly focuses on reinventing and reusing old greenhouse structures. They want it as an alternative to electricity.

Q: How many types of zoos are there?

Ans. There are many different types of zoos. You can see safari parks, butterfly zoos, pet zoos, farms, animal theme parks, and reptile centers. These zoos are introduced because the animals can live in both ex-situ and in-situ environments.

3. Final Note

In this article, we discussed the zoos in Alberta. The animals are very kind and love knowing. Zoos in Alberta have many wild varieties of animals, along with some floral species. These species are vulnerable and are not found in any other part.

All the animals in Alberta Zoo are taken full care of by the assigned authority.

Along with wild types of species, you will also be able to see some domestic species, including cows, dogs, llamas, wolves, goats, and many other commonly found animals.

Visitors enjoy visiting the zoos due to their welcoming and wonderful environment. 


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