Top 10 Reasons Why Justin Trudeau Must Step Down Immediately

That Canada has had to face different scandals since Trudeau came to power is no secret. And it’s not one thing. No, we aren’t just talking about how he cheated us all with the ArriveCan app. Or, that the court ruled it unconstitutional. We aren’t talking about just his blackface incident.

No, we are talking about all the things he has done wrong since he came to power!

If you don’t believe us, read this!

  1. Christmas Vacation in Jamaica Paid for by “a Friend” (2023): Allegations of Trudeau accepting a vacation paid for by a friend, raising questions about ethical standards and potential conflicts of interest.
  2. Green Slush Fund (2023): Criticisms over the management and allocation of funds dedicated to environmental initiatives, with concerns about transparency and effectiveness.
  3. Nazi SS Officer Invited to House of Commons (2023): A significant oversight leading to public outrage and embarrassment, reflecting poorly on the vetting processes of the government.
  4. Diplomatic Feud With India (2023): Strained relations with India, possibly over geopolitical issues or misunderstandings, affecting bilateral relations.
  5. Chinese Spy in Liberal Caucus (2022): Allegations of espionage within Trudeau’s own party, raising national security concerns and questions about internal vetting.
  6. Use of Emergency Powers to End Freedom Convoy Protests (2022): The government’s decision to invoke emergency powers to quell the Freedom Convoy protests was seen by some as an overreach, sparking debate over civil liberties.
  7. Tofino Vacation on National Day for Truth and Reconciliation (2021): Trudeau’s choice to vacation during a day meant to honor Indigenous peoples and their history in Canada drew criticism for insensitivity.
  8. Election Call During COVID-19 Pandemic (2021): The decision to call an election amidst the ongoing pandemic was controversial, with critics accusing Trudeau of prioritizing political gain over public health.
  9. WE Charity Controversy (2020): Trudeau faced accusations of conflict of interest and nepotism in the allocation of a significant government contract to WE Charity, which had ties to his family.
  10. ArriveCAN App (2020): Concerns over privacy, effectiveness, and mandatory use of the ArriveCAN app for travelers during the pandemic.
  11. Nova Scotia Shooter Investigation (2020): Criticisms of the government’s handling of the tragic mass shooting in Nova Scotia, including the response and subsequent investigation.
  12. French Villa Vacation (2019): Another instance of Trudeau’s vacation choices drawing scrutiny for perceived extravagance or inappropriateness.
  13. Pressure on Former Attorney General in Mark Norman Case (2019): Allegations of undue pressure on the judiciary, with specific reference to the case involving Vice-Admiral Mark Norman.
  14. SNC-Lavalin Affair (2019): A major scandal involving accusations that Trudeau’s office attempted to influence the prosecution of engineering firm SNC-Lavalin, raising questions about political interference in the justice system.
  15. China Election Interference (2015, 2019): Repeated allegations over the years of attempted interference in Canada’s electoral process by China, leading to concerns over sovereignty and the integrity of democratic institutions.
  16. Training China’s People’s Liberation Army (2018): The decision to train members of China’s military was controversial given the tense international relations between Western countries and China.
  17. Dinner With Jaspal Atwal (2018): A diplomatic misstep involving an invitation to a convicted attempted murderer to a dinner with Trudeau during his India trip.
  18. Purchase of the Pipeline (2018): The government’s decision to buy the Trans Mountain pipeline faced criticism from environmental groups and indigenous communities.
  19. Gropegate Allegation (2018): An old allegation of inappropriate behavior by Trudeau resurfaced, which he acknowledged while also saying he remembered the events differently.
  20. India Trip (2018): Trudeau’s trip to India was criticized for its execution and for some considered missteps, including the invitation to Jaspal Atwal.
  21. Aga Khan’s Private Island Visit (2017): Trudeau’s family vacation to the Aga Khan’s private island raised questions about ethical boundaries and conflict of interest.
  22. Elbowgate Incident (2016): A minor physical altercation in the House of Commons, where Trudeau unintentionally elbowed a member of parliament, drawing criticism and accusations of unparliamentary behavior.
  23. Blackface Incidents (1980s, 1990s, 2001): Photos and videos of Trudeau wearing blackface makeup at events in the past surfaced, leading to widespread condemnation and a public apology from Trudeau.

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