Navigating Montreal in Style: Top 9 Car Rentals for Your Ultimate Urban Adventure

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Montreal is one of Canada’s finest, most beautiful & oldest cities. If you want to explore this city with your friends and family or even solo, rent a car in Montreal. You must have heard about car rental options in North America. But have you ever wondered if there are car rental options in Montreal? Well, you need not worry. We have your back.

Many car and truck rental options are available, from thrift cars to luxury vehicles. In Montreal, renting a car can offer visitors the freedom & flexibility to discover everything they want from this vibrant city. 

Before renting a car in Montreal, it’s important to check some important things like insurance requirements, fuel conditions, and the size of the car. By being informed & prepared, visitors can ensure a smooth and enjoyable cheap car rental experience in Montreal.

 This article will explore what we need to remember when renting a car in Montreal.

Montreal Cheap Car Rentals: A Complete Guide

Montreal is a dynamic city known for its wealthy history, vibrant culture, and surprising architecture. It is the largest city in the Canadian region of Quebec and a famous tourist destination. With its countless attractions, exploring Montreal on foot or utilizing public transportation can be demanding.

Thus, renting a car in Montreal is popular for tourists and locals. This article will examine everything you must know regarding car rentals in Montreal.

1. Types of Rental Cars Available in Montreal:

Different rental car types are available in Montreal, depending on your requirements and choices.

1.1 Economy Type Cars:

If your budget is low, you can easily afford these economy-type cars. These are the cheapest rental cars publicly available in Montreal. This type of car also saves fuel in case of longer trips. They are perfect for solo tourists or small families needing a city-driving vehicle.

1.2 Compact Car:

For more comfort and space, you need compact rental cars. These cars are bigger than economy cars and deliver better space for passengers and luggage. They are a fine option for small families or groups of friends who want to explore Montreal and its surrounding regions.

1.3 Mid-Size Car:

These cars are larger than compact cars and offer additional space and comfort. If you travel with your friends or family to Montreal, you need these types of car rentals. They are excellent for families or groups of friends who require a vehicle for a long road trip.

1.4 Top-Size Car:

These cars offer more additional space and comfort than mid-size cars. They are excellent for households or sets of friends who require a vehicle for a long road journey.

1.5 Luxury Car:

If you are looking for a good car, luxury cars are one of these car types. Montreal has several rental companies that offer luxury cars, such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi. These cars are outstanding for those who want to probe Montreal in style and comfort.

1.6 SUVs:

SUVs are flawless for families or groups of friends who must have a vehicle for a long road trip or off-road adventures. SUVs are one of the most popular rental cars used for vacation rentals.

1.7 Vans:

Vans are ideal for larger families or groups of friends who need a vehicle for a long road trip or to transport a large amount of luggage. It’s also the cheapest model of cars on this list. Ford E Series Cargo is one of these cars available for rental in Montreal city.

car rental in montreal
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2. How Much Does a Rental Car Cost in Montreal?

The rental car cost in Montreal depends on various factors, including which type of car you choose. Car rental services have become the most popular and necessary part of life; it makes life easy.

You can easily book a rental car through your phone and go to your nearest location. Car rental services can even pick you up & drop you off at your required locations.

You can book a car rental to explore new cities and comfortably travel during off hours. If you plan to go to Montreal for a trip, booking a car rental can be an awesome way to enjoy a Canadian day in Montreal as a traveler.

If you take a car rental, follow the company’s rental hours instructions because taking more time will be more costly, adding up extra charges.

There are lots of famous companies that you can find easily on your phone. In Montreal, car rental is not a big thing. There are many car rental locations where you can rent a cheap car. Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz, and National are popular car rental companies.

Each of these companies offers a range of vehicles at a low cost. Car rental cost depends on the car. If you choose luxury vehicles, then they will be more costly.

Car rental rates depend on the time of year & most car rental companies rent their car at a specific time of the year for more income. Generally, rates are higher during summer because many travelers come to Montreal and rent a car for travel. Some companies also provide discounts on this time & give free holiday packages to promote their services.

First-time visitors need to know about the city’s traffic laws and regulations. In Montreal, the speed limit for a car is 50 km/h, but it depends on the area. Make sure to follow traffic rules.  Never cross red lights or drive at high speeds, and always drive a car at the speed limit; otherwise, you will be fined and lose your money.

Insurance coverage is one of the best things if you take in Montreal. You can visit rental offices and learn more about car rental insurance. Most car rental companies in Montreal offer collision damage waiver (CDW) insurance. Still, you must read the terms & conditions sheet very carefully to understand what is covered & what is not.

Regarding pickup and drop-off locations, most car rental companies in Montreal have multiple locations throughout the city, including downtown and airport.

Some car rental companies also provide pickup and dropoff services at hotels & other areas for an extra fee. Before booking your rental, you must confirm the pickup and dropoff locations and consider the extra fees.

Montreal has a list of parking options available, too. It can also pose a challenge for travelers unfamiliar with the downtown area. The city has many paid parking lots & garages, but it’s necessary to know the cost of parking before renting a car.

Car rental in Montreal
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3. Guide to Choosing the Right Rental Car

Initially, you need to decide which type of car you want for your comfort and save money. Many types of rental cars are available, & every vehicle has its specific components, features, and comforts.

Here, we provide you with some important things to consider when choosing a rental car:

3.1 Choose the Perfect Size:

Size is important when you choose a car for rental because it is important if you travel solo or in a group. You need the type of vehicle according to your needs.

If traveling with a large group with a lot of luggage, you must rent a larger vehicle, such as an SUV or a minivan.

3.2 Check Fuel efficiency:

If you’re planning a long drive, you need to check the fuel efficiency and calculate appropriate costs for your journey. Fuel is your priority on a trip. A smaller car helps you to save money & it also provides a more fuel-efficient engine than a big one.

3.3 Insurance:

Before renting a car, you must ensure the car insurance is current. Insurance is essential if you rent a car in Montreal, so check whether your insurance is valid and then rent. Most companies also have a helpful staff to help you check these things.

3.4 Fix Your Budget:

One of the most vital things is to know your budget. Montreal rental car prices change depending on the car type, the car rental company, & occasion. You’ll need to find a car that fits your budget and satisfies your requirements.

3.5 Good Features:

Finally, evaluate what features you require the most in a rental car. Do you want a GPS navigation system? Or do you want a car with a sunroof? Create a list of the features that you need on a rental car.

Car rental in montreal
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Car rental in Montreal can be a suitable and efficient path to explore the city and the nearby sites. Visitors can choose any car, whether an economy car, SUV, luxury car, or compact car. Visitors can go to any company and rent a vehicle that they want.

Here, we have compiled a list of the top 9 car rentals, where you can learn about rental car companies, their services, & their location & many more.

4.1 Avis

Avis is a famous car rental company in the world. They serve more than 165 countries in the world. Avis provides car rental services in Montreal in several locations, including the metro station, airport & downtown shopping mall.

You can also take advantage of convenient services like online booking & pickup dropoff at the metro station & airport. Avis also offers a loyalty program. By using this service, customers can earn points & get discounts on future rentals. 

4.2 Enterprise

Enterprise is a famous company that provides car rentals worldwide in almost 8,000 locations. Their services are available in almost 100 countries around the world. Enterprise is one of the most notable rental companies with locations throughout Montreal.

This company offers a range of vehicles, including economy cars, SUVs, & luxury cars. The rental rates of these cars are generally affordable. Enterprise also delivers good insurance coverage options. They provide some services such as online booking, & pickup and drop-off at the airport. They also rent out cars for corporate services.

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4.3 Hertz

Hertz is a company that is well known for its car rental services worldwide. They offer rental cars in over 146 countries worldwide. In Montreal, Hertz is available in some locations, including the city mall, airport, and downtown. Customers can choose vehicles from a range of vehicles, such as mid-size cars, luxury cars & also economy cars.

You can take advantage of their services. You can pick up your phone & book a car online & also enjoy pickup and drop-off options at the airport.  Hertz sometimes offers programs that allow you to earn points & discounts on future car rentals.

4.4 Budget

Budget is a car rental company that offers cheap rates and a range of vehicles, including economy cars, & luxury cars. The budget has several locations in Montreal, including at the airport and downtown.

Customers can take advantage of convenient services such as online booking & pickup & drop-off at the airport. The budget also offers some loyalty programs. Using this, you can earn points & get a future discount for car rental.

4.5 National

In Montreal, you can also check out one company named National. This rental car company offers a range of vehicles, including economy cars, mid-size cars, and SUVs. They provide their services in several locations throughout Montreal.

They also offer convenient services. You can simply pick up your phone and make a booking online. In their services, pickup and drop-off at the airport and insurance coverage options are also available.

4.6 Alamo

Alamo is a car rental company that is available not only in Montreal but also in other parts of Canada. They provide many rental vehicles, from small economy cars to full-size SUVs.

Alamo is known for and has become a famous rental company in Canada because of its competitive rental rates, suitable locations, and excellent customer service. Travelers or normal people can book a vehicle online, over the phone, or in person from any of its Montreal locations.

4.7 Sixt

Sixt is a well-known global car rental company. Their services are available in Montreal and other parts of Canada. You can get a wide range of rental vehicles from this company, from economy cars to luxury vehicles.

Sixt has become popular because of its affordable rental rates & awesome customer service. Customers can book a vehicle online, over the phone, or in person at any of their many Montreal locations.

4.8 Thrifty

Thrifty is also a very good car rental company known for their excellent services at low cost. This company offers a range of vehicles, including economy cars, mid-size cars, &  luxury cars.

They provided their services in several locations throughout Montreal. They also offer the customer suitable services such as online booking, pickup and drop-off at the airport, & insurance coverage options.

4.9 Europcar

Europcar is not only available in Canada but also provides its services globally. This car rental company is available in several places in Montreal.

Europcar offers a range of vehicles to the customer, including economy, mid-size, and luxury, to suit different budgets. Europcar is popular because of their business travel & tourists who value quality & comfort. You may be charged extra charges for an extra day outside the stipulated professional service.

These companies may be a good option for travelers. Travelers can easily visit Montreal & nearby locations with the help of a rental car. Before renting a car, you need to read the terms & conditions carefully.

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5. Things You Need to Know if You Want to Rent Out Your Car in Montreal

If you have an extra car in Montreal, you can earn some extra money by renting a car & generating more income. Nowadays, it’s easy to earn money from car rentals. Today, some companies use car-sharing platforms. 

If car owners want, they can now easily rent out their vehicles to others without using them. At the bottom, you can see how you can develop income through car rentals in Montreal.

5.1. Register Your Rental Car with a Car-Sharing Platform

When renting out your car, you need to register your car with a car-sharing platform. In Montreal, only a few car-sharing platforms are available. Turo is one of the most favored car-sharing platforms. You can easily register your car with Turo.

Initially, you need to provide some basic information about your car, such as its make, model, & year, as well as some photos. You have to specify the rental rate & availability of the car which you want to rent 

5.2. Set the Perfect Rental Price

Set the perfect rental price, which will help you to generate more income. So, car rental prices put a big value in this area. You need to set a competitive price by checking the commercial rental price for similar models of your car in your area.

If you register through Turo, then it will provide you with a pricing tool. Using this, you can set the right price for your rental car.

5.3. Keep Your Car Clean and Maintained

To attract renters, you must clean your car and maintain it well-maintained. Keep the interior & exterior of the car clean and tidy.

Also, ensure that the car is mechanically sound as well. Regular maintenance of your car, such as changing engine oil & rotating car tires, can help keep your car in good condition and avoid breakdowns.

5.4. Provide Good Customer Service

Nowadays it is important to provide good services. If you provide good customer service, then it can be easy for you to generate some income through car rental. This means replying gently to questions and being relaxed with rental agreements.

If anyone asks a doubt, you need to answer their doubt & clear their thought. New renters will be attracted when you get a positive rental experience and positive reviews. This can help you land repeat customers.

5.5. Insurance & Liability

Consider Insurance and Liability Before renting out your car, you must consider insurance and liability issues. Turo also provides insurance coverage to renters.

You have to cover the insurance if any accidents or damage happens to your car. The insurance company pays for the damage. In addition, you need to purchase some coverage to protect yourself.

Advertising is also an important thing which you have to consider on your list. If you want to attract more renters, then you need to advertise your car. 

This means by creating a clear listing, you can highlight the features & benefits of your car, as well as provide a bunch of photos. You can also promote your rental car photo on your listing social media accounts, which will help you reach a wider audience.

You also choose to provide drop-off and pick-up options & always get a parking lot ticket if you go to the city center. Possible matches of all these things can help you. 

Car Rental in Montreal
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6. Some Beautiful Places to Visit in Montreal with a Rental Car:

Montreal is a beautiful city in Canada with a wealthy cultural heritage. You can easily visit many favorite places throughout your vacation with the help of a rental car. Car rental is popular in Montreal because the advantage of renting a car is that you can fully explore the city yourself.

Montreal contains a rich history with cultural places & different provinces to visit. Some famous destinations in Montreal are the Notre Dame Basilica, Mount Royal Park, the Old Port of Montreal, and the Montreal Botanical Garden.

Take a rental car & you can easily travel between these destinations and take in the city’s sights and sounds. If you’re planning a trip to Montreal, we are providing you with some famous places in Montreal that you won’t like to overlook:

6.1. The Great Notre Dame Basilica Church:

Notre Dame Basilica church is one of the greatest masterpieces of Gothic Regeneration architecture. In this Notre Dame Basilica Church, you will see incredible stained glass windows, elaborate wood carvings, & some interesting imposing pipe organs.

If you visit Montreal with a rental car, you must visit Notre Dame Basilica.

6.2. The Famous Mount Royal Park:

Mount Royal Park is a famous location for locals & also for travelers. You can relax here for a while & enjoy the sweetness of the city’s beauty. You can also take some pictures & enjoy the view.

6.3. Old Montreal:

Old Montreal is also beautiful if you see this historic district with an open mind. This shows the city’s oldest buildings, including the beautiful Notre Dame Basilica.

You have to see the cobblestone lanes, lovely shops & cafes. Old Montreal is a place to explore if you visit Montreal with a rental car.

6.4. Visit the Museum:

Montreal Museum is one of the oldest places in this city. This museum is a source of pride for the locals.

It has an expansive collection of art collected from around the world. On the other hand, if you are an art lover, you can view the impressive paintings, sculptures, & decorative arts displayed in this museum.

6.5.  Botanical Garden:

If you come to Montreal for a school trip, you must request a guide to visit the Montreal Botanical Garden. Then You will see the beauty of nature & know how it has been preserved here.

This botanical garden has beautiful gardens, ponds, & a greenhouse. The Botanical Garden is a genuine wonderland of flora and fauna.

These are just a few famous places to visit in Montreal. With its rich history, beautiful architecture, & vibrant culture, Montreal is a city that’s convinced to delight & charm anyone who visits.

In Conclusion

Car rental is a great way to explore this wonderful city & the nearby areas. It has become super easy for visitors with the availability of various car rental options. You can choose economy cars, luxury vehicles, or SUVs that suit your budget. Checking nearby areas of Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport will give you a clear insight into the car rental service in Montreal. 

However, it’s necessary to remember that various factors can affect the rental experience, like insurance requirements, road conditions, & parking regulations.  Before going to a car rental, you must carefully check all these things.

Top 9 Popular Car Rentals Montreal

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