How to Remove YouTube from Smart TV? Facts & How-To's
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We all love to lay on the couch comfortably and stream through all the different icons, especially YouTube, and take in the pleasure put forth by those applications. Television watching is a routine for many of us, and we surely do enjoy it. 

But, have you ever felt the need to eradicate these applications because they were overconsuming your time? Or do the kids in your home face addiction issues with YouTube? 

According to a study conducted, YouTube addiction and content viewing all of these addictions are connected. Your concern about deleting these apps from your smart television is valid. 

This article will discuss how to delete YouTube applications from your smart TV. Let’s get right into it. 

1. Is It Easy to Remove YouTube from Smart TV?

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You have to remember that smart televisions are different as well, and it is not easy that one method of removing them will work 100% for the other TVs. 

YouTube has been installed in many types of televisions since its inception. That is, it is inbuilt. Removing inbuilt apps is a very difficult task for many people, but we will see what to do about those problems. 

For those who have installed YouTube later on in their smart TV, uninstalling the app should be pretty straightforward, at least easier compared to the former. 

Removing YouTube from your Smart TV is a pretty straightforward process and won’t take much time, but we will facilitate the job for those who find it difficult to remove the application. Let’s look at what we can do. 

Remember to read every detail. 

2. How Do you Uninstall YouTube from Smart TV?

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2.1. Android Smart TV

2.1.1. Go To Home Screen

First of all, once you’ve switched on your television, make sure that it is on. If, by any chance, the home screen is not viewed, press the home button on your remote control to go to the Home Screen. 

2.1.2. Tap On Settings

Once you see the settings option at the top right corner of the smart television, you must tap on it. Keep the settings open and see the “Apps” option. 

2.1.3. Click On Apps

Scroll below to press on Apps, once you’ve done so there will be some apps which will be shown. You must go below to click “See All Apps” to view all the possible applications on the TV. 

2.1.4. Search For YouTube

Once you view all the applications on your television, scroll until you find the YouTube option in those apps. Once you find YouTube, click on it. 

2.1.5. Click On Disable

Once you’ve opened YouTube, scroll down until you find the disable option. You have to click on disable and then press “Okay.”

In this way, the app will be removed from your smart television. 

2.2. Pre-Installed App Deletion

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A lot of us face this issue, our devices are filled with the junk that we do not need to have on our phones. So, how exactly are we supposed to delete the pre-built apps? 

2.2.1. Go To Your Homescreen

Once you open your television, the Home Screen will appear. Hold on there for a second. 

The route for deleting pre-installed applications on the smart television is slightly different from the installed applications. So please pay attention. 

2.2.2. Go To Settings

The Settings icon is at the Top Right Corner of the smart TV. Tap that icon to search for an option that says “Device Settings.”

When you find this option, tap right onto it. 

2.2.3. Then Tap On Info

You have opened the device settings. The top option will be “Info”. You will have to press on that tab to proceed with the function. 

In the Info Tab, scroll down until you find the option “Build.” 

2.2.4. Setting Up The Developer Mode

Once you notice the “Build” option, Click on it fervently until your developer mode is activated. 

Make sure you’ve gotten into Developer Mode to continue your purpose. 

2.2.5. Again Go To Settings

Once again, you have to redo the 2.2.2. Step. Go to Settings and scroll down until you find the “Device Settings” option. Once you’ve discovered device settings, press on it until it views all the remaining options. 

2.2.6. Developer

In the Device Settings, click on the Developer option, which will be visible to you and scroll down until you notice something known as Debugging

Click on “OK”. 

2.2.7. Click On Wireless Transfer

Click on the wireless transfer, and then you must go back. 

Now, you have to follow a different function. 

2.2.8. Download ADB App Control

Please go to your web browser and download the ADB app control. Make sure you complete all the formalities that might appear when downloading the app. 

Open the downloaded file, and you will have to connect your device. When connecting the device (Your Smart Television), you will have to enter its IP address. 

Copy the IP address of your television and enter it here. And click on Connect.  

2.2.9. Go Back To Your Television Home Screen 

On your Homescreen, something like a permission message will pop up. Click on “OK” to confirm the connection. 

2.2.10. What To Do On ADB Control App

Wait for some time and check the app. You will see that all the names of your applications on the smart television are present here. 

On ADP, find YouTube. After finding YouTube, click on it. At the bottom of the right corner, you will see some options. Select “Uninstall” from there, and then the rest will fall into place. 

How to Uninstall YouTube Application  in Android Tv

3. Conclusion

You can use the techniques provided by us to remove YouTube from your smart television this way. 

It would be best to remember that this is an electronic device, so sometimes there can be glitches, or specific actions might not work.

Also, we provided the steps, especially for the pre-installed apps. So make sure to read every instruction clearly and then execute it. 

Please tell us what you think in the comments below!

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