Ontario’s Liquid Treasures:13 Famous Rivers Waiting to be Explored

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Ontario is one of Canada’s provinces. It is a diverse and charming land to explore. Ontario is home to lush green boreal forests, the frozen Northern Tundra region, the pristine Great Lakes, and beautiful rivers in Ontario.

With almost 250,000 lakes and over 100,000 km of waterways, 1/6 of this vast province is covered by water.

These make the land an impressive Canadian tourist spot. Below are the lists of some famous rivers in Ontario.

1. Rivers in Ontario

Ontario is located in East & Central Canada and has stunning geographical features to allure. There are plenty of rivers in Ontario. Each of them is unique and amazing in its way.

The only way to explore these never-stopping beauties is by following them. Be ready to unfold the surprises these rivers carry with them. Let me put down a list of 13 famous rivers in Ontario.

1.1. Niagara River

Home to the magnificent Niagara Falls, the Niagara River is one of the most famous rivers in Ontario. The river travels through Canada to New York. It is also responsible for connecting Lake Erie to Lake Ontario.

The river traverses through the vast region. The corridor of Niagara River is packed with beautiful landscapes, gorges, and waterfalls.

Apart from Niagara Falls, the river has stunning waterfalls, Like American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. The place is a popular hub for recreational activities. It is crowded by millions of people every year.

Besides being a tourism magnet, the river is vital for water transportation and hydroelectric power. The river is home to several endangered species.  The river’s banks also flourish the ecosystems that inhabit along its banks.

famous rivers in Ontario
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1.2. Grand River

From its source in southern Georgian Bay, the Great River flows 266 km to Lake Erie, dropping 352 m. Along with its main tributaries, the Speed, Nith, Conestogo, and Eramosa Rivers, it is the largest watershed in southern Ontario, draining 6,200 square km.

The Grand River is one of the most remarkable rivers in Ontario. The river is called Canadian heritage due to its historical and cultural significance.

The river’s journey starts at Wareham and traverses through Lake Erie. This river basin’s watershed helped settle the indigenous population of European immigrants.

The river flows through some of the most beautiful and picturesque locations. Hence, it attracts several enthusiasts for outdoor activities.

The river offers a quick getaway in a natural abode. Some popular recreational activities here are angling, kayaking, canoeing, and hiking. It is also home to several diverse ecosystems, including meadows, forests, and wetlands.

the Grand River Experience

1.3. Albany River

With 982 km, the Albany River is Ontario’s second longest and largest river. Albany River runs along the Northern part of the province.  The river runs along the boreal forests, wetlands, and scenic vistas. The river has a drainage basin of 135 200 km2.

Albany River meanders its way through the stunning and remote route through the wilderness. It empties into James Bay, which is part of Hudson Bay.

The Hudson Bay connects the province with the interior part of Northern America. Hence, the river has played a vital role in transportation from historic times.

Voyageur 1 - Albany River - Camp Wanapitei

The indigenous population on the banks of the river adds a touch of cultural importance to the river. It is famous amongst the adventure tourists.

The white rapids of the river invite you to that adrenaline rush. One can engage in thrilling activities like canoeing, kayaking, and paddling.

Eco tours are arranged to explore the beauty of the Albany River in Ontario by boating.

1.4. Sturgeon River

Sturgeon River is one of the famous rivers in Ontario. It is a significant watershed with an area of approximately 7000 km2 and traverses through the Northern part of Ontario. It runs adjacent to beautiful and remote wilderness on its way.

Sturgeon River Michigan Paddle

The beautiful landscape catches the attention of many adventure seekers. Many of them are angling enthusiasts who take back some massive catches.

The clear and pristine waters of the river, breathtaking landscape features, and untouched wilderness are significant attractions.  It attracts photographers to capture outstanding beauty. The region is inhabited by wild animals like moose, black bears, eagles, etc.

Sturgeon River surroundings have camping facilities. One can enjoy their stay here in this oasis of nature.

1.5. Ottawa River

Ottawa River is one of the most prominent rivers in Canada. It meanders through the capital region of Ottawa. The river also flows through the provinces of Quebec and Ontario. It is Canada’s eighth-largest river and the primary source of the St. Lawrence.

The Ottawa River attracts many tourists due to its beauty. The banks of rivers support the ecological system. It also inhabits diverse flora and fauna.

The river’s contribution to hydroelectric power is remarkable. These attributes make it a popular destination for adrenaline junkies.

Ottawa River is one of the iconic rivers in the country to visit.

1.6. Madawaska River

The Madawaska River and surrounding region is a unique beauty to experience for leaf peepers. Flowing through the provinces of Ontario and Quebec, the Madawaska River is an enthralling beauty to experience.

It begins at Fountain Lake in Algonquin Park and travels 225 kilometers East to join the Ottawa River in Arnprior.

Paddling Guide: Madawaska River, Ontario

The river’s route is ornamented with rugged terrains, forests, waterfalls, and, most importantly, stunning, flashy foliage. The autumn season is best for people to experience the natural beauty of this vibrant foliage.

Another remarkable thing about the river region is the Madawaska Valley, home to many communities, art shops, and cultural events. More importantly, the area introduces rural Ontario to visitors.

The surrounding region comprises wildlife viewing and birdwatching opportunities for nature lovers. Like other rivers in Ontario, the Madawaska River also offers ample water-based activities to tourists.

The place is an ideal destination for a breakthrough from the metropolitan hustle and bustle. Various accommodation and camping options promise a comfortable stay amidst nature. This tourism aspect further nurtures the economic growth of the local population.

Madawaska River is an attraction to experience on the lands of the province of Ontario.

famous rivers in Ontario
Photo by Matthew Bargh on Unsplash

1.7 St. Lawrence River

St. Lawrence River is one of the crucial factors for the development of water transportation and economic growth in the region.

It is also the second-longest river in the province, with a length of 1197 kilometers.

This Is The Famous Saint Lawrence Seaway Of North America | Look At Life | Our History

Traveling through the borders of countries of Canada and the USA, the river also connects the Great Lakes through a system of locks, channels, and canals with the Atlantic Ocean.

This feature promotes the transportation of ships through the waterways. Owing to the vital connection of the St. Lawrence River, there had been scope for exploring Northern America. Additionally, the river has many hydroelectric projects contributing to energy generation.

Speaking of tourism here, the St. Lawrence River has many outdoor activities like boating, angling, and camping on the banks.

This virtue further boosts the local economy of the place. It significantly Contributes to the state’s economy, transportation, and environment.  Therefore, the St. Lawrence River is one of Ontario’s most important rivers.

1.8. French River

French River is one of the significant rivers in Ontario. Due to its rich and economic importance, the river is designated as a Canadian Heritage.

The 110 km French River was the first to be defined as a Canadian Heritage River System because of its cultural importance as a travel and trade route for Aboriginal peoples during the Voyageur era and the slave trade.

The French River flows from Lake Nipissing to Georgian Bay on Lake Huron. The river had a vital role to play back in the 17th century. Many traders and explorers chose this river route. Hence, it has significantly contributed to trading and increased the economic contribution to the region.

The river flows through the Northeastern part of the region, and the remote location pulls a lot of enthusiasts for star gazing and camping. The area is an all-season destination renowned for water-based activities like boating, canoeing, kayaking, and paddling.

Tourists also get to learn about the cultural importance of this place from the indigenous population residing here. The central part of the French River falls in the French Provincial Park.

One gets to witness the wilderness closely here in the provincial park. Explore the stunning landscapes by undertaking hiking trails in the region. The French River is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful rivers in Ontario.

Burns, Bugs, and Bears - French River Provincial Park

1.9. Missinaibi River

Missinaibi is another river flowing through the Northern part of Ontario in Canada. The river gains prominence owing to the stunning landscapes and breathtaking views it makes its way through.

The river starts at Missinaibi Lake, part of the Canadian Shield. Covering a distance of about 600 km, the journey north of the Mississippi has a very long section. This river offers excellent views, historical significance, white water, and a vast northern sky.

Wilderness Canoeing:  The Missinaibi from Missinaibi Lake to Mattice

The river is home to various fishes like walleye, Northern pike, and lake trout. Missinaibi River is famous for its beauty and recreational activities in Ontario.

1.10. Saugeen River

The Grotto| Bruce Peninsula National Park in 4k | Indian Head Cove | Tobermory Ontario |

The Saugeen River is in southern Ontario, Canada, and flows northwest for about 100 miles (160 km) before emptying into Lake Huron. The river is navigable for some distance and was once an important port. Today, the river is most famous as a fishing and canoeing route.

Moreover,  the Saugeen River region has tourist attractions, making it a desirable location. The spots include Sauble Beach and Bruce Peninsula National Park.

With their camping facilities, one can stay amidst nature and catch glimpses of wildlife nearby. One gets to spot animals like deer and different species of birds.

Water activities like tubing in the river flow with natural beauty on banks have become a popular summer activity here. Activities like canoeing, paddling, and kayaking also engage in the stunning landscapes adjacent to the Saugeen River. These exciting features make the Saugeen River one of the noteworthy rivers in Ontario.

1.11. Magnetawan River

The Magnetawan River originates southwest of Algonquin Park and flows 175 km to Georgian Bay. Many waterways are protected as part of the Magnetawan River Provincial Park.

This river is economically famous due to the fur trade. The river connects the interior of Ontario to Georgian Bay.

Riding the Magnetawan River

Tourists enjoy the scenic landscapes and witness the rich wildlife and river rapids. Camping is popular because the Magnetawan Rivers region is Ontario’s cottage country.

The place is ideal for adventure lovers and those who wish to enjoy nature calmly.

1.12. Turtle River

Established in 1989, Turtle RiverWhite Otter Lake offers many opportunities on 49,294 hectares. The location is more than an hour from Atikokan. This place is worth the trip.

When you arrive, you will see a mountain landscape hosting some of the world’s oldest rock formations. Beautiful lakes, rivers, and forests surround you.

Exploring the Turtle River

Seasons change, and the character of the region surrounding Turtle River changes. The pristine waters are frozen by the winter season. A flashy, colorful foliage appears in autumn, which is worth a glimpse of.

The region is conserved owing to its cultural significance. Some sites show the history of the area and the indigenous communities. The place is renowned for wildlife viewing, fishing, and birdwatching.

You can explore the river and surrounding region by car.  The road follows the scenic trails.  If you wish to kayak, then you can row your way through. You may also choose to explore the area on a walk. The courses will take you through the untouched and unexplored wilderness.

1.13 Lady Evelyn River

Lady Evelyn River is one of the best rivers in Ontario. The river and the region have it all that a wanderlust needs.

The river meanders through the Temagami region in Ontario.  This river features the geography of the Canadian Shield, rock formations, numerous other rivers, rolling forests, pristine lakes, and waterways.

Lady  River is located in the Tenagami region. It is in the remote part of Northern Ontario. Temagami region is a Dark sky preserve. This makes it a prime location for star gazing with the naked eye.

Lady Evelyn Smoothwater Provincial Park is located north of North Bay. It is one of the most exciting locations to visit.

Temagami Lady Evelyn River Canoe Journey

Visitors can avail of the camping facilities here. A day’s visit here won’t be enough. Also, you can undertake hiking to explore the remote beauty of this place. You can wander and discover the stunning waterfalls in the region. The forests here are rich in wildlife.

The region is promising for history lovers. One can spot the ancient pictographs that date back to the First Nations’ people. Enjoy the water-based activities here in the rapids of the river. Lady Evelyn River and the surrounding region are popular destinations to visit.

2. Did You Know?

1. Ontario is a farmer’s dreamland! It has more than half of the highest-quality farmlands in Canada. It grows crops like apples and potatoes and cash crops like soybeans and mixed grains.

2. Ontario has more than 250,000 lakes!

3. Ontario is derived from the Iroquois word meaning “beautiful water” or “beautiful lake.”

3. To Sum Up

Learning about all the serene rivers in Ontario must have allured your heart to visit them!

The rivers in Ontario have been home to indigenous populations. They have paved the way for the province’s economic growth and supported the state’s infrastructure.  These rivers have helped Ontario conserve the land’s historical and geographical significance.

Additionally, the river banks are home to rich wildlife and have endless opportunities for recreational activities.

4. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. What is unique about the Moose River in Ontario?

Ans. The Moose River in Ontario has historical significance owing to the indigenous communities. Its role in hydroelectric power generation. Its status as a part of the Arctic Watershed adds to its importance.

Q. Which are the best rivers in Ontario for white water rafting?

Ans.  Ottawa River, Magnetawan River, the Gull River, Noganosh River, and the Black River.

Q. What is significant about the Sulphur Creek watershed?

Ans. The Sulphur Creek is most well known for its geothermal energy generation.

Q. Does the Vallée River flow through Ontario?

Ans. No. The Vallée River is a tributary of the Chaudière River. The river flows north.  It merges with the St. Lawrence River. Vallee River also flows through Quebec.

Q. Which are essential rivers in Southern Ontario?

Ans. Ottawa River, Saugeen River, Humber River, and the Grand River.

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