Nature’s Nova: Explore the Beauty of Nova Scotia with 9 Amazing Provincial Parks!

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Provincial parks are among the best places to visit in Nova Scotia. It is one of the provinces in Canada. Also, it is one of the Maritime and Atlantic provinces.

Nova Scotia means ‘New Scotland’ in Latin. This province is set in the far east of Canada. This province has some of the most stunning places and food to try.

Provincial Park in Nova Scotia
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There are plenty of things to do in Nova Scotia. You can try fresh and rare Seafood, hear Celtic music, and enjoy the culture and weather.

Another thing to do in Nova Scotia is to visit its provincial parks. Many local parks in Nova Scotia have access to a seashore. Nova Scotia is also home to more than 100 Nova Scotia parks.

Below are some of the best Provincial parks in Nova Scotia worth visiting.

1. Provincial Parks in Nova Scotia

1.1. Whycocomagh Provincial Park

This park overlooks the Skye River valley and Cape Breton’s Bras d’Or Lake. It is on Cape Breton Island. It is a must-visit place in the fall, as the view is too stunning to miss.

Some of the activities in Whycocomagh Provincial Park include camping, hiking, and yurt camping.

Experience Whycocomagh Presented by the Waterfront Centre

There is a series of hiking trails that lead to four Salt Mountain look-offs, three yurts, and 37 open/partially wooded overnight sites with BBQs, decks, beds, and other amenities.

You can also enjoy a swim and go kayaking.

1.2. Battery Provincial Park

Battery State Park is located on the southern tip of Cape Breton Island, 35 km east of Port Hawkesbury. It is located next to the National Historical Monument of Canal St. The canal provides navigation between the Atlantic Ocean and Lake Bras d’Or.

Battery Provincial Park is located on the Southeast coast of Breton Island. Battery Park is one of the best places to have a holiday due to its various amenities.

Pets are also allowed in this Provincial Park. However,  make sure the pets are on a leash to avoid inconvenience to others. The park also offers outdoor activities such as kayaking, hiking, and fishing.

The campsites in Battery Provincial Park are well-equipped with many amenities. These include walking trails, 53 campsites, fire grills, wood, ice, a shower, a superb saltwater beach, and picnic tables. You can also work in style with the internet service available in the Park’s administration building.

Battery Provincial Park has a great history that goes way back to the 1700s. The park was the site of a small fort built by the English in 1794. The park is within walking distance of St. Peter’s Canal, a National Historic Site.

1.3. Summerville Beach Provincial Park

This provincial park is a must-visit on Nova Scotia‘s South Shore.

It is known for its pristine and white dunes, warm waters, boardwalks, and salt marshes. It is also considered to have the most beautiful and finest beach in the province.

The Best Beach in NOVA SCOTIA!? | Summerville Beach! | Nova Scotia

Summerville Beach is a 1 km long sandy beach at the Summerville Center off Route 3. The beach is usually crowded as it has many great spots for swimming and picnics.

The dunes backed by salt marshes are nesting areas for Piping Plover. These birds are protected, and all measures are taken to watch the nesting areas in the Park. Visitors are often asked to stay on specific paths to ensure the safety of these birds.

1.4. Blomidon Provincial Park

This park is one of the must-visit places in Minas Basin, Nova Scotia. It is famous for being the highest tides across the globe. It is situated at the Cape Blomidon.

The red sand beach can be seen during low tide. It is mainly used as a picnic site. You can enjoy a long walk on the red sand beach. You can also hike on the 12.5 km trails on cliffs of heights of 180m. It has a great view of the Bay of Bundy and the Annapolis Valley.

Blomidon Park is spread across 1,875 acres of land and houses 75 wooded campsites. This park is open from May to September.

1.5. Melmerby Beach Provincial Park

This Provincial park in Nova Scotia is along the Melmerby Beach on the North Shore. Melmerby Beach faces the Northumberland Strait and is near New Glasgow.

The beach is located in Little Harbour. It runs for 2 km and connects Roy Island with King’s Head.

Melmerby Beach

This is a perfect beach for a great day. The water has an average temperature of 66°F in summer. Melmerby Beach Park has many features, including flush toilets, showers, a picnic site, a vast parking area, a boat launch, and changing houses.

The view from Melmerby Beach is immaculate, and the beach is the perfect place for water sports like kayaking and more. Additionally,  the beach also has lifeguards during the summer.

1.6. Five Islands Provincial Park

This iconic park is along the famous Bay of Fundy, which has the world’s highest tides. Five Islands Provincial Park is set east of Parrsboro. This park is considered one of the best Nova Scotia Provincial Parks.

The Island Provincial Park offers plenty of activities to its visitors. These include a stroll along the cliffs or the ocean floor, beachcombing, hiking in the Red Head Hiking Trail, Kayaking, clam digging, camping in the 22 campsites, and fossil hunting.

There are also tours guided by experts who can enlighten you about the 300 million-year-old geology of the Islands Park. Other famous and incredible locations to visit include the UNESCO World Heritage Site- Joggins Fossil Cliffs.

1.7. Laurie Provincial Park

Laurie Provincial Park is a perfect park for a silent and calm outing. It has a quiet ambiance along with the beautiful lake. Laurie Provincial Park is just a few kilometers away from downtown Halifax.

Laurie Provincial Park Nova Scotia (FIMI X8 SE 2020)

This provincial park in Nova Scotia offers various activities. It also has a campground with 63 wooded sites. Moreover, pets are also allowed in this park. However, we recommend to keep them on a  leash.

The outdoor adventures offered in the Provincial Park include swimming, kayaking, paddling, fishing, canoeing, and water skiing. You can also enjoy a peaceful walk in the park.

The area has showers, Wi-Fi, fire grills, wood, ice, and toilets. You can enjoy camping with your friends and family in this park.

1.8. Boylston Provincial Park

This is one of the unique Provincial parks for campers. Boylston Provincial Park is located between Guys-borough and Boylston communities.

It is considered one of the best provincial parks in Nova Scotia to camp by the east shore with a great view of Guys-borough Harbour.

Boylston  Nova Scotia 2022

The park allows you to bring leashed pets. You can enjoy paddling, kayaking, swimming, and fishing in this provincial park. It is also one of the most picturesque parks, with lavish greenery and a calming lake.

1.9. Cape Smokey Provincial Park

Cape Smokey Provincial Park is situated on the top of Smokey Mountain.

It has the most spectacular view of the coast. Cape Smokey Provincial Park is along the Cabot Trail on Cape Breton Island. The trail is almost 5 km long and is famous among visitors and hikers.

The park has many beautiful features like picnic areas, birdwatching regions, and scenic places. It is considered one of the pristine regions in Nova Scotia.

It is recommended to book your spot beforehand to avoid last-moment disappointment.

2. Closing Notes

Nova Scotia is one of the most gorgeous places in Canada. It is also a great vacation spot that millions of people visit. Provincial parks in Nova Scotia are among the top places to visit.

These parks have facilities and amenities that attract many people. These Provincial parks in Nova Scotia also teach us much about the region and its geography. These parks have landscapes like mountains, cliffs, lakes, beaches, etc.

Make sure to visit the Provincial Park in Nova Scotia and have some time hiking on the trails, camping, etc.

3. Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. How many Provincial parks are there in Nova Scotia?

Ans- The number of Nova Scotia Provincial Parks exceeds 20 or so.

Q.2. Can you camp in Provincial Parks in Nova Scotia?

Ans- You can camp in almost every Nova Scotia Provincial Park. These campgrounds offer a significant number of amenities that benefit all the visitors.

Q.3. Are the Provincial Park in Nova Scotia accessible?

Ans- No, as a matter of fact, almost all the Nova Scotia Provincial parks have a fee, and you have to buy a ticket to enter.

Q.4. Are there any National Provincial Parks in Nova Scotia?

Ans- Nova Scotia does have a National Park, and it is named Kejimkujik National Park. It is a seaside-protected area.

Q.5. Are there any UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Nova Scotia?

Ans- Nova Scotia is home to 3 UNESCO heritage sites of Canada, one of which is the famous Joggins Fossil Cliffs.

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