A Guide To Provincial Parks in Halifax: 3 Fun Things to Do

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Located within the beautiful landscape of Nova Scotia, provincial parks in Halifax is a famous city filled with a lot of historical and cultural wonders. Beyond the hustle and bustle of city life, it attracts adventurers and wildlife enthusiasts alike.

Although Halifax boasts several natural wonders and historical beauties. It also has a lot of provincial parks that are unique and have all the basic facilities for campers as well. For example hiking and exploring the city to boating and kayaking at the beaches, you will have a lot of activities to indulge yourself in at Halifax.

Let’s delve deeper into the beautiful Nova Scotian city of Halifax and explore more about the breathtaking beauty of the place. 

1. Provincial Parks in Halifax

Provincial Park Halifax
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1.1 Taylor Head Provincial Park

A hidden gem located on the Eastern shore of Nova Scotia, it occupies a rugged windswept peninsula and is only 6.5 km away from the Atlantic Ocean. Moreover,  Taylor Head Provincial Park is the perfect place to enjoy Nova Scotia’s coastal beauty including the 100 Wild Islands

Perhaps you should take a boardwalk from the parking lot to the beautiful white sandy beach. Furthermore, you can relax on the sandy beach or explore 14.2 km of hiking trails that include Bob Buff Trail, Bull Beach Trail, Spry Bay Trail, and Headland Trail. And these trails wind through lush forests and lead visitors to dramatic cliffs that overlook the Atlantic Ocean.

1.1.1. Things to Do Here

Whether you are an avid hiker or a casual stroller, Taylor Head Provincial Park has options for everyone to enjoy their time. For example, if you are a photographer, this place will be the perfect location to click some amazing pictures of nature, wildlife, beaches, and a lot more

Hiking Taylor Head Provincial Park | Nova Scotia | Canada

In fact, the beaches offer you a fantastic opportunity for beachcombing, and you can find exciting shells, stones, and other treasures that are sept along the waves. Moreover, Taylor Head Provincial Park is also a popular sight for bird watching and animal sightings. Also, you can also enjoy swimming in the clear turquoise waters or enjoy kayaking if you bring your kayak.

On clear nights, Taylor Head offers clear skies that give spectacular views of the starry night. Also, you can just lie down on the sandy beach and enjoy the cool breeze while gazing at the stars. Sounds dreamy, right?

Along with this, Taylor Head Provincial Park offers a campsite where you can spend your nights. And these campsites are fully equipped with basic facilities and you need to reserve one for you before camping here.

1.2. Long Lake Provincial Park

One of the most popular provincial parks in Nova Scotia, Long Lake Provincial Park is just 15 minutes drive away from downtown Halifax. The provincial park offers a bunch of recreational activities, great biological diversity lakeside views, and beaver dams

Along with this, the lake is one of the best places for paddling in the province of Halifax. There are two central locations ideal for paddling destinations. One is Goat Island which is just 1 km away from the launch spot. These islands offer beautiful beaches, exquisite wildlife, and spectacular views of the ocean.

Long Lake Provincial Park Campground, Alberta - Tour & Review [IMPORTANT TIPS for Staying Here!]

Long Lake Provincial Park is also a popular destination to visit for swimming and there are a lot of swim courses.

Another popular activity is hiking at Long Lake Provincial Park. the Lakeview Trail is a 3.5 km long trail that loops around Wittherod Lake.  Also, the condition of the road is quite good, so you won’t face much difficulty. 

2. Things to Do in Halifax

Along with spending time in the provincial parks, get some time for exploring this beautiful city in Nova Scotia. Apart from the coastal beauty, there are a lot more options for you to explore as a visitor. Some of them include:

2.1. Exploring the Islands

This coastal city in Nova Scotia is a gateway to several wonderful islands that are only a ferry ride away. These islands are unique on their own and offer a variety of activities. Apart from scenic beauty and water activities, these islands have historical significance as well. You will find historical sites and get to know the history of these places. And these islands have places where you can enjoy coastal food. 

2.2. Peggy’s Cove

It is known for its picturesque east-coast profile and on-wave-washed boulders that face the Atlantic Ocean and this fishing village is also known for its lighthouse and rugged coastline. 

Provincial Park Halifax
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2.3. Citadel Hill National Historic Site

Perched on a hill overlooking the city, the citadel is a star-shaped fort that played a significant role in the history of Halifax. Explore the fortress, watch the changing of guards ceremony, and take in the beautiful views of the city.

Before visiting these places, make sure to check the opening and closing hours. And ensure the booking of tickets if required on any of the sites.  

3. Summing Up

Halifax, thus, is not only filled with several beautiful provincial parks but is also an exquisite place that offers a lot more. Whether you are a beachcomber, hiker, photographer, or just a curious person about a place’s history, this place has all the options. So, pack your bags and a lot of excitement and curiosity before you visit this beautiful city in Nova Scotia.

Writing about Halifax made my heart crave to visit this lovely place. So, I’m sure you are excited to visit this place as well. If you like reading the blog, please comment with your review below, and do not forget to check the other interesting blogs that will help you to plan your trips and prepare yourself.  

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