Explore the Rockies: The 7 Best Banff Hiking Trails for Nature Enthusiasts

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If you are keen to start an adventure in the outdoors of Canada, then some of the adventurous places of Banff hiking trails are the ones you should look forward to visiting.

You will enjoy its exquisite scenery according to Banff’s seasons, wildlife, and greenery, as it is a popular destination for individuals like you who love to hike.

And if you have just begun to hike, do not worry; there are hiking trails that are just for beginners.

If you are an experienced hiker, there are hiking trails ranging from moderate to strenuous; Banff hiking trails are some of the most breathtaking in Canada, so everyone can enjoy hiking.

Look no further; this blog will help you plan for your next hike at some of the Banff hiking trails with your family or friends to have an adventurous get-together or for just yourself to enjoy some alone time with your inner self.

1. Lake Agnes Trail: One of the Top Banff Hiking Trails

The Lake Agnes Trail is mostly 6.5 km to 7.6 km from Lake Louise, and it will take 3-5 hours to round hike this trail.

If you are a somewhat experienced hiker, this will be an easy or moderate hiking trail. 

Banff Hiking Trails
Photo by Nils Geldner on Unsplash

This Banff hiking trail attracts locals and tourists as this area has few species of birds, and of course, it is excellent for running and hiking.

We suggest you visit Lake Agnes Trails from June to October.

This trail will give you some breathtaking views of Lake Louise, lush forests, alpine meadows, and mountains. After hiking for quite a while, you will find a place to rest, Lake Agnes Tea House.

2. Johnston Canyon to Upper Falls

Johnston Canyon to Upper Falls, located near Banff, Alberta, is a breathtaking approximately 6.5-mile hike, and it will take 2 to 3 hours to hike this Banff hiking trail. 

Johnston Canyon Icewalk Tour | Johnston Canyon Trail Walk in Banff (Banff National Park)

Johnston Canyon to Upper Falls is one of the best Banff hiking trails to experience the stunning landscape.

As it offers scenic views of the canyon, it will lead you to two beautiful waterfalls: the Lower Falls and the Upper Falls.

You will also encounter some wildlife, which will mesmerize you.

3. Tunnel Mountain Summit

Tunnel Mountain Summit is a remarkable mountain summit located in Alberta, Canada. This Banff hiking trail is approximately 2 to 4 km and will take one hour and 40 minutes or two hours and 10 minutes.

It is a popular hiking spot for people who love to hike, run, or just for adventure, and you will also have opportunities to spot wildlife. It is one of the best Banff hiking trails as it surrounds rocky mountains.

You will get to know about a variety of wildflowers while enjoying the breathtaking landscape. 

Banff Hiking Trails
Photo by Steve Payne on Unsplash

While hiking this beautiful Banff trail, you will witness the Bow River Valley and the Banff Springs Golf Course.

And after hiking to the top, you can enjoy the view of Banff’s red chairs; this spot is popular among photo lovers.

4. The Big Beehive

The Big Beehive, located in Alberta, Canada, is a magnificent mountain and a popular destination for hiking, climbing, and adventure. 

You will be mesmerized by this famous Banff hiking trail as you will witness its wildflowers and wildlife. 

The Big Beehive in Lake Louise has a famous tea house where you can take a break after hiking and enjoy the view of Lake Louise.


While hiking, you will view Mount Whyte and the Devil’s Thump. At the end of the hike, there will be a shelter known as the Beehive Shelter, built around 1916 by the Canadian Pacific Railway.

This hiking trail will be moderate to strenuous if you are an experienced hiker, and it will take around 10.4 km for a round trip.

5. Johnston Canyon to Ink Pots

Johnston Canyon to Ink Pots is one of the iconic hiking trails in Alberta, Canada.

This scenic hiking trail among the coarse Rocky Mountains will make you fall in love with hiking, as it will be an unforgettable hike through a breathtaking deep canyon, alpine lakes, forests, waterfalls, and turquoise springs.

You will also have opportunities to spot wildlife.

Banff Hiking Trails
Photo by Jess Snoek on Unsplash

This Banff hiking trail is about 11.3 km for a round trip and is moderately challenging to hike through the route. It takes approximately 4 hours to hike this trail.

The Ink Pots are famous for blue-green color ponds and five springs, where water bubbles rise through the sand and gravel. You can also witness the Bow Valley Parkway while hiking.

6. Lake Louise Lakeshore

Lake Louise Lakeshore, located in Alberta, Canada, is a stunning place for hiking and a crystalline glacial lake surrounded by breathtaking mountain peaks and forests.

It is famous for the turquoise water becoming milky from the glacial rock slit.

Banff Hiking Trails
Photo by Melanie Celine on Unsplash

This Banff hiking trail is about 4.7 km for a round trip and takes about 1 hour and 10 minutes to complete. Lake Louise Lakeshore is popular for hiking, running, and snowshoeing.

You will also get to witness the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise while hiking. If this is your first time hiking, then this hiking trail is best for you to start with as it is comparatively easy.

7. Plain of Six Glaciers

Located in Alberta, Canada, the Plain Of Six Glaciers is a breathtaking area of the Canadian Rockies.

This Banff hiking trail is a famous destination for hikers, horse riders, and outdoor adventure lovers because of the beautiful scenery of the emerald-green lakes, waterfalls, cascading glaciers, and snow-capped mountains.

Banff Hiking Trails
Photo by Alain Bonnardeaux on Unsplash

While hiking, you will come across Mt. Lefroy, Mt. Victoria, and the Victoria Glacier.

The Plain of Six Glaciers trail is approximately 13.8 km for a round trip and takes about 4 to 6 hours.

If you are an experienced hiker, then this Banff hiking trail will be moderate, and for taking a break from hiking, there is a teahouse that was initially built in 1924.

If you are lucky, you will encounter wildlife such as mountain grizzly bears, chipmunks, pikas, and squirrels while hiking.


If you are reading this blog, you probably love to hike or want to start your hiking journey, as it is the best way to explore nature.

Sometimes, choosing a place to explore gets challenging, but do not get overwhelmed. With this list of popular Banff hiking trails, we are sure you will have amazing hiking experiences.

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