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Toronto is the capital city of the province of Ontario. It is the largest as well as the most populous city in Canada. The city is known as a multicultural city and the financial and commercial center of the country. The city is full of extraordinary adventures.

Here you can find many incredible attractions. It is rich in green zones. Toronto is an excellent place for hikers. Hikers can enjoy the many hiking trails near Toronto.

Let’s Explore The Best Hiking Trails Near Toronto

Hiking is the best way to explore any place and rejuvenate their souls for nature lovers. Visit the best Toronto hiking trails, feel the fresh air, and get a nature-driven hiking experience by walking the beautiful trails. And if you don’t want to end up with swelling feet, ensure you wear hiking boots.

1. Bruce Trail

The length of this trail is 7.7 km. This beautiful trail is located in the Cabot Head Provincial Nature Reserve.

Bruce trail is one of the challenging trails, as it has a rocky path that consists of lots of scrambling. But, in this way, you will find many beautiful views of the beautiful nature of Toronto.

Bruce Trail
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2. Dundas Peak Trail

The length of this trail is 2.9 km, and it is located in the Spencer Gorge Conservation Area. This pretty place is famous for hiking, snowshoeing, and birding. Witness the breathtaking views of the scenic waterfalls: Tew Falls and Webster Falls. People can also enjoy the stunning views of Dundas and Hamilton city.

Dundas peak trail
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3. Leslie Street Spit Trail

Hike this beautiful loop trail, 12.4 km in length, near Toronto. This trail will take you through Tommy Thompson Park.

You can explore this place by walking, road biking, and trail running. While walking on the paved path, you can capture the beautiful views of the Toronto skyline. The paved surface of the trail is 1 to 2 meters wide. Wooden brides are also there.

4. East Don Parkland TrailIt is 4.8 km in length and takes an average of 2-3 hours to complete. This beautiful trail is situated in the Don River Watershed. Also, several waterways flow into Lake Ontario. The trails are easy and flat. People can enjoy the picturesque views of the Don Valley, which is surrounded by wildflowers, wildlife, and wetlands.

5. Moore Park Ravine

Visit this fantastic loop trail of 6.1 km in length near Toronto. People can enjoy hiking, mountain biking, and cross-country skiing. The lush surroundings of the trail make your hike more enjoyable.

The route is relatively easy, and the surface is flat, wide with gravel paths. As you walk ahead near Mount Pleasant Road and into David A. Balfour Park, you will find narrow and dirt paths in the woods.

Leslie Street Spit Trail
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6. Lower Don River Trail

The length of this wooded trail is 6.8 km. It is located in Don River Valley Park.

Here you will find many waterways, paved paths, and beautiful views. The view gets more beautiful in the autumn, and the staghorn sumac trees change to a vivid red, which adds more beauty to the trail. In the late summer, you will find many wildflowers covering the entire area. Here you can also find many stone sculptures, such as the gargoyle statues.

7. Glen Stewart Ravine Trail

Glen Stewart Ravine is one of the scenic trails in Toronto. It is 1.3 km long. The surrounding area is full of lush and stunning forest, with red maple trees overhead and a canopy of red oak.

While walking, you will find a flat and dirt path for some portions. Some portions of the trail drift across elevated wooden boardwalks. During the hike, you will find a few staircases suitable for exercise.

8. Cedar Trail

Cedar Trail is one of the most beautiful hiking trails in Toronto. It is 4.5 km long and is located in Rouge National Urban Park, Ontario. The trail begins with a walk along the pond, where you will see a lot of wildlife.

People can also enjoy birdwatching. You will see various birds while hiking this trail. Cedar Waxwings, Great Blue Herons, Eastern Kingbirds, and Belted Kingfishers are a few. You will see the little rouge river with wildflowers along the banks as you go ahead. The trail ends at Meadowvale Road.

Cedar Trail
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9. Vista Trail

The length of this lovely hiking trail is 1.5 km, and it is situated in Rouge National Urban Park. Its two-level viewing platform is the best spot to view the autumn colours of Toronto and stunning views of the Rough River Valley and Little Rouge Creek.

To the north of the viewing platform, you will see Beare Hill, the highest point of land in Toronto. The oak and maple trees stipple the southern slopes, whereas the hemlock groves cover the northern portion. Ridge walks and forest diversity are other features of this trail.

10. Humber River Trail

It is one of the most lovely hiking trails in Toronto. The river is 100 km long and connects to Lake Ontario in the south. The hike starts at Etienne Brule Park.

There are two paths, and you can use the footpath and the gravel path. At 4 km from the start, you will see a footbridge that crosses the Humber River. People can enjoy the spectacular views of the river from the bridge.

11. Humber Bay Shores Park – Waterfront Trail

This park is east of the Humber Bay Park West and Humber Bay Park East and west of the Humber River and Humber Bay Arch Bridge.

People can enjoy the spectacular views of Lake Ontario by sitting at this lovely place. The park offers many amenities, including walking trails, running, and cycling.

12. Moccasin Trail Park

Moccasin Trail Park is split in two by the Don Valley Parkway. It is located at 55 Green Belt Dr. The trail area is 15 hectares, with plenty of lovely scenery. There is a beautiful pond where you can find many ducks and frogs. You will find a ravine forest nearby.

Here you will see the famous Rainbow Tunnel, a teenager’s mural painting. There are 4 well-maintained bike trails. While hiking the trail, you can also enjoy birdwatching.

Vista Trail
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13. Scarborough Bluffs Trail

The length of this lovely trail is 5 km and takes an average of 1 to 2 hours to complete. The route of the Scarborough Bluffs loop trail is easy and connects Bluffer’s Park and Bluffer’s Beach.

You will love the beautiful scenery of the beach, the waterfront, and the white cliffs. Various animals and birds live at the Scarborough Bluffs. You will see many small birds, seagulls, geese, egrets, ducks, coyotes, and deer.

14. Mast Trail

The trail is one of the most beautiful wooded trails in Toronto. Here you will find some hilly areas which take you up and down the hills. This trail is 5 km long and takes an average of 1 to 2 hours. Enjoy a 200-year-old logging route along with tall trees.

The trail starts from the Glen Rouge Campground to the head of the Vista trail and Orchard trail. You will find a set of log stairs that climbs the side of the hill. The blazes are painted on the trees to show the route.

15. High Park

This park is Toronto’s largest public park, where you can experience the most scenic urban hikes. Children and dogs can easily access the paved paths of High Park. The High Park trail is 5.3 km in length.

High Park has many beautiful attractions that include lovely gardens, a zoo, a waterfront, dog parks, playgrounds, and cafes.

High Park
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16. Doris Mccarthy Trail

Explore this 9.7 km steep trail near Toronto. The route is easy and takes 2 to 3 hours to complete. Doris Mccarthy Trail is also called Gates Gully.

The trail extends from Ravine Drive off Kingston Road and meets Lake Ontario. There you will see a large steel sculpture known as Passage. The sculpture was created by the artist Marlene Hilton Moore. As you walk closer to the lake, you will see the spectacular views of the lake.

17. Beltline Trail

The BeltlineTraill is 9 km in length and uses an old railway line. People can enjoy walking as well as cycling.

The Beltline Trail has three sections, the Ravine Beltline Trail, the Kay Gardener Beltline Park, and the York Beltline Trail. While visiting these three sections, you will see many tree-lined walking paths and scenic bridges that will take you through Moore Park, Forest hill, and Rosedale. You can make your exit at Evergreen Brick Works.

Closing Thoughts

Toronto is blessed with exotic green zones. If you are a nature lover or a hiker and love to walk in lush surrounding areas, you must visit Toronto. You can explore this beautiful city by hiking. There are plenty of hiking trails in Toronto that you have seen in the above list.

So, are you ready to hike these incredible trails? Get ready with your hiking clothes, poles, and backpacks to explore the best hiking trails near Toronto.

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