Basin Head Provincial Park: 4 Thrilling Activities

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Basin Head provincial park is a very beautiful park which is basically situated in Basin, present on Edward Island. The other name for the Basin Head Provincial Park is the Singing Sands because of the white sand that appears to sing when someone steps on it, due to the very high content of silica. 

This beautiful beach mat has a very different, geologically unique life cycle. The very famous Basin Head Provincial Park has many features, including fisheries, a museum, gift shops, giant Irish moss, natural habitat, a floating wheelchair, a heritage foundation, an interpretive center, outdoor showers, a beach area, a tidal lagoon and a day park.

This beach mat, the basin head beach, is divided into two sections; these two sections are divided by a channel, and this channel is mostly called a Run. The bridge is the most exciting part of the run-in Basin Head Provincial Park and is a very famous and popular attraction for diving and jumping. The basin head fisheries museum is usually open in the summer for visitors.


This provincial park is situated approximately thirteen kilometres which are in the east of Souris. Like a basin, this Basin Head beach got its famous name from its hollow bowl-shaped. This area, for many years, was just used for producing fish only. In the year 1937, it was first decided to build a very useful harbour and the wharf at the Basin Head. The harbour finally opened in the year 1938 and was dredged in the year 1959 due to sand dunes.

In the year 1973, the Basin Head famous fisheries museum was constructed under the order of the very famous prince Edward island and museum along with the heritage foundation. From 1995 to 1996, the renovation of the basin head watershed, fisheries museum, and supervised beach was done under the supervision of experts.

 The Eastern Kings Development Association was responsible for the construction and supervision of the basin head park and also for all the extra and useful components which make this parkway much more beautiful in its own way. 

Under this renovation, only many new things are introduced in this Basin Head Provincial Park. These include fog stations, volleyball nets, a gift shop, a marine-protected area, a museum, household products shops and change rooms.

Due to its very high content of silica, this place also got its name singing sands, a unique feature of this basin’s head provincial park. These stabilizing and thickening agents are introduced in this provincial park. A very boardwalk on-site area is also significantly larger than any other walking area.

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Things To Do In Basin Head Provincial Park

There are a lot of things that you can do in Basin Head Park because it definitely has a variety of very large places where you can explore and enjoy new things. Basin Head Provincial Park is the center of attraction to many people because of its beauty, awesome services, beach, unique on-site strain, Irish moss, island, swimming area and sand dunes.

Anyone can visit this park, and you can visit this park with your friends, kids, family and loved ones. Now let’s discuss in brief what you can do or where you can visit Basin Head Provincial Park.

1. Kustim Aesthetics

So, if you are tired of sunbathing and exploring the island, you must visit this place. Kustim Aesthetics is a spa where you can have the best experience. You must visit and spend some time on yourself. This place is among the most peaceful places where you can spend some valuable time. This Kustim Aesthetics is near Prince Edward Island.

As the climate and uniqueness of the Basin Head Park state have a higher concentration of silica present in the soil, it becomes essential to give extra care to your feet and skin. For that extra care, Kustim Aesthetics is the best place.

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2. Basin Head Fisheries Museum

This supervised beach had its own fisheries museum. This Fisheries museum is located on the bluff and overlooks the Northumberland Strait. This museum is very different from the other museums; it tells the story of the journey of the inshore fishery, fog stations and lighthouses.

In the small boats, videos and DVDs are played, which tell the story of the fishermen, their journey, their struggle, and their experiences. The videos also tell about the traffic sand dunes that used to take place on this east island in the olden times. This beach is among the seven provincial heritage beaches run by the PEI Museum and Heritage Foundation.

This museum also has its own gift shop; you can purchase souvenirs from here for your loved ones. This Canadian museum is open daily from 9 to 5 throughout the season. The duty in this museum is fixed from 9 to 5 hours.

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3. Day Park

This is among the most wonderful and amazing beaches in Canada. Day park is also located in Basin Head Park. Here in Day park, You can enjoy the picnic area which is very amazing and full of nature and a gazebo. Just have a walk of this place on most basin head beaches. There is also the children’s play village and volleyball nets, which enhance the experience of this place more for the visitors.

The cannery at Basin Head beaches is the provincially designated heritage place on this east island. The east island, prince Edward island, has free admission.

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4. Marine Protected Area

This Marine protected area behind the total lagoon is the perfect habitat for the Chondrus Crispus and Irish moss. This is the one and only place where these two are found. This unique part makes this place more precious and important.

Final Note

Basin Head Provincial Park is located in the middle of beaches. Prince Edward Island is very close to the Basin Head Provincial Park. This place is full of uniqueness and beauty. Basin Head Provincial Park is also known as Singing Sand because of its geographical distribution.

This island has its own fisheries museum, day park and Marine protected area. Basin Head is one of the most intriguing natural sites in Canada. Also, the Provincial Park is renowned for 9 miles of magnificent and beautiful white sand. Apart from the Singing sand, another specialty of basin head is the Run. Run is the bridge or a boardwalk across the whole area.

If you are a nature lover and want to spend some peace and relaxing time with your family, friends and loved ones, then this is the best and perfect place.

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