12 Amazing Things to do in Grasslands National Park

Things to do in grasslands national park
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Grasslands national park is located in Canada. There are many exciting things to do in Grasslands National Park. It is also known as Saskatchewan grasslands national park because of parks Canada’s location in Saskatchewan. There are various things to do in the grasslands national park, but before that, we will discuss what Grasslands national park is.

The grasslands national park is also known as The Dark Sky Preserve. Canada also has many other national parks. If you plan the cross-country tour, please add visiting grasslands to your list.

Not only grasslands national parks there are many other native grasslands and historic parks which you can enjoy. There are two blocks in this national park one is the east block, and the other is the west block.

Many species of animals live here. You can see prairie dogs in the prairie dog colony, lone bison patiently munching, burrowing owls, and many more.

There are various things to do in grasslands national park, like you can go hiking or camping if you are interested. There are various hiking trails and campgrounds in the east and west blocks. You can also enjoy an eco-tour scenic drive in this national park.

Grasslands National Park

There is a total of 44 park reserves and national parks in Canada. Out of which 2 are located in Saskatchewan. They are Prince Albert National Park and Grasslands National Park. This national park is preserving prairie grasslands.

It is a natural region that protects endangered species and creates a good environment for them to live peacefully. The endangered species are black-tailed prairie dogs, pronghorns, prairie rattlesnakes, greater short-horned lizards, and plains bison.

The grasslands national park is a beautiful place, and there are various things to do.

If you are interested in hiking trails, you must visit them here because it has a lot of hiking trails like two trees trail, cross country riverwalk trail, an eagle butte trail, mowed trail, a rock creek trail, and a long Bearpaw sea trail. Before visiting here, remember to take a trail map along with you.

And if you are interested in camping, you must also visit here because, in the grasslands park, there are the best facilities for camping and campers. It also offers backcountry camping. Backcountry and front-country campers are also allowed as they offer front-country camping.

We will discuss more backcountry camping and front-country camping in detail. It has various campgrounds like Frenchman valley campground, rock creek campground, fife lake campground, and many more.

Things to do in Grassland national park
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This park is formed in the year 1981. The geological landscape of the grasslands park consists of the Frenchman River valley, the badlands of rock creek, and the seventy-mile butte. It has a 350 square miles area. This park got its characteristics and features from the erosion of glacial meltwater.

The grasslands national park is formed on the traditional territory of the Niitsitapi, also known as the Blackfoot people of the American and Canadian plains. This land comes near the international boundaries, so this land is under Treaty 4.

Two Main Blocks Of Grasslands National Park

The Grasslands National Park, Canada, has two portions: The West Block and The East Block. Both blocks have a campground and visitor centre. Besides these blocks, there are many visitor centres like the park’s main visitor centre, rock creek visitor centre, west block visitor centre, and east block visitor centre.

1. West Block

The west block of grasslands national park is located near the swift current. From the swift current, it only takes an hour to reach the west block of the grasslands national park. The main west block visitor centre is in Val Marie, which is very close to the main building of Campground Marie.

The west block is located in the fourth division of Saskatchewan. Many visitors from swift current visit the grasslands park. The west block is formed by the flat prairie landscapes, which look adorable.

The west block also has prairie dog colonies, so these endangered species create an environment for themselves.

You can go for the ecotour scenic drive in the west block of grasslands national park, Canada. The west block is different from the east block. The west block beware that the visitors will not face any problems during their visit, and the west block visitor centre takes care of it. The west block wifi service is also very good.

The Frenchman valley campground offers many serviced camping sites like teepee camping. It also offers cook shelter facilities to visitors.

Things to do in grassland national park
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2. East Block

The east block is located near the south of Assiniboia, near the Wood mountain national park. The interpretive centre of the east block is near McGowan House, located near the Rock Creek campground. The east block is located in the third division of Saskatchewan.

The East block is formed from the badlands parkway, and it has dramatic badlands landscapes that give visitors an awesome view. The east block is a very ni in the grasslands national park, Saskatchewan.

The east block is famous for the Cretaceous-Paleogene boundary and wood mountain. You can go for the gravel road driving tour in the east block.

The east block is the more wilderness place due to the badlands parkway and the Badlands of rock creek. The rock creek visitor centre is also located on the east block.

List of various Things to do in Grasslands National Park

There are various things to do in the grasslands park as it is a beautiful and natural place with campgrounds and hiking trails. It also has two blocks east block and a west block. Both blocks are different from each other.

1. Stargaze In A Darkest Dark Sky Preserve

As you read the name, you know it is about stars. So, yes, it is about stars. The grasslands national park, Saskatchewan, is a destination which is located under the big dark sky.

This place is a lovely place that astronomers and photographers love. It is also known as the Land of Living Skies. Because it is a delightful place, it takes you to the next level of sky and night. I am sure you will feel it if you visit here once.

It is a very peaceful place. You come here to stay away from the running city life and have mental peace. Many people come here to enjoy nature. People also love to perform their hobbies here because they enjoy the environment.

The best location to see the stargazing is the Frenchman Valley and rock creek campground. The east and west blocks organize parties like Annual Star Party to enjoy the beauty of the dark sky at night.

2. Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife viewing is the next thing on the list of things to do. Some people are interested in viewing wildlife and wild and endangered animals. So they can follow their interest in the grasslands park, Saskatchewan.

Grasslands National Parks, Canada, have a unique landscape and favourable environment for wildlife. So a lot of wild animals make it their habitat. The animals like plains, bison, prairie dogs, American badgers, rattlesnakes, and short-horned lizards. You can see the prairie dogs and the plains bison in their herd near the Frenchman River valley.

Dawn and dusk are the best chances to see the animals and their hearing. Not only the animals, but you can also watch many birds here. You can see many heads of foxes, coyotes, mules, pronghorn antelope, and white-tailed deer.

Birds like Sprague’s pipits, long-billed curlews, ferruginous hawks, greater sage grouse, and burrowing owls stay here. Many wildlife photographers also visit the grasslands national park to spot the wild animals to click their photos.

3. Scenic Drives

Scenic drivers who are not fond of doing these types of drives. Every love to go through nature along with friends and family.

The west block is famous for the ecotour scenic drive. The road for the scenic drive is marked with yellow colour on the map of the park.

The drive is 80 km long, where you will spot fascinating views, amazing and adorable landscapes, and hear of wild animals. This scenic drive takes only three hours if you drive slowly and enjoy all the views along the way.

Things to do in Grasslands national park
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This drive has mainly 7 spots to take a break and enjoy. We will discuss these spots in detail:

3.1 Boundary Gate

This is the starting point of this drive. It has a 70-mile eagle butte. From this step, you will start a wonderful and memorable journey.

3.2 Top Dogtown Trail

After starting your journey from there, your next stop is Top Dogtown Trail. This is famous for the colonies of the black-tailed prairie dogs.

3.3 Turlough Route

This is the third spot where you must stop and enjoy the Bearpaw sea trails. This place contains many boards containing information about the grasslands national park.


This fourth spot stops you from moving forward because it has amazing views. Its endless beauty attracts you. This is the best spot for photography.

3.5 Cattle Ranch

This is the fifth spot where you have to spot. From this spot, walk for 100 meters, and you will see the beautiful rivers flowing from your sides. These are the excellent views which make you happy and your trip memorable.

3.6 Larson Interpretive Trail

This is the sixth spot which seeks your attention. Larson Interpretive Trail is the track around the old cowboy ranch. This is a short and easy track, but it is very adorable.

3.7 Larson Dogtown

This is the last spot where you have to take a break. Here the staff of the park provides you telescope to see the scenic views of plains and wildlife. You will never forget the views of those plains and hearing of animals.

Things to do in grasslands national park
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4. Search For Red Chairs

The next thing to do on the list of things in grasslands national park is to search for red chairs. Social media users mostly search this location for social media photographs in the grasslands national park.

These types of locations are available in both the east block and the west block. There are four locations in the east block and three in the west block where the visitors will sit and relax. The views are also adorable, so they will take a lot of photographs and upload them on social media platforms.

5. Backcountry Camping

The next thing is the youngsters’ most popular hobby, backcountry camping. First, let’s discuss what backcountry camping is. Backcountry camping is in remote areas far from roads and developed areas.

These areas do not have any facilities. The hikers must stay in the camps, walk through the parklands, explore the remote areas, and observe the natural wildlife.

Backcountry camping is unsafe because you must stay with wild animals in remote areas. This type of camping has a lot of risks. You always have to be prepared to fight the danger. You have to plan for your escape if you face any dangerous situation.

Things to do in Grasslands national park
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6. Frontcountry Camping

Front country camping is also known as car camping. First, let’s discuss what front-country camping is.

This type of camping is done in well-established campgrounds like national grassland parks. It can be done at rock creek campground and Frenchman valley campground.

Many facilities are given to the visitors in the front country camping like water spigots, pit toilets, trash bins and many more. The people also do not face any dangerous situations in front-country camping.

7. Club Parka

It is a beautiful place in the grasslands national park for children of age 2 to 5.

A few families like to take such young kids with them to see the wild animals. So the park staff make a club for the kids to enjoy their time by having fun with their age.

Children play many games, see photos and videos of animals, and do many more things they will perform there.

Things to do in grasslands national park
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8. Equestrian Trails And Campgrounds

Equestrian Trails and Campground is a marvellous place along the broken hills. You can go horse riding here. There are many tour guides and some locals who give their horses for rent to the visitors.

9. Eagle Butte Trail

Eagle butte trail is a beautiful place in the grasslands national park. People generally think these places have only grass and walking here will not provide you with anything. But the truth is this is a beautiful place with many different species of plants, thousands of flowers, and many species of birds.

You only have to walk on this trail and see many new and beautiful flowers. It is only 2 km long. If you walk here on this trail, you want to come here again and again. It is a natural place that provides a good atmosphere, and walking in this environment has many health benefits.

10. Zahurski Point Route

People who love bike riding a lot visit the grasslands national park to enjoy the Zahurski Point route. The best way to visit this place is to hop on your bike and get ready for the bike trip. A few things required are a bike, a Google Maps, a compass and your zeal.

Zagorski Point route has a very amazing view to watch. This is either 11-kilometer moderate terrain or is at your disposal. If you want to do some adventure thing in your life, get ready for this as this route will, along with the beautiful view, also provide you with amazing adventure things.

Things to don in grasslands national park
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11. 70 Mile Butte

It is one of the highest peaks in the grassland to climb, and it is a bit adventurous and difficult to climb or hike. So, it is one of the most adventurous things in the grasslands national park. But after crossing and completing all the hurdles along the way, when you finally reach the Height, and it is worth it, you can experience a beautiful view from that height.

The view from the top of this height has no words to describe it. The beauty is just amazing and heartwarming.

12. Rim Walk Trail

Rim walk trail is a beautiful place where you can watch the sunset. People generally stop here and discuss everything they have done all day. This is a marvellous place.

It is peaceful watching the sunset, and its different colours bring you closer to nature.

Things to do in grasslands national park
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Rock Creek Campground

Rock creek campground is famous for the front country camping in the grasslands national park. It is a two-hour drive by car, and you will visit the whole campground in two hours. The camping and car drive reservations are made earlier from the rock creek visitor centre.

The main source of attraction in the rock creek campground is the leopard frogs’ symphony at dusk, amazing skies at night, and the meadowlarks’ serenade. It has many facilities like picnic tables, fire pits, vault toilets, cooking shelters, potable water, an RV dump tank, and electric sites.

Frenchman Valley Campground

Frenchman valley campground is located near the river. The incredible views of the Frenchman Valley campground attract the visitor’s attention because it has natural scenic views like beautiful sunsets, rolling hills, peaceful prairie settings, and the flow of the Frenchman River.

Car drives also visit the Frenchman Valley campground. The reservation can be made online or from the west block visitor centre. You have to make the reservation earlier for car drives and camping.

There are many facilities provided by the Frenchman Valley campground, like lantern hangers, park wheelchair-friendly areas, fire pits, 20 electrical sites, potable water jugs, and cooking and eating areas.

Things to do in grasslands national park
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Final Note

The grasslands national park is a very famous place in Canada. It receives visitors from all over the world. It has two blocks: the East block and the West block.

There are various things to explore in the grasslands national park, like the Frenchman Valley campground, the rock creek campground, a rock creek trail, wild animals, and birds.

The wildlife is seen more in the east block than the west block because the east block is formed from the badlands parkway. The national park has a central guest pit and a flat parking lot for visitors.

You will get grasslands national park reviews on the park office site. Not only reviews, but you can also check all the facilities and photographs of the grasslands national park on its website. The website park posts warnings about what you don’t have to do during your visit. The grasslands national parks, Canada staff is very helpful and takes care of the visitors.

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