Join Canada’s Navy Bike Ride this 17 June!

The Navy Bike Ride is coming soon. The event is organized by the Royal  Canadian Navy after 2 years. And, the Navy is finally able to organize the event live lost Covid 19.

The Royal Canadian Navy took the announcement to Twitter to announce the event date and called for registration. Moreover, the tweet for the same read,  ”

“June 17th is just over a month away – dust off the bike, and register today to join us for an all-ages 28km @NavyBikeRide in our Nation’s capital! It’s a chain reaction. 😏 🚴 

Can’t make this one? There are three more in Canada + a virtual option.”

Navy Bike Ride
Source: Twitter

Navy Bike Ride

1. Event

The Royal Canadian Navy is thrilled to announce Navy Bike Ride 2023 and also the event is also sponsored by the Bank of Montreal (BMO). Additionally this year the event is organized to commemorate 100 years of the Navy Reserve.

Navy Bike Ride
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The RCN over the last few years was organizing the event due to the pandemic of COVID-19. But, this year the RCN they are organizing a  hybrid version.

The event has an in-person ride.  Additionally, there is also a virtual event where people cannot make it to the city or are deployed out of Canada.

The Navy Bike Ride is being planned to be conducted as a coast to coast to coast ride of 24 km. Admirals ride of 100 km is also additionally being organized.

2. Participation

Well,  there are no age limits for participating in the Navy Bike Ride 2023. It is open to all irrespective of being a Canadian or Not. The event is also online for the sailors who are posted away from Canada.

The Royal Canadian Navy moreover, has requested all Canadians to come together to encourage and celebrate the camaraderie of the men and women who serve.

3. Venue

There are a total of 4 in-person Bike Rides that will be conducted the whole of June 2023. The events are planned in Quebec City,  Ontario, and Ottawa.

Navy Bike Ride - 2021 Kick-Off

4. Virtual Event

Additionally,  the RCN is also organizing a virtual event. The virtual event is made available to people who cannot attend in person. It is extended to Canadians in numerous remote places.

Additionally, the Admiral’s Challenge of 100 km ride a day is also organized virtually. The ride should be completed in one day to be awarded. The winners will be awarded a commemorative coin.

The event is open for the entire month of June 2023 from the 01st of the month.

5. Tickets

You will require to be registered for the event. You can register on the official website of the Royal Canadian Navy.

Moreover, the ticket prices are fixed fairly and the event is free for children below the age of 18.

You will however be required to carry your ID. The ticket will cost $40.00 for adults.

In summary,  the Navy Bike Ride event organized by the Royal Navy is much awaited by bike enthusiasts. You can join the Navy in celebrating 100 years of Navy Reserve service with a 28 km ride.

Also, you can also take the admiral’s challenge of 100 km and prove your mantel.

So, what are you waiting for; buy your tickets, grab your bike, and let us participate in the Navy Bike Ride.

Canada grab your cycle for the NAVY bike ride this 17th July

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