Canadian Navy Marks 114 Years of Excellence

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The Royal Canadian Navy turns 114 and celebrates its 113th birthday on 04th May 2023. In a series of three tweets the Royal Canadian Navy tweets,

“It’s our 113th birthday! 🥳⚓🎂 May 4th is an important day in our history.

On this day in 1910, the Naval Service Bill received Royal Assent. #WeTheNavy 1/3″

Canadian Navy 113th Anniversary Royal Assent
Source: Twitter

“A year later in 1911 on May 4th, HM Dockyard Esquimalt was transferred to Canadian control having continually served our Navy since its inception the year prior. 2/3″

HMCS Dockyard Esquimalt 1911 Transfer
Source: Twitter

And it was on this day in 1945 that enemy U-boats were ordered to cease hostilities, an end to the years-long #BattleoftheAtlantic during the #SecondWorldWar – a huge relief for Canadian sailors and their loved ones.  

Now for some birthday celebrations… #CanadaRemembers /3″

WWII Battle of Atlantic End 1945 Canada Remembrance
Source: Twitter

The Royal Canadian Navy

1. History

The Canadian Navy was founded before world war I in 1910.

Initially called the Naval Service of Canada, the Navy has renamed the Royal Canadian Navy after obtaining Royal Sanction a year later and the Navy was placed under the Department of National Defence in 1923.

In 1986, all three armed forces of Canada were united and called the Canadian force.  The Royal Canadian Navy,  thereafter was renamed as Maritime Command.

In 2011, the erstwhile Maritime Command was again named the Royal Canadian Navy.

2. Motto

The motto of the Royal Canadian Navy is “Ready,  Aye, Ready” and the Canadian Navy lives up to its motto.

The proud Navy sailors always stood to safeguard the nation and protect the values and national interests and are respected for their courage and professionalism all over the world.

3. Naval Ensign

The Naval Ensign is the flag of the Navy.  The Canadian Navy flag has undergone three changes over 114 years.

The present-day ensign is the national flag of Canada and it is a red and white flag with a Maple leaf in the center.

4. Celebrations

The Navy is celebrating its birthday at numerous places.

4.1 Fleet Weekend at Vancouver

The Royal Canadian Navy is organizing a fleet weekend in Vancouver on 7-9 May 2023.  The Navy is organizing ship visits and boat ride for Canadian citizens.

HMCS Nanaimo, ORCA class ship, and HMCS Ottawa are open for ships tour.

So if you are physically fit and in Vancouver,  don’t forget to head to the jetty this weekend.

4.2 Dinner Galas

The Navy is hosting numerous dinner Gallas at different places across Canada. Check out the official Navy page to know about the events.

Reaction to the Tweet

Coming back to the Tweets,  Anita Anand,  the Defence Minister of Canada retweeted the Tweets from The Canadian Navy.

The netizens were found to commemorate the dedication and courage of the Navy over a century.

From being formed as a small navy to protect its coast,  the Royal Canadian Navy has transformed itself into a blue water Navy and an important part of the Nato Navies.

The Canadian Navy has transformed itself into a regional force in the Atlantic Ocean to reckon with.

So on the occasion of the 113th anniversary of the Royal Canadian Navy, let us all pay our homage and respect to the fallen heroes who were martyred at sea in the line of Duty.

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