Canadian Navy Pays Tribute on VE Day

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Canada is celebrating VE day. VE stands for Victory in Europe. Remembering the fallen soldiers during World War II,  the Royal Canadian Navy is paying homage.

Royal Canadian Navy took it to Twitter and tweeted,

This #VEDay we remember the more than 1M Canadians who fought in Second World War, the 95K sailors, and the more than 40K who gave the ultimate sacrifice.


A twitter post remembering the Canadian soldiers who fought for Word War II.
Source: Twitter

Read on to know what is VE day and how is Canada celebrating the day.

When and What is VE Day?

Victory in Europe Day is celebrated by Allies nations on the 8th of May every year.

Victory in Europe is a celebration across the world that marks the end of World War in Europe. 08 May 1945 is marked as the VE day.

On this day, celebrations spread all across the world along with the news of the culmination of 5 years of war.

History Behind VE Day

The world war started in 1939 when Germany and the soviet union invaded Poland.

The war resulted in a record number of deaths and injuries. Millions died in the war in Europe.

The Normandy landing on 6th June 1944 marked the commencement of the end of the world war and the war in Europe ended within months of the landing.

The war in Europe ended with the signing of two agreements. The first surrender was dated on 7th May 1945 by German Col General Alfred Jodl.

This surrender marked the end of the German military operation in France and the surrender was signed by German Field Marshal Wilhelm Keitel at Berlin.

VE Day
Image by luxstorm from Pixabay

The surrender was accepted and insisted on by the Soviet leader Stalin.  The Russians celebrate VE day on 8th May annually.

It is also worth mentioning that both the German Flag Officers were later prosecuted for war crimes and executed later.

Worldwide Celebrations

The news of Victory in Europe delighted the world into celebrations and the streets of New York,  Paris, and London were filled with thousands of people celebrating the end of the war.

Russians celebrated the victory day one day later than the world.  USA soldiers celebrated victory day in Paris.

Celebration in 2023

The VE day celebrations pay homage to thousands of soldiers who died fighting the war for peace in Europe.

Nations across the world are celebrating Victory in Europe Day.

The United Kingdom also remembers its martyrs of World War II.  A tweet by the Ministry of Defence,  UK,  quoted,

Today is #VEDay and we pay tribute to all the brave allied servicemen and women who served in the Second World War.

It is more important than ever to remember the sacrifices made to protect freedom and deter aggression.”

A twitter post by Ministry of Defence (Canada) paying tribute to the brave soldiers who were martyred during World War II
Source: Twitter

The Department of Defence also tweeted on the occasion of VE Day.  It tweeted,

“Today we honor and remember the bravery and sacrifices made of those who fought for freedom and peace during #WWII. We honor the heroism of our veterans and their commitment to protect our freedoms. #VEDay

A post made by the Department of Defense (Canada) paying tribute to the veterans
Source: Twitter

The Twitterati have also taken over Twitter with their tweets paying homage to the sacrifice of the brave soldiers of the Allied Nations.

So join us and let us celebrate the VE day together and thank the martyrs for their sacrifice for our future.

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