10 Fun Things to do in North Bay, Ontario

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If you are planning for a long and relaxing vacation. Then you must check this post about the exotic places in North Bay. North Bay is a beautiful place to visit. There is much to see in this eye-catching place. Before unwrapping the beautiful places let’s gather some information about North Bay.

North Bay, Ontario-Gateway to the City of North

North Bay is a Canadian city in the northeastern section of the province of Ontario. Its current population is 52,662. It is the administrative center of the Nipissing District and is located on the shores of Lake Nipissing. The reason North Bay is known as the Gateway to the North is that the lakes that surround it are important waterways for trade and transport in northern Canada.

North Bay, like most of this portion of Ontario, is breathtakingly gorgeous. You can also visit the beautiful places in Ontario. The area is noted for its gorgeous rivers and clean lakes. Lakes, wooded regions, marshes, and even a waterfall can be found in North Bay.The city is ideal for both the adventurous and those searching for a more relaxing vacation. You may immerse yourself in nature while also experiencing the best of history, culture, and art in North Bay.

The quality and diversity of North Bay’s historical and natural environment are two of the city’s most prominent features. Residents of North Bay and the surrounding area enjoy clean air, plenty of green space for outdoor activities, and low-density living with complete urban facilities.

Ontario skyline.
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10 Things to do in North Bay, Ontario

So let’s begin the list and find out what is hidden in the city of north bay and how beautiful and breathtaking north bay is.

1. Lake Nipissing

The lake offers a beautiful vacation with some of the province’s most breathtaking and diversified surroundings. In the area, there are several fantastic locations to stay, including campers and resorts.

Again, if you’re searching for a family-friendly weekend, Lake Nipissing is a good option. Enjoy gorgeous sunsets or go fishing, boating, or watersports on one of Ontario’s north bay’s largest lakes.

While the lake is enormous, at 873 square kilometers, it is remarkably shallow for the most part. There are four provincial parks on the island or in the vicinity. Because of the great wetland in the area and the Manitou Islands on the lake, the lake is home to a diverse range of wildlife and over fifty kinds of birds.

The lake houses forty-four distinct types of fish, which is perhaps the most astonishing statistic about it. Walleye, pike, and perch, as well as big and smallmouth bass, thrive in the lake.

2. Duchesnay Falls Trails, North Bay

Duschesnay Falls Trails, located on the city’s northwestern outskirts and accessible through Highway 17, is a great place to go if you’re searching for some outdoor North Bay activities. Beautiful scenery of a river and two large waterfalls accompanied by the majesty of the forest can be found throughout the routes.

The Duschesnay waterfalls are one of the main attractions for visitors to this area. During the autumn season, it is very beautiful.

This is a long cascade with multiple drops and twists and turns, as most of the falls on the Canadian Shield. Each of the two greatest drops is about 15 feet tall. The falls form two main channels with high water.

3. Canadian Forces Museum of Aerospace Defence

The Canadian Forces Museum of Aerospace Defense at 22 Wing/CFB North Bay is just a short drive up Airport Hill in North Bay, Ontario. Our museum is the only one of its kind in Canada, dedicated to air defense history from the First World War to the present day. A wonderful experience for everyone is created through remarkable antiques, engaging exhibits, excellent service, and interactive exhibits.

This theme park, also known as The Heritage Railway & Carousel Company, has historical locomotives and carousels. The majority of the rides are vintages that are meticulously maintained for continued usage. So, whether you’re a vehicle or vintage fan, this is a great place to spend a day. Children and children-at-heart are both welcome, so get ready for some family fun.

Each summer, over 100,000 visitors stop by to start riding the gorgeous carousels and miniature railway at North Bay’s Waterfront, giving the Heritage Railway & Carousel Company hours of laughter and enjoyment.

Take a nostalgic tour on the Heritage Railway or enjoy the trick of our beautifully restored Heritage Carousel.

North bay Ontario
Photo by Ståle Grut on Unsplash

5. North Bay Museum

Discovery The North Bay Museum is a community museum that exhibits works of art, history, and socialism. The museum’s displays primarily span the period from the late 1800s through the 1960s.

It’s in the former Canadian Pacific Railway Station. Event rentals, summer programs, themed parties, guided tours, and downtown haunted hikes are all available at the museum. If you’re stuck for things to do in North Bay, Ontario, a visit to this museum is a must.

6. Kate Pace Way

The Kate Pace Way, a series of routes running beside North Bay’s gorgeous Waterfront Park, is the ideal area to get outside and active in the city during the summer months. The trails are ideal for rollerblading, biking, running, or simply strolling. Enjoy the scenery of the waterfront, the magnificent Lake Nipissing, and simply being outside on the route.

7. Laurier Woods Conservation Area

Laurier Woods, a 97-hectare (240-acre) park in the center of the city, is home to a provincially important wetland, rocky outcrops, and upland forest, as well as a diverse diversity of wetland and woodland species, including migrating birds.

The Woods include a 10-kilometer path network that provides excellent hiking and wildlife seeing opportunities. Laurier Woods has a lot to see and do, and part of it is highlighted at the informative points along the walk.

Stop at the bottom pond’s dipping platform to see the wetland birds and other aquatic life. For a bird’s eye perspective, take a seat at the Haist Lookout.

8. Laurentian Ski Hill

In the winter, visit Laurentian Ski Hill to learn more about North Bay. This is a little slope that is ideal for people who are just learning to ski. Hillsides for snow sports are available on the hill. The ski resort has two lifts running along the slope, as well as on-site lodging. From 9 a.m. until 4 p.m., they are open (although they also offer night skiing).

Laurentian Ski Hill, located in North Bay, has a 300-foot vertical. This ski slope has well-groomed runs suitable for skiers of all abilities.

Laurentian Ski Hill is ready for you, whether you are a novice or a seasoned skier. There’s something for everyone at this terrain park, which includes a lift, moguls, rentals, a beginning area, and trained instructors. There are rentals and instructions offered for first-timers.

9. Hornell Heights

On the grounds of CFB North Bay and Jack Garland Airport, Hornell Heights is the principal residential and institutional complex. Hornell Heights is federal land that is maintained and cared for using federal tax dollars and is not financially associated with the city of North Bay.

Some portions of Hornell Heights are currently served by North Bay’s transit and snow removal services. Hornell Heights, Ontario is the address for the email sent to this location.

North Bay Ontario
Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

10. Trout Lake

The Trout Lake, which is located near Birchaven Cove, is a nice area to jump in and swim. At the lifesavers’ stand, lifejackets are offered.

There are shady locations and several tables where you can sit, so bring a picnic. Because there are no weeds and they don’t have to wade a great distance to get into the deeper water, the kids may enjoy swimming there.

The cove is located in a secluded bay with a beautiful sandy beach. The location is well-kept. You could easily spend the entire morning there during the day. There is lots of parking available. The area is used by Parks recreation personnel to teach children how to swim in July and August.

Closing Thoughts

North Bay is known for its summer resorts, which include great lakes, beaches, and natural parks. When visiting North Bay, visitors and adventurers alike can participate in a variety of activities.

From skiing to hiking to simply relaxing, there’s something for everyone. There is a lot of beautiful creation in the city of the north bay to experience.

There’s an invisible line that you cross when you approach the city of North Bay… Crossing this line can expand your horizons and create memories that will last a lifetime. You’ll be immersed in adventure, culture wonder of life like temiskaming shores and a lifestyle that every human secretly craves. It’s the home of truly northern experiences since 1884.

Apart from the amazing list of places, there are many other places to visit in the city of north bay. You can also check out the best residents for comfortable living and facilities in the city of North Bay, Ontario So go and enjoy the city of north bay and the places to visit in north bay.

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