11 Best Thrift Stores in Montreal for Great Deals

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In this 21st century, humanity is moving towards a sustainable approach in terms of fashion which sparked the introduction of various thrift stores overseas. A thrift store is an outlet that trades secondhand goods or articles and is frequently run for humanitarian purposes, not for profits. These stores are celebrated in terms of extraordinary supreme vintage collections.

Your search for thrift shops near me or vintage stores near me is going to end with this article. Here you also get to know about consignment shops in Montreal.

Best Thrift Stores In Montreal That You Might Want To Visit

Around 82.96 percent of people in Canada do thrifting regularly. This scheme is quite well-identified in various territories. Canada is home to more than 1400 running thrift shops in various provinces like Ontario, British Columbia, and Quebec. Focusing on Quebec following are the best thrift stores in Montreal.

1. Citizen Vintage

Citizen vintage is the best vintage store for vintage shopping in the city. This establishment aims at providing the most defensible alternatives for the old-school fast fashion clothing exchange. They upcycle the clothes and sell them at the most reasonable prices.

If someone wants to get the most outstanding vintage clothes and shoes at the lowest prices and hand in hand help the environment, this is a stop for you. After visiting this shop, you will never search for vintage clothing near me. They have an extraordinary supreme vintage collection and can make you stand out from the crowd.

Address- Saint Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2W 1Y7, 4059, Canada.

2. Eva B

Eva B is one of the most excellent thrift stores in Montreal. It is a charming vintage shop. It is one of the go-to thrift shops that catches everyone’s eyes, from locals to celebrities. It tops the list of best consignment stores Montreal. They have secondhand clothes, new clothes, tailored clothes, cozy sweaters, and many books.

thrift stores in montreal
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The massive collection of designer brands, low prices, and aesthetic atmosphere are the foremost reasons EVA B is the favourite. There are fitting rooms attached to the racks where people can try the fits. They even have an aesthetic theatre room to enhance the vibes for the shoppers.

Address- 2015 Boul. Saint-Laurent Montreal, QC, Canada.

3. Kitsch ‘N’ Swell

The hot pink entrance of this institution indeed transfers the funky vibes to the customers. The thrift shop is filled with a curated selection of retro culture, street style, and vintage clothing, from poodle skirts to tiki tees. It has the collection your grandma rocked when she was hip.

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Photo by Andingomfoti M on Unsplash

Not only garments, but there is a fantastic collection of vintage home decor items. If you enter the store to find your fit, you will not be able to walk out without some trinkets and lamps.

Address- 4065 Saint Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2W 1Y7, Canada.

4. The Little Shop

Often acknowledged as La petite boutique, settled on a busy street is not something that you can miss. As soon as you step in, the most unique vintage pieces greet you. This will stop your search for a vintage store near me in Montreal.

It is unmissable to its comprehensive collection of vintage cameras, handmade belts, traditional prints, hand-woven rugs, vintage wedding dresses, fur coats, trench coats, lamps, and perfume bottles. Vintage cutlery, Anne dolls, and affusion outfits catch your eye at the display of this space.

Address- 1002 Av. Ogilvy, Montréal, Quebec H3N 1P5, Canada.

5. Empire Exchange

With two placements, one in Mile End and the other in Little Italy, Empire Exchange is a perfect fit for the fans of flashy clothing. Not only clothing, but the shop also has some excellent artistic gift ideas like crystal soaps, candles, pins, jewelry, and many more.

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Photo by Christelle BOURGEOIS on Unsplash

One can even donate your clothes for store credit or cash as it’s an exchange business. Your credit is then valid at Empire Exchange or one of the other two stores, Annex Vintage and Local 23. These three are well-known sister stores in the city.

Address- 5225 Boulevard Saint Laurent street Montreal, QC H2T 1S4, Canada.

It’s smart to wear a delicate brooch on a fancy dress, but finding vintage pins to match your favorite clothes can be difficult. If you have your own preferences and a specific pin pattern you want, you can customize the lapel pins, whether it is retro or modern, cute or cool. It can not only be used as jewelry to express your own personality but also be given to friends as gifts. At CustomPins.CA you can get any design you want.

6. Annex Vintage

Annex vintage is Empire exchange’s sister store in Montreal, so there is a similar funky and artsy vibe. It is one of the most highlighted vintage boutiques in the place. It has a 4.2-star rating on some reputed websites in Canada, evidence that this place is worth visiting.

thrift stores in montreal
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If you are looking forward to extra savings, this is a stop for you. Vintage clothing, soaps, leather boots, bags, shoes, jewelry, accessories, candles, and more are waiting for you at the store.

Address- 5364 Saint Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2T 1S1, Canada.

7. Ex-Voto

Ex-voto is a one-stop outlet for anything local and sustainable. It is the best consignment store that promotes the work of their local artisans and sells handmade goods plus vintage garments.

There are racks full of clothes, a bit more for women than men, but still lots of stuff for men. They can find everything from apothecary products, beautiful jewelry, cute notebooks, vintage items, accessories, decorative items, and many other things made by local brands.

Address- 6534 Saint Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2S 3C6, Canada.

8. Shwap Club

If you want to maintain an ever-changing and updated wardrobe, this is your place. As the name suggests, this store allows you to swap your old clothing with new pieces from their store. Best place for thrift shopping.

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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

This store operates in a hybrid mode, both online and offline. The membership model of the swap club includes a 90$ annual fee to swap consistently without missing. The store’s catalog reflects everything from essential to unique vintage and designer pieces. All you can do is start making space in your wardrobe before visiting here.

Address- St-Henri, 4710 St-Ambroise Suite 265 (Escalier A) Montreal, QC, H4C 2C7, Canada.

9. Era Vintage Wear

Looking for an outfit that manifests a particular decade, Era vintage wear made that easy for you. They have the most authentic pieces. They even transformed vintage clothing of the 90s merged with the latest trends of the 21st century to satisfy the customer to the best of their abilities. From a chic dress 60s to a 90s prom drape, one can find everything here.

lan deng quddu dZKkQ unsplash
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Merged pieces of various decades truly define the store and are the main reason why it is one of the most blooming stores in Montreal. Reworked pieces that are carefully curated are the highlighted part of their self-titled collection. Step in the place now to be their #eragirl.

Address- 999 Rue du Collège 41, Montréal, Quebec H4C 2S3, Canada

10. Ruse Boutique

Ruse Boutique offers high-end brands and unique contemporary items to its clients that fit their budgets. They have an ever-changing inventory of exciting high-end brands like Alexander Wang, Christian Louboutin, and Prada and affordable pieces that one cannot afford to miss. Liven by their love for fashion, their contribution to the fashion line has made it easier for Canadian clientele and foreigners.

waldemar brandt 5hDqrxz5Rpc unsplash
Photo by Waldemar Brandt on Unsplash

Address- 5141 Saint Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec H2T 1R9, Canada.

11. Salvation Army Store

It is a hidden gem in the thrift industry. Sharing is caring is the enduring motto of this association. They meet the needs of humans without discrimination, not locally but globally. It is a place where one can go and donate their gentle clothing to underprivileged people.

thrift stores in montreal
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Your second-hand clothes give smiles to others. Not only this, these stores are run globally by the salvation army for non-profits. Instead, all the proceeds from the store are used for needy humanity out there. Additionally, they have an astounding collection of military jackets and stuff.

Address- 4025 Wellington St, Verdun, Quebec H4G 1V6, Canada.

Closing Thoughts

Hope you found the answer to all of your questions before opening this article. It’s high time we should quit the non-sustainable methods of shopping and move towards sustainable ones and help the local non-profits by thrift shopping.

We handpicked some of the best thrift stores in Montreal. Hope now you get the result of your search for second-hand stores near me.

Happy shopping.

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