Timeless Treasures: Montreal’s Top 10 Vintage Stores for a Retro Shopping Adventure

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Have you had your glam moment yet? Entering a party and having all eyes on you and your outfit is probably one of the best feelings to experience, or the most embarrassing one, but why be a pessimist when you could rather be a fashionista?

You have to trust that being on top of the fashion trends is a cakewalk if you’re on the right track, which is no other than Montreal and the vintage stores Montreal has for you!

The city has to offer some of the most gorgeous vintage stores to explore, and vintage clothing never disappoints!

10 Best Vintage Stores in Montreal

So, to make your fashion-hunting job a little easier, here’s a list of the best vintage stores in Montreal.

1. La Caravane Vintage

Located at 4116 Saint Laurent Blvd, Montreal; is one of the best vintage clothing stores the city has to offer.

They’re trendy for their denim collection, fringe jackets, jewelry, and leather boots to upgrade your wardrobe!

If you want that authentic vintage look, stuff at La Caravane Vintage store is all you need! It’s an extremely affordable place with good fashion for a pocket-friendly but trendy shopping experience.

Make sure to visit the store and check out their curated selection of vintage pieces!

La Caravane Vintage
Photo on La Caravane Vintage

2. Pionnier Rétro

This vintage store is located on Notre Dame De Street West, Quebec. The store offers vintage clothing, various fashion accessories, and decorative items.

Pionnier Rétro is one of the best vintage stores Montreal has to offer!

With a great collection of women’s clothing and jewelry, you will also find stylish vintage furniture for your homes. It is a great place and calls for a visit!

Pioneer Retro
Photo on Pioneer Retro

3. Citizen Vintage

The Citizen Vintage store gives you options for in-store and online shopping. You can find a beautiful vintage collection handpicked by the store owners at reasonable prices.

The website also offers a free pick-up option in Montreal and free shipping on orders over $200 in North America. You can also use the gift cards and exciting offers coming up on their page.

If online shopping is not your thing, you can always visit their Plateau Boutique store at 4059 Saint Laurent Boulevard.

Trying on the clothes before buying gives a different kind of satisfaction altogether. Yes, we can relate!

Of all the vintage stores Montreal has, this one is my favorite because of its beautiful fall collections of overcoats and jackets.

Their partnership with the brand Em & May is an absolute banger as they bring such exciting stuff to the table.

Shopping vintage is not a task; it’s an emotion, and Citizen Vintage doesn’t let you get off that emotional rollercoaster!

Citizen Vintage
Photo on Citizen Vintage

4. Eva Boutique

This is one of the craziest vintage stores Montreal has out there, with extremely pretty decor! You’d think a clothing shop would have just outfits for you to buy.

Well, Eva B. has got more in store for you. With a bistro and stage for events, it is the perfect place to hang out while shopping for your favorite vintage clothing. You can also find costumes to rent here!

It is located at 2015 Saint Laurent Boulevard in Montreal.

The best part about the place apart from its clothing display would have to be the bar because when is having a drink with your friends not fun? Rarely!

The store also has a funky look that makes it a perfect place to chill with your friends. One should go to this place because the experience would be worth the visit!

Eva B.
Photo on Eva B.

5. Empire Exchange

Thrift stores are the in-thing nowadays, and why shouldn’t they be? A sustainable alternative to fast fashion is quite a good transformation in the clothing industry.

Thrift stores let you exchange your old clothes for new ones and benefit from amazing variety at a fair rate.

Empire Exchange is one such thrift store that opened its first outlet at Mile End and another in Little Italy.

They carry furniture items like apothecary tables, homeware, and other accessories like bags, jewelry, and clothes. You can also exchange your vintage threads for store credit! Pretty cool, right?

It’s located at 5225 St Laurent Blvd in Montreal, Quebec.

It’s a great place if you’re excited to discover some of the best vintage stores Montreal has in stock for you!

Empire Exchange
Photo on Empire Exchange

6. The Little Shop

The best places don’t always have to be huge ones. Sometimes, the petite ones get what you’ve been craving, and The Little Shop is the best example!

Located at 1002 Avenue, Ogilvy, in Montreal, Quebec, this shop, also known as La Petite Boutique, offers endless vintage clothes, shoes, accessories, and ornaments you cannot miss. It is situated in Parc Ex’s residential area. 

Some say that shopping at this store is for those wishing to lighten their wallets, but you can check it out on their website.

Visit this place if you’re looking for a cute selection of vintage apparel!

The Little Shop
Photo on The Little Shop

7. RUSE Boutique

Situated at 5141 St Laurent Blvd, RUSE Boutique screams LUXURY! This is the best place in town for second-hand contemporary fashion at affordable prices. So, if you’re a fashion junkie, the boutique says knock knock!

Their collection for women also includes stock from Louis Vuitton, a well-known brand. It ranks high out of all the quintessential vintage stores Montreal has for you to shop for footwear and clothing.

The good news for the shoppers is that the store also offers international shipping. Go through their collection if you want to upgrade your vintage wardrobe!

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8. Hadio- Friperie Vintage

This vintage store is at Mont-Royal Avenue in Montreal and has some cool retro collections. It offers various shopping options: in-store, delivery at residence, and curbside pick-up.

Retro denim jackets and old-school t-shirts are the highlights of the store! Hadio always has unique styles coming your way, so rush and hit the store before your favorites go out of stock!

Hadio Friperie Vintage
Photo on Hadio

9. Kitsch’n Swell

Love outfits from the 1950s? Well, you can recreate looks from back then with the vintage collection at Kitsch’n Swell. They provide home delivery, curbside pickup, and in-store shopping facilities.

The store’s location is 4065 St Laurent Blvd, Montreal, Quebec.

It is a thrift vintage store carrying funky accessories and designer clothing for an amazing shopping experience!

You can explore other amazing thrift stores in the city as well. This one is strongly recommended out of all the Vintage stores Montreal offers!

Kitch'n Swell
Photo on Kitch’n Swell

10. Annex Vintage

The boutique is located at Mile End on Saint Laurent Boulevard in Montreal and offers a wide variety of flawless vintage clothing and shoes with a 90s feel! Crafty paintings and ornaments are also available here.

Annex Vintage is also famous for its bomber jackets, apothecary collections, and winterwear like sweaters and flannels; it is packed with exciting products to buy on your shopping trip!

Annex Vintage
Photo on Annex Vintage

The Footnote

These are the ten best vintage stores in Montreal if you want to look like a fashion icon! For reviews about these shops, you can surf the net and choose the best bet for yourself.

Other stores like Marche Underground near the St. Henri metro station can also be explored for more options.

Not only this, but you will also find countless local and street shops in the city which have some surprisingly extravagant stuff at cheap rates. Besides exploring the above-listed stores, you can also check them out and add them to your collection.

Getting all dressed up to go out is a mood, and Montreal helps you rock your looks all day! Vintage looks have been famous for decades and can never go out of fashion.

So, what are you waiting for? Hurry and start your vintage hunt because it’s time to slay!

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