6 Best Thrift stores in Kamloops

Image by Carla Burke/Pixabay

Want to find great thrift stores in Kamloops? look nowhere further

For people who love finding unique fashion pieces and want to buy them in a pocket-friendly manner, thrifting is your answer. It may take some time and effort to find them but believe me, it will be all worth it, you will be going home with money in your pocket and some amazing clothes. 

Best thrift stores in Kamloops

1) Second Chances Thrift Store

Thrift stores in Kamloops
photo from Second Chances Thrift 

This is one of the best thrift stores in Kamloops if you are looking for some great, gently used items. The great aspect about the Second Chance Thrift Store is that while paying you would also be contributing to the BC SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) as all their proceeds go towards the SPCA shelter in Kamloops.

Isn’t it great? to contribute to such an amazing organization with a great cause while shopping. You can find some amazing vintage items there and would be supporting a great cause.

It is an integral part of the community and is very much loved. So, if you are looking for some amazing finds Second Chances Thrift Store should be on your wish list.

Location- 1211 8th Street Kamloops, BC V2B 2Y3

2) Value Village Kamloops

Are you searching for the best thrift stores in Kamloops? You should not miss out on this one. Value Village Kamloops is the home for everything and anything you would want to own. They have a variety of selection of antiques and unique treasures waiting to become a part of your collection.

They have many things ranging from apparel, books, shoes, household items, electronic appliances, etc. For your every need Value Village Kamloops has got you covered.

Location- 945 West Columbia Street Suite 300 Kamloops, BC V2C 1L5

3) Flutter Buys Thrift Store

One of the best thrift stores in the Kamloops community. You can buy the best second-hand and household items here at Flutter Buys Thrift Store and while doing so you would also be raising funds for Kamloops Hospice Association, an amazing association that helps to enhance the lives of people and their families in their hard times.

The products are of high quality at a reasonable price. You can also become a part of the Flutter Buys community and volunteer at the organization will do a criminal record check done by the organization.

It doesn’t matter if you are looking to buy or sell your things, Flutter Buys is your savior. The shop provides all that its customers ask them off. It is also a part of the Kamloops community which makes it a local special, hence it receives continued support and love from society.

Location- 72 Whiteshield Crescent South Kamloops, BC V2E 2S9

4) Salmon Arm ReStore

Thrift stores in Kamloops
photo from Salmon Arm ReStore

Salmon Arm ReStore is the best when it comes to providing used furniture, building materials, and supplies in the whole of Canada. You will be funding the needy ones and also be saving some certain percentage off the retail price.

You can also donate your stuff like furniture, large or small appliances, and household goods at the store. The store receives all types of donations from house owners, contractors, manufacturers, and retailers and sells them at a reasonable price to people in need. So, if you are looking to.

Though the staff has the right to refuse a donation so make sure that you are donating stuff that is of good quality and that can be used by a family.

And one more great thing about this store is that all the money that goes to the store is 100% used to help build attainable homes for want to make a family happy and do good for the community,o do good for the community Salmon Arm ReStore is your go-to answer.

Location- 1400 Trans-Canada Hwy, Salmon Arm, BC V1E 1T

5) Consignor Sports Ltd.

Thrift stores in Kamloops
photo from  Consignor Sports 

Consignor Sports Ltd is heaven for people who are looking to buy some excellent sports equipment. They carry both new and old equipment for your entire family’s sporting needs. They have a broad selection of hockey, baseball, and golf equipment as well as used and new bikes, free knowledge about the equipment, and will surely guide you’ll surely guide you through.

They also provide many services like skate sharpening, bike services, ski tuning, and baseball glove lacing.

You can also consign your sports equipment. Just hop into the store and one of their associates will assess your items.

The store has been in the neighborhood for more than 15 years. They accept consignments every day, so they’ll have something new for you for your every visit.

Location- 789 Notre Dame Dr, Kamloops, BC V2C 5N8

6) RIH Thrift Seller

Thrift stores in Kamloops
photo of RIH Thrift Seller

The RIH Thrift Seller is also an amazing thrift store owned and operated by the Afternoon Auxiliary to the Royal Inland Hospital.

Auxiliary’s motive is to provide the Royal Inland Hospital’s patients with the best-specialized care equipment. RIH Thrift Seller provides customers with good quality and gently used items. There are also good offers and sales mostly every time you visit the store.

You can also volunteer at the store. An application form and a criminal record check are required. You are required to work one shit of 2.5 -4 hours per week. So, if you are looking to volunteer at the store then they are providing you with the opportunity as they need volunteers in the sorting room, sales floor, cashier, and door coverage as well.

You can also donate your items at the drop-off location, which is the back entrance of Lansdowne Street. 

Just remember that when you are buying, volunteering, and shopping from the RIH Thrift Seller you would be supporting the local hospital.

Location- 146 Victoria St Kamloops BC V2C 1Z7 Canada


Thrifting is a very good way to save money and while doing so be eco-friendly. You can find amazing pieces and also reduce your carbon footprint while doing so. People are now more inclined towards thrifting instead of buying fast fashion merchandise. Thrifting is something that you’ll eventually fall in love with. 

So, hop onto this amazing, environmentally friendly trend and go thrifting in Kamloops.