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Shopping online is fun – and from February 2020 to July 2022, eCommerce sales increased a whopping 67.9% in Canada. And it isn’t that this is a trend among younger shoppers. While youth do love to buy online, in 2020, over 37% of online shoppers were between the ages of 53 and 72.

So, where do people love to shop online in Canada? We bring to you the top 16 places to shop online, from popular favorites to hidden gems, so you could get everything from that dishwasher liquid to a microwave. Or, even home tools to get started on your next DIY home improvement project.

The Top 16 Online Shopping Sites in Canada

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1. Amazon Canada

It is one of Canada’s top online shopping websites. Here you can get access to all your favourite items at excellent prices, whether it be fashion accessories (jewelry), electronics, home decor, shoes, accessories, sports equipment, or whatever you require.

It is a complete one-stop-shop for all the items. The website is user-friendly, affordable, and provides you with quality items. There are a lot of great deals, and you don’t have to pay any shipping charges for it if you buy their premium membership. It is free of cost for their premium ‘prime’ members.

If you shop online from this store, You get your search items within a few clicks. You will get so many discounts and offers through this website.

2. Kijiji

Kijiji drives much traffic in Canada as it lets you buy or sell anything. It deals with clothes, cars and vehicles, pets, vacation rentals, community, real estate, etc.

This brand has an extensive store name globally; you can estimate its popularity as it is considered one of the largest online shopping websites used by people worldwide.

3. Walmart Canada

It offers you a variety of products that include fashion jewelry, games, pharmacy, electronics, home décor, and many more at affordable prices. They have millions of customers who shop from them every year.

Walmart started its business in 1994 in Canada, and now it has become one of the biggest retailers in Canada. They have a lot of products, and it covers almost everything a customer needs for their desires at affordable prices.

4. AliExpress

This site is another e-commerce brand used by tons of people globally, including Canadians. It offers various languages like Portuguese, French, Spanish, Japanese, Turkish, etc.

It is an online retail store that Alibaba Group owns. The website offers you Chinese products like home decor items, and new styles of clothing at excellent prices.

5. Dress911

As the name indicates, the Dress911 store offers various dresses like women’s clothing retro dresses, occasional dresses, party dresses, indie dresses, everyday wear, t-shirts, and many more. You can find this store in London, Ontario.

The dress has a powerful impact on another person. So if you want to have a different look, you can go to this store and attract the world with your fashion style. They have some of the cutest eye-catching styles you will ever find.

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6. Indigo

Indigo is another famous online shopping store in Canada that you can use for entertainment purposes.

If your mood is upset and you want to relax with music, you can indulge in shopping on this website as it offers you various types of books, music, toys, home decor, and other items. You can subscribe to the newsletter of this site and keep up with many different types of offers and discounts.

7. Consonant Skincare

Skincare is vital so that you can protect yourself from a dusty environment. In today’s era, everyone needs essential skincare products, and many of them love indulging themselves with makeup accessories and beauty products. If you are looking for such a store, you can try this well-known health and beauty brand that provides you with natural and organic products.

Their products have plenty of positive reviews on their online portals such as Instagram, and they offer the products not only for women but also for men and kids.

They have designed the products according to gender and age requirements. So if you are caring for your family, you can opt for this store and cure your skin.

8. Lovehoney

If you’re looking for various lingerie, lubricants toys, then you can go to this store. This site is a popular adult store in Canada with all the necessary items to fulfill your adult needs. For any queries regarding your product, this website will provide you with a live chat option.

This website offers 24-hour customer service if you have any queries about their service or products.

9. Sephora

This website is very famous for its large selection of women’s cosmetics products in Canada. Sephora has a wide range of skincare, body care, fragrance products, hair care products, makeup tools, and brushes. They have some of the most popular brands always in stock in their stores offline and online.

Moreover, they have more than 2500 physical stores worldwide, including Canada, where you can go shopping.

The company is famous for its unique and open selling environment. You can easily track your order on the website itself. You can earn loyalty rewards, which can redeem against any product. You have an excellent chance of finding just what you’re looking for while shopping for your beauty products here.

10. Simons

It is one of the oldest sites you can find for shopping for various clothing items to suit your taste. It provides products for men, women, and kids where you can find your favourite dresses, footwear, accessories, interiors for your home, bathroom accessories, furniture items, and many more things.

You will get 24*7 customer support from the company. You can even become a supplier by joining this platform. There are often many deals available constantly here.

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11. Cartly

Here you will find a large selection of south groceries with many excellent offers at low prices. But don’t worry because Cartly will help you solve this problem. It is meant primarily to save the time you spend while preparing meals.

The website provides you with the groceries and helps you with the recipe chart. You can go to the website and read the receipts, and if you don’t know how to make it, just read and prepare it. It is a straightforward and fast process.

Cartly provides you with fresh and clean groceries at your doorstep without incurring much effort to visit physical stores. As per the research, the customers are pleased with this online store.

12. Aritzia

Aritzia is a women’s fashion Canadian brand founded in 1984. The company supplies the product to the United States as well. Here you will find a variety of clothes with matching accessories at low prices.

The company is loyal to its customers. It believes in creativity, excellence, integrity, teamwork, and good judgment.

If you don’t know about your size, then it gives you the size guide option as well, which may be helpful for you in estimating your size. The company will provide you with the gift cards and your mail-id.

13. The Book Depository

If you want to read more books and have a more significant collection, you can go through this website to find a wide selection of them. You can have a massive collection of various books at reasonable prices.

You can get your delivery as early as two days in some cases. The delivery of the books is free of cost.

14. Just Flowers

People across the world want to impress their loved ones with beautiful flowers. If you are also looking for beautiful flowers on some special days for someone else, you should try this Canadian website. It will help you with a variety of flowers, plants, gift baskets at a reasonable price.

The company guarantees quality flowers in Canada that will light up your day. If you aren’t satisfied with the service, you can also exchange the items. It’s super convenient for last-minute gifts. Maximum will take 4 hours to make your delivery to the concerned party.

15. Little Passports

In today’s era where both the parents are often working, it isn’t easy to engage your child in the outside world. In this case, this website will help you fulfill your child’s needs.

It’s a subscription service that is educational in nature. It is primarily meant for the age group between 3 to 10 years. You will get hands-on activities, games, stories, badges for your little ones. It’s packed with knowledge alongside fun.

16. Pretty Little Thing

As the name suggests, the website offers you everything from loungewear and casual styles, office wears, party wears, spring wears, tops, coats, accessories in Canada. You get your order within four days. The company provides you with clothing under all types of budget. You get the latest trendy items for your wardrobe.


Points To Save Money On Online Shopping Sites:

When we tend to do online shopping, we forget about the initial budget and spend more than necessary. But if you are a smart and savvy shopper, you can do more online shopping within a low budget in Canada.

Here we’ll be giving you some tips that may be useful for you.

  • First, before buying any product online, search for discounts and coupons because so many online sites provide these offers. If you apply these coupons to your purchase, you can save your hard-earned money.
  • It is better to run the website you’re buying from with a competing website to compare the product price and quality with others.
  • Make sure that in every spending you are getting some rewards or not. If you are getting the tips, use them while shopping. It will help you to save your money.
  • Always subscribe to the newsletter filter of the online shopping websites to get an email notification about the company’s latest products and various discounts.
  • Plan when to shop because, as consumers, we know that whenever a season is ending, so many discounts will be provided by various websites. So make an eye watch on it and grab the offer as soon as possible.
  • Many Canadian apps are available that will help you save instant cashback to your account. It will be a win-win situation for you.
    You can use prepaid credit cards for your shopping needs. Use credit cards while doing online shopping as it comes with installment options and various cashback that can save your pocket money.

Important Points To Take Care Of While Online Shopping From Canadian Sites:

  • Not all online stores are genuine, so it’s always necessary to take precautions while shopping. So make sure that you should visit an SSL encrypted website where information entered by you is completely safe and secure.
  • Check the customer reviews. Whether customers have done shopping with these stores or not.
  • Consider the domain age of the company, refund, and return policy.
  • Make a list of items so you won’t shop for unnecessary things.

Considering the above points, we are sure that you will do safe and secure shopping on the specified websites.

Benefits Of Online Shopping:

  • You will get seasonal offer codes during summer and winter season sales.
  • Newsletter filter helps you to get the latest updates of the company.
  • Get various discounts like student discounts and newsletter subscription discounts.
  • If you go shopping from the same website, it will help you with the coupon codes.
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Closing  Thoughts

We hope that you acquired valuable information about the top online shopping sites in Canada with this article. Now you can use these websites for your online shopping needs.

So you go ahead and do hassle-free purchases on these top online shopping websites.

If you have any queries, you can ask them in the comment section. We will be happy to reply to your questions.

The above mentioned online shopping site are some of the best online shopping sites in canada, from office supplies to canadian tire get everything you need. Unlike canadian department store retail shopping experience, you can easily compare prices, really helpful if you looking for canadian designers products.

what are you waiting for? These is no need to visit department store like hudson’s bay, these canadian websites are the best of best online stores in the country.

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