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Fish are low-maintenance pets that provide just as much joy as dogs or cats. They are also great stress relievers as they help in reducing your anxiety. Moreover, believe it or not, they help you be more productive and focused no matter what. They also don’t need much space, just an aquarium which you can decorate however you want, from pirates to mermaids. In this article, we will help you find your way around the aquarium in Mississauga in search of the perfect fish for you!

1. Aquarium in Mississauga- Not One but Six

These are a few aquariums in and around Mississauga which will help you find your passion.

1.1. Mississauga Aquarium

Aquarium in Mississauga
Source: Mississauga Aquarium

Located on Dundas Street, this aquarium is a fully equipped local fish store that can provide you with everything you could possibly need for your fish. Furthermore, you may purchase more fish and add it to your aquarium.

They have wide varieties of ordinary and exotic fish, aquatic plants, and aquariums, including pro-clear aquarium systems, fish tanks, fish food, medicine, conditioners, and test kits. From Frogbits to Axolotls to Common Molly, their collections include all you can hope for and more.

The local fish store joined the pretty saturated market as a certified retailer of products, and you can find various brands, including API, Aqueon, AquaClear, Fluval, Hikari, NorthFin, Omega One, and SeaChem.

Furthermore, its knowledgeable staff can help you with all your doubts and queries related to the aquatic ecosystem. Also, the Mississauga Aquarium website has a helpful blog that will help you learn more about fish and related things.

Also, guess what? This aquarium can provide rare and uncommon fish species to add to your collection!

1.2. Discount Dragon Aquarium

Aquarium in Mississauga
Source: Discount Dragon Aquarium

With a wide variety of fish to sell, this has to be one of the most popular aquarium stores in Mississauga. A fish importer specializing in Turtles, Marine Fish and Corals, Arowanas, Discus, Japanese Koi, Goldfish & Exotic Fish, they have it all. Furthermore, with new shipments coming every week, you can be assured of spending your aquarium money to find fresh and unique fish here at competitive prices every time you visit.

In addition, you can get updates regarding this Mississauga aquarium’s latest stock from their very active Facebook and Instagram pages.

Heaven for fish lovers, this is a must-visit if you are on a journey to explore the world of aquariums and a one-stop shop to buy fish at fair prices. It is located at Dundas Street.

1.3. Big Al’s

Aquarium in Mississauga
Source: Big Al’s

Big Al’s aquarium store is located in several parts of Canada. Furthermore, it is also situated in Mississauga, with a legacy of more than 45 years.

This is not like your average shop on Dundas Street. You can also avail of their services online. If you do so, they will dispatch it to your curbside.

Moreover, if you are indecisive about which fish to get, don’t worry. This professional aquarium offers weekly specials with special discounts and offers. Included in this are exotic fish as well as top-notch fish locally available.

Another unique thing they offer is the Shark Feeding Frenzy particularly, exciting to all the shark-loving kids. Every Tuesday at 7 pm, there is an opportunity to feed the sharks at the selected store locations. But fear not; Because Mississauga is one of the lucky ones. So, buckle up!

In addition, they have their own reliable aquarium cleaning services. They have trained professionals available anytime you need them, just a call away, and ready to give you impeccable service. They help repair the aquariums, change the water, clean the glass and other parts of the aquarium, and add or replace necessary chemicals.

1.4. Finatics Aquarium

Aquarium in Mississauga
Source: Finatics Aquarium

Established in 2006, this local fish store is reaching the young age of 17 but has already fulfilled the dreams of many. Originally a small family business, this is much above an average shop; Mike B., the founder, is armed with an experience of over 30 years. He is very enthusiastic about helping beginners. Along with impeccable service, this little shop is all set to help you out.

It is located at Dixie Road. This Mississauga aquarium is the number one source of Ontario’s Cichlids. Moreover, they also offer a wide collection of African, West African, Central American, and South American cichlids. Along with a wide range of aquatic plants, including attractive display plants on driftwood, the aquarium has an interesting assortment of catfish, rainbows, tetras, barbs, plecos, and many different fish.

1.5. Exotic Aquarium World

Aquarium in Mississauga
Source: Exotic Aquarium World

This Mississauga aquarium found at Tomken Road has a wide range of saltwater and freshwater fish. Besides home delivery services, this tiny boutique has made quite a name in the market as a reliable source of fish providers.

Some of their specialties are Quoyi Parrotfish, Yasha Goby, Sleeper Striped Goby, and many more. Moreover, they are very dedicated to serving and delivering good quality livestock, aquarium products, and impeccable service to people around Mississauga.

1.6. Rena’s Fish Store

Aquarium in Mississauga
Source: Rena’s Fish Store

Lastly, an online store that will deliver fish to your doorstep is set in the town of Mississauga. The shop provides all sorts of aquatic pets and supplies needed for your new (or old) hobby. Place an order on its website, and you can find it transported to your doorstep. The advantage is that you don’t have to step outside of your house.

2. Conclusion

As a lake-side town, aquariums in Mississauga are one of the best locations for freshwater or saltwater fish at competitive prices. Consequently, you can find several options in the town itself to start or build your hobby. From the small Japanese Koi to feeding the Sharks, you can have every possible fish you can think of.

In addition to being extremely beautiful and graceful, fish serve many purposes that will add value to your life. No matter what, starting a fish hobby can be challenging. But there are a lot of stores and people who will help you with this task. The aquarium in Mississauga will never disappoint people on the lookout for fish. Good luck!

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