Spectacular Aquatic Fauna at Vancouver Aquarium!

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Explore the Vancouver Aquarium and buy your tickets from Fever, which are available on multiple dates from Monday to Sunday from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm.

Animals are often regarded as the true friends humans can have. If you are someone who deeply sympathizes with these sweet creatures or just someone looking to explore the life they live, then look no further.

Fever presents to you the Vancouver Aquarium. Located in Vancouver, it is available on multiple days at multiple times.

1. About Vancouver Aquarium

The Vancouver Aquarium, located in Stanley Park, is one of Canada’s most famous public aquariums. Along with being a major tourist spot, it is also a center for marine research and a rehabilitation center for marine animals, which houses more than 65,000 animals across 120 top-notch exhibits.

The executives also work on educating people, especially tourists, on topics like ocean literacy and climate change.

The aquarium is internationally recognized for its display. The best thing about these displays is their sea mammals; you can experience beautiful otters and sea lions up close, which will truly be a unique experience.

Exploring the Vancouver Aquarium: A 2023 Walking Tour #walkingtour #4k #vancouver

The Vancouver Aquarium has it all: monstrous fishes from the Amazon basin to jellyfish and sting rays from the oceans. It is an experience worth enjoying with all the people you love.

The highlight of the Vancouver Aquarium is its 4D theatre, which is also one of a kind and something worth enjoying.

The theatre features a breathtaking 15-minute movie on the Great Salmon Run.

Along with this, the site also has a ton of other exhibits that will surely leave you spellbound. The Tropics, Wondorous Jellies, Stellar’s Bay, and Graham Amazon Gallery are some we recommend.

But they also feature many more you can choose from according to the marine species you want to explore.

The Vancouver Aquarium also has a gift shop so tourists can take home some unique souvenirs. Along with this, they also have on-site dining with cafes, bistros, and grills.

2. The Tickets and Other Important Information

The tickets for the event will be available for multiple dates, starting from 21 May 2023, on the Feverup website.

And because the Vancouver Museum greatly appreciates its tourists, multiple shows are arranged throughout the days.

The tickets will be available from 10:15 in the morning and will last till 3:30 in the afternoon.

Each show will be 15 minutes apart, so the tourists can visit according to the time they are comfortable with.

The Vancouver Aquarium
Courtesy: Fever

The tickets are divided into three categories: Student, senior, and adult. Among the three, students and seniors will be given a concession in the ticket rates. People above 65 will be considered senior citizens.

And the ones who want to claim a student discount must show their valid proof of ID or their student card.

Children under three will be given free entry and children under 13 need to e accompanied by an adult; all other people in the age group of 14-64 will be categorized as adults and will have to book their tickets accordingly.

3. Things to Know Before Exploring the Vancouver Aquarium

  • What: The Vancouver Aquarium.
  • When: Multiple dates are available on Fever.
  • Where: The Vancouver Aquarium at 845 Avison Way in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Timings: Multiple timings, starting from 10:15 am to 3:30 pm.
  • Tickets: Tickets can be purchased from here.


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