22 Unforgettable Things To Do In Jasper National Park

things to do in jasper national park

Parks are essential for all cities so that we, the city dwellers, can connect with nature. Well, let’s look at a famous park which is also a world heritage site in Canada where it has almost everything you need to spend your precious time. Of course, it is worthwhile to make the trip.

It is the ‘Jasper National Park,’ Canada’s largest national park. It is situated in Alberta, Canada’s Rocky Mountains, to the north of Banff National Park and the west of Edmonton.

Things To Do In Jasper National Park

Jasper National Park is a magical sight for sore eyes. It is a breathtaking place with beautiful scenery which gives you a memorable experience with incredible activities for adventure, sightseeing, hiking trails, biking, a place to relax and discover, picnicking, scenic drives, wildlife and whatnot? More than that, it also engages us in seasonal activities during summer and winter.

Let us see some of the favourite things to do in Jasper National Park.

1. Wildlife At Jasper National Park

Wildlife spotting is one of the best things to do in Jasper National Park. Wildlife is abundant throughout the park, making for an exciting experience whether driving, biking, or hiking. Observe as they live in nature on the go.

things to do in jasper national park
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Jasper National park is home to various animals like grizzly bears, moose, mountain goats, coyotes, wolfs, bighorn sheep, deer and other variety of mammals. White-tailed deer and mule variety are there inside the park. You can also spot a rare species of woodland caribou sometimes. Make sure not to disturb the wildlife for your safety and the sake of wildlife.

2. The Canadian Rockies Mountain Biking

Jasper Offers one of the best Biking trails, one of the top things to do in Jasper National Park, with well-maintained tracks and crowd-free ones. You can bring your bike or rent it from the various available rental shops. Experience nature and wildlife while you inhale fresh air and a beautiful breeze. The trails are family-friendly and easily connect to townsites or campgrounds, and that is why it is easy if you bring your bike.

Make sure to stick to the designated trails and follow the rules. Because of the wildlife area, it is advised to carry bear spray for safety reasons and not to harm the wildlife.

3. Rocky Mountains Road Biking

Road Biking is also available at the Jasper National Park. It offers the most comfortable and scenic drive all way long and is a must on the ‘things to do in Jasper National Park’ bucket list.

If you do not know, the ‘Icefield Parkway’ is ranked among the top ten scenic drives in the world!

Short Rides

It also provides a short ride to ‘Pyramid Lake’ with a majestic pyramid mountain view and a ride to Whistlers Road called Whistlers mountain biking. These rides are less than 20 km.

Half-Day Rides

Halfday Rides include ‘The False Loop,’ which is 63km long. Drive along the famous Icefields Parkway, head towards Athabasca Falls, loop back north and return. ‘Marmot basin,’ which is 38km long. Drive along Icefields Parkway and head towards marmot road. Reach the base of the ski hill and return.

Full-Day Rides

It covers a distance of about 90 to 210 km. It includes the Maligne road ride where you cover the Moberly bridge to Maligne Lake Road. Enjoy the view and return. Icefield Parkway to Icefield Center covers a distance of 206 km total, where you get to enjoy the glaciers and head back.

Tip: Always look for trail signs, beware of wildlife and enjoy.

4. Miette Hot Springs

One of the top things to do in Jasper National Park is to experience the Miette Hot Springs. Rejuvenate yourself in the hottest mineral springs from the mountain peaks, which is 100% natural mineral water of the Canadian Rockies with a temperature between 37 to 40 degrees Celsius.

Miette Hot Springs are generally open from May to early September. A change room, a gift shop and a cafe are available at the facility. If you are out of the pool, take a ride along the sulphur skyline trail, which is 8km total and enjoy the breathtaking views of Jasper National Park.

5. Spirit Island

Take a tour of the world-famous iconic Spirit Island by boat cruise options. Maligne Lake cruise offer guided tours with titbits of Maligne Lake all way. You can also rent a rowboat, kayak or canoe, self-explore the glacier-fed lake, and enjoy the mountain scenery.

Although walking on the island is prohibited still, you can click the gorgeous Spirit Island, the most photographed place on earth.

6. Maligne Canyon

Deepest Canyon in the Jasper national park is the Maligne Canyon with more than 50 meters in-depth and is a must-see. There are 6 bridges built across the canyon to explore this incredible place. The second bridge is the highest, 50 meters above the water level. From the third bridge, a view of the stunning waterfall is visible, and you can click the best out of it.

Suppose you want more hike to the sixth bridge and experience the stunning views all through; the best time to explore Maligne Canyon is in the winter.

7. Maligne Canyon Icewalk

During winter, explore the other side of the Maligne Canyon. Join the guided tours to explore the frozen waterfalls that stretch up to 30 meters. Walk on the frozen floor, which is entirely safe and stunning at the same time.

Naturally formed ice sculptures, ice caves, and entrance to a cave system are spectacular indeed. Keep warm and suit yourself for this 3-hour tour.

8. Maligne Lake

One of the top things to do in Jasper National Park is to visit Maligne Lake, the largest natural lake in the Canadian Rockies. Just a 45-minute drive from the Jasper town to reach this beautiful place full of eye-catching scenery. Spruce trees and pine forest flag Maligne Lake making it heaven to wildlife, including wolves, mule deer, bears, mountain sheep and much more.

things to do in jasper national park
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There are so many things to do to spend your time; you can hike, fish, take a boat tour, or go cross-country skiing in winter.

9. Lake Edith

A visit to Lake Edith is another thing to do in Jasper national park. It is a glacier-fed shallow lake approximately 8 to 10 km from Jasper town. The scenic beauty of the lake remains all season. During winter, the lake freezes, and you can go ice skating and cross-country skiing. Other activities include jogging, swimming, fishing, kayaking and much more.

10. Jasper Skytram

Do you want to view Jasper National Park from greater heights but don’t know how to climb? Not to worry, Jasper got it covered.

Jasper Skytram is the country’s largest and highest-guided aerial tramway. Board in and reach an altitude of 2263 meters and reach ‘the Whistlers Mountain’ in just 7 minutes, accompanied by an expert flight attendant who shares unknown facts all the way.

things to do in jasper national park
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Sit back and relax, enjoy the stunning views of the Canadian Rockies, flowing rivers, glaciers and much more.

11. Edith Cavell Meadows

Hike to the most prominent peak, Mount Edith Cavell, named after Edith Louisa Cavell, a British nurse who helped soldiers during the I world war is one of the other best things to do in Jasper National Park.

It is located on the Astoria River and Athabasca River valleys of the Jasper National park. Hike to the meadows and look closely at the north face of Mount Edith and the hanging Angel Glacier.

12. Columbia Icefield Skywalk

A great place in Jasper National Park to have a remarkable experience is the Columbia Icefield Skywalk; a must-thing to do while visiting Jasper. You can take a day trip from town or drive from Banff to Jasper along the Icefield Parkway. Well, Skywalk is worth the stop. Columbia icefield discovery centre is across the Athabasca Glacier, the most-visited glacier, where you can book the tour.

You can reach the Athabasca Glacier on a massive ice explorer all-terrain vehicle. It is a very old thick layer of ice where you get to walk. Drink from the glacier or enjoy the view from a glass-floored skywalk which is 280 meters above the Sunwapta Valley.

13. Sunwapta Falls

Sunwapta Falls in Jasper National Park is a pair of waterfalls, the upper falls and the lower falls. People usually get to see only the upper falls, which are easy to access. The lower falls are only a few distances away. Water comes from the Athabasca glacier. During summer, glacier melts, and more water will be in the falls.

14. Jasper Planetarium

Jasper Planetarium is the best way to explore the night sky of the Canadian Rockies. It is one of the must things to do in Jasper National Park. Visit Jasper at night to get more exciting. 

It is the world’s largest dark sky preserve, free from light pollution. Take the guided tour to learn more about the dark skies, explore the powerful telescope and learn about auroras and much more.

Imagine yourself out from the world through the jasper dark sky package, which covers almost everything, accompanied by an astronomy expert to learn and interact. Also, do check out other packages like the constellation binocular tour, telescope experience and much more.

15. Trip To Lake Louise

Drive along the Columbia Icefields Parkway from Jasper to Lake Louise, which will be eye candy and one of the memorable things to do in Jasper National Park. Lake Louise is famous for its turquoise lake and world-class hiking and skiing.

things to do in jasper national aprk
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Spend all day at this beautiful place where you can do a lot of adventurous activities like rock climbing, ice climbing, kayaking or canoeing the lake and much more.

16. Water Activity

Do rafting at the Athabasca river in Jasper National Park, which is a Family-Friendly adventure suitable for kids above 5 years and complete beginners. Enjoy Class 2 rafting while looking around the beautiful scenery along with the wildlife like moose can be spotted. Suit yourself for this 2 hours adventure with an experienced instructor to tell some fun facts along the way.

Rafting At Athabasca Falls

One of the best things to do at Jasper National Park is to experience the Grade 2 Whitewater Rafting while enjoying a 360 view of the Canadian Rockies in Jasper National Park.

It could be the most scenic trip to Athabasca falls which lasts for about 3.5 hours and is full of adventure and nature that can be accessed only by boat. Do not worry; a river expert guide will accompany you.

Sunwapta River Rafting

Rafting in Sunwapta offers a Class 3 Rapids. If you do not know, Sunwapta means turbulent water. As the name suggests, this is a narrow, glacial-fed, steep river flowing in the heart of Jasper National park. It is one of the top things to do in Jasper National Park.

Suitable for beginners learning to paddle, experts can be a pro as the water splashes all over you. This adventure lasts for about 3.5 hours, accompanied by a certified river trainer.

Wild Water Roller Coaster Ride

Also called ‘Sunwapta Challenge,’ one of the things to do in Jasper National Park offers a class iii rapids in turbulent water.

It is a thrilling ride of 4 hours duration where you will get wet completely. The sceneries are spectacular, and opportunity to spot wildlife. The best way to experience high water is from mid-June to late July.

Easy Rafting

Want to do rafting but have to know knowledge about that? No worries. Jasper National Park got you covered and recommended things to do in Jasper National Park.

It offers an easy 2 hours rafting trip on the Athabasca River, a Canadian heritage river where you can just sit back and relax and let the expert do it for you. Enjoy the view of the Canadian Rockies while listening to the fun facts. You may also encounter wildlife such as Wolves, Deer, Elk, Sheep and many others.

Wetsuits are not necessary for this trip, which is completely safe, comfortable and suitable for all age groups, although not recommended for ages above 102. Athabasca River offers Class 2 Rapids, so even a new rafter can enjoy this adventure.

Rafting At Fraser River

things do in jasper national park
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Jasper National Park offers a 5-hour rafting tour on the Fraser River, which offers Class 3 Rapids. No experience is required to take this all-season, biggest and best whitewater rafting.

You will be picked up from Downtown Jasper and transported to the highest mountain in the Canadian Rockies, where your trip starts. Enjoy the spectacular view of the Canadian Rockies and spot wildlife on the go.

17. Pyramid Island

The most beautiful place in the Jasper National Park is an excellent place to view the pyramid lake and Pyramid Mountain. From Jasper townsite, Pyramid Island is just 7.5 km away. Walk the wooden bridge across the pyramid lake to reach the pyramid island.

Visiting Pyramid lake is one of the best things to do in Jasper National Park. You can kayak, hike, ride horseback, relax, and watch the sunset on the pyramid lake. This lake is the only habitat for Cui In fish, and that makes it more special.

18. Medicine Lake

Another beautiful spot in Jasper National Park is Medicine Lake. A drive along the Maligne Lake road leads to this Medicine Lake, a narrow, shallow and 7 km long in the Maligne Valley. Water flows from the Maligne River to Medicine Lake. Here you can do kayaking; either bring your own or take one on rent nearby.

It is approximately 25 km east of Jasper townsite. Lake is formed during spring and summer, and the scenic beauty is extraordinary. Water drains during fall, and there will only be mud surfaces in the Medicine Lake.

19. Beauvert Lake

things to do in jasper national park
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A small lake in Jasper National Park is Beauvert Lake. It has beautiful scenery where you can swim, kayak, canoe, or just sit back and relax. Nice trail run along the shore for hiking.

20. Patricia Lake

Another beautiful lake in Jasper National park is Patricia Lake, named for Princess Patricia of Connaught. This beautiful place is connected by hiking trails to Jasper townsite and Pyramid Lake road. While driving the Pyramid Lake road, you can spot Mule Deer. You can hike the Patrica Lake north loop, which is a 3.4 km easy one.

21. Jasper Motorcycle Tours

Jasper offers a comfortable tour called ‘Jasper Motorcycle tour’ around in a sidecar attached to Harley Davison. Your guide will take you everywhere while you can feel the fresh air and enjoy the climate and stunning sceneries on the go.

You can stop anywhere, take time and then hop back. Remember to suit yourself for this thrilling and memorable experience of a lifetime. Don’t miss the drive on the Icefields Parkway, the world’s best driveway.

Jasper Motorcycle tour offers various options. You can choose among the tour packages ranging from 1-hour to 3-hour motorcycle tours.

22. Parks Canada Discovery Pass

Canada offers to discover passes to travellers with unlimited access to over 80 parks in Canada, which include national parks, marine conservation and historical sites, for a whole year.

It is worth buying the annual pass to skip the daily entrance fee or stand in a queue and visit places you like. Purchase as required for family, youth or senior citizen. To know more about the discovery pass fees, click here.

So, wait no more, pack your bag and start your journey to this beautiful, attractive place for good reason and make a memory for a lifetime.

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