miette hot springs
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Miette Hot Springs: The Ultimate Guide

Hot Spring in the Great White North is one breathtaking place to be. There are more than 3 dozen Hot Springs. While each of these waters is different and has something unique to offer, there is one thing similar, comfort. One such Hot Spring is the Miette Hot Springs.

Miette hot Springs is situated in Jasper Park, Alberta Province. This park also features the iconic Canadian Rockies Hot Springs. It is one such loved place in Alberta. The outdoor hot spring pool is just perfect with the mountains in the background. It is the perfect place to calm down after a great hike.

1. Introduction of Miette Hot Springs

This Hot spring is one wild and wondrous place. It is in the Jasper National Park near Jasper in the Alberta Province. Miette Springs has 4 or so pools. These include 2 large hot pools and 2 cool pools that feature wild Fiddle Valley.

Miette Hot Spring is seasonal and is only open from May to October. The natural hot springs water here is rich in minerals like Calcium, potassium, Bicarbonate, Magnesium, and Sodium. The waters flow at almost 1540 L per minute.

The hot springs pool also has one of the hottest hot springs in the Canadian Rockies. The water in the pools flows down from a Geothermal hot spring at a seething temperature of 54°C, which eventually goes down to 40°C. They have a quiet, peaceful panorama surrounding them.

Other amenities include change rooms, a picnic area, trails for a short hike, washrooms, showers, and even lockers. To have great food there are cafes in Jasper and Hinton towns that offer great food.

There is also a gift shop for souvenirs. The waters are great here and are tested regularly. The pools have a certain timing and single-entry prices for kids and adults. To know more about Miette hot springs, learn their history.

2. History of Miette Hot Springs

This Spring was first used by the First Nation in the early times of the 1800s. It was not initially this elaborate resort. It was completely built in 1919 by miners with bathhouses, sleeping shelters, and much more.

The expansive hot pool became quite famous among the famous Pocahontas mining community. Due to the increasing popularity, the road to the pools was made along with an aqua court in 1938. Aqua court was closed by 1986.

Miette springs got a frequent vacation site amid the Great Depression. This hot spring also recruited the unemployed as a part of the Unemployment project. Jasper Park also contracted many workers.

They tried to outdo their nearby Banff Hot Spring. The rest is all history.

miette hot springs
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3. How to Get There & Accommodation

Getting there is a great experience. Miette Springs are in the Jasper National Park. To reach the hot spring from Jasper town, go east on highway-16, then right on the Miette Spring Road junction.

If you are coming from Edmonton, take 16 Highway West to Miette Road and turn left. From here, it is almost 10.5 miles away. You get the view of fiddle valley and the Canadian Rockies. With these Directions, Miette hot springs can be reached easily.

They can only be reached by private vehicles like cars, RVs, or motor coaches. Public transportation is not available here.

Accommodation here in Miette Springs is available. You can stay in the area overnight within a few minutes away from the hot swimming pool. You can find cabins, chalets, and even hotels. RV parking and Motor home parking are also available too.

4. Various Activities In & Around Miette Hot Spring

There are various Activities at and around Miette hot springs as your cell phones don’t work here. There is something for everyone. The source of the springs here are from the mountain which is received at 54 degrees celsius, and is then moderated. So it have a lot of activites to try out. You can go hiking or have a scenic drive. Some of the activities are given below.

4.1. Go Swimming at the Hot and Cool Pool.

The easiest activity to do here is the most obvious one, swimming. The waters here are great and warm which can be comfortable. Reservations can’t be made; it is mostly on a first-come basis. The pool is among the peaks of Rundle and cascade mountains.

Due to the mineral-rich water, there is a peculiar smell to the waters. There are various amenities available like towels, lockers, and swimsuits. The pools are a great place to have a soothing soak and see the sunset.

4.2. See the Sunset

Another place to see the sunset is over Ashlar Ridge. You can sit and have a peaceful time here and take the sun, nature, and its unique natural beauty.

4.3. Go Hiking

Hiking is quite a thing here. It is one preferred done activity here. There are various trails here. Sulphur Skyline, one of the hiking trails of almost 8 km is famous for its wildflowers and nature. The trail also leads to the spring’s origin.

Another hiking trail is known as the Utopia Pass hiking trail. It is almost 1 kilometer away from the parking area. It displays the history of the old water court and old hotels. It leads to the natural hot spring region.

miette hot springs
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4.4. Have Food at the Valley’s Cafe

There is a cafe attached to the resort. It is known as Fiddle Valley Cafe. They offer great food options like salads, homemade soups, baked goods, sandwiches, coffee, and ice cream. They also offer poolside dining.

4.5. Have a Picnic

Grab a snack at the iconic picnic area. It overlooks the valley which has a picturesque view. It is filled with picnic tables and fire pits where you can feast with friends and family. The original pools are just a few minutes away.

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q.1. Do I need to book Miette hot springs?

Ans- Miette springs is on a first-come-first-served basis. No reservations are required. You have to buy the Multi entry passes and passes with daily entry prices.

Q.2. Are Miette hot springs worth visiting?

Ans- These pools of the hot spring are so worth the time and effort.

Q.3. Do I need a parking pass for Miette Hot Springs?

Ans- Yes, you do need to have a parking pass in the hot spring.

Q.4. Do you wear clothes at Miette springs?

Ans- Yes, it is necessary to wear swimsuits and clothes at the Miette hot spring outdoor pool.

Q.5. How hot is the water in the pools of Miette springs?

Ans- The hot pools of the hot springs have waters of the comfortable temperature of 40°C that is initially 54°C.

Miette Hot Springs - Jasper National Park

6. Conclusion

These natural hot springs are just the perfect space for you to relax and have some time to detox. As you are not connected to the outer world, it gives you time to connect with nature and have a great time.

National parks in Canada are abundant with hot springs. Kootenay Park is one such park. It is also very comfortable and makes to want to stay here. It is also one of the country’s most loved and busiest hot springs. The luxurious water here is warm and is very good for relaxing soak for the health and skin. Make sure to visit Miette hot springs when visiting the province to have a great time and enjoy nature.

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