Vernon’s Natural Splendor: A Guide to Lakes, Beaches, & Beyond for an Unforgettable Escape

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Vernon is a small city in BC, Canada, perfect for nature lovers. The city has some of the most beautiful lakes and beaches, offering various fun activities.

Beaches are the perfect place to enjoy many activities like kayaking, boating, swimming, watersports, surfing, etc., and many lakes and lakeshore parks in Vernon, BC.

Some famous Vernon beaches are Kin Beach, Kal Beach, Kennedy Lane Beach, and Whitepoint Beach.

Furthermore, there are a lot of hotels in Vernon, so the visitors are not troubled about the accommodation and car parking facilities.

1. Famous Lakes in Vernon, BC

There are three famous lakes in Vernon, British Columbia. These lakes are popular spots for visitors, and you can enjoy many activities near these lakes. There are also picnic table facilities near the lakes. 

1.1. Swan Lake

Swan Lake is a famous lake in Vernon, British Columbia. This lake is famous for its fishing area and wildlife. You can see many native animals near the lake. You can also witness lovely views of the Okanagan Valley from this lake.

The famous trail of this lake is Swan Lake Nature Reserve Loop.

1.2. Kalamalka Lake

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Kalamalka Lake is a unique lake that draws visitors’ attention because its color palette changes throughout the seasons.

You can swim in Kalamalka Lake after getting permission from the lake authorities. After having fun near the lake, you can also visit the Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park. This park introduces you to the desert ecosystem.

1.3. Okanagan Lake

The lake has a long stretch of 135 km, and its depth is 232 meters. Okanagan Lake is visitors’ favorite spot because it has many beaches, and you can enjoy many fun activities here.

You can enjoy kayaking, BBQ fire pits, swimming, standup paddling, boating, playground, watersports, and jet surfing.

The visitors also get many amenities at Okanagan Lake, like car parking areas and public washrooms. Furthermore, there are many vineyards, wineries, golf courses, resorts, and lakeshore parks near Okanagan Lake.

Okanagan Lake
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There is also a Kelowna Bridge, which connects South Okanagan to North Okanagan

2. Famous Vernon Beaches

Beaches are where visitors enjoy their time and avoid all the stress of their lives. Some are located in Downtown Vernon, and some are in the city’s north or south end.

2.1. Kal Beach

Kal Beach is the famous Vernon beach, which contains soft white sand. The vegetation in this area is charming.

The beach has tall and long trees which provide shade for visitors. Hence, you can relax under the trees or walk on the beach’s soft sand.

There is a concession stand which serves food and drinks to the visitors. Picnic tables are also available for visitors. This beach also has a parking area.

2.2. Kin Beach

Kin Beach is the biggest Vernon beach. Kids enjoy the sand castles on that white sand.

The visitors enjoy BBQ fire pits, gazebos for family gatherings, campgrounds, hiking trails, swimming, and washroom facilities.

Kin Beach Vernon BC Canada

2.3. Red Sand Beach

Yes, the Red Sand Beach has red sand. Generally, the beaches of Vernon City have white sand, so they are unique from all other beaches. 

Like all other beaches, you can enjoy many water sports, sand castles, swimming, and parasailing. In the hot afternoons, tall trees provide shade to visitors.

2.4. Juniper Bay Beach

The water of this beach has a brilliant blue color. It is a famous place for family picnics, and you can also enjoy many watersports on this beach.

Paddle boarders enjoy scuba diving, kite surfing, boat launch, jet surfing, sailing, swimming, canoeing, waterskiing, and rafting on Juniper Bay Beach.

Kalavida Surf Shop is the first choice of all water sports people to buy their sports goods. 

2.5. Jade Bay Beach

Jade Bay Beach shows incredibly vibrant turquoise colors in mid-summer when the water reacts with minerals. This reaction is called Calcite.

This beach’s water is crystal clear, so it is ideal for a boat launch. Additionally, Jade Bay Beach provides many facilities to visitors. They provide a parking area, playground, and even picnic tables.

Many tall and large trees on this beach provide shade to visitors in the afternoon. The visitors enjoy hiking and camping near this beach.

2.6. Cosens Bay Beach

Cosens Bay Beach is the most beautiful beach in Vernon. You must reach here via boat or by following a beautiful hiking trail.

Cosens Bay Hiking Trail - Okanagan Valley, BC 🇨🇦

Cosens Bay Beach is a sandy beach, so enjoy a walk on this beach. This beach has vibrant emerald colors and is visible in the summer.

The visitors can enjoy baths in the quiet cove. There is also a picnic table facility available on Cosens Bay Beach.

3. Famous Lakeshore Park

Lakeshore parks are full of natural beauty. You will see tall trees, a waterbody, sand, and native wildlife.

There are many lakeshore parks in Vernon, BC,

3.1. Hurlburt Park

Hurlburt Park is the paradise of Vernon City. It is the favorite spot for summer camps.

There is a waterbody containing crystal clear water, rich vegetation, a jumping dock, and picnic tables.

3.2. Ellison Provincial Park

Ellison Provincial Park is located near many beaches. The beauty of this provincial park is incredible. You can see excellent hiking trails, high cliffs on the shores of Okanagan Lake, geological rock formations, and sheltered coves of jade-colored water.

There is also a playground near this provincial park.

3.3. Sovereign Park

The Sovereign Park is known as the Coldstream area of Vernon City. This place favors sunbathing, kayaking, picnics, SUP paddleboarding, swimming, white sand coves, horseshoe pits, volleyball courts, and outdoor showers.

There are also playgrounds for kids.

3.4. Kekuli Bay Provincial Park

Kekuli Bay Campground, Beach, and Boat Launch Tour

The water of Kekuli Bay Provincial Park is crystal clear and blue. This park is the connecting link between the Okanagan rail trail and some beaches and coves.

This park is perfect for kayaks, paddleboarders, canoes, and boat launches. It is also a great place for campers.

Final Note

Vernon is a famous tourist spot, and you can visit Vernon, BC, with your friends and family during your holidays. 

Vernon has many famous beaches, lakes, lakeshore parks, and other things to explore. Just take a map and reach your favorite location in the city, and after exploring that location, move to the next spot.

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