15 Best Parks in Edmonton for Picnic Getaway

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If you want to enjoy the weekend with your family and friends, you also need a good place for your kids to play. Then you are in the right place. In this article, you will explore the best parks in Edmonton.

There are dozens of green spaces in Edmonton where you can roam, rest, and enjoy nature. Public parks, night sky reserves, and valley vistas are on the menu.

Edmonton has the most significant section of an urban park in North America. At the same time, the city has a plethora of fantastic parks.

Edmonton- The Park City

Edmonton is situated on the North Saskatchewan River and serves as the hub of the Edmonton Metropolitan Area, which is surrounded by the province of Alberta’s core region.

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Edmonton is a place for everyone, with its beautiful nature, culture, history, and attractions. It is home to North America’s largest mall, Canada’s largest known history museum, and Canada’s most significant historical park.

Edmonton’s river valley is the longest run of continuous urban parkland in North America, and the city boasts the most parks per capita of any Canadian city. The valley is 22 times bigger than New York City Central Park.

Various parks dot the river valley, ranging from well-supplied urban parks to primitive campsites with limited amenities.

List of famous Park in Edmonton

The fun time has begun, and now it’s time to uncover the list of best parks in Edmonton.

1. Kinsmen Park

The playground is more of a park, with shady spaces, different play areas, and various playground equipment, including two massive slides on the hillside.

A spray park, picnic areas, pathways, free parking, and an excellent sight of the High-Level Bridge are all available in the park. Children of all ages will be able to maintain themselves occupied for hours.

2. Castle Downs Playground

A nearby spray park and skatepark complement one of Edmonton’s largest playgrounds. At this park, there is absolutely something for everyone. Two ship-themed climbers, a sand section with preschool climbers, swings, and rock climbers are all part of the playground.

Park amenities include grassy spaces, a spray park, a skate park, a baseball diamond, a sports field, picnic places, an outdoor rink, washrooms (at the Recreation Centre), and a pavilion in Castle Downs Park.

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3. Rundle Parks

Rundle Park is a prominent playground in the North Saskatchewan River Valley Parks Department and a municipal park in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

The park has a walking bridge that connects Gold Bar Park with Rundle Park, which faces the North Saskatchewan River.

Rundle Park comes highly recommended as well. Artificial lakes, a paddleboat center, and mini-golf are part of the park. The playground equipment is dispersed around a broad shady area within a lovely park.

4. Borden Park Playground

Borden Park is three themed climbers at this playground, all of which are cool. This playground is particularly fit for children aged 8 and under, as the equipment may not be challenging enough for older children.

Themed climbers will appeal to younger children who enjoy using them in their creative play.

Large mature trees provide shade and a pavilion with restrooms, artwork, picnic areas, and flower gardens.

Borden Park is nearing the end of its renovation project, and this stage will transform the outdoor pool into a natural swimming experience.

5. Meadowview Dinosaur Playground

This playground is named after a hadrosaur dinosaur skeleton discovered in the Leduc area. The playground features a dinosaur motif that children will enjoy and is also one of Alberta’s greatest ziplines.

Meadowview in Leduc is similar to any of the dozens of new subdivisions springing up across the enormous capital region – magnificent, newly constructed houses mingled with foundation pile foundations; bulldozers and minivans shared the streets – but it has one small but significant difference.

Meadowview Dinosaur Playground is one of our area’s newest and most exciting parks, hidden among the construction teams and young families.

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6. Broadmoor Lake Park-Sherwood Park

Parkin Sherwood park is among the most beautiful playgrounds I’ve ever seen – a true destination playground. Sherwood Park has various climbing structures, swings, and a sea-themed spray park in the centre with a ship play structure.

Sherwood park playground was a hit with all of my kids. My 7-year-favourite old’s part of the trip was the massive slide. The trek out of town to see this playground is well worth it.

7. William Hawrelak Park

This park’s playground is unique; in addition to a large variety of playground equipment, it has small structures for children to play in, such as a general shop and a residence.

This vast park also features shade from large mature trees, picnic areas, pathways, a lake with paddle boat rentals, a protected pavilion with restrooms, and a concession.

8. Brintnell Park Playground

Although many playgrounds in Edmonton feature sand, this one has easy flooring. Although there isn’t much shade, some small plants and a gazebo are nearby.

Preschoolers will enjoy a portion dedicated to them, a natural-looking area, and a hard climber for older children.

The Brintnell Park Society of Edmonton (BPSE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Brintnell Park. The money was left over after the spray park, and play improvements were completed.

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9. Elk Island National Park

Elk Island is only 45 minutes east of Edmonton, but it’s a very wild place. At Canada’s largest fully enclosed park, you may see plains bison, black bears, moose, elk, and a species of birds. If you’re lucky, you might also catch glimpses of shy lynx or grey wolves.

Hike one of the 11 different routes or relax on the beach beneath the expansive sky. In the winter, go snowshoeing or cross-country skiing, then gaze up in awe at the Aurora Borealis, a swirling chorus of light.

10. Spruce Village Park

Victoria Avenue, Spruce Grove, AB T7X 0C2 is the location of Spruce Village Park. In addition to this park, Spruce Grove has four other parks mentioned.

Two other attractions in this city are mentioned in other categories. The exact position of Spruce Village Park may be found on the map above.

11. Gallagher Park

In August, Gallagher Park transforms into a lovely community of tents and booths for the yearly 4-day Edmonton Folk Music Festival, which features 6 phases, concerts, seminars, a beer garden, and a craft market.

Fans from all over the world gather in the natural amphitheater on the river valley’s southern slopes to rejoice, dance, and picnic (a ski hill in winter). k.d. Lang, Hozier, Van Morrison, Loreena McKennitt, and The Head and the Heart have all performed as headliners.

Stunning vistas of the city skyline match the world-class performances.

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12. Sir Wilfred Laurier Park Natural Playground

This magnificent natural playground is so densely forested that it might be challenging to locate. The playground is a quick walk southeast if you drive in the significant lot (cross from the zoo parking). Follow the walk across to the east if you use the public restrooms.

The coyote climber is incredible, the slide is impressive, and the location is unbeatable.

13. Muttart Conservatory

The Muttart Conservatory is a botanical garden in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, located in northern Saskatchewe3`a fifth minor skylight pyramid.

It would help if you visited the beautiful playground and gardens in the Edmonton area. There are soo many play areas for kids.

14. Westboro School Playground

This inclusive playground offers features that children of all abilities will enjoy. It has half accessible/part sand flooring. There is another park behind the school if you enjoy playground hopping.

The colourful climber was the first item the youngsters were attracted to this time. Thanks to a wide area of playground equipment, there is more than enough room for kids of all ages to roam, climb, explore, and slide.

15. Hudson Park

There are many other famous parks in Edmonton that you must visit. And one of them is the Hudson Park. Edmonton has several playgrounds with entertaining themes and games for children of all ages. Edmonton has plenty of options for fantastic family fun, whether water play, climbing, slides, or swings.

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Edmonton Famous Food

After having a great day in the parks of Edmonton, now it’s time to fill your empty stomach with some delicious food from Edmonton. Let’s begin the food journey in Edmonton.

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16. Poutine

Fried fries, squeaky cheese curds, and thick gravy come together to make the dinner of fantasies, and this French Canadian cuisine is now available worldwide.

The traditional version is delicious, but garnishes like pulled pork, bacon, and smoked meat elevate it to new heights.

17. Tourtière

This meat pie, constructed of a puff pastry loaded with meat, dates back to the French colonization period, hence the name pâté à la viande. It was established in Quebec, but it is now seen in many other places across the country.

In addition, whereas it used to be a dish served only on special occasions, it is now eaten anywhere at the time of year.

18. Fiddleheads

One of Canada’s healthiest and most delectable foods. Fiddleheads are coiled fern leaves that give an asparagus-like flavour when cooked.

They are native to the province of New Brunswick on Canada’s east coast but can also be seen in other nearby areas. It’s a light meal that’s perfect for a starter.

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19. Trempettes

Trumpets are one of Canada’s most famous sweet meals. They’re crispy, thick pancakes that come with a bit of butter or cream and are entirely drenched in maple syrup, the country’s most popular condiment. They’re great for breakfast or dessert.

20. Nanaimo Bars

Nanaimo, British Columbia, is the origin of this cake-shaped dish. It consists of a crushed cookie or pancake base with a coating of custard on top and molten chocolate on top.

This dessert may come in various flavours based on how it is eaten. In certain places, mint hints at freshness to the dish’s sweet flavour.

21. Saskatoon Berry Pie

Saskatoon berries, sometimes called just Saskatoons, are purple berries with a blueberry-like flavour. They have a sweet, nutty almond flavour and are closely connected to the apple family.

Delayed June or early July is when the berries ripen. They’re grown across the country, especially in the Prairies and British Columbia. When cooked in a pie, they taste the greatest.

22. Sweet Bannock

This delectable delicacy is rooted in the traditions of Canada’s indigenous peoples and can be served sweetened with sugar, cinnamon, or other sweet ingredients such as condensed milk.

It’s a form of fried bread produced in circular flattened shapes from flour, lard, and water basis, and it’s designed to withstand severe circumstances and lengthy journeys. Follow this simple and quick recipe.

The list of famous Edmonton food is long. You can also check the other popular and must-try food in Edmonton.

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Closing Thoughts

It’s time to enjoy a beautiful park and play in the best playgrounds where your younger and older kids can play any game in such a large area. Your kids will have a memorable time in these best playgrounds.

These parks in Edmonton are a great place where parents can relax with their friends, and little ones can have fun.

Exploring Edmonton park is the best way to spend your time to refresh your mind from all your stress. It’s the best picnic spot for your families.

Don’t forget to try the fantastic food and desert of Edmonton. You cannot stay from the taste of Edmonton which in most cases are just walking distance away.

Not convinced? Here are some other notable amazing park to check out;-

  • fort edmonton park
  • emily murphy park
  • elizabeth finch school playground
  • spruce grove natural playground
  • florence hallock school playground
  • edmonton valley zoo

All of these picnic sites offer quality picnic benches, covered picnic shelter.

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