Central Park Burnaby: A Complete Tour Guide

central park burnaby

Central Park Burnaby offers a relaxing haven away from the hustle and commotion of the city and is just one SkyTrain station west of the popular Metrotown Shopping Mall. It is conveniently located across the street from Patterson SkyTrain Station.

Burnaby’s Central Park offers a network of simple, flat walking routes through the coastal rainforest and is much calmer than Stanley Park. You could encounter some friendly squirrels while you walk, jog, or ride a bike along the peaceful paths, and you might even see a bald eagle flying above.

Where is Central Park Burnaby?

Central Park BurnabyPhoto by Frank Eiffert / Unsplash – copyright 2022

West-central Burnaby, close to Metrotown, is where Central Park Burnaby is located. Four pretty well-known Burnaby streets surround the park. Patterson Avenue borders the east side, Boundary Road borders the west, Kingsway borders the north, and Imperial borders the south. it is some walking trails to Patterson Skytrain station.

Swangard Stadium’s nearest parking area and entry are located right off Kingsway. A pair of huge stone pillars that remember the park’s historical association with the founding of the British Columbia Electric Railway serves as its distinguishing feature.

Off Imperial Street is a parking area near Lower Pond and the Pitch and Putt Golf Course.

What do you need to know?

  • Do not park in residential areas or other locations not approved for parking.
  • Most picnic tables operate on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • In this Central park Burnaby, barbecues with propane, charcoal, and open flames are permitted.
  • Please take your trash with you if the trash cans are already full.
  • Keep your pets on a leash, and immediately clean up any pet waste.
  • Visit your favorite public park and breathe fresh air. Since January 1, 2022, smoking has been prohibited in all City parks and multi-use trails.

Things to do in Central Park Burnaby

central park in burnaby
photo by Mufid Majnun / Unsplash – Copyright 2002

Several walking pathways may be found in Central Park. The park’s newest trail is the 0.82 km long perimeter route paved and illuminated at night. This route will ultimately connect all four corners of the park. The main Perimeter Trail is the only trail where cycling is allowed. Only phase 2 of the building has been finished thus far.

There are three main trails in Central Park. 8.5 kilometers of paths in Central Park are all together. And a tennis court is there.

For those who wish to unwind or take a breather after their treks, Central Park also includes several picnic areas put up around the park.

Pitch, Putt, and Pool in Central Park Burnaby

A 50-meter outdoor swimming pool and a pitch and putt course are two of Central Park Burnaby’s well-liked sporting facilities. The 5-kilometer (3.1 mi) Terry Fox Trail circles the upper pond and reaches the lower pond. The outdoor pool is best here!

One of our favorite places to play golf courses in the Lower Mainland is the pitch and putt course. The typical hole is 85 yards long, making it manageable for novices and excellent short game practice for seasoned players.

The pool has 6 lanes and a 1-meter diving board and is only available during the summer. Wheelchair users may reach the pool and changing areas with ease.

The park also has a seasonal outdoor pool, a children’s playground, and a short pitch-and-putt golf course with club rentals.

The primary playground is excellent and offers a variety of various play structures. East of the stadium, near the park’s northernmost point, is where you’ll find the playground.

Swangard Stadium

central park burnaby
photo by Gabriel Tovar / Unsplash – copyright 2022

The Swangard Stadium can be found in Burnaby Central Park’s northwest corner. Team sports and tournaments are quite common there. It often holds athletic contests and other activities. The stadium served as the Vancouver Whitecaps soccer team’s previous home (who now play home games at BC Place Stadium).

The memory of the Korean War

On the east side of Central Park is where you’ll find the Korean War Memorial. It pays tribute to those who fought and perished in the Korean War. In 2007, the monument was made and placed. It’s not a huge structure, but it’s still important to know.

Animal life around the Park

Central park burnaby
photo by joel herzog / Unsplash – Copyright 2022

The ecosystem and plants that produce berries attract a variety of birds that are present in the park. These include crows, sparrows, finches, towhees, American robins, and downy woodpeckers.

Canada geese, mallards, and other waterfowl may live in both lakes. Fish like minnows and crawfish live in the upper lake. Schools of brown bullhead, a fish in the catfish family, may sometimes be seen from the bridge beside the golf store in the lower lake.

Exotic animal species

In comparison to native species, invasive species in Central Park often grow to be bigger, more resilient, and more aggressive. Additionally, since most of these invading species lack predators to control their number, they are more suited than native species. Common invasive species include the European fire ant, American bullfrog, Eastern grey squirrel, and European chafer beetle.

Living plants around the Park

Central Park Burnaby
photo by Kenyatta Sterling / Unsplash – Copyright 2022

Elderberry, spruce, birch, and vine maple are all present, and each contributes significantly to the overstory of trees. Along with hollyhock, the shrub understory comprises the edible fruits.

Activities at Central Park Burnaby

  • Annually, Central Park Burnaby hosts a variety of events. These events include the Terry Fox Run in Burnaby and Canada Day celebrations. The Korean Festival, the Colombian Picnic, and the Canada Day festivities. Swangard Stadium’s grounds used to host the European Festival, but no longer. Instead, the Alpen Club has been the location in recent years.
  • The Colombian community in Vancouver puts up a modest gathering called the Colombian Independence Picnic. It normally happens in the center of the park near the Upper Pond in mid-July. All are invited to the free event.
  • On July 1, Burnaby celebrates Canada Day at Swangard Stadium and the Burnaby Village Museum (in Deer Lake Park) (Central Park Burnaby). During the day, family-friendly events are held inside the museum, and in the evening, Swangard Stadium in Central Park Burnaby hosts musical performances and fireworks. Both occasions are free.
  • At Swangard Stadium in August, the Korean Cultural Heritage Festival takes place in Vancouver. It is bigger than the Colombian event and is also free. There are Korean cuisine vendors and entertainment during the event every August.
  • Every year in the middle of September, Terry Fox Runs are held in the Lower Mainland (and the whole country of Canada). Burnaby’s primary one takes place in Central Park Burnaby. It’s a charity event to support cancer research.


However, Central Park Burnaby may not be as large as Central Park in other countries. But it’s just as lovely nevertheless! In addition to tennis courts, Swanguard Stadium, a swimming pool, and a pitch and putt course, the park has several pathways. The location is especially ideal for wedding portraits. The best tourist spot where you can go with your family and enjoy it very much.


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