Skyline Trail Jasper: 8 Compelling Reasons to Plan Your Visit

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Skyline Trail, Jasper National Park, Canada, is the best spot for hiking lovers. With an easy, convenient tracking trail, a gently blowing breeze, a wide open sky, and panoramic views, you are most welcome to the best hiking spot in the Canadian Rockies.


 At Skyline Trail, Jasper National Park, you are in for some scenic views, amazing adventures, and a lot more fun that comes along. Go rocking at the skyline trail with your families or buddies.

1. Skyline Trail Jasper National Parks Canada

The Skyline Trail, Jasper National Park, is in Alberta, Canada. It has some breathtaking scenery, and you will be amazed at how much the elevation gains you climb without feeling tired.

The gently flowing stream alongside your trail in Jasper National Park makes the most gentle melody.

The Skyline Trail has six campgrounds: Evelyn Creek Campground, Little Shovel Campground, Snowbowl Campground, Curator Campground, Tekarra Campground, and Signal Campground, listed in order of distance from the trailhead.

The campgrounds have varying elevations, with Little Shovel Campground being the highest and Signal Campground being the lowest.

Skyline Trail Jasper
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2. Why is Skyline Trail Jasper National Park a Great Hiking Trail?

2.1 Easiest Hiking Trail in Jasper National Park

Skyline Trail is one of the easiest hiking trails, in difficulty level, compared to other hiking trails.

People with normal and physically fit health conditions can opt for hiking on the skyline trail.

2.2 Bear Vaults to Reduce Some Burden Off Your Backpacks

Skyline Trail Park provides you with bear vaults at each campground site. It will decrease the load from your backpacks, and you will not need to carry a heavy bear canister for storing your food at the campground.

2.3 Designated Cooking Areas and Picnic Tables in Every Campground

All Skyline Trail National Park campgrounds have designated cooking areas and wooden picnic tables. This helps in keeping the cooking and cleaning away from tent pads.

2.4 Well-Marked Trails at Skyline Trail

Skyline trails in Jasper National Park are well-marked and clear, so there is hardly any chance of getting lost.

Plenty of hikers are here, and you keep meeting other groups hiking the skyline trail. So, do not worry about deviating from your path or getting lost.

2.5 Easily Accessible Water at Skyline Trail

Skyline Trail has small water streams running along the trail with easily accessible water. However, this is not portable water, but you can easily clean them with a water purifier bag.

2 day Backpacking Trip Skyline Trail | Most popular hike in Jasper National Park

3. Facts about Skyline Trail in Jasper National Park

  • Approximate Distance: The Skyline Trail in Jasper National Park is about 44 kilometers (27 miles) in total distance.
  • Days Needed: The highest point, called the Notch, can be reached in a stage that takes 3 to 4 hours to hike, and expert hikers can complete the entire Skyline Trail in a day, although most people hike it in two to four days. You should climb at your own pace, and it is about enjoying the scenery at each campground and the experience of camping, after all.
  • Elevation Gain/Loss at Skyline Trail Route: The total elevation gain/loss is approximately 1,410 meters (4,625 feet). This makes climbing easier than in other places.
  • Best Travel Time for hikers: Hikers at skyline trails usually opt for mid-summer to early fall time. It comes around mid-July for summer hikers, but hikers who want to avoid summer can opt for late July to September. These three months have most of the hiking crowd at the Skyline Trail Jasper.
  • Necessary Permits Required for Camping at Skyline Trail: You require a backcountry camping permit before reaching the Skyline Trail, a popular hiking spot. Permits typically become available in mid-January and are quickly booked, so it is advisable to plan and book as soon as reservations open.
  • Difficulty level: Skyline trail is considered easy for first-time hikers. However, it doesn’t mean you won’t need to climb.

 4. Where Do You Start Hiking for Skyline Trail?

Jasper National Park has two trailheads, Signal Mountain Trailhead and Maligne Lake Trailhead, both of which are very common choices among hikers. People visiting Jasper opt for these two trailheads not too far from Jasper’s townsite.

There are other popular trailheads like Wabasso Lake and the Watchtower. All the trailheads in the skyline trail have beautiful views.

The elevation gain is different on every skyline trailhead. You can park your vehicles here before starting your hiking adventure at Skyline Trail.

Day 28 - The Epic Skyline Trail | GDT 2021

4.1 Signal Mountain Trailhead

You can get some scenic views of the Canadian Rockies through the entire trail. The view keeps getting more beautiful as you ascend the Signal Mountain Fire Road.

4.2 Maligne Lake Trailhead

You can reach the skyline trail from Maligne Lake Trailhead. Maligne Lake Trailhead is located approximately one hour from the town of Jasper. Take up Maligne Lake Road. Keep moving on this road until you reach Maligne Lake.

You’ll cross beautiful scenery at the bridges until you reach the parking lot. The journey to the skyline trailhead begins from here. You are in for some scenic views of Maligne River Valley as you ascend the Maligne Lake Road.

If you choose the main trailhead for the skyline hike from here, it will be a good choice. Since it starts by passing through the forest, the views are beautiful. Both of them have sweeping views and calming surroundings.

5. Campgrounds at the Skyline Trail

5.1 Evelyn Creek Campground

Evelyn Creek Campground is a small and quiet campground. The hikers who prefer starting later in the day usually choose Evelyn Creek.

The campsite is beside the creek. It is easier to climb. Hence, it is less exhausting for first-time hikers on the skyline trail.

Evelyn Creek campground is a nice spot for camping near the forest adjacent to the creek. Most hikers prefer to reach higher elevations. The beauty is nice, but you can go for higher elevations. That is your choice.

5.2 Little Shovel Campground

The little shovel campground gives you some stellar views. Since you are reaching a bit more height, there are wide and beautiful views of Maligne Lake and the Bald Hills that can be seen from here.

You can stay here to avoid the busier Snowbowl campground during peak camping season. You must cross the little shovel pass, and then the big shovel passes to reach here.

The little shovel pass and big shovel pass are hikers’ most popular hangout sites. Hikers usually tend to take a quick rest before moving toward the campground. A signboard marks the spot of the Big Shovel Pass.

Skyline Trail Campgrounds Walkthrough Review for Backpacking - Jasper, Alberta, Canada

5.3 Snowbowl Campground- For The Meadows Through the Tree Line

When you leave Little Shovel Pass, you come across a muddy clearing to reach the Snowbowl campground. The Snowbowl campground is situated near the meadows, among the trees.

Snowball Campgrounds tend to be busier than other campgrounds. It has many tent pads, so many hikers choose it for a night stay.

Hence, please plan if you want to book your spot at Snowbowl Campground.

5.4 The Curator Campground- Favorite Choice for Camping

A favorite choice of campers is the Curator Campground. You must be lucky enough to keep a close tab on the website to book a spot here.

You will hike back to the Curator Basin trail section when you leave the snowball campground. Curator campsites are very near the Wabasso trail.

You can also visit Curator Lake, famous for its charming and relaxing view. The famous Shovel Pass Lodge is very near this area.

5.5 Tekarra Trail/Campground- For The Beautiful View of The Valley

Tekarra campsite can be reached after reaching Signal Mountain Trailhead. The Signal Mountain trailhead is a little more difficult to climb.

It takes a little more than a half-hour to climb the Tekarra Mountains to reach the Tekarra campground. The view of the valley is superb.

If the weather is clear, you will see a 360-degree view of the valley from the Tekarra campground. This experience and scenery will last with you forever and make all the hard work of climbing worth it.

5.6 The Signal Mountain Campground

When you leave the Tekarra campground, you can go to Signal Fire Road. These two campgrounds are above the tree line.

When you follow the signal trailhead, after leaving the Tekarra campground, you cross Centre Creek, which is near the borders of Tekarra and Signal Mountain. It will lead you to the scenic junction near the Signal Fire road.

The fire road is an uphill route. You are advised to travel here only if you have enough strength and time in your hand. You can always choose to leave it; it is completely up to you. You can finish it by reaching the sixth and final campground, the Signal Campground.

Take your time to sit back and relax. Do this only if the weather is favorable. You can now make your return journey from the mountains.

Best views of the town of Jasper valley | Signal Mountain & Mount Tekarra, Jasper National Park

6. Things to Note Before Climbing Skyline Trails

6.1 Constant Changing Weather

The weather is never constant at the skyline trail. It might be bright and shining in the morning but heavily raining by evening. So, keep your rain gear ready.

6.2 No Fire Zone at The Campgrounds

You are not allowed to have fire pits at any of the campgrounds. This is done mostly to avoid forest fires.

So, make a suitable arrangement, like warm clothes. It becomes quite chilly at night or when it rains.

6.3 No Pets Are Allowed Due to The Caribou Habitat of The Skyline Trail

Your pet dogs can not accompany you at skyline trails. This is for their safety purpose.

It is a caribou habitat. Hence, the official administration does not allow pets in this region.

6.4 You Must Respect the Diverse Wildlife

Skyline trails have diverse species of animals in the whole region. There are birds like loons. Hikers have also encountered some deer elk or caribou. Jasper is a bear country, and bear sightings are very common. It is home to many species of bears.

Learn to respect your surroundings. If you don’t disturb their paths, neither would they.

6.5 Keeping the Surroundings Clean and Naturally Beautiful

It is up to you to keep this beautiful nature preserved and clean. It could be done by simply not littering around. If you throw your leftover food, it will attract bears and other animals. This will hamper your and other hikers’ safety. So, keep this scenic place clean.

7. Shovel Pass Lodge

The Shovel Pass Lodge is a favorite choice for exhausted visitors. It provides delicious food, comfortable beds, and running tap water. What a great relief! You can now ditch your sleeping bags and sleep in comfy beds.

Though the Skyline Trail is nice and adventurous, it is also exhausting.

The Shovel Pass has a scenic location. Hence, it appeals to exhausted visitors who want home-like comfort after the trip.

Shovel Pass Lodge

8. What Things Are a Must to Pack at Skyline Trail Jasper National Park?

Every hiker must carry a few essentials for hiking at Skyline Trail. These things will make your hiking experience a fantastic adventure.

8.1 Lightweight Backpacking Is the Golden Rule

Do remember that every camper prefers to carry only essentials. This keeps your backpacks lighter. You are supposed to climb up for most of the hiking route.

If you are hiking for the first time at Skyline Trail Park, make a proper list of what should or should not be carried. It will help you to climb without getting tired due to extra heavy backpacks.

8.2 Decide Which Backpack Would Be the Best for Hiking

Most people, especially those hiking for the first time, do not consider which backpack to use. A good backpack is the most important thing in the whole camping journey.

If you do not have a suitable backpack, carrying it with you along the journey might become uncomfortable.

8.3 A Good Lightweight Tent Will Save You a Good Amount of Time

Installing a perfectly pitched tent is no joke! It takes a little practice and time to install a camp tent. Hence, a perfect tent that is easy to carry and install at the tent pads will save you a lot of time and effort.

To avoid problems during tent pitching at the campsite, practice installing the tent at home if you have space or in an open park. This practice will prove to be very useful during your several camping trips.

8.4 A Good Sleeping Bag for Comfortable Sleep at Night

Besides a good tent, a comfortable sleeping bag is necessary. You are sleeping among natural surroundings, and it might get too cold at night. It would be better to carry a sleeping bag to save you from cold winds or rainy weather at night.

The weather also might get adverse at Skyline Trail National Park. So, come prepared for it.

8.5 Carry the Right RainGear

Skyline Trail, Jasper, is infamous for its continuously changing weather. It might be bright and shiny at one campground, and as you move ahead, it might rain heavily.

Right rain gear will save you from getting completely drenched in rain. First of all, your tents must be waterproof and rainproof too.

8.6 The Right Food

Carry food that is easy to cook, like readymade food packs. A packed lunch is your best option here. Since you are doing a lot of physical work here, try to keep your cooking hassle-free.

8.7 Carry Useful Utensils

The pro camper knows what utensil is needed at camping. Most newcomers pack everything they think might be needed, leading to heavier backpacks.

You will need a lightweight stove, pan, or utensil for preparing packed foods. Do not carry too many utensils.

8.8 What Should You Wear?

The right type of clothing is a must while camping at Skyline Trail. Since it gets rainy, try to wear clothes that dry off quickly, and waterproof jackets can be your best option.

If possible, try to get reviews from other campers who have been here previously. Now, that would be a nice help for a great experience at Skyline Trail.

8.9 The Right Boots for The Happy Hikers

Right boots are the basics for a good hiking experience. Get a good pair of sturdy, anti-slippery, and waterproof hiking boots. They should be lightweight.

9. Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How much time it takes to climb the Skyline trail at Jasper National Park?

Answer: Climbing the Skyline Trail generally takes 2-4 days. You can climb at your own pace.

Q2 Are pets allowed at Skyline Trail Jasper National Park?

Answer: No, you cannot bring your pets along on this hike because the region is a caribou habitat.

Q4. Is a fire pit allowed at campgrounds in Skyline Trail Jasper National Park?

Answer: No, fire pits are not allowed at the campgrounds. It is usually done to avoid forest fires.


Skyline Trail in Jasper National Park is not just about hiking the skyline trailhead. It is more about the experience and memories you make.

Even when you leave these amazing mountains and valleys, the mountain never leaves you. It becomes the best collection in your life’s album.

So, if you get lucky enough, do not miss the next chance to visit this mesmerizing place.

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