7 Iconic Trails Surrounding Mount Revelstoke National Park: A Hiker’s Guide

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Visitors to the alpine town of Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada, can’t miss exploring the stunning Mount Revelstoke National Park. This park is ideal for hikers seeking a once-in-a-lifetime experience, with trails ranging in length and difficulty.

However, the actual spellbinding beauty of this National Park will leave you in awe whether you opt to climb for a day or spend many days adventuring in the mountains.

The nearby Selkirk and Monashee mountain ranges and their peaks are spectacularly adorned with old glaciers that survived the last ice age and may be seen from here.

Inconceivably diverse wildflower fields displaying every hue of the rainbow await your discovery. There is a breathtaking vista around every bend on the route, and you’ll want to take pictures of them all.

At Mount Revelstoke National Park, you may hike the only mountain in the national park system that allows you to reach the peak after only a few minutes of walking from your vehicle.

Hiking at Mount Revelstoke National Park allows you to discover the Columbia Mountains, regardless of how close or far you are from the next road. You might be minutes away from your vehicle or hours away.

1. Eva Lake trail

Eva Lake trail is one of Revelstoke’s top hikes. This hike has boulder-strewn side valleys and subalpine wildflowers. The lake’s quiet water reflects the mountains, which is a beautiful picture. Those seeking adventure can camp by the lake.

15-kilometer out-and-back trail in Revelstoke, BC. The moderately challenging path takes 4-5 hours to complete. Because birding, hiking, and snowshoeing are popular here, you should expect to see other peoplesubalpine meadows with wildflowers and snow-capped mountains.

Boulder fields teem with marmots and pikas—lastly, a turquoise lake with mirror-like reflections. Mount Revelstoke, a National Park in British Columbia’s Eva Lake Trail, has all these.

This 12-kilometer out-and-14-kilometer-back journey is ideal for a day hike or a first backpacking excursion. You’ll adore this alpine region’s peacefulness and natural beauty.

Eva Lake trail
Photo by Luca Bravo on Unsplash

2. Balsam lake

If you can keep going straight for 30 minutes after leaving the highway, you will arrive at one of the most beautiful parking lots in the world. You may park at the picturesque Balsam Lake and then follow a short, 500-meter circle route around the lake.

Be sure to wear a light jacket while enjoying the beautiful wildflowers and clean waterways. People are sometimes unprepared for the lower temperatures of traveling to higher elevations.

Mount Revelstoke National Park is located in British Columbia, Canada. The landscape panorama of Balsam Lake in the Meadows in the Sky at the top of Mount Revelstoke in the Selkirk Mountains is only fed by water from melting snow in the Spring.

As a result, by the end of the Summer, its water table is dropping noticeably.

3. Skunk cabbage trail

The Skunk Cabbage Boardwalk is a fantastic area to exercise between Revelstoke and Banff, as it is a short and straightforward path. Mount Revelstoke National Park’s border is where the course begins, and it runs parallel to the Trans-Canada Highway (Highway 1.)

The day before you reach Revelstoke, you will see the sign for this hike and can decide to stop by in the morning before heading to Vancouver.

You’re going to be glad you went through with the vacation. This blog, teeming with skunk cabbage, is unlike any other you have experienced. Even though it was a dreary day, the yellow blooms gleamed brightly.

Mount Revelstoke Park has a half-hour circular trail through a forested marsh. The course is a well-maintained wooden path focusing mostly on flora and animals and dotted with clear interpretive signage.

4. Upper summit trail

This trail heads up Mount Revelstoke from the parking lot at Balsam Lake and brings hikers to the mountain’s summit, where they may take in breathtaking vistas.

This hike is considered moderate, and it takes you through some woodland sections and some alpine meadows, where you’ll have lots of opportunities to soak in the scenery.

Mount Revelstoke‘s perspectives may be reached via this Trail, which begins at the parking area next to Balsam Lake and winds steeply upward to the mountain’s summit.

This is a very short trip that takes hikers through patches of woodland and alpine meadows. Hikers will have multiple opportunities to look out for their environment.

5. Footsteps trail

On top of Mount Revelstoke Park, a short hiking route called the First Footsteps Trail is only 0.8 kilometers long. This trail gives trekkers a sample of the natural splendor that the park has to offer.

You will stroll through a gorgeous meadow as you make your way up the route, and in the distance, you will see some craggy mountain peaks. This is a great trek for getting to know the park; it is kid-friendly and not too strenuous.

Hiking this Trail is a great way for families to taste everything Mount Revelstoke National Park has to offer. As you go down the route, you can take in the natural splendor of the surrounding woods and a picturesque subalpine meadow bursting with wildflowers by late summer.

You’ll also see several rock formations typical of the mountainous region, many of which have been intricately carved with reliefs of animals that remind the indigenous peoples who formerly lived there.

You can see the Columbia River and Upper Arrow Lake below in the valley, and the many rocky mountains dot the park to the northeast.

6. Inspiration Woods Trail features

This Trail is a short lollipop hiking path that runs down the lower slopes of Mount Revelstoke and brings hikers through a beautiful stretch of forest. The trail is 3.1 kilometers in length.

When hiking through the forest, you will encounter a variety of terrain, including bridge crossings, rocky and root-covered trails, and dirt tracks. Be on the lookout for geocaches since there are numerous of them scattered throughout the path.

An enjoyable outing for the whole family, hiking the Inspiration Woods Trail in Mount Revelstoke National Park will lead you through a scenic section of forest.

This trail is slightly uphill, so be aware of your footing and watch for exposed rocks and roots. Ascend steadily on the path until you reach the loop; from there, it’s a breeze through the picturesque woods and back to the trailhead.

Along the walk, you may read several informative plaques about the local region and, if lucky, uncover one of the numerous hidden geocaches. Making this a scavenger hunt might be a great way to keep young travelers entertained.

Hiking Eva Lake Trail, Mt. Revelstoke National Park

7. Mountain biking trail

This recently constructed network of mountain biking trails has various flowing blues and difficult blacks, sure to satisfy riders of all skill levels. It is one of the best experiences in Mount Revelstoke National Park.

The legendary Fifty-Six Twenty is the world’s longest flow trail since it travels the whole length of our vertical drop, which is 5,620 feet.

Easy access to the alpine backcountry, enjoyable and flowing cross-country routes, and challenging downhill runs have made Revelstoke a mecca for mountain bikers.

Lower-elevation rainforest routes with sticky dirt, large trees, and an unreal sea of green are available in the spring and early summer.

Whether you are searching for shuttle-accessed downhill mountain riding, a cross-country biking trip, or an adventurous hike-a-bike, the Monashee and Selkirk mountain ranges have you covered.

We ask that you please help us control the spread of invasive species by staying on authorized routes and removing any plants, animals, or dirt from your shoes, clothes, bikes, dogs, and cars before entering or leaving the recreation area.

Beautiful mountain views around Mount Revelstoke National Park

1. The Monashee Mountains

The name “Gold Range” was given to the Monashee Mountains when they were first discovered. David McIntyre, an early prospector, is credited with giving the mountain range its current name, Monashee, which translates to “mountain of calm.”

These Mountains are well known for producing persistently heavy snowfall and providing some of the greatest conditions for skiing in British Columbia.

In these Mountains, cross-country skiing, alpine skiing, and backcountry touring are common wintertime activities, particularly from late fall through early spring.

The path leading to Monashee Lake gains 700 meters in elevation over slightly over 4.5 kilometers, making it a strenuous climb.

However, those who are up for the challenge will be rewarded with a stunning lake fed by glaciers and found in the Pinnacles, located just south of the Monashee Mountains.

It is beneficial to have abilities in route finding because the path may not always be indicated.

2. Selkirk mountains

Visitors can access some of the best skiing, hiking, and climbing worldwide.

There are unrivaled opportunities for mountain climbing and trekking in the Alps throughout the summer months. Guests will be surrounded by mountain goats, verdant meadows, and breathtaking vistas throughout their time here.

Backcountry skiing is available to tourists during the winter months.

Resorts close to Mount Revelstoke National Park

1. Revelstoke mountain resort

The Sutton Place Hotel Revelstoke Mountain Resort sits at the base of North America’s most vertical drop, but it offers a luxurious experience.

All three of our hotel’s buildings are connected by an underground parking garage, and each of their 200 condo-style guest rooms achieves this. This ski-in/ski-out hotel is sumptuous due to its location, vistas, and plush furnishings.

Rockford Bar & Grill boasts the best food in town. Mackenzie Common Tavern and La Baguette provide some of the best après-ski in the region. After a day of hiking, refuel at this elegant eatery.

From slopeside residences, skiers and snowboarders can schuss down Mount Mackenzie. The heated outdoor pool is a great place to unwind after a day of mountain adventure.

Summer is busy. This resort’s Sutton Place Hotel combines outdoor activities with five-star luxury. Ride the Pipe Mountain Coaster directly outside the hotel or hike one of the mountain’s numerous notable circuits.

Revelstoke Mountain Resort - Stoke Reel


As a result of your trip to this breathtaking location, you will conclude that Revelstoke has always been a popular destination for climbers, hikers, and adventurers.

It was known as “the capital of the Canadian Alps throughout its long and illustrious history.”Your possibilities for locating the ideal powder between the Monashee and Selkirk Mountains are limitless.

During the winter months, Revelstoke’s heli-skiing and cat-skiing businesses see an influx of customers. Revelstoke Mountain Resort allows skiers to take a lesson before embarking on a day or multi-day ski adventure.

Downtown Revelstoke is a great place to get locally-made goods, outdoor gear, and wonderful meals to savor while relaxing on the terrace. Small communities in British Columbia sometimes have a Western feel because of the proximity of snowy mountains.

For those who prefer to explore at their own pace, maps of the area’s historic sites are available at the Visitor Center.

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