Balsam Lake: 4 Best Places & Things to Do There!

balsam lake
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Balsam Lake is a beautiful place to visit. The place will surely attract more people who like nature.

So take a break from your day-to-day lives, and repeated phone calls, and enjoy your visit to balsam lake with your family.

1) Knowing the History of Balsam Lake

Balsam Lake is situated in the city of Kawartha Lakes Region, Ontario Canada.

In Ontario, near the town of Coboconk, is where we have our Balsam Lake. As water flowing out of the lake is from both the northwest end of kirk field and the east end of Rosedale.

Another thing to know, mainly on the east side water is said to be flowing out and another place in Cameron Lake is where we have the Trenal Canal.

It is said that, to the northern shore of the lake, Balsam Lake Provincial Park and Indian Point Provincial Parks are present.

2) Places to Visit In and Around Balsam lake

2.1) Balsam Lake Provincial Park :

This waterway is said to act as a connecting point for all the water sources of Ontario. The place offers many interesting features like fishing, boating, hiking trails, canoeing, etc.

Let us see what all the exciting things to do at balsam lake provincial park :

2.1.1) Swimming

The best time to visit Balsam Lake Provincial Park is in the summer.

The waters in Kawartha Lakes are so clean and very calm, and in addition safety measures are also been provided. So, take time to visit one of the large sandy beaches. and have a relaxed day.

Do take young kids or bring them on your next trip to Balsam Lake Provincial Park Beach.

Do carry water shoes, when you go to watery places, and be careful while playing on the sandy beach. The beaches here are of good size and space being a large sandy beach to explore it. And about the beach’s hard-packed sand, just look after it.

Some beaches may not be clean leading to a very unpleasant smell.

2.1.2) Hike in The Lookout Trail

Next is the hiking activity many love to do. When in these kinds of places, hiking trails will become part of your journey.

Hiking is considered to be a recreational activity. The Lookout Hike is said to have a distance of 2.6km.

Taking an hour’s walk along the lookout trail is itself a big relaxation, with your friends or families.

In the meanwhile, you can enjoy the birds chirping, the greenery, and the lake provincial park view. This place is the best campground considered.

Interesting thing was, the park was said to be covered by glaciers for more than 2000 years. Wetlands and marshes are also found in the park, which is critical for the survival of sensitive wildlife and plants.

2.1.3) Explore & Learn Fishing

This is another enjoyable task that is available in the Balsam Lake Provincial Park.

We all must have seen fishing in tv or movies. But, experiencing surrounding attractions like this is different from our lives.

Here as part of the Heritage Trail, travelling in the rocky areas we have reached here.

This place also offers “learn fishing camps”, or allowing people who know fishing prior to catching small or big fish.

2.1.4 ) Do Bird Watching

This place on the northern shore is best to visit in spring and early summer, when we can get the best view of birds. There are many types of you watch like warblers, vireos.

When kids are travelling with you, they will surely have a memorable vacation to enjoy.

Apart from these birds. hummingbirds, cardinals, and woodpeckers are also said to be living there.

Because, this place of the provincial park is one mind relaxing place to try among the beautiful air, the fresh air, and the birds watching.

2.1.5) Balsam Lake Farmer’s Market

Then, in Balsam Lake Provincial Park, you can visit the market there. This place is run by the locals of the place.

But by visiting this market you can have a good shopping experience and a contented feel along the north shore. Here, many handmade products like soaps, ornaments, and pieces of furniture, and even the place sells vegetables and baked food items.

2.1.6) Natural Heritage Program

The northern shore offers, people a heritage program. If you are a lover of wildlife, forest, and rocky areas, then this would be a perfect spot.

As part of the Heritage Program, you can do camping, enjoy campfires, be a guide, and give presentations. The previous campers say that this is one of the nice places for camping.

2.1.7) Camping at a Cottage

We all may not be good extroverts. So, this place is for those who don’t prefer camping outside.

They provide you with every amenity inside the cottage with food facilities, where you can cook any food as per your taste and enjoy the camping trip.

Mostly around this place, you can see fir tree forests or pine forests. You can bring your own picnic tables or enjoy inside the cottage.

So, if you burn wood for fire it will be wet camp wood. Have a safe stay.

When you don’t have enough things for camping also, do check the nearby camp store if available any. Because, if the place is suitable for camping then any store must be set up nearby.

Balsam Lake
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2.2) Como Park Zoo & Conservatory

This place is at Como Park in Minnesota. This place as a whole serves as a zoo, park, and also conservatory owned by Saint Paul Parks, which acts as a recreation.

It is said that the entire Como Park is 300 acres, which makes it a public park. The details about the park and its surrounding includes :

  • 1.67-mile paved path around the lake.
  • Lakeside Pavilion is the location of Como Dockside Restaurant and Bar, a New Orleans-themed eatery that features live local music every summer night in an outdoor band shell.
  • Rentals of paddleboats, canoes, paddle boards, and family bikes are available.

2.2.1) Canoeing

One of the most interesting waters you can try if it’s your first time trying it. This actually has a boat but a little narrow type to travel on. This waterway offers this service, which is so nice of them too.

Simply get a canoe and do a canoe launch on the waters and enjoy this unique experience. Try it when you come to Ontario Parks.

Also, check out with the lace if any emergency situation occurs; you are allowed to use a small aluminum boat on the shores.

Other facilities of the park include: Como Town amusement park, Picnic shelters, Putter, There Mini Golf, Medallion, Fishing Pier

This place can be considered a place to relax, and there are more visitors written every year, where you can enjoy with your family, kids, and also friends.

This place is also said to have many places of attractions/facilities inside the whole area, which includes an amusement park, zoo, golf course, etc.

balsam lake
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2.2.2) Features of This Place :

  • Many visitors are seen.
  • Voluntary donations are allowed.
  • Have many facilities around the place.

2.3) SEA LIFE at Mall of America

The aquarium is distinguished by a 300-foot 360° clear acrylic tunnel that has four distinct areas that are home to both freshwater and saltwater organisms.

Features of the place :

  • Have 11 exhibits at the aquarium.
  • Having a 360-degree clear acrylic tunnel.
  • Includes many varieties of animals available at the same place.

2.3.1) Various Exhibits at The Place Include:

  • Brave the Rainforest: A ranger stage with additional information and animals can be found in Brave the Rainforest, which also has multiple pop-up tanks that let visitors get closer to the animals.
  • Wild Amazon: leopard catfish, tiger shovelnose catfish, flagtails, etc. are present here.
  • Coral Caves: Having coral fishes like clownfish, and regal blue tang.
  • The Tunnel:  Sturgeon Lake, Wild Amazon, Shark Cove, and Rainbow Reef are all included in the 300-foot (91-m) long, 360-degree acrylic tunnel known as The Tunnel.

2.4) Indian Point Provincial Park

The other lake of the provincial park is situated on the northern end of the shore. This park, located on the north end of Balsam Lake, has one of the region’s longest undeveloped shorelines. This lakeshore property consists of a low limestone cliff.

Points to know about the place :

  • The place doesn’t get more visitors.
  • Camping is also not allowed.
  • It is a 14.2 km long trail to look for.
  • Takes 3hr or more to complete the trial.
  • You can carry your dogs with strictly your surveillance.
  • The place description had good information about the place, and more written august was the best month to visit the place. Do take a stroll around the place, visit the park store nearby and take pictures of the nearby beautiful landscape.

Things to do at this park include- Birding, hiking, snowshoeing, and also exploring the beauty of the place.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Where Is Balsam Lake Situated?

Ans. Balsam Lake is a lake in the City of Kawartha Lakes, in the province of Ontario, Canada.

Q2. Where Is Balsam Lake Provincial Park Located?

Ans. Balsam Lake Provincial Park is on Balsam Lake in south-central Ontario. The park is located a few kilometres southwest of Coboconk on the Trent Waterway.

Q3. What Is Balsam Lake Famous For?

Ans. Balsam Lake is well-known for being the world’s highest navigable body of water.

Q4. What Are Fine Dining Restaurants to Try at Balsam Lake?

Ans. There are many restaurants to list out, but some of the few dining restaurants are Thirsty Otter Tavern & Resort, Indian head supper club, Balsam Lake café, etc.

Q5. What Are the Activities of Balsam Lake Provincial Park?

Ans. There are many activities for people to spend time on: like going bird watching, hiking, swimming, canoeing, and many more to have a good time.


To end on a positive note, we have seen where the Balsam Lake Provincial Park is and some history following it. Many things are known about the place, which makes it interesting.

So, we all get that feeling of visiting these kinds of beautiful places with our loved ones. We have seen places like Balsam Lake Provincial Park, Indian Point Provincial Park, and Trent Severn Place, which is are all have good natural landscapes, wildlife, and some new experiences to try, like you can do camping, attending heritage trails, attend heritage programs, birding, fishing and many more to list out.

These are the things we have to live for, as this is our life, and we should live to the fullest and enjoy every minute of it. And trying new experiences should always be on your checklist.

Stay happy, try new food and new things, and then you will know how life gets interesting apart from your daily activities.

So, when you plan a trip to Canada, do visit the Balsam Lake and Balsam Lake Provincial Park, which would be good destinations to explore nature, wildlife, and mainly camping.

Even though you don’t have all the luxuries to enjoy, the available facilities will make you feel comfortable. Have a good stay, and do take care of your safety during the trip.

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