5 Famous Quebec National Parks

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Visiting the Quebec National Parks in Quebec City Canada is such a surreal experience to have, with beautiful views Québec National Parks are surrounded by different animal species, mountains, lakes, rivers, and beaches just grab the opportunity to stay close to nature.

There are several outdoor activities which you can do in Québec’s national parks for your recreation such as sea kayaking, ice fishing, and canoeing, there are easy hiking trails as well as difficult ones.

l’Île-Bonaventure-et-du-Rocher-Percé National Park stands out for its rich natural, historical and geological heritage.

Quebec National Parks

1. Forillon National Park

Forillon National Park one of the Quebec national parks is a narrow, highland area surrounded by water it is Quebec’s first preserved forest. Its marvellous landscape covers an area of ​​about two hundred and forty-four km2, which is cut out of the sea, cliffs and mountains, giving it a truly marvellous look.

The different types of formations of rocks, seabirds community and mysterious polar- alpines give this park a very different touch.

1.1. Things You Can Do in And Around Forillon National Park

1.1.1. Hiking on the Hiking Trails

Hiking your way through the amazing hiking trails is the top activity in this park. There is something for everyone from easy-duration walks to difficult backcountry trekking for adventurous tourists.

A few of the famous hikes among tourists are Les Graves Trail to the lighthouse of Cap-Gaspe and Land’s End, the Mont-Saint-Alban viewpoint and the La Chute Trail to the magical waterfall.

1.1.2. Visit Cap Bon Ami

When you are here, then you should take time and go to Cap Bon-Ami. Its viewpoints and hiking trail lead you down towards the beach which gives you a truly amazing view of the sea and jagged cliffs which amazes the people.

Cherish the beautiful surroundings by admiring and roaming around. You can also bring along kinds of stuff to picnic and hike on one of the many trails that you should not miss.

You might be one of the many lucky people who once in a while spot the wildlife here so keep your eyes open and get witness a few of the animals such as porcupines, beavers, black bears and cormorants.

1.1.3. Visit the Grande Grave

A 3-kilometre loop takes you back in time when Grand-Grave was a thriving fishing village in the 19th century where cod was dried and salted so they can be exported to Europe.

Enter the warm atmosphere of yesteryear by visiting the carefully restored authentic houses and buildings of Grande-Grave, the last standing reminders of the fishing villages that were once common along the Gaspé coast.

Costumed interpreters will be available to answer your questions and bring the period to life.

1.1.4. Go Bird Watching

Among the many Quebec National Parks, this park is a great place to see a variety of seabirds, razorbill, great gull, black-legged kittiwake, common murre and cormorant. Cap-Bon-Ami viewpoint is the most convenient area where you can spot the birds.

It is also amazing for catching sunrise as well but after the sunrise look around. If you look towards the north at the cliffs closer to the lookout you might see a few birds nesting on notches in the cliff that are close enough for you to photograph.

1.1.5. Admire the Tallest Lighthouse in Canada

The Cap-des-Rosiers is known to be the tallest lighthouse in Canada which is approximately thirty-four meters and stands right at the park’s northern gate. This iconic landmark is seen clearly from great distances, from different parts of the park.

This lighthouse was built around 1853 to 1858, this tall tower was initially covered in brick and stucco but it was rebuilt in white coloured marble in the year 1984.

It is a National Historic Site and during the summer season, visitors can possibly visit the interior of the lighthouse.

2. Mont Tremblant National Park

Mont Tremblant National Park
Photo by Mathieu Deslauriers on Unsplash

Parc National du Mont-Tremblant covers an area of ​thousand five hundred and ten km2 of international importance. This park is the first created among the many Quebec National Parks, and 3rd in Canada and number 6th in North America.

This park is associated with the history of protected areas, along with Yosemite, Yellowstone and Sequoia parks. It is heaven for canoeists because of the many rivers, lakes and streams. This vast wilderness is home to approximately forty species of mammals, wolves included.

Parc National du Mont-Tremblant is open for visiting throughout the year and has activities for its varied tourists.

2.1. Things to Do in This Park

2.1.1. Admire the Varied Wildlife
Admire the Varied Wildlife
Image Source: Freepik

In the Quebec National Parks, you’re likely to encounter plenty of wildlife as well as fascinating plant species. 40 species of mammals are residents of this park.

Take a walk on any of the marked trails throughout the year and you’re likely to spot animals such as wolves, chipmunks, bears, moose, squirrels and frogs.

2.1.2. Go Hiking

Mont Tremblant hiking trails are very different, therefore one should be careful while choosing the trails based on their difficulty. This national park covers five hundred eighty sq miles and lets you experience all kinds of mesmerizing scenic beauty.

The fall months are charming when the leaves turn golden hues.

While hiking in Mont Tremblant<span data-preserver-spaces=”true”>, you will get to know that there are many different trails to be exact 18 that cover more than fifty miles. The La Corniche Trail is among the easiest, which doesn’t fail to treat the tourists with its charming view of the Lac Monroe.

2.1.3. Camping at La Diable Sector

La Diable sector has more than 600 primitive and partially serviced sites, 85 dual-service sites, and 39 sites that offer full hookups on Lakes Monroe, Chat, and Escalier.

The tourists who do not have the equipment, the park provides prepared camping sites on Étoile and Lac Monroe tourists are only required to carry their stuff and own edibles for an amazing camping experience.

What could be more pleasant than the luxury of comfortable rest next to the peaceful Lac Monroe? Many cabins can be rented year-round, accommodating two to six people.

Depending on the season, you can spend the night in one of six huts located along short or secluded hiking and skiing trails. Canoe camping is a privileged opportunity to explore the interior of this magnificent park through various routes.

3. Bic National Park( Parc National du Bic)

anna mircea cumP Iflorg unsplash
Photo by Anna Mircea on Unsplash

One of the Quebec National Parks is Bic National Park which is a quiet area of ​​picturesque capes, bays, inlets, islands and mountains.

En route to the park, you will witness seas, dense forests and grasslands when you cross the river banks of St. Lawrence. You will see numerous seabirds, even eiders, that come to nest in the park.

Many rare species of plants bloom on their sturdy outcrops.

3.1. Things to Do in Bic National Park

3.1.1. Seal Watching

Seal Watching in Bic National Park is one of the park’s main attractions. With the famous grey seals and harbour seals, a signature of the park, you can watch seals lounging on the rocks from the shore.

The few best places from where you can watch the seals in action are the Anse aux Bouleaux and Pointe aux Épinettes from these observation points you will see the grey seal holding its beauty.

3.1.2. Hike on Cap-à-l’original

The eight kilometres of short hiking trail of the Cap-à-l’Original gives you an ideal trail to explore the peninsula.

Spending a day under the sun surrounded by the beauty of nature is all required for a relaxing day away from the city hustle and witnessing the sunset from here should not be missed.

2.1.3. Go Kayaking

Kayaking is not only a great activity it’s a great exercise as well, and it will give you a chance to observe many of the animals in the region such as seals, fish and seabirds, the banks of this national park have many such activities to keep you busy.

By kayaking your way through the shore you will get the opportunity to explore the Île-aux-Amours island which is near. Kayak and reach the river St. Lawrence which won’t disappoint as you can have certain activities here as well.

You may be a pro or just a newbie but sea kayaking is something you should try as it is great fun.

4. Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier

Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier
Photo by Thomas Lardeau on Unsplash

This famous park among the Quebec National Parks is considered a natural historical monument, this park is located in one of the most beautiful glacial valleys in Quebec.

The river flows here are famous for boating which is just half an hour away from Old Quebec, this park is quite famous in this region.

In the summer, you can go on a hike or learn more about the local flora and fauna by participating in various activities with the park’s naturalists who serve as guides.

Activities such as fishing, off-road biking through the valley or kayaking or canoeing can be done here. Relax in this peaceful natural environment. Charming decorations, numerous forest trails and a variety of accommodation options make the park a wonderful holiday destination.

You will find many fun ways to spend your day outdoors in this valley in the winter. Mile upon mile of trails awaits you to explore while snowshoeing, hiking, nordic skiing, backcountry hooking, backcountry skiing, or sledding.

Ride a fat bike in the snow, with joy wake the inner kid in you and enjoy the speed of going down the hill on a sled. During the evening get the warmth to get inside the hut and prep yourself for the next eventful morning.

5. La Mauricie National Park

La Mauricie National Park, among the Quebec National Parks, is the only national park that is between Quebec City and Montreal in Canada, the park not only contains a variety of plants and animals it is an integral part of the Laurentian Plateau.

It covers almost an area of ​​536 km2 with several water bodies and it has more than hundred and fifty lakes such as Wapizagonke Lake, a beautiful waterfall and a forested area mostly. This land is an ideal option for having fun around and doing outdoor activities or you can just relax and admire nature at its best.

These amazing hiking trails and viewpoints have an amazing view and coming here gives the tourists a perfect chance to witness it that will no doubt leave a mark. Discovering this charismatic natural heritage allows many activities and approaches throughout the seasons from all around.

5.1. Enjoy the Most Scenic Lookouts 

The given below are scenic overlooks where you can drive along the Parkway. The park is signposted and marked on various maps, so it is convenient to get here by looking at the maps, which makes it nice and easy to get here.

5.1.1. Le Passage Lookout

The view from here of the curved and meandering Lake Wapizagonke is something very surreal. Just take a moment and appreciate nature go more toward the top and gain more altitude for a better view. This is something that should not be missed when you are here.

5.1.2. Île-aux-Pins Lookout

The are many reasons to come to this lookout but the view of a small treetop island is unexpected the view looks so unreal that it will amaze you.

The view from the lookout gives you an amazing panoramic view of Lake Wapizagonke which is indeed a treat to your eyes.

5.1.3. Vide-Bouteille Lookout

This lookout offers an amazing view of the forest and the lake, and It is a great height and the view from here will make you realize how high you are.

Final Note

Quebec National Parks are more than just a park they are for the conservation of nature and are accessible to tourists so that they can know mother nature as well. Despite giving beautiful views the main role of these national parks is to protect nature and its conservation is managed by parks Canada.

5 Famous Quebec National Parks

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