10 Super Things About Camping in Quebec Provincial Parks

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Québec is Canada’s largest province, rich in flora and fauna. There is an abundance of 24 national parks and several reserves in Québec with great outdoors, breathtaking views, and a variety of plant and animal species.

Many places hold thousand of little surprises from nature cradled on the Earth. Camping in Quebec provincial parks is impressive. The national parks offer campsites, 4-star hotels, and tents for visitors. A trip to these places would ensure you a rested and satisfied mind and a tired little physique from all the fun adventures.

A camping trip in Quebec parks with your friends, family, or loved ones will be the perfect way to spend quality time with them away from crowded and regular busy lives.

A few days as the life of a camper, waking up in the morning inside a tent with the excitement of exploring new places, with the water gushing between your legs, and living under the direct night sky will please and fulfil your every fantasy as a traveller.

1. Mont Tremblant National Park

With around 400 lakes, 6 rivers, and an overwhelming number of mountain peaks and waterfalls, the Mont Tremblant National Park is the natural habitat of approximately 40 mammals, making it one of the best sites for camping.

It was created in 1985, which subjects it to be the first park to exist in Québec City and the third in Canada. The park has cables, ladders, and ropes suspended from the Laurentian Mountains, with a gushing river flowing underneath.

Camping to the Mont Tremblant will promise you a reunion with nature or an excellent resting time. Many centres provide services camps and other facilities for group camps of 15 to 100 visitors. C

1.1 The La Diable Sector

The La Diable sector is the primary centre of campers and has several camping areas which provide 85 serviced campsites. Lac Chat, Le Castor, Lac-Escalier, La Jamelle, and many others are campsites. They provide facilities for trekking, hiking trails, kayaking, etc.

1.2 Pimbina-Saint-Donat Sector

This sector allows watercraft rentals such as canoes, kayaks, and boats to explore the waterwaysnd, and several 120 semi-serviced campsites and 3 serviced campsites.

1.3 L’Assomption Sector

The L’Assomption Sector is located in the eastern part of the Mont Tremblant National Park. Famous for sea kayaking, this sector provides 3 rustic camps with dog-friendly campsites and paddleboard rentals.

Camping in Quebec provincial parks
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2. Forillon National Park

The Forillon National Park attracts thousands of tourists annually due to its Les Graves Trail leading to the Gaspe Peninsula, which is assumed to be the final land. This park is a land of wild forests by the sea, cliffs, and a profuse variety of plants.

The campsites further allow pets and have rentals for boats and bicycles and outdoor parking free of cost.

3. Jacques Cartier National Park

The Jacques Cartier National Park is a glacial valley located in the Laurentian mountains, 50 kilometres north of Québec City is the perfect camping site for nature lovers.

This mountainous plateau is the home of canyons, lakes, and green wildlife. It is also famous for its wildlife, including Moose, foxes deer, wolves, bears, etc., and various species of birds.

The Jacques Cartier Park has several RV camps, 9 cabins, 5 yurts, and 114 campsites with the accommodation of necessary items for food preparation, an outdoor stove, refrigerator, and a heater.

The park has two campsites- Des Alluvionsand La Betulaie has tents which serve as a perfect resting space after a fun day in the outdoor activities provided by the campsites. The other activities include facilities like rafting, fishing, hiking, kayaking, tubing, snowshoeing, and skiing.

Camping in Quebec provincial parks
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4. Oka National Park

A perfect blend of history from 400 years and natural heritage, the Oka National Park is located at the end of the Gaspé Peninsula, which shelters the Great Blue Heron and the Oka Calvary Trail.

The Oka Trail has a series of seven chapels from the 1740s and many other religious buildings. The mountain’s top of the Calavaire d’Oka trail offers an outstanding sight of Lac des Deux Montagnes and the Adirondacks.

The park offers services throughout the year with ready-to-camp tents with furniture, equipment for making food, a heater, a sleeping area, and a large living room.

Additionally, there are other winter services for snowshoeing, snow sledging, and fat biking. There are also opportunities for summer, such as canoeing, kayaking, swimming, hiking, biking, windsurfing, etc.

5. Grands Jardins National Park

Famous for its lush greenery and fishing activities, the Grand Jardins National Park is located in the Charlevoix region. It received recognition by UNESCO as the Charlevoix Biosphere Reserve and is one of the best sites for camping.

After scaling the Mont du Lac des Cygnes, the park offers a picturesque vision. There are various other activities like sightseeing, wildlife observation, canoeing, skiing, snowshoeing, mountain climbing, and ice fishing.

One of the campgrounds is the Pied-des-Mont, there are 17 ready-to-camp tents, and in the Arthabaska sector, there are 6 ready-to-camps that offer an enchanting sight of the star-filled sky at night on this locations.

6. Laurentides Wildlife Reserve

Camping in Quebec provincial parks
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The Laurentides Wildlife Reserve always holds surprises and activities for you, irrespective of the season. It is located between Québec City and Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean.

The Wildlife Reserve is one of the best spots for campers who relaxes by fishing during the summer. Other activities include cross-country skiing, sledging, canoeing, etc.

One of the most exciting activities of this reserve is watching black bears. The La Loutre campground has 4 ready-to-camp sites with well-equipped things to have a great camping experience in nature. There are several other rustic camps.

7. Saguenay St. Lawrence Marine Park

One of the finest sites for whale watching and camping in Canada, the Saguenay St. Lawrence Marine Park is famous for its marine life and heritage. Various marine species such as belugas, porpoises, blue whales, and hundreds of birds reside here.

A visit to the Saguenay fjord in a kayak will be worth the trip as it is the most enticing place in Marine Park. There are many trails for hiking, campgrounds, and rustic camps with every necessary provision.

The place also has adventures such as snorkelling, sea kayaking, scuba diving, and overnight sailing excursions to explore the marine beauty and appreciate the night sky filled with stars by the beach.

Camping in Quebec provincial parks
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8. La Mauricie National Park

Tucked in the Laurentian Mountains and with the St. Lawrence River flowing alongside, the La Mauricie National Park is one of the parks created in the recent past of Canada. The park offers the best camping experience during the late spring, with the already melted snow and waterfalls flowing. Hence, the park has advanced facilities for its visitors.

Around 150 lakes and ponds within the park are a beautiful sight with the beavers and rarely found Canadian wood turtles. This place attracts a lot of mountain skiers, skaters, and snowshoers during the winters with the frozen waterways.

The National Park further provides semi-serviced campsites, oTENTik tents, and buildings for the tourists who visit solo and in groups.

9. Mingan Archipelago National Park

The Mingan Archipelago National Park is also one of the best places for camping. Due to erosion, it is prominent for its distinctive wildlife and extensive limestone sculptures. The sights from this park are incomparable at dusk on a summer day.

The Reserve offers 36 campgrounds scattered over 6 different islands with camps and tents. The campsites provide semi-serviced facilities and also seabird seeing opportunities!

10. Pingualuit National Park

The Pingualuit National Park is famous for its odd appearance. It is located in the Nunavik region in the north of Quebec. This park is a plain surface without greenery except for its centre, where a gigantic 1.4 million-old meteor created a crater often referred to as a lake.

This place has been the land of indigenous tribes for hundreds of years.

A perfect site for hikers to scale their way to see the pristine clear water in the Pingualuit crater. It also allows you to cross-country ski on the snow.

The residents provide most campgrounds with hip-camping spaces and recreational vehicles. If you’re lucky enough, you can enjoy the crater with the heavenly Northern Lights on a winter night.

Camping in Quebec provincial parks
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Discover the beauty of Quebec City and its natural heritage through your own eyes by planning a camping trip in Quebec provincial parks and participating in every activity encouraged there. Although keeping up with the new provisions allotted newly would keep you up to date as there are a few restrictions for wild camping in Quebec provincial parks.

Let’s take this article as a sign to pack your bags and hurry for this vacation!

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