Unveiling the Top 10 Activities for an Unforgettable Mont Tremblant Experience

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Mont Tremblant, located in the beautiful province of Quebec, Canada, is a perfect destination for adventure seekers. Nestled in the Laurentian Mountains, this picturesque resort town offers various activities for visitors of all ages and interests.

Whether you’re a nature lover, a thrill-seeker, or simply seeking relaxation, Mont Tremblant has something to offer everyone. 

Mont Tremblant Activities

Mont Tremblant has plenty of activities to do, some of which are mentioned below.

1. Dogsledding

mont tremblant activities - dogsledding
Photo from Tremblant Offical Website

They are also known as Mushing, a winter sport in Mont Tremblant where a group of dogs pulls a sled with the person.

Alaskan Malamutes, Siberian Huskies, and Greenland Dogs are some dogs used in this activity because of their strong stamina and endurance.

Historically, Dogsledding was a transportation medium, but now it’s a famous adventurous activity center in Mont Tremblant.

In Mont Tremblant, Dogsledding is categorized into four based on the ticket price, timing, and place.

  • Diable Adventure
    Here, you can drive your team of Huskies in the pine forest. For an adult, the ticket price starts from $149, including 1 hour of trail and snacks in the prospector tent.
  • Valley Adventure
    An hour and 15-minute adventure let you capture many memories with your team of Alaskan Huskies. You can pit stop in the shelter and have homemade traditional desserts and hot chocolate. Make sure you have a group of 2 to 12 people to enjoy this activity at just $178.50.
  • Nordic Adventure
    In this adventure, you will get all the perks of Valley Adventure VIP treatment, beer or wine, and delicious bread will be given. You can also go for a snowshoe hike on the lovely forest trails at the location before or after the activity.
  • Personalized Adventure
    A fully personalized activity of 5 hours lets you capture some incredible memories, including a ride with a group of sled dogs and a traditional meal. Also, you will get a chance to learn about nature through a guide when you head into the Laurentian mountains. The ticket Price is $499.

2. Skiing or Snowboarding

mont tremblant activities - skiing
Photo from Tremblant Official Website
Mont Tremblant is a popular destination for various activities, including Skiing and snowboarding. It is a well-known ski resort in the Laurentian Mountains in Quebec, Canada. With 102 skiing tracks and an area of 630 acres, Mont Tremblant Ski Resort is a highly regarded destination for snowboarding.

If you are a beginner or haven’t experienced Skiing, you can attend Skiing classes with professional trainers. Also, you can buy or rent equipment like ski rods, snowboards, jackets, and boots from Mont Tremblant Resort.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or professional, there are trials for every level. You can start your Skiing from the following destinations.

  • Start from Resort: Start snowboarding from the resort on the La Villageoise-de-Mont-Tremblant trail. This trail is primarily for those with intermediate and advanced level skills and trying out downhill skiing for an exhilarating experience. At the same time, this tail is nearly 11.6 Km long, costing $35 during the regular season.
  • Domaine Saint-Bernard: Skiing alongside the Diable River while feeding birds is an excellent experience. This is a beginner-to-expert trail from 2 km to 13 km, with wood-heated shacks and a boutique rental facility along the way.

3. Rafting

mont tremblant activities - rafting
Photo from Tremblant Official Website

Rafting, commonly known as Whitewater Rafting, is a highly outrageous water sport where you and your team must navigate a river on a raft. This team sport consists of 5-8 people in the group who are paddling and working together to steer the raft in a water stream.

In Mont Tremblant, the rafting activity center is open for six months, i.e. May to October. Also, you can find three rafting packages in this place based on the duration and destinations.

  • Rafting Classic: The most popular and one of the best fun activities lets you raft through seven sisters or Harrington Canyon. This package will cost you $156.50, including 4 hours of rafting and a decent lunch.
  • Rafting Family: This package is especially for families who want to experience rafting. This is a 4-hour-long rafting activity on the Rouge River for only $89.50.
  • Rafting Express: You can try rafting on the Rouge River. Also, the guide will allow you to raft on Harrington Canyon for a while. This trip will be for just 2 hours for $89.50.

4. Mountain Climbing or Mountaineering

La Via Ferrata du Diable

A unique experience just 30 minutes away from Mont Tremblant gives you shots of adrenaline rush. Mountaineering or Mountain Climbing is an outdoor sports activity that involves ascending and descending mountains.

Whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced, you can experience mountain climbing and will be clipped into a steel cable.

Also, you can participate in this activity only if your height is above 4’7” and your weight is above 28 kg. It is mandatory to bring 1.5 liters of water with some snacks. There are three significant packages divided based on the levels mentioned below.

  • The Excursion (beginner)
  • The Intermediate (intermediate)
  • The Grand Virée (advanced)

5. Fishing

mont tremblant activities - fishing
Photo from Tremblant Official Website

Fishing is an activity where you can catch fish or other aquatic species, and Fishing at Mont Tremblant can be an experience that can be both fun and memorable.

You cannot only fish but also advance your level of fly fishing. Fly Fishing is an advanced method of Fishing where fisherman uses artificial insects or flies as bait to attract fish.

Also, If you have no experience in fly fishing, you can have coaching regarding the basics and techniques of Fly Fishing through Fly Fishing Clinics.

  • Family Fishing on Lac Ouimet: Here, you can fish species like perch, bass, and murky. Within $199.50, you can go fishing at Lac Ouimet River on a pontoon boat.
  • Fly Fishing Discovery:  It is just an advanced form of fishing discussed in detail above. Paying $164 will let you do fly Fishing. The instructor will teach all the basics and will ensure you can catch some fish.

6. Helicopter Tour

mont tremblant activities - helicopter tour
Photo from Tremblant Official Website

A Helicopter Tour is my favorite activity, where you can explore vast areas from above. This is one of the most expensive activities in Mont Tremblant, as the tour package starts from $252.

This activity lets you view beautiful rivers, mountains, and Mont Tremblant National Park. This activity welcomes participants of all ages, but each seat or flight has a maximum weight limit of 136 kg or 272 kg, respectively.

  • 10 Minutes Tour
    In this tour, you cover the pine forest, Diable River, Laurentian Mountains, race track, Lac Ouimet River, and golf courses. This tour will cost you $252 for one passenger.
  • 20 Minute Tour
    This flight includes all the destinations mentioned earlier, along with a pass over Lac Tremblant, the town of Lac-Supérieur, the Rouge River, and Mont Tremblant.
  • 30 Minute Tour
    This tour covers the destination of the 20 Minutes and gives you a chance to have a comprehensive view of Mont Tremblant National Park and the lakes of Pristine Conservation Park.

7. Hiking

mont tremblant activities - hiking
Photo from Tremblant Official Website

You can hike during the Summer Season at Mount Tremblant Resort. With 11 trails ranging from 1 km to 11 km, you have to cross waterfalls, streams, and lakes coming your way.

You can meet a few deers during this adventure if you are lucky enough. The best thing about this activity is that you can take your dog on hiking trails except in certain areas like Parben, Johannesen, and Sommetrs trails.

Get access to breathtaking views of the Laurentian mountain and start your hiking. Remember that this hiking trail is open only during summer, and at last, ensure you have extra clothes and shoes in your backpack.

8. Biking

Bike Shop Tremblant

Most people use bicycles as a mode of transportation, but here we are talking about bicycling in mountains, snow, and forests, making it more adventurous. Also, you can rent a hybrid bike, mountain bike, or electric bike from the base at Pedestrian Village.

This activity can exhaust you faster than any other activity as it involves the continuous movement of your legs. Always rent a hybrid bike, which will make your adventure more accessible and more comfortable.

You can switch modes of hybrid cycles according to your needs. Furthermore, you can go for a forest or village discovery on your double-suspension bicycle with the tour guide.

Also, don’t forget to give it a try to Fatbiking. Fatbiking is a type of biking that includes bicycles with wide or oversized tires to make a better grip on terrains such as snow, mud, and sand. In Mont Tremblant, you can bicycle on a 60 km-long trail with your fat bike during winter.

9. Paintball

mont tremblant activities - paintball
Photo from Tremblant Official Website

Paintball is a combat game where players compete in a field with air-powered guns. The main objective in this game is to shoot the opponent team members with paint-filled gelatin capsules like magazines. Moreover, this game has many modes, like capturing the flag, team elimination, and scenario-based missions.

The field is 30 minutes from Tremblant Resort, and you can play for straight 2 hours. The ticket price starts from $78.50 to $158 per person.

The paintball center offers 15 different modes and 12 terrains. You can get a chance to play with other groups, too, if they reserve the slot at the same time.

10. Massages and Spa

Finally, after having some outdoor adventures, you will find a place to relax. You can visit the Spa located at Pedestrian Village.

Massaging is a therapeutic process that improves blood flow by applying pressure to the body’s soft tissues. There are two spas in Fairmont Mont Tremblant with well-trained masseuse.

  • Amerispa Le Western Tremblant
    In Amerispa, you will get therapeutic massage, relaxation massage, and aesthetic treatment. The bare minimum package in this Spa starts from $288, which you can book from the Amerispa website.
  • Moment Spa Fairmont Tremblant
    The spa package includes 2+ hours of relaxation, deep tissue, and therapeutic massage. Also, you will get pedicures, manicures, and other facial treatments. Book your spa seat from the Moment Spa site.

The End

Mont Tremblant is beautiful for people who love the outdoors and exciting adventures. You can ski on the famous slopes of the ski resort, hike on beautiful trails, have fun with water sports, and relax with spa treatments.

There are so many things to do here that visitors will have a unique and memorable time. The beauty of Mont Tremblant and the variety of things to see and do make it a unique destination.

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