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3 Top Provincial Park Quebec for Thrilling Getaway

Quebec city is known for its serene beauty and the party-hard attitude of the locals, but the national parks in Quebec city are mesmerizing beyond your imagination.

The national parks in Quebec are a sight to behold, and the visitors enjoy their stay at the national park in the captivating city of Quebec. National parks in Quebec are known for their lush forests blended with beautiful dunes and diversified marine life, which are a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city for a long weekend.

Quebec has to offer an awe-inspiring number of provincial parks with amazing hiking trails and campsites worth exploring.

1. Famous Provincial Park Quebec, that’s worth a Visit

1.1 Mont Tremblant National Park

Mont Tremblant national park has amazing views to offer its visitors, with nights filled with immaculate northern lights with natural habitat and lush green forests that attract a large number of species that include moose, beavers, bears, etc.

The park is a true gem of nature with a range of wildlife and many species of fish and birds. Visit this park is a pathway to serene hiking trails and more than three hundred lakes along with the infamous six rivers popular for canoe rides, kayaking, etc.

The place is open around the year and hosts activities for visitors in both the summer and winter seasons.

1.2 Mingan Archipelago National Park

Mingan archipelago national park is known for its amazing monoliths of Canada. The place has a notorious reputation for being a perfect campsite during winter, with loads of snow and the amazing opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors with activities like visiting cross-country ski sites, ice fishing, and discovering the true beauty of the park.

1.3 La Mauricie National Park

La Mauricie national park invites you to visit the winter wonderland of the natural areas of Canada. The snowshoeing trails are worth a visit, and the beautiful park will help you discover your true self by giving you.

The perfect camping experience on the St. Lawrence River frozen lake offers you an opportunity to ice fish and be a part of nature. The Laurentian mountains host the skiers and encourage them to pursue different winter sports and enjoy mountain hikes in provincial park Quebec.

Provincial park Quebec
Photo by Edouard Matte on Pexels

1.4 Saguenay St Lawrence Marine Park

Well known for its rope bridge in Saguenay lac saint jean with the Saguenay river flowing under it, the place is full of water activities such as scuba diving and kayaking in provincial park Quebec. The province is infamously known for its lush forest areas and lakes full of brimming marine life.

1.5 Parc Jacques Cartier National Park

Jacques Cartier national park has many opportunities worth taking, and the place is perfect for sea kayaking excursions that would help you discover the most magnificent aurora borealis. This national park is also infamously known for rare Canadian wood turtles, as the park’s shoreline are the breeding grounds for the turtles, and sea kayaking and bicycling trails are the most popular sites.

1.6 Forillon National Park

The eyes-peeled beauty stands at the outer tip of the Gaspé Peninsula of Quebec. The hikers enjoy the exquisite camps with cosy exp cabins known as Huttopia tents to keep you warm during the winter; hiking in this province is full of adventures. Forillon national park encloses Fort Peninsula, near the Penouille beach that holds the heritage of the national park. The Gaspé Peninsula is full of canoe enthusiasts and mountain hikes to explore true nature.

1.7 Oka National Park

This park is famous for its rich historical heritage with unique and complex historic buildings. It is close to Lawrence marine park, and the campsite is well known for its magnificent camping places and hiking trails where people discover moose from time to time. The hike trails are full of beautiful trees and lakes that have a soothing effect on you.

Provincial park Quebec
Photo by Clément Proust on Pexels

1.8 Grands jardins National Park

The protective biosphere is well-known for its beautiful landscapes, well-distinguished forests, and hiking trails for enjoying summer and getting canoe rentals for having the time of your life in the bottomless sea. The park has different species of wolves, black bears, and caribou, with the visitors having the chance to mix with the Inuit community, an indigenous part of the park.

1.9 Parc National De La

The hike trails of this park are popular amongst the locals in the Provincial park Quebec; the parc national lakes have a diversified species of fish and birds with a natural heritage of the Charlevoix region. Parc National De la is a remote area, hence you should be carrying your basic cooking supplies for having a more luxurious and exquisite experience when you visit the place. Parc national is brimming with life and always welcomes its visitors.

1.10 Ferrata Du Diable

Built on the magnificent diable river, the place is well known for its wildlife sanctuaries for conversing the forest wildlife. The lake in diable during the summer has a cooling effect with many hike tracks to explore from, and the Lac des Cygnes Mount is located near the sea. For bicycling enthusiasts, the eight biking circuits are a wonderful experience. The site is located at the water’s edge with many water activities to enjoy, and the place is one of the best parks in Canada.

2. Some Adventuresome Activities to enjoy in these National Parks

2.1 Cycling

Mont Tremblant has some gorgeous trails, the most challenging hikes, and the most wonderful places to see if you visit the park. Bicycle enthusiasts can enjoy the soothing cool breeze and the feeling of ecstasy while going through the park.

2.2 Hiking

With exquisite camping sites, the city of Quebec is known for its wonderous forests and lakes that people enjoy when moving along the beautiful trails and heading to disconnect from the worries of the big cities with the visitors having the time of their life in provincial park Quebec.

2.3 Kayaking

The shorelines of the national park beaches in Saint-Aimé are full of summer adventures that include adrenaline-rushing kayaking; the sport is quite competitive, with many people who want to be part of the nerve-wracking sports event.

2.4 Swimming

The lakes and seas in the national parks always welcome swimmers with open arms as the base sainte marguerite has perfectly calm waters for those who enjoy the fun of swimming in the waters with their full spirits.

2.5 Camping

The best outing with your family can be nothing better than visiting the campsites at Jacques Cartier to observe the wildlife closely and having a lifetime of memories with your friends and family in provincial park Quebec.

2.6 Ice fishing

The parks are perfect for ice fishing and enjoying grilled fish appetizers with your friends and family around the bonfire in Provincial park Quebec.

2.7 Skiing

Cross-country skiing and ice skating are popular sports among visitors during winter in Provincial park Quebec. The place is perfect for snow games, and the people tend to enjoy the cosy warmth of a bonfire and the comfort food that can help them relax.

Provincial park Quebec
Photo by Evan Velez Saxer on Pexels

3. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Who administers the Provincial park Quebec?

Ans. Société des établissements de plein air du Québec (Sépaq) is responsible for administrating the provincial park Quebec with an exception of four parks.

Q2. Why should you visit Provincial park Quebec? 

Ans. Quebec national park allows you to have a closer look at nature and also enjoy the different resources of nature. The visitors can easily observe wildlife and animals in their natural habitat without many restrictions.

Q3. How many National parks are present in Quebec? 

Ans. Twenty-four national parks in Quebec with more than seven thousand km square of area are protected by the officials of the forests to preserve the territories of the wild animals.

Q4. What is the most visited Quebec national park? 

Ans. The most visited Quebec national park includes Mont Tremblant national park for its breathtaking beauty and the fun activities it offers visitors. The national park is full of exciting experiences and lakes that have a soothing experience for you.

Q5. What months are best to visit the provincial park Quebec? 

Ans. The best time to visit the Quebec national parks is during the summer as the place is full of water sports that attract many visitors to the countryside. You have an opportunity to explore. The marine of the Quebec shorelines and the lakes are also well known for hobbies such as ice fishing, and people enjoy their time at the park.

Q6. How is Provincial park Quebec different from others? 

Ans. The park offers you a chance to mix the fun of camping with the adventure of sports, the place is a wonderland during the winter months and has a relaxing effect on the visitors during summer.

The winter months are also delightful as the place is covered with snow and the northern lights can be viewed during the nighttime.


The Provincial park Quebec is serene for enjoying your time away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities, and the gardens are the perfect treat for people looking for a relaxing time. The visitors have the time of their life by indulging in adventures of various kinds to relax their nerves and enjoy the experience.

The Provincial park Quebec is a very pretty escape pad for the people tired of the rat race and who want to take a break from life. The list of adventures and activities is never ending with the people enjoying with their friends and family. The visitors tend to show up more during the summer season but the parks are open throughout the year.


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