10 Beautiful Parks In Surrey, BC

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Surrey is a place that is located in British Columbia, Canada. It is one of the largest cities that is present near Vancouver. The place is known for its excellent parks and nature trails. British Columbia’s nature is overall charming and suitable for traveling.

Surrey is home to some of the most fantastic parks in Canada. These parks are famous not only in Canada but all over the world. The place has some significant picnic areas and is also suitable for visiting with young kids.

Listed below are some of the fantastic parks in Surrey, BC.

Parks in Surrey BC

Surrey is a place that is surrounded by nature trails. It is home to excellent parks, picnic shelters, recreational centers, regional parks, and other natural attractions. Another big attraction of this place is the north shore mountains.

Parks in Surrey
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Apart from visiting any place, you can also take a soul-refreshing walk in the nature-surrounded city of Surrey. Most of the places in this city have a kid-friendly nature, and hence you can enjoy yourself with your little ones.

In short, this place is the best to admire, witness, and enjoy nature. Let us dive into some of Surrey’s top parks.

1. Redwood Park

Redwood Park is the perfect place to take a break from your busy schedule. The park has something or the other to offer everybody. It has the facility of providing wheelchairs too.

Established in 1893, this place has a 5 km long scenic path that can be used for walking trails. Apart from the scenery, Redwood Park is also a picnic destination. It has four different picnic spots and tables spread uniformly across the park. There is no need for any reservation for availing of these facilities.

In addition, this park also has a variety of trees. The visitors can look at all these trees without touching or damaging them. Redwood Park is also a dog-friendly place.

If you are bringing your dog along, keep them with you and under control.

2. Unwin Park

Unwin Park is the best place for people of all age groups seeking nature. Spread over an area of about 36 acres, it is one of the largest parks in this area.

Unwin Park
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The main attractions of this park are cricket and soccer fields, a batting cage, a water spray park, an outdoor pool, a playground, a basketball court, tennis courts, baseball diamonds, and lacrosse boxes.

In addition, this park also has hiking trails. The park is also highly recommended for couples seeking nature.

3. Green Timbers Urban Forest

Another significant park in this area is spread across about 10 km. Hiking, fishing and enjoying walking trails are activities that visitors can enjoy in this park.

Green Timbers Urban Forest
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Before turning into a park, this place was an urban forest and had no human connection. Now this place is home to many picnic areas, a large playground, and some of the highest-rated attractions. Many people often refer to this place as their favorite park.

4. Hawthorne Rotary Park

Hawthorne Rotary Park is a famous park in Surrey that offers a lot of beautiful gardens, solid picnic tables and great adventurous activities. It also has a water park which is considered one of the major attractions of this place.

Adding to the list, the Hawthorne Rotary Park also has an off-leash dog area where the visitors’ dogs are allowed to roam freely. The well-maintained gardens of this park provide the perfect environment to relax.

Hawthorne Rotary Park
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Walking trails are attached to these gardens where the visitors are allowed to take a walk. The Hawthorne Rotary Park is surrounded by woods and nature and hence provides the best ambiance for walking, exercising, or even relaxing.

5. Bear Creek Park

The most attractive part about this park is that it provides a unique facility. The visitors of this park will have the opportunity to enjoy different art along with nature. The Surrey Arts Centre is located inside this park and is one of the most famous spots in this region.

Bear Creek Park
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In addition to arts, the visitors can also enjoy the experience of the pool and water park that the park contains. Some of the other facilities provided by Bear Creek Park to its visitors are football fields, skate parks, soccer fields, running tracks and various other fitness equipment.

People who own a dog can bring their dog along and play with them in the off-leash area of Bear Creek Park.

6. Blackie Spit Park

The park is best for the people who own dogs. The Blackie Spit Park has two off-leash areas for the dogs. It does not end here, the park is also home to a beach where the dogs are allowed to swim. They also have a shelter that saves the dogs from rain.

The park has something for everyone. It has a broadway which is 107metres long and provides the best walking experience. No vehicles are allowed on this broadway as most of the areas of this park are sensitive, and you will find pets on your way. There is nothing to worry about for those who do not own a dog.

Blackie Spit Park
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You can also opt for nature trails. It has an incredible garden paradise where you can walk, read a book, or even sit and listen to your favourite music. Anything you do here, you are sure to have so much fun.

7. Tynehead Regional Park

The Tynehead National Park is famous as it is known to provide the most extensive range of trails. It provides the most significant trails among all the other parks in Surrey, BC. The hiking trail of this park is spread over an area of about 14.4 km, and the cycling trail is spread over an area of about 6.3 km.

Tynehead Regional Park
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Tynehead National Park has almost every plant imaginable and provides a great environment. Dog owners can also bring their dogs along and enjoy quality time. It is requested to keep your dogs out of the river as there is a presence of salmon habitat in them.

The park also provides wheelchairs for physically disabled people. They can enjoy their time in this park in the beautiful picnic areas, picnic tables, and garden areas.

For availing of the facility of the campfire will have to book their slots in advance.

8. Mud Bay Park

Mud Bay Park is relatively smaller than the other parks in Surrey, which are mentioned above. Though smaller, the park offers all the facilities required for the proper recreation of the guests.

The Mud Bay Park has a nature trail that is spread over 3 km. If you plan to walk through the nature trail, make sure you have enough time. You are at least going to need 1.5 hours to complete this route. The nature walk in this park also gives you the opportunity of seeing wildlife close up.

Mud Bay Park
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Shoreline trails are also available in Mud Bay Park. Bikes, dogs and other vehicles are not allowed in this area from the 15th of October to the 15th of April.

The rule of not allowing vehicles and dogs during this time of the year has been passed to protect the shorebird habitat that is generally formed during this season.

9. Holland Park

It is one of the most popular parks in Surrey, BC. It is an urban park spread over an area of about 10 hectares. Holland Park is a trendy place among the natives of this region. People generally gather here for walking, to spend some quality time in nature, and to spend some time with their loved ones in a quiet and secluded place.

Holland Park
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Apart from these, people also visit this park to play various games as it offers basketball and tennis courts in addition to a large playground. It also has a separate parking lot where the guests can park their vehicles free of cost.

The beautiful green space and ambiance of Holland Park attract all adventurers.

10. Bose Forest Park

While talking about the best parks in Surrey, we cannot miss Bose Forest Park. It is spread over about 13.8 acres and offers some of the best natural attractions in this area. The swamp ecosystem of this park attracts a lot of visitors.

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Some of Bose Forest Park’s significant amenities are the picnic spots and installed picnic tables, walking trails, and nature and hiking trails.

You are sure to fall in love with the green space that this place provides. The park has different variety of trees, among which some are very rare.

Closing Thoughts

Parks in Surrey, BC, are very famous. Some famous names include Bear Creek Park, Redwood Park, and Unwin Park. All these parks in Surrey provide excellent facilities to visitors.

Next time you plan your trip to Surrey, make sure to visit some of these parks.

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