Top 7 Hiking Trails for Hiking in Yukon

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Put on your tough-to-the-bone hiking boots and re-acquaint yourself with the best of the Yukon’s natural wonders by hiking in Yukon.

Yukon has some of the most beautiful hiking paths on the globe like Dawson city, bear country, divide lake, and many more, with opportunities for hikers of all fitness levels whether they want steady climb or steep climb.

Listed below are seven of the best treks in Yukon, ranging from adrenaline-pumping mountaintop expeditions to quiet excursions besides the mighty Yukon River as a moderate to difficult hike whatever you choose.

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Hiking Trails in Yukon

Any nature enthusiast who lives in Yukon knows how important it is to have a good few-day trek itinerary in their backpack and how amazing it is when hiking in Yukon.

It is crucial to be able to travel away to places where there is not a tower in view, a police siren in your head, or crowds all over the area when you need to escape it all past. It is also not difficult to accomplish. There are a plethora of trails for hiking in Yukon to choose from.

It is no mystery that Yukon has some spectacular scenery, ranging from stunning highlands to pure lakes to densely forested woods. While some beautiful areas can be accessed by car, plenty of Yukon’s top spots can only be explored on foot. And you must know using hiking shoes is also important to provide extra protection to your feet.

In another sense, don’t skip out on the top treks in the area, which are mentioned below. If you are a beginner, have a look at how to hike the Yukon trail for insights into all the important things.

Hiking in Yukon may appear to be a destination for only the brave. While remote outdoor adventure abounds, there are also moderate day treks on well-maintained paths.

Plenty of hiking on Yukon paths and lots of sites without trails are available for hiking. Every type of hiker may figure a way to savor Yukon’s trekking routes, despite fitness level, tools, or expertise.

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1. Cottonwood Trail in Kluane National Park

The adventurous Cottonwood Trail in the vast Kluane National Park is indeed a nature lover’s best-kept secret. You can hike across one of Canada’s finest beautiful landscapes in this pristine wilderness.

The largest Grizzly habitat in North America is one of the best paths for hiking in Yukon and is found in Kluane Park, and the hikers may see more biodiversity passing by. Go ascend two passes and wade numerous creeks on an adventure into the Kluane Mountains’ rugged terrain because you are in for a terrific experience.

The Cottonwood Trail is a part circle of 85 kilometres that can be initiated either by Kathleen Lake or Mush Lake Lane. The trail ranges in difficulty from 4-wheel drives to singletrack, passing through evergreen and poplar groves, across two mountainous terrains, and passing through broad grasslands. A sturdy hiking backpack, quality hiking boots, and waterproof clothes are all advised.

The daring stream crossing points may well be the route’s standout for adrenaline junkies. Alpine sheep, mountain goats, brown and black bears, grouse, owls, elk, and other species can be found at the site. Throughout most parts, the trail is well-marked with kilometre markers and is fairly simple to follow.

Due to the lack of crossings on this route, the trekkers must be equipped to paddle through streams. It is advised that tourists evacuate from the Kathleen Lake surface of the circuit amid rising tides, as Victoria Stream can be difficult and even sometimes inaccessible. Hiking on the Cottonwood Trail is most popular from late June till September.

In this region, sighting black bears are frequent. Even during summer, route closures may be necessary due to grizzly activity. Yukon tours and wintertime adventures are ideal snowy experiences that would both amaze and make you seek extra.

Regardless of whether you join someone for an hour of snowmobile, hiking, ice skating, or one of the Yukon experiences, you will have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

2. Tombstone Territorial Park

The majestic wildness of Tombstone Territorial Park in the Northern Territory of Yukon is made up of towering cliffs and breathtaking Arctic tundra. A journey to the area and trekking on the hikes is a must on any Yukon scenic drive.

Because Tombstone is so far away, come prepared with additional fuel, a spare tire, and essential items. Try to stay at the park for at least three days to reap the benefits of the fantastic hiking routes. The backdrop is breathtaking as well. Where else on the planet can you travel through boreal woodland, Arctic tundra, and Alpine tundra?

In Tombstone Territorial Park, there are lots of adventures to embark upon and see for people of all ages, talents, and interests. Notable ones include hiking, mobile backpacking, outdoor camping, wildlife conservation, and wintertime sports.

The Dempster Highway runs across the park, giving visitors glimpses of spectacular northern tundra panoramas and wildlife as well as accessibility to hiking trails. The combination of enormous biological habitats has resulted in a diverse assemblage of flora and fauna that is unusual for this altitude.

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3. Grizzly Lake Trail

The trail leads the well-marked Grizzly Crest Path, passing through rugged talus hillsides and stunning mountain ranges, with ever-improving vistas as you approach the lake and its surrounding granite peaks.

This trek can be completed as an overnight excursion (permission required) or as part of a complex journey that includes Talus Lake and Divide. For a high-altitude excursion, this is relatively simple. Descend steep slopes for some hundred feet amid lush evergreens from the beginning and explore the wonderful Grizzly lake trailhead.

The route smooths out as you leave the woods and approach a wonderful succession of grasslands in the Grizzly Creek valley just as everyone runs out of energy. The ascent is steady until you reach mile 3 when you abandon the creek behind and begin the concluding 1,000′ trek to Grizzly Lake. The trail descends to a big meadow before continuing along the ridge’s edge.

As you round the bend, you will begin to lose altitude, but you will be rewarded with the amazing scenery of Grizzly Lake and the jagged peaks that flank it, as well as Mount Monolith in the distance.

When you reach the bottom of the hill, follow the trail to the campsite, passing a small creek immediately before the first several tent sites. 10 tent sites, a food preparation cover, a greywater container, bear-proof chests, and an outbuilding are available at the campsite.

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4. Slim’s River West Trail

This route passes the west bank of the Slim’s River to a campground approximately 2 kilometres from the Kaskawulsh Glacier’s feet. The peaks surrounding you never fail to amaze you as you hike into the core of Kluane.

If you would like a clearer picture of the glaciers, prepare on staying for at least two days. Featuring a few rainy stretches and several water breaches, the riverside trail is extensive but reasonably flat. This three-day hike takes you across Kluane National Park to the pinnacle of Observation Hill and returns.

But blistering toes seem like such a little price to pay for a peek at untouched backcountry bridges and tunnels, wetland meadows, lynx sightings, and breathtaking views of the Kaskawulsh Glacier. Slim’s River West is a two-day hike that takes a day in and a day out. Yet, camping a couple more nights in the wilderness camping to take in the sights is worthwhile. One of the most beautiful places for hiking in Yukon, one must say.

5. Nares Mountain Hiking Trail

Nares Mountain is a wonderful trek with vistas of Carcross town and Bennett and Nares lakes. Don’t be mistaken by the hike’s small length or timeframe; the 1000 meters of elevation change will undoubtedly get you in form.

Deer and sheep be spotted in the region, and the Dusky Grouse species is well-known. After you have satisfied exploring, descend the very same path you climbed up to take in the vista on the way back down. The Nares Mountain trek is a fantastic day climb for spectacular vistas of Carcross, the adjoining lakes, and the highlands.

It is only reachable by automobile and is not well-known among hikers, yet it offers a magnificent wilderness encounter. An excellent panoramic view of the area is highly desired.  Carcross is an excellent starting place for hiking the Nares Mountain trail. The Tagish Road leads to this area, which can be reached by car.

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6. Millennium Trail

This nice and renowned hike is part of the Trans-Canada Trail and runs across a portion of Whitehorse’s Millennium Trail. The route passes the Yukon River for a circle, featuring a crossing near the power station and a fishing ramp on the north bank. During the wintertime, it is usually kept in good condition.

It is levelled and smooth, with various dirt paths offshoots. All along the route, there are interpretive boards, walkthroughs, and seats, and it is well-marked with kilometre indications.

This 4.5-kilometre circular route near Whitehorse, Yukon, is worth checking out. It takes approximately 58 minutes to finish this trip, which is rated simple. Although this is a famous trail for birdwatching, trekking, and road riding, it can still be peaceful at certain hours of the day.

The months of May through October are suitable for hiking this trek. Dogs are allowed, but they must be kept on a tether. Bike riders, hikers, and families out on a stroll frequent this route, so be prepared to share the road with them. Vistas of the streams are generally attractive, with many bench rest spots. For those searching for some fresh air, this is a nice city trail choice.

7. Chilkoot Trail

The Chilkoot Trail is now a 33-mile hiking route. Over 10,000 individuals visit this area each year today to hike, camp or do trail marathons. They cross dozens of artefacts left behind by gold prospectors as they go.

Explore the generations-old Chilkoot Trail, which was initially travelled by Chilkoot Tlingit artisans and later besieged by Klondike Gold Mining stampeders. Trek across barren valleys and up the cliffs of the Chilkoot Pass and explore a Victorian-era chapel that has survived in a long-gone booming city.

Traverse the historic border separating Alaska and British Columbia on a journey that reveals the North’s vast natural resources. The bulk of travellers takes a short day trip on the trail and some hike the entire trail in an estimate of 3-5 days. Every year, a few adventurous souls run the entire course in one go.

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Closing Thoughts

Hiking appears to be experiencing a revival in 2022. Bestowed, a boredom-induced meander through the neighbourhood park was one of the very few leisure events accessible to people during the first few quarters of the year. And besides, when you are on a hike, it is wonderful to just get away from the large metropolis.

Yukon is a backpacker’s delight, with a huge variety of sceneries to discover. Trekking has been one of the best activities to do in Yukon for wildlife enthusiasts because simple observations do not do justice to the magnificence of natural sights. If your adventure is not related to just hiking in Yukon, you can also explore the best hiking trails for hikers.

Yukon’s eye-popping hiking trail provides such a diverse range that picking favourites feels absurd. With a spectacular shoreline and sky-high rock mountain ranges, breathtaking views, and the world’s tallest greenery, turquoise wetlands and trickling wilderness oases, this city’s eye-popping hiking trails provide such a wide range that picking favourites feels ridiculous.

Mentioned above are a few of the top walks or hiking in Yukon, including a few of the most renowned paths as well as a couple that takes visitors away from the hustle and bustle and into the bush, where they can encounter a range of settings and species.

Note: To lean more about the possibilities grizzly bears, untouched wilderness, parks like ivvavik national park, ridge route and trail head that pass the standard yukon hiking, or other location like; alaska highway, marsh lake, or mt logan.

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