15 Best Asian Restaurants in Toronto You Can’t Miss

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Toronto has so much to offer in its culinary scene that it feels like new restaurants are opening almost weekly. Toronto is considered one of the world’s cities with the most diversified Asian populations. Due to this, Toronto is home to a vast and constantly expanding selection of some of the best Asian restaurants. After this post, you don’t need to search for Asian restaurant near me.

15 Best Asian Restaurants In Toronto

Toronto’s reputation for excellent Asian cuisine is well-known around the world. The following is the list of the 15 best Asian restaurants in Toronto. There is something here for everyone, regardless of taste or price range.  Numerous establishment-type restaurants in Toronto provide Asian food. Go on and select your preferences.

1. PAI Northern Thai Kitchen

PAI specializes in Thai street food and northern Thai specialties. The eatery, which debuted in 2014, has consistently won the title of Best Thai Restaurant among the Ontario Toronto restaurants. It has earned the Thai government’s prestigious Thai SELECT Signature accreditation in recognition of its high standards and authenticity for delicious food, cooking style, hospitality, and ambiance.

Image by VIT DUCKEN from Pixabay

PAI is well-known among diners for its unique Chef Nuit Pad Thai, as well as its garlicky fried tiger prawns, tasty Thai chicken wings, and aromatic soups. The walk-in line is incredibly long, so make reservations in advance. There are many vegetarian options, and on request, the staff will substitute tofu for any meat dish. The restaurant’s atmosphere is also pleasant, and there are a lot of vintage Thai art and pop culture allusions.

2. Akira’s Back

At Toronto’s Bisha Hotel, Michelin-starred chef Akira Back debuts his first venture under his name in Canada. This hotel brand’s popular amenities have free wifi, parking, and highly upscale restaurants in the heart of the city, hidden from the busy street level. Akira’s Back serves intriguing Japanese-inspired cuisine that highlights the chef’s expertise in the kitchen.

sushi g1f6bea6de 1920
Image by prafalarcomomarcos from Pixabay

The restaurant’s ambiance is elegant and stylish, and every dish is prepared with a lot of effort. The extensive menu includes tuna mushroom pizza, wagyu tacos, sour pork, Hokkaido scallop kiwi, chicken fried rice, chicken balls, king crab fried rice, “Brother from Another Mother” roll, apple uramaki, and matcha mousse. The drinks are reasonably priced and are served on demand. You need to make reservations if you want to eat here.

3. Dumpling House

It is one of the popular Toronto categories of Chinese restaurants. You must try it if you visit Toronto’s historic Chinatown. The Chinese restaurant is known for serving fried and steamed pork, shrimp, and vegetable dumplings, as well as rice and noodle dishes.

Photo by Craig Whitehead on Unsplash

From the street, you can see them preparing dumplings through the window. It has a small space inside that can get crowded as it is a popular eatery. They serve generous portions with vinegar and soy sauce and have a reasonably priced menu.

4. Miku

Miku is a premier Japanese dining experience among Ontario Toronto restaurants because of its warm and helpful service, selection of high-quality food and beverages, and holistic atmosphere. It’s a wonderful space spread over 7000 square feet and houses a cocktail bar, a sushi bar, and a wide patio. If you’re visiting the waterfront in downtown Toronto, this is a great place to enjoy some Aburi cuisine. 

japanese g64970aa21 1920
Image by Alice Cheung from Pixabay

You will have one of the best sushi experiences here. The seafood choices are outstanding, the serving staff and servers are attentive, and the a luxurious atmosphere. The unique take is that Miku does not serve soy sauce dishes because they could overshadow the exquisite flavours that the in-house chefs have thoughtfully selected.

5. Byblos

One of the best Asian restaurants in Toronto that serve Lebanese, Mediterranean, and Middle Eastern cuisine. They cater to vegetarians, and their menu includes gluten-free and vegan options. Overall, the atmosphere is pleasing.

Photo by YAW ANSU-KYEREMEH on Unsplash

Any of their lamb dishes, particularly the lamb ribs, are must-orders. If you enjoy ribs, then do try their Turkish manti dumplings too. The pide’s served are excellent. The branzino is precisely cooked, and the truffle pilau is unique and delicious! The chocolate olive oil cake tastes awesome with Turkish dessert coffee.

6. Mother’s Dumplings

Located in the heart of Chinatown, there is a small, welcoming café serving delectable comfort food from Northern China. It is popular among the Asian population, which provides it with the necessary credibility.

Photo by SJ 📸 on Unsplash

Mother’s dumpling is a great place to find the dim sum and other authentic Chinese food among the Ontario Toronto restaurants. Chinese pancakes and tea are also available on the drop-down menu, along with freshly made dumplings in various flavours. This restaurant offers quick table service and have adequate parking.

7. Bombay Chowpatty

It is an Indian street food place situated in Little India. Compared to Little India’s regular buffet-style restaurants, Bombay Chowpatty offers a unique alternative. The restaurant takes its name from Mumbai’s Chowpatty Beach, which is famous for its various street food vendors and food stands.

Photo by Kalyani Akella on Unsplash

This fast-food restaurant is a video store selling stacks of Bollywood DVDs, which are also played in the background while having meals. The restaurant’s inventiveness is displayed in dishes like “Bombay Burger,” samosa chat, papadi chat, and pani puri. More dishes to be enjoyed are pav bhaji ( assorted vegetable gravy with bread), chole bature (chickpeas gravy with bread made from the fermented dough) and paneer pakora (fritters). All the dishes are vegetarian, and the restaurant stays open late, making it perfect for sating late-night cravings.

8. Pukka

Without being overly expensive, Pukka offers an elegant interpretation of Indian cuisine with a perfect dining area. A pleasant, open area with white-washed exposed-brick walls, wooden tables, and vibrant Indian pop art on the walls is sufficient to set the mood, yet modest enough to keep the vibes relaxed.


pexels saveurs secretes 7625056
Photo by Saveurs Secretes: Pexels

The extensive menu options include a thoughtfully chosen combination of classic pan-Indian dishes and inventive modern interpretations of Indian cuisine. They have a significant collection of wine and cocktails. They serve rather large and hearty portions, making them perfect for business or family gatherings. The staff provides prompt table service and does adhere to the rules regarding mask wearing guidelines.

9. Pho Rùa Vàng Golden Turtle Restaurant

Since 1987 in Toronto, Pho Rùa Vàng Golden Turtle has been regarded by many as one of the greatest Vietnamese restaurants in the city. It is located on a busy block in Ossington and is one of the most sought-after places to have quick bites.

papaya g55e998c19 1920
Image by Wow Phochiangrak from Pixabay

The menu includes more than 15 varieties of pho, the famous Vietnamese soup made with broth, vegetables, and add-ons such as beef, chicken, seafood, and tofu. More dishes are sweet and sour tamarind soup, hot or cold vermicelli noodles mixed with spicy satay meat, grilled prawns and grilled chicken.

10. Queen Mother Cafe

Queen mum (referred to fondly) is listed in the popular Toronto categories of Asian cafes. This restaurant was founded in October 1978 and is located in the heart of Queen West in a historic building over 165 years old. The charming garden patio in the back draws diners to a refreshing refuge in the city core during the summer. It is known for serving fresh and tasty Lao-Thai and pan-global cuisine.

Photo by Nadezhda Moryak: pexels

You can grab quick bites of delicious dim sum, salad, fish burger, dessert, and coffee. They also have a sizable selection of cakes on display. Their most popular dish is the Ping Gai chicken. Additionally, they offer a wide variety of drinks and cocktails worth trying.

11. Prince Japenese Steakhouse

It is located in the industrial sector of Eglinton. This steakhouse has a Japanese theme. There are two areas: one has typical dining tables where you can order from the menu, and the other has groups seated around open kitchen units where the cooks prepare your meal while adding a little flair for the diners.

hiurich granja fWtQstoF 7Y unsplash
Photo by hiurich granja on Unsplash

Choose a teppanyaki table so that a trained chef may prepare meals in front of you while mixing fire, acrobatic hand movements, and beautiful rhetoric. They greatly enhance the dining experience and are amazing. The vegetables are perfectly cooked to enhance your taste buds. They also serve filet mignon, shrimp, sushi, and sashimi.

12. Sampaguita Village Restaurant

This family-run eatery is a favourite for Filipino-Chinese cuisine and a landmark in the Filipino community. It is located in Little Manila. The table service is quick, and the staff is very polite. The restaurant’s interiors are kept simple and don’t accept reservations.

barbecued pork ribs g95a5b1a19 1920
Image by Jonathan Valencia from Pixabay

The restaurant serves classic Filipino meals such as Sinigang Soup, various grilled proteins, and the tastiest Lechon Kawali (deep-fried pork belly).  More dishes to be tasted are grilled chicken, garlic fried rice, Pancit Palabok (thin noodles in seafood sauce), and Kare-Kare (oxtail in peanut sauce). Halo-halo is the most popular summertime dessert.

13. Kamasutra Indian Restaurant And Wine Bar

North Indian cuisine is offered in a romantic setting with moderately spiced traditional dishes in banquet-style interiors. The newly renovated restaurant strictly follows sanitation and mask-wearing guidelines. North Indian cuisine is greatly influenced by West Asian cuisine, and as a result, the sauces and broths are notably creamier and heavier.

indian food g559d46cba 1920
Image by ArtificialOG from Pixabay

One could check their website to get updated info on their menu and drinks. In addition to great food, their service is also remarkable. Their popular amenities include food delivery, take-out, and event catering.

14. Té

Specializes in creating contemporary versions of traditional Korean dishes. The unique take on this restaurant is that every dish is home cooked by the chef and her mom. The experience is complemented and completed by a large selection of tea-inspired handmade beverages, local Japanese beers, sake, wine, and desserts.

korean cuisine gec8c093e0 1920
Image by Анатолий Стафичук from Pixabay

Their menu blends Western and Asian delicacies. Toasted Kimchi Ravioli, Pizza Tteokbokki, Dark-Spiced Fried Chicken, Bulgogi Mac & Cheese, spicy pork grilled cheese, and pork belly benedict are a few of their best-selling dishes. They do not cater to take-outs or deliveries. The table service is remarkable, and the outdoor patio is comfortable.

15. The Pomegranate Restaurant

One of Toronto’s best authentic home-cooked style Persian restaurants for small gatherings. Parking is usually easy to find on College St., and access through the TTC is very convenient, with a streetcar stop near the restaurant. The beautiful decor chandeliers hang from the ceiling, and the walls are covered in intriguing artwork and vibrant tapestries. Reservations are strongly advised owing to the restricted seating capacity.

mohammara gddb997976 1920
Image by ablouch from Pixabay

The restaurant serves tasty food in a pleasant atmosphere. Their chief waiter explains their specialty dishes and appetizers, including meat, vine leaves, creamy yogurt with warm local bread and numerous dips. The dishes to be tried are morass polo (jewelled rice), mushroom mosamma (mushroom stew), morgh-e torsh (sour chicken), fesenjaan (pomegranate and walnut stew), shirin polo (sweet rice with lamb Shanks), gheyme (eggplant and beef stew), and the saffron pistachio ice-cream. They keep uploading the updated menu info to their Instagram page and website.


As seen in the variety and popularity of the food provided in the multiple Toronto location pins noted above, Asian restaurants have a significant presence in Canada’s culinary world. After serving persistently for so many years, most are now considered landmarks and popular types of restaurants in Toronto.

Most of them have added sanitation procedures in their service so that their customers are not deprived of their services and scrumptious food. You could refer to the list of most sought-after Asian restaurants and choose your pick from them.

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