20 Best Restaurants In Victoria That You Must Visit

In other countries, Victoria is also known as the City of Gardens. It is rich in both natural and man-made treasures, such as amazing history related to the beautiful design and construction of the building, seaside views, and mountain views. A vacation is incomplete without food, and here are some of the best restaurants in Victoria

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Millions visit town per year and enjoy the natural beauty, mild/not extreme climate, and history charm Victoria offers its people (who vote) daily. Melbourne is the cultural capital of Victoria, with arts and entertainment playing a significant role in the local community. Cultural special celebrations (with fun events) are widespread in the Victorian capital, which is home to many museums and art galleries.

20 Best Restaurants in Victoria

Did you know that Victoria, British Columbia’s capital, has the second highest number of top restaurants per capita in North America? Victoria is a paradise for all the food lovers. Here are some of the most visited restaurants in Victoria, British Columbia.

Victoria’s food scene has to offer if you didn’t already know that Victoria has the second-highest number of restaurants per person in North America. The restaurant not only serves fresh food and small bites, but it also offers a range of cocktails and alcoholic beverages made from rice.

Don Mee Seafood Restaurant within Victoria, BC
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Here are the best restaurants in Victoria that you must visit:

1. Nubo

Starting with the décor, it gives the feel of New York because it’s like a modern chic restaurant even though it’s like a very old building of brick on the inside, giving a very loving kind feeling. Step a bit more, and you will discover a speakeasy-style eatery that serves up delicious cocktail and tapas pairings.

Nubo is among the best restaurants in Victoria, and it is known for fusion food blending traditional Japanese dishes with Peruvian ingredients. This place has an amazing bartender with some great cocktails, and it also offers things to remember. They decorate dishes very carefully and beautifully.

These Japanese tapas dishes come on small, sharing plates and contain a range of chicken, pork, vegetarian, and seafood options. Miso-Marinated black cod is one of Nubo’s most famous dishes. It serves to make something look prettier than wooden furniture, which is the beauty of the place. Sushi and rice are great gluten-free options.

2. Flourish BeauTea

This is one of the best restaurants in Victoria as it provides both health benefits and offers a super gorgeous place. Located in Downtown Victoria, this spot offers lots of bubbles of fruit tea incorporated with fresh food, like nothing else in the world, blends of coffee, and light refreshments. It has a fancy but casual atmosphere.

The tea that is served there is dairy-free. All the tea present there is very different than you have ever tried anywhere else. Everything you could have there is super healthy and helpful to your health. You can go with dishes with the healthy and tasty tea presented there.

3. Zambri’s

This place is famous for Classic Italian cuisine with a unique selection of Italian wine. It has been around for 21 years. The owners are literally from Italy. They have secret recipes which make their menu more interesting. Adding to this, they have so many gluten-free options in pasta dishes.

Best Italian restaurant in Victoria, BC. Their stunning new location in the Atrium Building is another reason to visit.  Add their casual but professional service to this, and you will have a fine dining experience that cannot be beaten.

The tasting menu features wine pairings and a fusion of local west coast ingredients and French-inspired preparations. You can try seafood pasta in a wine bar.

4. Oswego Hotel

The Oswego complex is exclusive in its style, providing Associate in Nursing eclectic mix of stylish and up-to-date styles. Short-stay guests relish all the amenities of a sublime store complex. As a result, every spacious suite incorporates an entire room. The Oswego complex expertise is exclusive to Victoria, BC.

The Oswego Hotel is amongst Victoria’s best restaurants and is a perfect choice for corporate or leisure short and long stays. Whether you create it as a base for business conferences or for taking advantage of the city’s several cultural, shopping, or outside journey choices, the Oswego offers boutique-hotel expertise in a prime setting.

Enjoy all the vibrant action Victoria has to offer from a downtown destination like no other. It is a small boutique hotel and a very fine dining restaurant that offers a delicious dinner menu and French cuisine. You can start your morning-after brunch. The brunch menu presents here is very good to start a morning. Inside it, there is a fine-dining space for your all-day meal.

5. Morning people

Morning People started in 2019 in Victoria’s downtown inner harbor. You can judge that this place is for morning people by its name. In Victoria, BC, it features a high-quality breakfast and lunch food truck. The name and a food truck-like street food feel are the first things that come to mind when thinking of this restaurant.

Initially, the proprietor committed to contribute to the sustainable food movement by sourcing as many ingredients as possible locally. Despite the fact that this restaurant model is more expensive than many other less expensive options, it has aided the growth of other local companies, by supporting the producer or farmer rather than the middleman.

6. Moka House Coffee

This place is for great coffee and community with a tapa bar. It was established in 1996. It is constructed very beautifully. The outer border is made up of simple bricks which look like an exquisite restaurant. They have used a very subtle look for their restaurant. Its coffee-scented Jam wins all the heart.

They have Canadian cuisine. This is amongst the best restaurants in Victoria with outdoor seating. People typically spent 15 min to 1 hour there. It is a perfect place to meet, laugh, enjoy good friends, and most importantly, a good cup of coffee.

7. Fuego

Fuego has a Mexican-inspired breakfast and lunch place. They serve all kinds of breakfast. They also have other dishes, including North American cuisine, flavorful Spanish eats, and an incredible array of cocktails. Its opening time is till 2 p.m.

Fuego is a little jumbo restaurant. Their seafood eatery is perfect, in which jerk fish poutine is fantastic. The housing gin used is delightful and refreshing. There are many seafood dishes available there. One of the essentials is to use fresh veggies to make any dish.

It’s a stylish eatery. It is, without a doubt, one of the top restaurants in Victoria, British Columbia.

8. Browns Crafthouse

Browns Crafthouse is a combination of a neighborhood tavern and a casual dining restaurant. Browns Crafthouse is a casual restaurant with a local focus that promotes all things made by hand or with expertise. Their food and beverage programs capitalize on the “craft” trend by presenting a wide range of house-made dishes, craft beers, cocktails, and wine that showcase the best of Western Canada.

There are many mouth-watering dishes that Browns Crafthouse has to offer its customers.

9. LA Victoria Taqueria

La Victoria Taqueria is also known as “LaVic’s.” It was established in 2009 with the idea of creating a taco stand with the feel of street tacos around Mexico. Over the years, it has evolved into a trendy go-to spot in the Bay Area. Their food is unique, from breakfast burritos and Carne Asada super to regular tacos.

La Taqueria Pinche Taco Shop offers takeaway services. They make tacos from traditional recipes with a local, organic, and sustainable product. Their menu gives different fillings, which can serve as a taco. After dark, Victoria’s atmosphere is a wonderful place to start or end a night out.

10. Pagliacci’s

A well-known Italian cuisine restaurant in Victoria, BC. They have their local culinary scene. It is a smart place for traditional great care at a fair price. You can enjoy your food with local and Spanish wines which give you a good taste.

You can enjoy the happy hour and enjoy the food in the cold weather. The Carbs and famous cheesecakes are best enjoyed with red wine. They have Italian inspired eatery. This is among the best restaurants in Victoria and organizes live music from Sunday to Thursday from 8 pm to 10 pm. They play from klezmer to jazz; they take their music seriously. The pricing is average to go there.

This attractive old-fashioned food lover hub was made new again with a cheerful quality. The paintings available inside their restaurant are beautiful and classic. They have all classic dishes at their place. They also give an outdoor eating facility.

11. Stage Wine Bar

You can judge what kind of place this is by the name itself. This is a date night place. The best place for wine lovers. They serve so many mouth-watering dishes along with the wine.

On weekends the Stage is open till midnight. The price is average of all the things that you can take anyway. They have done a beautiful setting for their restaurant. The dessert they offer is very much impressive. So you should give it one try to this.

12. Jam

Jam is a well known place for breakfasts and brunch. They don’t have any reservation system, so you have to wait in line until your turn comes. But once you get inside it, you will not see any place like this. Coffee-scented Jam takes the prize for its all-day feast.

The name itself gives a hint of breakfast. All the items that they give are so good. And the best thing is that coffee-scented JamJam. The price is average. Jam is amongst the best restaurants in Victoria, and it includes a collection of family home-style delicacies that have been passed down over generations.

13. Little Yunnan Restaurant

This is a Chinese restaurant. Their primary focus is on traditional specialties from the Chinese province of Yunnan. Their vegan food is very delicious. This restaurant mentions excellent Chinese food.

This restaurant gives a china vibe. This place is famous for its excellent service and friendly staff that is always ready to help you. Their desserts are also delicious. The price is lower than other restaurants.

This is the best place for Chinese food lovers. The chef of this restaurant gives an exact taste of the food that Chinese chefs used to give. They have rice noodle soup on their menu, which you must try on chilly spring days. Overall they have delicious food, and one could try it.

14. Giraffe

This is a funky, colorful, and excellent restaurant. Giraffe is amongst the best restaurants in Victoria, and it is a child-friendly chain serving. All type of food is available like lunch, breakfast, and dinner. The place looks so colorful and bright. This place has a friendly atmosphere, and the staff is lovely. You can book your table so that you don’t have to wait for your turn.

Their services are quick, and the staff is super friendly and polite. They are reasonably priced for London, given the portion sizes were quite lovely. They have both outdoor and indoor sitting areas.

It’s a very spacious restaurant that has a warm cozy atmosphere. Overall it offers enjoyable, good vibes and comfort food.

15. Be Love

Be Love, Victoria
Image from Be Love

Be Love is amongst the best restaurants in Victoria, and it manages to be both delicious and nutritious at the same time. Quinoa bowls are a must-try meal in Be Love.

This spot is for health freak people but with good taste. They use fresh and local products in their dishes, making them both good for health and enjoyable for the taste buds. This restaurant is a little pricey because of its menu. But then also you can make a try to this once.

16. 10 Acres

This is amongst the best restaurants in Victoria. The food is fresh and so flavorful. 10 Acres is a romantic option for farm to fork meals. They also offer cocktails & garden patio dining. They have excellent locally sourced food along with some highly recommended and excellent wine lists.

The restaurant is very much open for the fresh air. The furniture is wooden and looks very beautiful. Their food presentation is so well that it looks so good and fresh. They use seasonal items only.

This restaurant has 10 acres of the kitchen, that’s why it is named 10 Acres. Their server is perfect, attentive to the needs, and explained the menu quite well. They offer 7 dining nights.

They source their product from local farmers and fishermen. They are passionately committed to supporting locally grown, sustainable ingredients. They make sure to make the freshest food for the people.

17.  Saveur

This is a French-inspired contemporary cuisine restaurant. This is exposed with brick walls and shiny lamps. A wine-pairing cuisine and a combination of local delicacies are on the menu.

It serves superb dining cuisine in a relaxed urban atmosphere. In the coming year, significant improvisation in this region will result in the entire reservation of the tables.

It offers upstairs dining with a candlelight facility and some fresh oysters and champagne. A la carte alternatives are available, or pay at the bar for tapas while enjoying their cocktail menu, beers, or hand-pick wine selection. Truffle fries are delicious in this restaurant.


18. Upstairs Seafood & Oyster Bar

Ferris' Upstairs Seafood + Oyster Bar
Image from Ferris’ Upstairs Seafood + Oyster Bar

They have different small dishes paired with wine. The service and staff present there are very good and friendly natured. The oyster bar has so much to offer to its customers.

There is some lovely artwork on the brick wall, with an open kitchen where there are also chairs where you can sit. They have excellent hospitality. This is situated in the heart of Downtown in one of the beautiful old houses right upstairs. The casual oyster bar is also present.

This is among the best restaurants in Victoria, and it offers fresh seafood. You can also enjoy food in the oyster bar, which offers west coast fish and shellfish in a beautiful second-floor history building in the historic old town of Victoria, BC.

19. The Courtney Room

Beautiful, cream-colored building or grouping far away from the main action serving dry-aged steak & seafood, plus a raw bar, cocktails & wine. Take away option is also available. The staff present over there is very friendly. The food is also delicious. The Truffle Fries and the salt spring island mussels are amazing. The dinner menu to enjoy traditional dishes is very good.

The Courtney Room is a rich and beautiful dining space providing genuine hospitality. If they aren’t helpful to grow on their being close to an organic farm, ingredients are fished by local fishermen or reared by local farmers. The restaurant is elegant but cozy, and it is one of the best restaurants in Victoria.


So here you have the best restaurants in Victoria that will whet your hunger and make you want more. Because practically everyone in the world enjoys eating. There are various types of people with different eating habits. Visit them and savor their delicacy. They will not let you down as a foodie.

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