8 Best Food In Brampton To Tickle Your Taste Buds

If you consider eating to be an art rather than a necessity, we have something for you: the best food in Brampton. A night out without friends, life without partner, and foodies without food are incomplete. So, get ready to complete yourself or pamper yourself with the best food in Brampton. Brampton is not only for beautiful sceneries, European, Mexican, and Canadian cultures but for the tradition cum modern cuisines to make you wow!!!!

Read What Brampton Has To Offer:

Located in the Greater Toronto Area, Brampton is a beautiful city in Canada, Ontario. Due to the city having one of the largest greenhouse industries, it was known as “The Flower Town of Canada.” The major economic sectors include retail administration, food and beverage, information and communication technologies, advanced manufacturing, life sciences, and business services and logistics.

You can find a glimpse of the city under the roof of Peel Art Gallery, Museum, and Archives running by the Region of Peel. Some other highlights or sites which may interest you are,

Gage Park, Beaux-Arts Brampton, Camp Naivelt, Heart Lake Conservation AreaKorean War Memorial Wall (Canada)Chinguacousy Park-Greenhouse and gardens, Ontario Field of Honour, Rose TheatreSt. Elias Ukrainian Catholic Church and Bramalea City Centre, Shoppers World and many more.

When you go to Brampton, don’t miss these places to visit. Otherwise, you may be disappointed with your decision as the city has so much to offer apart from good food.

For not big and famous as Toronto, Brampton is often ignored and underrated, but we would like to acknowledge you that this is as good as Canada’s other big cities. This place has plenty of awesome restaurants in the city serving up delicious food. We’ve rounded up some of the best food in Brampton that can satisfy your stomach as well as the tongue.

Through this article, we have shortlisted some best food in Brampton, and we have mentioned where you can find these dishes to make you feel good.

1. RD’s Southern BBQ – Mammoth Poutine

For all Poutine lovers, we have suggested you take a bite of Mammoth Poutine which is served by RD’s Southern BBQ. RD’s Southern BBQ is Authentic Creole & Cajun Style Slow Smoked BBQ located in Brampton. The high-quality cooking of Authentic Creole & Cajun Style Slow Smoked BBQ there will astound you.

Best Food In Brampton
Image Source: RD’s Southern BBQ Instagram Page

Mammoth Poutine is known as Giant poutine as it consists giant portion of crispy fries with delicious gravy and Canadian cheese curds. Even though Mammoth Poutine is considered Giant poutine, this poutine is perfectly smoked brisket, and you’ve hardly tasted this type of blast of flavour and got just about the best poutine ever. These special dishes of the restaurant help it be on the list of the best food in Brampton.

They are much more interested in serving their dishes for your family get-together or business meeting as they are also working as cater for special events, and you can have all these dishes on your dining table by ordering online and picking up or having the facility.

Where To Have Mammoth Poutine?

71 Rosedale Ave W Unit 5, Brampton

2. That Italian Place – Stromboli

That Italian Place is one of the most famous Italian restaurants in the city of Brampton. Besides serving delicious pizza, grilled cheese, and other quality food, they are more famous for their signature dish, “Stromboli.” Their Italian flavours on your table, along with traditional authentic food, are something you MUST check out.

best food in Brampton
Image Source: That Italian Place official website

They believe in quality and are always attached to their roots. This love for tradition and culture helps them to bring a combination of daily fresh ingredients and a touch of modern flair to create a taste and quality which many have come to call home.

Stromboli, This dish was also got featured on The Food Network’s You Gotta Eat Here a couple of years ago. It is packed with seven different types of deli meats and copious amounts of mozzarella cheese. All these elements are wrapped in a dough they bake until perfectly golden and crisp. Once Stromboli spread on your taste buds, “wow! so good” is the next word that will come out of your mouth.

Where To Have Stromboli?

470, Chrysler Drive, Unit 31-33, Brampton

3. J. Red & Co – Thai Fighter

With thirty years of experience and talent, Celebrity Chef Jason Rosso embraces the people of Brampton with cuisines in his restaurants in Brampton. His classic training in french cuisine, urban eatery, and love for ethnic fare makes J. Red & Co. one of the best restaurants. Jason has appeared on numerous television shows, including Recipe To Riches, Restaurant Makeover, and The Marilyn Denis Show. 

Apart from dishes like grilled chicken, sushi, flavours of pizza, and fresh drink speaks about Jason’s talent but his signature dish, “Thai Fighter,” is one of the best food in Brampton. Thai Fighter features Thai noodles tossed with shrimp, chicken, and Asian veggies in a creamy coconut basil sauce.

It is a Thai street food that is recreated by Jason in Brampton. There is an interesting story behind this. Once Jason met a person in Thailand who was selling this dish on the streets of Thailand. He was so impressed with “Thai Fighter” and wanted the recipe of the same. After a struggle of a month, the person shared the ingredients and recipe of the dish, and Jason named it “Thai Fighter”. If you like a little bit of spice in your food then, this dish is going to have a 10/10 from your taste buds.

Where To Have Thai Fighter?

341 Main St. N Brampton

4. Radica’s Hot and Spicy – Roti and Curry

If your next visit is to the Caribbean, then don’t forget to take a Digg to Radica’s Hot and Spicy. They will take on a delicious experience with their Trinidad-style Caribbean Cuisine. It comes to West Indian food in the GTA and serves all the authenticity you want.

best food in Brampton
Image Source: Radica’s Hot & Spicy official website

Most the the visitors love their presentation and food as well. The roti they serve seems to be nice and moist; by far the best, and boneless Chicken has a blast of flavours. Feast on the Phulowrie, Aloo Pie, and the best Doubles you will ever have!

Roti and Curry are the ones who make them popular and count as the best food in Brampton. The dish is made with boneless chicken roti, served with curry and signature sauce, wrapped in a nice fluffy roti. To make this tastier and spicy, please take a container of pepper sauce to add some fire to your taste buds.

Where To Have Roti and Curry?

263 Queen Street East, Brampton

5. 520 Sushi – Butterfly Cheese

It’s all about Sushi! 520 Sushi is all about sushi, and they have added around 100 types of sushi to their great menu. They believe in technology and also have I-Pad system, which makes ordering quicker and easier than ever so you can get a clear idea of what you would like to have. With this technology, you will be going to order straight to the kitchen from the Sushi chef himself. They are counted as the is one of the top sushi bars in Brampton.

Apart from delicious food, you can pamper yourself with fantastic wines in a wine bar. There is yet another Sushi restaurant, but Butterfly Cheese makes them popular in the race of best food in Brampton. Crispy wonton with a sweetened cream cheese filling with piping hot and a dipping sauce makes delicious Butterfly Cheese. When you taste this, you will become die hearted fan of this signature dish by 520 Sushi.

Where To Have Butterfly Grilled Cheese?

252 Queen St. E #7, Brampton

6. Sonny’s Drive-InClassic Charcol Burger

Sonny’s Drive-In, established in 1965, will always be a nostalgic favourite restaurant. They are pro to serve famous fish & chips made with hand-battered and prepared fresh daily. It is one of the last Ma & Pa places to offer char-broiled hamburgers! They offer award-winning “fresh-cut fries” and excellent table service.

best food in Brampton
Photo By Bradley R. on 2022

Sonny’s Drive-In menu offers tasty burgers and shakes made for late-night hangouts with friends and family. Classic charcoal Burger by Sonny’s Drive-In does not match any other fast food. This delicious burger joint made its place for decades, and for a good reason. So, on your next to-do list, have this burger mandatory.

Apart from Classic Charcoal Burger, they are making the world’s best burgers you will ever have. They have a long list of shakes, sides, Hot Dogs & Pits, Chicken, and Fish & Chips on their menu.

Where To Have Classic Charcoal Burger?

21 Kennedy Rd N, Brampton

7. Queen Gypsy – Perogies

Located in the heart of downtown Brampton, Queen Gypsy is a great place to have breakfast, dinner, or lunch with loved ones. One of its dishes is Perogies. We have mentioned this one also in the list of the best food in Brampton.

Apart from authentic cuisines, these places know for their Eastern European-inspired taste. You will be welcomed by brightly painted walls in vibrant shades of purple, orange, and green. Queen Gypsy offered a variety of dishes like Pork Schnitzel, Red Pepper Bruschetta, Montreal smoked Panini, and Panini pressed pulled pork sandwiches. But Perogies grabbed the attention of all and counted as the best food in Brampton.

Perogies is a full-packed dessert by Queen Gypsy; it is served with creamy three-cheese sauce, caramelized onions, and real bacon. You can store it in your fridge and have it when you are desperate to have some good food. You have tasted lots of Perogies, but this one can not be compared with any of those!

Where To Have Perogies?

10 Main Street South, Brampton

8. Green Bites Dumpling & Tea Bar – Green Bites’ wings

Green Bites Dumpling & Tea Bar is one of the best restaurants in Brampton, located in downtown Brampton. It is an independent Chinese restaurant owned by a family that prides itself in providing a unique experience for guests and providing fresh food, a classy ambiance, and the friendliest service.

Are you a Tea-Lover? Then do not forget to visit this place as it offers the highest quality organic loose-leaf teas, hand-picked and imported directly from farms in beautiful rural China. The menu is inspired and offers Southern Chinese cuisine with a Northern flair.

What is unique about Green Bites Dumpling & Tea Bar is its most famous dish, Green Bites’ wings. Serve in a basket; Green Bites’ wings come topped in assorted colours from the garnishes and perfectly fried in a light HK-style egg batter. It is also garnished with red pepper, jalapeño onion, and basil for a little kick & aroma. Crispy, well-seasoned & all-around delightful. It’s a must-order item.

Where To Have Green Bites’ Wings?

35 Resolution Drive Suite B10 Brampton

best foods in brampton
Image Source: Green Bites Official Website

Whenever you experience the above-mentioned best food in Brampton, you will also get to encounter many other tasty Classics foods in the town. Meals filled with chicken, Italian dishes, burgers, sandwiches, bread, pork, and Pasta with excellent service will certainly tempt you.

All of these restaurants can be found on TripAdvisor or, and they are highly rated for serving delicious food that represents Brampton’s flavours. You can visit the website before reaching the restaurants; you can also go with home delivery or take out option too. I am sure you will come back to these restaurants after tasting the dishes mentioned above!

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