Best Place To Live On Vancouver Island: 7 Ultimate Places

Canada is a culturally varied and second-largest country by area in North America. It is known universally for its economic and job growth. The natural beauty of Canada is justified by its diverse flora and fauna. Niagara Falls, the largest waterfall globally, adds to its beauty.

Known as the land of lakes, it has the most significant number of lakes globally and is also a bilingual country with French and English as its official languages.

The top deciding factors in choosing a place to live include its community, job growth and opportunities, traditional metrics, lifestyle-oriented criteria, education, health care and many other factors that are justified by this place. Check out some great places to live on Vancouver Island.

What You Need to Know About British Columbia

British Columbia is considered the safest province in Canada, with a significant part of its population living in Victoria, the capital. British Columbia is also a safe and culturally vivid place with spectacular scenery and a meagre crime rate.

The greater victoria area is one of the top places to live in the province. Victoria is ranked as one of the safest cities, which is the best if you plan to live with your close ones or with your family. British Columbia is a bit expensive due to its resident’s high rent and lifestyle. Places like Greater Vancouver and Victoria have a higher cost of living than other places.

Here are the two major cities of British Columbia.

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  • Vancouver

The most beautiful and prime city of British Columbia is a hub of multilinguistic social communities. Also, it is the home to one of the top-ranked universities globally, the University of British Columbia.

It is also famous for its art galleries and museums, which signify its theatrical and musical culture.

  • Victoria

It is a city towards the south end of British Columbia on Vancouver island. It is famous for its ancient British architecture and beautiful gardens and signifies the victorian heritage.

It is also famous for its Victoria port or Inner harbour. You will be able to experience ferry or cruise rides in this place. Book, one of yourself and your family to enjoy the amazing views of this place.

Best Places To Live On Vancouver Island

With good access to an affordable lifestyle and basic amenities, Vancouver island tops the charts in providing people with a life full of beautiful landscapes, beaches and ocean views, vast flora and fauna, rich cultural engagement, and most importantly, safety and good education facilities.

Vancouver Island, a part of British Columbia, is a safe and culturally vivid place with spectacular sceneries and a very low crime rate. The perfect blend of mountains, oceans and other magnificent landscapes make this place a pleasure to the eyes.

Apart from the natural beauty, the place is also known for its renowned educational institutes that provide the best quality education to everyone. In short, the various areas in Vancouver Island are a package of everything required for a good living.

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This article will dig into some of the best places to live on Vancouver Island.

1. Oak Bay

The best place to live on Vancouver Island is Oak Bay. It is one of the safest places on Vancouver Island and a trendy destination among most residents and tourists because of its beautiful beaches and outdoor activities like paddleboarding and kayaking.

If you are in the mood to enjoy the weekend with your friends and family, this is the place for you. It is famous for many outdoor activities that you might find interesting. In addition, you will also be able to experience the beauty of the mild waters of the Pacific Ocean.

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Its green avenues and sidewalk brunch places provide a village culture to people. It encourages a healthy social environment among people from different origins and backgrounds.

2. Colwood

As said by the people living in Canada, Colwood is the perfect place for you to live after your retirement. It is one of the best places on Vancouver Island, providing a safe and healthy environment.

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Some of the facilities that make this place worth living are the various safety measures for the residents, beautiful heritage sites, and a culturally diverse community. It also has a decent population per square foot, which makes it less crowded and one of the most peaceful places to enjoy life after retirement.

It is a favourable place to reside because of its safety measures for residents, beautiful heritage sites and culturally diverse community. It also has a deficient population per square foot, making it a peaceful place to live and enjoy life after retirement.

3. Port Alice And Port Alberni

Port Alice and Port Alberni must be at the top of your list if you’re looking for a cost-effective place. It is one of the cheapest lands on Vancouver Island. The cost of the mortgage, health care, housing and others are very affordable here.

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Besides being cost-effective, these places also provide the best education and healthcare facilities. The universities of these places offer a wide range of courses to choose from.

Apart from that, the effortless access to public amenities makes this place more reliable.

4. Campbell River

Campbell River is a small Vancouver Island town located in the British Columbia province. It is also known as the salmon capital of the world and is rich in natural beauty. It has various snow-covered mountains, which is one of the main attractions of this place.

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The natural beauty of this place is justified by its diverse flora and fauna. Specifically, people enjoy its scenic views with outdoor recreation like hiking and salmon fishing. It has meagre mortgage costs and low unemployment rates, making it one of the favourite destinations for Canadian residents during summers and winters.

5. Langford

Located towards the south of Vancouver Island, Langford is famous for its hospitality and is the best community to live in the country. It is known for its natural parks, wildlife and hiking trails.

The hiking trails of this place are famous among many hikers who enjoy the challenging elevations of various mountains.

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Some of the most liked places, so this region are Thetis Lake, Goldstream Park, Wildplay Victoria, Thetis Lake Regional Parks, Hatley Castle, Westhill Stadium, Mill Hill Park, Mount Finlayson and Mount Wells.

This small town in BC is a place that attracts people to settle in the laps of nature with its affordable and cheap lifestyle-oriented criteria. Mount Finlayson is the best mountain for hiking enthusiasts, with steep heights and perfect rocks to climb high.

With many hiking trails and access to affordable basic amenities, it is regarded as the best place to live by youngsters and many other immigrants. The beautiful sunset with a lake view adds to the beauty quotient of this place.

6. Saanich

Saanich is a place to enjoy life with a perfect view of the mountainous landscape and the Pacific Ocean. It is a town located towards the north of Victoria, a favourite amongst most immigrants due to its job opportunities.

The place has a mild climate with affordable and low mortgage and education costs. It is also a  preferred place to live because of the amazing job opportunities.

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The peninsula of Saanich is one of the most visited sites. This place’s amazing natural beauty and landscape attract more and more tourists yearly. Since it has many job opportunities, many students and job-seekers find this place the best for residing.

7. Cowichan Bay

Cowichan Bay is a perfect town to experience village culture. The place attracts many tourists with its wide distilleries, barns, and agricultural community.

It has a mildly warm environment which is beneficial for the agriculturally suitable atmosphere and encourages the visits of many wines and artisanal food enthusiasts.

It is also one place that excels in the feild of  knitting sweaters. There are a lot of manufacturing industries that make thousands of sweaters every year.

Economic And Job Growth On Vancouver Island

With its varied cultural and economically sound community, Canada sees a growing population of immigrants from all over the world due. Its welcoming community and many job opportunities make Vancouver Island one of the most liked places around the globe.

Most places on Vancouver Island have a cost-effective lifestyle, attracting many immigrants. Apart from being affordable, this place also provides many facilities for its residents.

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According to a Leger survey conducted in 2007, Canada and its provinces saw a massive rise in the analytics and marketing shares with its growing population and economic growth. This is one of the significant factors in deciding on a place that is suitable for living.

Due to its vast landscape and large area per square foot, it requires a large amount of labour, which is why it allows immigrants from around the world to add to its economic growth.

Other Small-Town Areas In British Columbia

Other small towns such as West Kelowna and the Cobble hill area are very safe and affordable to live in for immigrants and also for the residents of Canada. Students from all over the world come to Canada to experience amazing educational facilities at a decent cost.

Situated on the outskirts of British Columbia, these small towns are naturally lush and green and encourage many outdoor activities due to their rich and heavy landscape.

These cities provide immigrants with a good and comforting environment and encourage the growth of an individual financially and mentally.


With its vast and rich cultural diversity, Canada is a welcoming country. Vancouver Island is not just suitable for families but also for people who want to live independently. The place has residents from around the world belonging to different religions and communities. Many sites on this island offer a safe environment for everyone.

Apart from that, most places on this island support a lifestyle like no other place. This explains the rising population of Vancouver Island.

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