Culinary Delights: Discovering 9 Most Amazing Restaurants in Campbell River

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Widely known as the Salmon Capital of The World, Campbell River is located east of Vancouver Island and will provide you with the best of times with its beauty.

You can have a fantastic river view and watch the yachts and boats docked on the shores. And do not forget about the sumptuous delicacies that you can enjoy when you’re in Campbell River.

Campbell River has no shortage of options when it comes to dining out. From fine dining to cozy neighborhood bistros, there’s something for every taste and budget.

Whether you’re a foodie looking for your next culinary adventure or just in search of a great meal, these are some restaurants in Campbell River City that you won’t want to miss when you’re there.

Only the best of the best of Campbell River City is put on the list after careful consideration of the quality, authenticity, interior, outdoor views, and price.

Top 9 Restaurants in Campbell River

1. Quay’s West Kitchen and Catering

Suppose you are searching for a calm, ambient restaurant with a wonderful view of Quadra Island while you enjoy your food.

In that case, Quay’s West has covered you with its waterfront view restaurant Campbell River, which offers great food and excellent service.

Enjoy every bite of the tasty fish and chips and wide varieties of seafood as you look through the window.

Quay’s is very popular for its seafood chowder and fish tacos made daily from fresh ingredients.

Quay’s also makes great pizza and snacks but specializes in clam chowder, fish tacos, and soups. Visit this restaurant day or night; you’ll find it extremely pleasing and set a memory of it as a good place.

The best part about this restaurant is that it keeps developing its dishes with time, as the taste can be improved with time with some additional touches.

Quay’s also does not hesitate to add special dishes to the menu during holidays and weekends, making it a lot more attractive than many other restaurants in Campbell River.

2. Fire Beach Brewing

Screenshot from  Fire Beach Brewing website
Screenshot from Fire Beach Brewing

Enjoying a local beer with great food without hurting your wallet might sound like a very doable plan for many people, and anyone who likes the plan must surely try Fire Beach Brewing.

This is an excellent spot for anyone who wants delicious food with fast service and fantastic drinks to smooth the day.

The interiors are not very modern and flashy, but they could be best described as laid-back, relaxing décor that looks very aesthetic.

Fire Beach Brewing is well known for its craft beers and comforting food that settles quickly on your belly.

Fantastic food and a huge beer menu with some friendly service while you’re out there with your close ones; it sounds like a fantastic outing for once in a while.

3. Anglers Dining Room

The Anglers Dining Room is a fairly new place where fresh seafood is served along with many non-seafood dishes.

The ambiance of this restaurant will surely surprise you as you slowly enter the dark woody cabin to find a calming space with a lot of beauty in furniture and cutlery.

As a recently opened business, Anglers is indeed a small place, but this is another heaven for people who love seafood.

It is a fine spot for a fine dinner with a date or even family if you love the classic look of the interior and awesome seafood.

Screenshot from 
 Dolphins Resort - 
Anglers Dining Room website
Screenshot from Dolphins Resort – Anglers Dining Room

Apart from seafood, Anglers also do a pretty good job on their eggs benedict, which has a name among many a soul.

This restaurant has the interior looks to turn a failed date into a great one, but it indeed comes with a cost.

It might be a little on the high end, but it is undoubtedly a must-visit if you’re in Campbell River City.

4. Beijing House

Feast on fantastic spring rolls with friends at a great downtown place – Beijing House, which offers the best Chinese food.

It is a casual spot where you can visit with friends or family at night for a meal served with fresh ingredients.

Beijing House prioritizes the quality of the food and its taste. They make excellent Lychee chicken and irresistible prawns.

Beijing House is also open for breakfast and has an excellent breakfast menu.

5. White Spot

Originating in 1928, White Spot only offered a few Canadian cuisines. Now, they are one of the best Canadian restaurants in Campbell River, providing all meals, including dinner and brunch.

It offers some delicious seafood chowder for lunch and good coffee for breakfast.

6. Dockside Fish & Chips

Dockside Fish & Chips Campbell River Restaurants | CR Foody Ep3

Soups, chicken, and snacks like pizza and burgers are readily available in Dockside Fish & Chips, undoubtedly the best burger shop in the whole city.

It might be named after its fish and chips, but it will surprise you with the best burger you have ever had.

There are way too many people who have tasted its burger and now drag themselves back to have another bite.

This dockside restaurant will surprise you with its huge menu, as you’ll find only a few personnel working quickly.

The awesome view that you can enjoy some great fish and chips gives it an excellent reason to visit.

7. Royal Aroma

Royal Aroma is a perfect restaurant for some lunch if you haven’t had any breakfast, as it is set to honor you with many courses of food that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Located in Campbell River, British Columbia, this restaurant is the best Indian restaurant in the city.

Screenshot from  Royal Aroma website
Screenshot from Royal Aroma

Locals love this restaurant as Indian cuisine fills their hearts with joy, especially with the famous butter chicken and chicken korma.

This place can also be listed as one of the best in the hospitality industry, as you get delicious food with friendly service in a very casual atmosphere.

Eat your heart out on the curries and garlic naans as every bite hits the spot.

8. Riptide Marine Pub

Riptide does not disappoint the crowd with its seafood, always made from fresh ingredients. The excellent seafood linguine and mussel clams ought to surprise any seafood lover.

This Vancouver Island attraction provides good food and great beer, a perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Enjoy your drink with your friends and family as you gaze at the sights of Vancouver Island.

Screenshot from Riptide Marine Pub website
Screenshot from Riptide Marine Pub

9. Imagine Thai Food

This is one of the busiest restaurants in Campbell River, offering a tremendous Thai food experience.

Famous for its authentic food and excellent service, Imagine Thai Food serves the best green curry in Campbell River City, per many reviews.

Offering quite huge portions of food as well. Imagine providing a healthy and delicious experience you must try out with friends. This location is perfect for a little gathering with close friends.


Campbell River is a great place to enjoy some rare and delicious cuisines. The menu will always make anyone happy as none of the Campbell River restaurants are costly or over the edge.

The best Campbell River restaurants in British Columbia will always be able to provide you with great treats that can be found elsewhere but won’t taste like it.

There also might be a hidden gem or two, but these are the best restaurants in Campbell River based on local and non-residential reviews.

All these restaurants in Campbell River have an excellent reputation for both their food and services, but the main attraction is the Campbell River, and nothing can beat the sights of it in winter.

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