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Best 10 Asian Restaurants Vancouver—You Need To Try

Asian restaurants Vancouver, Given the wide variety of Asian restaurants in Vancouver, you’ll never go hungry.

Canadians are known for their love of options, which is evident in their dining habits. In smoky mashups of (often) fried deliciousness, restaurants in every province of Canada combine ethnicities, food regions, and cultures.

Vancouver’s downtown offers a diverse selection of decades-old, well-known mom-and-pop restaurants, fast food, and trendy new startups. Many delectable Asian eateries can be found here, serving everything from classic favorites to modern fusion.

Making a shortlist is difficult, so Stacker put together a list of Vancouver’s top-rated Asian eateries on Tripadvisor.

There is something for everyone here, regardless of taste or budget. See which Asian restaurants Vancouver has the best reviews by reading on.

1. Miku Asian Restaurants Vancouver

Image by Wow Phochiangrak from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

Miku attracts both residents and visitors. With views of Vancouver Harbor, it might rely only on its attractiveness, but this dependable restaurant instead provides high-quality food without the price shock. The menu boldly displays when a choice has been reviewed by Ocean Wise, a group dedicated to promoting sustainability.

Here, the well-known Japanese culinary canon is expertly combined with aspects of French and Italian cooking. With enhanced sauces, flawless seafood creates mouthwatering dishes. Artistic representations of this sumptuous treat have also been contributed by artists.

Aburi salmon oshi sushi, made with wild sockeye salmon, jalapeno, and their secret sauce, evokes strong feelings in diners. Deeply flavored dishes include pressed, grilled prawns with lime zest and ume sauce, while house-cured mackerel with miso is another standout.

2. Phnom Penh (Asian Restaurants Vancouver)

Diners have been waiting in line to eat at Phnom Penh in Chinatown, the restaurant that often wins honors for “Best South East Asian Restaurant.” Numerous “Best South East Asian Dining” accolades have gone to Phnom Penh. The lunch will be excellent after a lengthy wait. Parties of eight or more only may make reservations.

Phnom Penh wonderfully balances the fresh, sharp, salty, and sour flavors found in traditional Vietnamese food. I’m not sure why it’s so uncommon on Vietnamese menus in North America considering how commonplace it is elsewhere, but that just serves to make it an even rare treat when you do encounter it.”

3. Chef Tony Seafood (Asian Restaurants Vancouver)

Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant
Image by Yenni Vance from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

Vancouver’s Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant, which becomes functional on Jan 28, 2014, is situated in Richmond’s administrative center at Empire Centre Mall, located at 4600 No. 3 Road. The restaurant has 4 opulent VIP rooms, a grand event venue with enough for 16 tables, and gorgeous centerpieces.

“Seafood Restaurant” emptied its doors in the City of Zhongshan at the beginning of 2005. The eatery has developed itself as a market leader only three years after its establishment.

The most prominent state guesthouse in China selected Yi Dong Seafood Restaurant as an apprenticeship facility for its cooks in June and July 2006.

4.  Maenam Restaurants Vancouver

Since it first opened its doors in 2009, Maenam has established itself as Vancouver’s go-to destination for outstanding Thai food. This kitchen produces vivacious, evocative cuisine with strong tastes and a focus on authenticity.

Premium local ingredients, such as in-season vegetables and immaculate fish taken in nearby waterways, give traditional recipes a local flair. The look of the dishes may be simple, but their refined, laser-focused tastes are anything but.

Skilled use of aromatics and well-balanced flavors allows common foods like hot and sour soup or Panang curry to reach astonishing heights. Plates are best for sharing in large groups, but for smaller gatherings, a family-style tasting menu offers the meal’s highlights.

5. Chau Veggie Express (East Vancouver)

Image by RitaE from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

Vietnamese vegetarian and vegan cuisine is offered by this family-owned establishment. It’s a local favorite since there are so many delectable items to choose from here when it comes to flavor.

Although many people find it difficult to prepare Vietnamese cuisine without fish sauce, owner Maria and her mother have developed a delicious alternative that doesn’t sacrifice taste.

The menu offers a wide variety of wholesome and delicious alternatives, from crisp salad rolls to warm, comforting bowls of noodles and soup. Although each meal speaks for itself, the affordable rates and generous amounts make the experience much better. Keep space for their dessert, since we’re on the subject of sweetness.

The bar of chocolate and peanut butter is extremely delicious. Another essential is the coconut shake.

6. Sura Korean Royal Cuisine

The Joseon Dynasty, which governed Korea from 1392 to 1910, was known for its customary consumption of Korean royal court food, a kind of Korean cooking. In the twenty-first century, this cooking technique has seen a comeback. According to tradition, twelve meals should be provided, with the majority being presented in (bronzeware).

The royal palace’s cuisine was a reflection of the Korean peninsula’s previous monarchs’ opulence. A man-made lake (Anapji Lake, in Gyeongju) was built with numerous pavilions and halls for the sole purpose of lavish banquets, and a spring-fed channel, Poseokjeong, was built for the sole purpose of keeping wine cups afloat while writing poems.

These examples demonstrate the opulent nature of royalty as far back as the Silla kingdom. The food, which served as a showcase, took influences from all of the peninsula’s kingdoms and neighboring nations, reflecting their regionalism.

The best regional treats were supplied to the palace by the royal family. Even while there are accounts of banquets that took place before the Joseon era, the bulk of these documents simply lists the wide range of dishes that were served. Unlike a commoner’s dinner, the meals prepared for the royal family were not seasonal.

Rather, they fluctuated greatly from day to day. Each month, the governors of the eight provinces brought ingredients to the royal palace to represent their respective regions. As a result, the chefs had access to a vast variety of foodstuffs for royal feasts.

7. Kirin Mandarin Restaurant

Image by Jason Goh from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

Cuisine enthusiasts both domestically and abroad have a reputation for Kirin for offering its patrons a first-class dining experience, including top-notch food that has been painstakingly prepared, matched by unmatched service, and served in a welcoming environment.

It is highly recognized for its preparation of seafood in both conventional and unusual ways. It specializes in both Northern Chinese and Cantonese dishes.

Kirin has always worked hard to grow its customer base throughout the years. State heads, legislators, employees of foreign consulate generals, top executives of major multinational organizations, and celebrities like actors and athletes with world-class reputations are among them.

The government of British Columbia recognized Kirin’s contribution to the province’s economic diversification in 1991 by awarding it the Certificate of Entrepreneurial Achievement, which was a fair recompense for its efforts.

It is moreover the winner of multiple accolades as the “Best Chinese Restaurant” from several prominent culinary reviewers

8. Dynasty Seafood Restaurant

The largest restaurant in Papua New Guinea serving delicious, inexpensive Chinese cuisine and delectable dim sum is called Dynasty Seafood Restaurant in Vision City. We can provide catering for parties with more than 500 people.

Over lunch and dinner, private rooms are accessible for any special event or business gathering. Without sacrificing the quality of the food and service, we design meals that cater to your demands and meet your budget.

The restaurant is directly accessible from the parking lot via a lift. Contact us right away if you have any inquiries that need rapid help or for your worry-free occasions.

9. PiDGiN Restaurant

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

There are several factors, like PiDGin, that contribute to Vancouver’s reputation as a culinary mecca. A city-chic vibe is formed inside by stimulating local artists’ works, mellow industrial lighting, and wood banquettes.

Since he has been in charge here for a few years, chef Wesley Young has developed a unique cuisine. He’s playful, even irreverent, and it’s obvious he enjoys taking guests by surprise with unlikely pairings that not only taste great but also amazing.

Every night, specialties are served, including Korean rice cakes cooked in an umami-rich gochujang “bolognese” with crisp, spicy hazelnuts. Other delicacies include crisp taro root chips, tangy ikura, and cool tuna tartare with nori puree.

10. Dinesty Dumpling House

Some of the top restaurants in the world may be found on Robson Street, the busiest and most upscale retail district in Vancouver. This well-known boulevard is home to a wide variety of excellent restaurants serving food from all over the globe, including the Pacific Northwest, Europe, and Asia.

The window for our international branding is Dinesty Vancouver Robson, which opened in the winter of 2013 on the western end of the well-known Robson Street.

This creative downtown restaurant offers an engaging street window show of live dumpling production in addition to our classic interior open-kitchen window display, adding even another standout element to the vibrant street scene.

To appeal to a larger variety of tasters from many races and cultures, Dinesty Vancouver Robson also created a piece of our current “Richmond” menu.


You are in Vancouver, British Columbia, and you are starving. The aromas of spices and chilies as you stroll through the city center jolt your memory of your favorite dishes.

Because the people of Vancouver come from all across Asia, the city’s diverse cultural landscape is infused with the relaxed vibe of the region.

A Japanese izakaya adjacent to a Korean market and around the corner from an Indian take-out joint is likely to be found if you stroll a block through the city center. Within municipal boundaries, there is an abundance of different tastes.

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