Best 7 Asian Restaurants Vancouver—You Need To Try

Asian restaurants Vancouver, You’ll never get hungry in Vancouver since there are so many Asian eateries to pick from.

Traditional cuisines may be found in a variety of settings, ranging from little hole-in-the-wall eateries to sophisticated restaurants that put a modern spin on the classics.

The Asian community in st Vancouver bc is fairly significant. As a result, residents of Vancouver have access to a varied range of best Asian food eateries that go far beyond traditional Chinese cuisine, in Chinese restaurants.

The top Asian food eateries in Greater Vancouver are not far away for visitors and locals. While there are several best Asian food places,

These 7 eateries are only a sampling of what is available in Vancouver, but they’ll get you started. This list concentrates on eateries in the city’s heart, but if you’re ready to go, you must explore Richmond’s offerings.

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1. Asian Restaurants Vancouver

Miku Restaurant

Miku restaurant has a reputation in st Vancouver bc for offering some of the city’s fabulous dining experiences for the best Japanese restaurants. An order of Miku’s Aburi sushi is a must-do when visiting the restaurant.

The Ebi Oshi and salmon Oshi are both delicious! The charcoal flame adds a touch of flavor without detracting from the freshness of the fish. Miku offers a delectable variety of roles that make use of the greatest cuts of fish.

While the sushi is fantastic in a Japanese restaurant, there is plenty more perfect food on the menu that you must try. Do you want to try something new?

Choose from the kaiseki menu and let the chef construct a one-of-a-kind dish for you. Miku’s position simply adds to the fun.

The magnificent dining area with views of Canada Place’s white sails and the North Shore mountains will delight diners.

Recommended for Asian restaurants Vancouver because—Order Miku Restaurant’s kaiseki and let the chef arrange a memorable dinner for you at very affordable prices.

Insider tip: Miku is open for lunch and supper, so you can have a delicious perfect food meal at any time of day.

2. Asian Restaurants Vancouver

Phnom Penh

Before we go into depth, we must warn you that Phnom Penh has the potential to become a severe addiction.

Locals and foreigners alike are queuing up to buy Cambodian and top-notch Vietnamese food items in Phnom Penh now that the secret is out.

This restaurant is located on Vancouver’s East Side, and the line-up on any given day demonstrates its popularity. Deep-fried best chicken wings are a work of art.

The wings are kept juicy by the light and crispy batter, which is enhanced by the sautéed garlic and green onions. We defy you to eat just one after dipping it in the lemon-pepper sauce.

Thinly sliced medium-rare beef is covered with a balance of cilantro, brown garlic, and Phnom Pehn’s distinctive sauce in the marinated butter beef dish.

It’s delicious, delicate, and tangy! There is much other great food in Phnom Penh that you should try!

Recommended for mouthwatering foods—The menu in Phnom Penh is plenty of delectable dishes, but the butter chicken and deep-fried best chicken wings are must-orders.

Insider tip: Avoid the rush by going at off-peak hours.

Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant
Image by Yenni Vance from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

3. Asian Restaurants Vancouver

Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant

In Vancouver, there are various Asian eateries where you may have dim sum. However, if you want to try some of the best dim sums in the Greater Vancouver area, head to Richmond and visit Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant.

Chef Tony, the winner of the Diner’s Choice “Best Dim Sum” award in 2019, provides a delectable selection of delicacies.

Pan-fried pork pandan buns, pan-fried taro, dried noodlefish cakes, and pan-fried taro and dried noodlefish cakes are all must-orders.

The bitter gourd and chicken shred rice bowls noodles pair well with the egg white custard tarts and chilled coconut juice dessert.

complete your dim sum experience, get steamed buns filled with salty egg yolk lava and flaky almond meat loaf sticks.

The supper menu, created by Chef Tony, is just as delectable. The stir-fried lobster with eggplant is one of Chef Tony’s most famous specialty dishes, and it’s delectable.

Chef Tony Seafood Restaurant was also selected “Best Cantonese Restaurant” in 2019. Try the grilled duck, wagyu beef, or baked lamb belly to find out for yourself why. Without a question, Chef Tony is one of Vancouver’s greatest Asian restaurants.

4. Asian Restaurants Vancouver


Maenam has long been a favorite with locals for a variety of reasons. To begin with, the cuisine is outstanding.

Second, the ambiance is appropriate for every occasion, from a romantic night to an evening with friends. Finally, the drink menu is spot on, with various flavors that include undertones of spice, sweetness, and sourness, depending on which one you order.

On the menu, you’ll discover staples like sweet and sour tom kAA soup, curries, and great Thai food (delicious vegan miso ramen option), as well as lesser-known delicacies like yum Plah Meuk Mauang Kwio, a lovely banana flower salad.

Whenever it comes to great Thai food, Maenam is on the pricey side, but it’s well worth it with fantastic service.

Recommended for Asian restaurants Vancouver because—If you’re hungry, try the chef-tasting menu at Maenam. It’s the ideal way to sample a wide range of menu items.

Insider tip: They have delectable non-alcoholic mocktails that are the ideal complement to a spicy dinner.

Image by RitaE from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

5. Asian Restaurants Vancouver

Chau Veggie Express (East Vancouver)

This vegetarian and vegan Vietnamese restaurant is managed by a family. It’s a local favorite since there’s no scarcity of wonderful items to eat here when it comes to flavor.

You may assume that making top-notch Vietnamese food without fish sauce is difficult (and it is for some), but owner Maria and her mother have come up with a delicious replacement that doesn’t sacrifice taste.

The menu offers a variety of healthy and fulfilling alternatives, ranging from fresh salad wraps to warm, comforting bowls of noodles and soup.

Each meal speaks for itself, but the affordable rates and generous amounts make the experience much better. If you’re looking for something sweet, save space for their desserts!

Suggested for delicious Asian delights because—The golden temple soup from CHAU Veggie & delicious vegan miso ramen express is not only tasty but it’s also packed with healthy ingredients like turmeric and plenty of vegetables.

Asian restaurants Vancouver: provide gluten-free, vegan, onion-free, and garlic-free alternatives, according to Expert advice.

6. Asian Restaurants Vancouver

Sura Korean Royal Cuisine

When you visit Sura Korean Royal Cuisine, be sure to bring your hunger. Sura, one of the most prominent Asian restaurants in the region, is located on Robson Street in the center of downtown Vancouver.

Sura Korean Royal Cuisine has won several eating accolades since it first opened its doors in 2008. Sura is one of Vancouver’s best and most cheaply priced Asian food restaurants, thanks to its welcoming ambiance, fantastic service, and delectable meals.

Come in the afternoon for anything from the lunch menu, or come later in the day for a memorable supper. Start with goon mandu, tofu salad, or organic edamame as a starter.

The chef’s specialty includes steamed kimchi and Sura’s soft pork belly, as well as seasoned grilled chicken thighs in ginseng sauce, which will make your taste buds burst.

Great wine or one of the various Korean spirits and cocktails will undoubtedly complement your wonderful meal.

Image by Jason Goh from Pixabay /Copyright 2022

7. Asian Restaurants Vancouver

Kirin Mandarin Restaurant

Kirin Restaurant has been in business since 1987 and has four locations across the Vancouver region. The menu, which is known for its best authentic northern Chinese food, is extensive.

Diners may even choose some of their seafood from a live tank at this award-winning restaurant, which employs very fresh produce. Kirin has a more traditional fabulous dining experience, with white tablecloths and big spaces.

Although the restaurant is open seven days a week, Sunday is the busiest day for dim sum. Because there are so many options of best Chinese food, it’s preferable to attend with a bigger group so you can sample more of the menus.

Recommended for delicious Asian delights because—Sunday dim sum is a must-visit. Don’t be shocked if there’s a line; it’s a popular location.

Expert advice for Asian restaurants Vancouver: Whether you’re fresh to dim sum, don’t be embarrassed to ask the servers for some assistance.


In Asian restaurants Vancouver, there are plenty of Asian restaurants to choose from, so you’ll never be hungry. Traditional foods are offered in a variety of settings, ranging from modest hole-in-the-wall eateries to contemporary establishments that put a modern spin on the classics.

It currently has several locations in both Vancouver and Toronto. With its great food and reasonable prices, this traditional Asian food keeps customers coming back for even more. It’s a great place to go along with friends, drink a pitcher, and try a little bit of everything on the menu.

Although the origins of the best Asian hot and delicious food in st Vancouver bc go back over a century, there is no doubting that Canada’s gorgeous city by the bay is presently experiencing a modern-day culinary moment with delicious food.

From delectable dumplings to fresh seafood, sample the greatest eateries in Vancouver.

Vancouver’s population is incredibly varied, and that diversity is reflected in the city’s restaurants, which include a plethora of outstanding Indian, most delectable Japanese food, and best Chinese food eateries, as well as a healthy dose of French influence.


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