Top 10 Restaurants in Vancouver

top 10 restaurants in vancouver
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Majestically situated where the mountains meet the sea, Vancouver is a beautiful city bordering the Pacific Ocean and is the third-largest city in Canada in terms of population. There are people of different nationalities, linguistic backgrounds, religions, and orientations. The mountains, the ocean, the beaches- it’s all here.

Aside from the beautiful nature, Vancouver also offers some lovely restaurants with unique and innovative tastes, so your tummy should also enjoy it while you are enjoying this city. Doughnuts are as iconic as the mountains in Vancouver! With Vancouver’s huge Japanese influence, fusion hot dogs are a specialty. Some of the best oysters in the world are from right here! Already drooling…? Let us present to you the 10 best restaurants in Vancouver-

1. L’Abattoir

French-influenced West Coast fare in the heart of Vancouver’s Gastown, L’Abattoir, shares a rich history. The restaurant is a renovated 19th-century building based on Vancouver’s first jail site. It is an inspiration because of the location, first and foremost based on the historical value behind Blood Alley.

L’Abttoir is perfect in terms of both exterior and interior experience. Their interior is bright and trendy, with beautiful mosaic tiles and bricks, while the body looks classy. The main dining room adds more to the restaurant.

They offer a nice variety of delicious food. Top quality with tasty French culinary delight. Beautifully refined dishes in an elegant setting. An electric wine program and innovative cocktail list. Distinctive and persistent feeding expertise.


Parfait of beetroot and sturgeon caviar, Steak tartare and bluefin Orton, Terrine of duck foie gras, baked pacific oyster, steamed fillet of wild pacific halibut, barbecued quail and grilled foie gras, Slice of roast peace country lamb rack, caramelized apple sorbet, tropézienne, millionaire’s shortbread are most liked dishes.

2. Blue Water Cafe

Blue Water Cafe, this beautiful restaurant, is all about serenity, freshness, & lights. They have added classic furniture to contrast this place’s character.

Blue Water Cafe is in Yaletown, specifically the warehouse conversion building. Yaletown used to be a warehouse district, but now it’s a trendy place for young professionals to live, full of restaurants and bars.

A little olive tone that serves everything. Blue Water Cafe is a seafood restaurant. Baked Pacific oysters do best. The beer-battered halloumi blows your mind, so you must try it. British Columbia seafood is the best dinner.

top 10 restaurants in vancouver
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Dining experience

They offer the finest and freshest seafood available on the West Coast. This restaurant is a beautifully converted warehouse with lots of brick and beams, so it has this wonderful warm feeling. Best defined as a cosy restaurant. They have everything served family style.

What makes it unique is the split menu; on one side, the restaurant has a raw bar serving a sushi-style menu. On the other side, they have our more Western-influenced kitchen. It isn’t just a namesake restaurant but one of the finest restaurants in Vancouver.

It is always cool to see because of the chefs working, pouring into the one out of this cool-looking scientific beaker. Walking through the narrow, crooked colourful streets and enjoying good food is all that experience you need.

Seafood Platter

And here is the star of the show. The seafood platter which you get will be so good. Marinated butter beef is special among all.

If you like seafood or raw oysters, I highly recommend this dish. And I just thought that the decor was cute because it kind of mimics the shells of the oysters and gives off the vibe of the seafood they serve. Fresh ingredients, fresh oysters. Chop house-made pasta. Visiting Vancouver, this is a must-try restaurant. You can enjoy it to the fullest.

3. Bao Bei

Bao Bei serves classic dishes, best for going out for a casual dinner. This modern Chinese restaurant uniquely serves its menu with sharing plates. Their dining rooms are elegant and complete. Their meaty fillings are so damn good. Chinese food is a must-try here.

Trying to scalp yellow chive, they put a few native plants in it, so they have a bit of stinging nettle. It had a great vibe to enjoy in it. Their food shares origins with the traditional cooking practices followed in East Asia.

Fat Mao Noodles by Chef Angus An tastes delicious. It is counted among the most stylish restaurants in Vancouver. Chef Joël Watanabe’s roots are half Japanese and half Corsican-Italian and Quebecois.


Shan tofu this dish was born out of the idea that the chef wanted to put something vegetarian out. So, he tried to put something together that was, of course, Asian but simultaneously fun and different for people. They were going into more of the spring soft, the radishes, the little chutes, the lettuces. So this is a new rendition that is not vegetarian.

The evolution of food is tied directly to the freedom of being able to cook whatever we want. The more I read about food history or, you know, what I like to call the anthropology of food, the more that kind of allows you to have an excuse to say.

4. Hawksworth restaurant

Located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. One of the most expensive and fanciest restaurants. David Hawksworth’s contemporary Canadian cuisine is well-presented and delicious food with exuberant flavour. Exceptional with amazing wines and drinks, one of the best restaurants in Vancouver. You can try Oyster bar instead.

More oriented to the Contemporary side, The Hawksworth restaurant offers an amazing menu. The dining room is well-made. One of Vancouver’s most busy restaurants. The decor and impeccable service are just amazing.

They have done their best part when it comes to contemporary interior design. The modern dining room is super cool, and each room differs in theme.

The concept of this menu is structured geographically, moving around different regions of Western Canada to showcase products grown nearby. One of the award-winning restaurants in Canada.

top 10 restaurants in vancouver
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Dining experience

A refreshing first dish of Dungeness crab with hibiscus and elderflower. Not too much to overpower the shellfish. Dungeness crab is always down in Seattle, and one can enjoy the flavours from this presentation.

Next is a dish from the forest, a few different kinds of mushrooms, and a fresh dollop of seasoned crumb, hugged by a tender ramp watercress. Leaves on top to garnish if you can make the right proportion bite on your fork.

The work was well worth it. Next up to pair a taste of Macintyre Astra from 2016, Awesome crisp and clean Chardonnay with some barrel fermentation made it way more interesting than something hanging out in stainless steel.

Halibut course Elegantly presented in two servings on the top level, a chip of the skin dotted with black garlic and a little bit of herb and flower garnish underneath is a smoked fillet wrapped in seaweed, garnished with sea lettuce and sea asparagus. And they’re pouring over yuzu dashi right now. Refined showcase of awesome ocean products and stellar techniques in cooking. Lunch features vary accordingly.


The Fish Bread Service, three kinds of bread with cultured butter and olive oil, hydration on this bread, in particular, was great. Massive blended red grapes from the Okanagan Valley that the restaurant helps produce. Next up, a wonderful dish for spring suckling pig served with radish, carrot, and Mead.

The skin is artfully rendered here, and even though the garnish is sweet, there was enough fat and acid to ensure that the sweetness wasn’t too overpowering.

The classic combo here of spring lamb with peas, morels, and mint, but presented with a bit of a twist. Your saddle is cut in the bowl that’s garnished on its own, but off to the side, a glazed rib from the lamb, topped with herbs to eat. It is located in Vancouver’s west end.

5. Water Street Cafe

Water Street Cafe is commonly acknowledged as the best Mediterranean restaurant in Canada. Referred to as Cuisine, Natural Pino uses only the freshest ingredients and prepares them in ways that allow their strong natural flavours to emerge. The restaurant is perhaps most famous for its sumptuous pasta dishes.

It provides traditional Italian food. The most popular dish is pork belly. It is a family-style restaurant in Vancouver. Chefs cook with French techniques. There’s a lounge area, outdoor patio, private dining room, and full-service sushi bar.


Their wonderful-looking dishes also taste very nice, so we love the elegance. They do not serve an overly complicated dish, but a delicious and nice clean presentation. Again, clean plate, not extremely complex, but delicious in terms of the flavours. Starter the lightly smoked trout with red pepper from a rectory and cram it fresh.

I liked that it focused on flavours, simple presentation, and few pretences. It’s just simple, focused cooking that is just delightful and enough. Then you won’t get overly full, but also you’re not hungry.

Rabbit and mustard sauce with Snooki and the Parisian carrots and gem lettuce. One can see the presentation and the carefulness of the dish. Shrimp dumplings add extra flavour to the appearance. The marinated butter beef is pin-seared and cooked perfectly with luscious garlic herbs and butter sauce.

Albacore Tuna Crudo- the perfect dish!

Crudos is a well-balanced dish; it’s got sweet, salty, a little crunch, and some perfect from this fish. This dish plays every note in the symphony. Generally, more seafood focuses on words, especially eggplant, which feels like southern Italian.

Southern Italy is all about great seafood. Albacore, which is very soft, slices a little bit thicker. Next, they sprinkle toasted bread crumbs for the flavour. It gives it that little extra crunch. Some scallions to do a light chiffon. Torn fresh basil leaves on the top.

6. Northern Cafe and Grill

Visitors say it is a paradise on a plate. This place has a chessboard-patterned floor and a really low ceiling, and once you get in here, it is amazing. This place has character, and the food is fantastic. It is one of the best restaurants in Vancouver, with great food and friendly services.

Northern Cafe and Grill was forced to adapt and change when the pandemic struck. Like other restaurants around Vancouver, the thing was shut down for about a month.

They make it all from scratch: no powders, mixers, prepackaged, freezer, or microwave. Everything is fresh. Free of the pretentious attitude symptomatic of so many upscale restaurants in Vancouver.


A few years ago, a national reporter wrote a piece denouncing the tired and quotidian articles featuring the best of something. He decided that the journey to the other end of the spectrum would be much more interesting.

He set out to find Canada’s most ancient rundown restaurant and eat at hundreds of places across our great country, and in the end, one place stood out from all the rest. When he arrived at Cooper’s Northern Cafe, we found a 65-year-old eatery with something similar and unique. He was surprised to see a mouthful owner named Jimmy.

7. Western Lake Chinese Seafood

Dim sum is a small Chinese dish enjoyed at brunch, and if you are in Vancouver and like Dimsums, then you can’t miss out on the Western Lake Chinese Seafood restaurant.

Western lake delivers solid cuisine expertise with tons on the menu. The prices are fair and affordable. Good quality food and giant portion size served fresh steaming hot. Good and friendly service. It is located on Victoria Dr and is a very popular restaurant.


Timings may vary, but the Western Lake Chinese Seafood Restaurant normally opens by 9:30 a.m. The dinner is served first at 3 PM and again at 5:00 PM but with fewer people. It is less crowded before 11: 00 a.m., so if you want a calm and quiet ambience, you may check out that. Furthermore, Tuesdays are closed days.

Sustainable seafood is provided, and it is best in West Coast seafood. The buttermilk fried chicken is a must. Yum Cha means drinking tea along with eating food. They originated from teahouse cultures in China and Hong Kong. The downtown location is close for people to come along.

Mustard and the hot sauce give them some more flavour. Italian cuisine is the main of everything. Rice bowls and chicken wings are recommended here. This restaurant offers weekend brushes and weekday lunches. The classic steakhouse cocktail menu includes steamed artichoke, wedge salad, classic cuts of beef, and many more.

8. Mr Red Cafe

Mr Red Cafe, Vancouver restaurant has red walls. It seems a staple, but several lush green tropical plants also contrast it. It first opened in 2014. It was located across the street before, then moved to the side of the road.

The food here looks amazing, and this is one of the many things that Mr Red Cafe offers to almost anybody who comes in. They started to serve people Authentic Vietnamese cuisine, hoping it could bring Vietnamese food culture and connect between Hanoi and Vancouver.

The tasting menu in the excellent restaurant excites you the most. The meaty filling will turn you crazy. It has a fine dining one-can experience too. Many well-known Vietnamese foods, such as pho, Banh xeo, and banh cuon, originated in the Northern religions of Vietnam.

Must try Cuisines

Jasmine’s tea

This special edition has a need, but if you’re a vegetarian, they have a full line of offerings. Anytime you get a chance, ensure you get a shot of Jasmine’s tea. It’s a life-giving elixir that takes a look around in every direction. So let’s look forward to seeing it.

Bun Cha

Bun Cha is cooked with Northern Vietnamese flavour. The pork belly and meatballs are soaked with secret ingredients, then grilled and dipped in a special sauce. The special sauce includes fish, sugar, lime, vinegar, water, minced garlic, and chilli. Adding a bit of some other special sauce, the little piece of fatty meat is very juicy.

Banh Xeo

Banh Xeo, a signature dish in Vietnam, is also called the happy Vietnamese pancake. The thin rice batter poured right into a warm skillet makes these pancakes so good, much like whilst making a French crepe. They are also filled with many flavoursome ingredients. They prepare dinner till one facet of the pancake is excellent and crispy.

Suppose your point is going to be something new and something different. Make sure you visit Mr Red Cafe the first chance you get before the bottom. It has the finest fried chicken. Stylish dining room with great ambience. Sustainable ingredients are served best.

top 10 restaurants in vancouver
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9. Ancora waterfront dining

Ancora Waterfront Dining and Patio is a decent restaurant in West Vancouver. A unique chandelier with an open kitchen, beautiful decor, and a bar underneath. Unobstructed view of Granville island, people walk past all the time, and the party is always available, even in the winter at sunny times.

A Fusion of Peruvian and Japanese food, called Nikkei, mainly focuses on seafood, so it’s good for sunny days and summertime. And the food’s delicious here. Having an amazing patio outside.

They have a sham pain and cover also. Yes, every Wednesday, they do northern Divine caviar 30 grams with a bottle of Laurent Perrier Champagne for $200.00 all day. So that’s every Wednesday at the moment.

Every day from 2:30 to 5:00, They offer great cocktails and food options. It includes a private dining room as well. So must give it a try between 2:30 and 5:00 every day.


Deep fried chicken wings, seafood tower, and whatnot. Perfect place to spend time. Definitely a good idea to treat yourself if you’re in the mood for that. Northern Divine Caviar is a beautiful sturgeon caviar that is sustainable, and it’s so delicious. Traditional Peruvian flavours.

They also serve creative cocktails, steak frites, French cuisine, and Italian cuisine. Costa is a Peruvian dish with spiced Yukon gold potatoes and Dungeness crab. Try to save room for caramel with hot chocolate.

10. St. Lawrence restaurant

Saint Lawrence Restaurant, one of the things people love about them is they always are innovative, and every time you go back, it’s a different meal. They now have a 7-course meal, but only $85 worth per represents a great value.

Most of the add-on dishes are not bite-sized things, but it’s nice, and it’s nice that they’ve kept the price reasonable. So the start-up with this button and this button with house honey, Rosemary, and smoked salt. A pretty nice way to start the night and prepare your palette for the rest.

top 10 restaurants in vancouver
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Delicious food

They do have add-ons that you can order. They also serve a dish called Ariel. Decreased with fried pork, grinds with Maple and until spices for $11.00. It’s a cute, playful dish, and the pork grinds are great. They’re delicious.

They’re exceptional even for people who are not normally into pork grind rides. They’ve got a little bit of meat, and so it’s that sweetness. So it’s really neat.

Then another brush that they give you with the fracas custard. Maple bread, crumbs, and pepper. No bite size. That’s sufficient.

It’s quite heavy, and it’s beautiful, it’s very intense, it’s very rich. So I’m not sure if you want one person to eat. So just a little bite to tingle your top away, and it’s a nice touch. North Shore mountains add up to a little also.


What else is happiness? Spending kaleidoscopic sunsets, gorging continental food in a good Vancouver restaurant with loved ones. Isn’t it? We only live once. Take vacations, and never miss out on the experiences, memories, and moments that define us. Explore, eat, enjoy, make memories, share your expertise, spread happiness, and hold your smile

Every journey has its traveller, have quality time by trying adventures. Spend more time together, and most of all, have fun.

So, with this, we conclude our article on the top restaurants in Vancouver. Hope you like it. And also, don’t forget to give your valuable suggestions and opinions about this article.

Signing off…