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There are plenty of the classiest coffee shops in downtown Vancouver, which are literally a few of the best ones in Vancouver. From expensive coffee shops to simple and home-like coffee shops, there is a place for every caffeine addict.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself lost among the delicious coffee styles from expresso to a latte while passing by the downtown Vancouver coffee shops. Some of these coffee shops hold a number of flavours and other stores focus on having coffee-tasting sessions.

To be precise, the coffee shops in downtown Vancouver are some of the best coffee shops you can discover in Canada since they’ve every coffee shop tailored for every kind of coffee lover.

So, without further ado, today we’ll present you with a few of the best coffee shops in Vancouver downtown so that you can enjoy a smooth coffee time without much roaming down the Vancouver streets.

While a few of them are reputable, others can be underrated but hidden gems. Either way, this list consists of the best coffee shops in downtown Vancouver, which are both top-notch as well as affordable.

1. Coffee Shops in Downtown Vancouver

1.1 Cafe Portrait

If you’re looking for a delicious cup of amazing coffee, this coffee shop is among the best ones in the bunch. Renowned for its special traditional Turkish coffee brewed, this particular coffee shop slowly climbed up to immense fame.

Situated in the West End Area, this coffee shop is the ideal spot for those people who are art fanatics. If you’re a hardcore art lover, the vibrancy and stylish ambiance of this coffee shop will certainly attract you.

Being among the best coffee shops in downtown Vancouver, they are famous for their Turkish-brewed coffee that is served on hot sand, a tradition that has been continuing for the last 100 years of coffee.

coffee shops in downtown Vancouver
Image from Cafe Portrait

You can also learn a lot about the coffee roasters and their historical stories through artistic portraits and hints engraved within the corners of the coffee shop. A few of the favourite sweet items are stuffed pastries, and a fried egg skillet if you’re craving a savory bite.

The art that is portrayed in the coffee shops is actually created by the owner’s father, which is simply interesting. A perfect spot to enjoy a great coffee while sitting back and leisurely having a perfect moody snack, like Shakshuka, and maybe even lunch sandwiches.

Either, the coffee shops are really inspiring for artistic souls who are seeking a good cup of specialty coffee along with the presence of art. No wonder that is has topped all the other coffee shops in downtown Vancouver.

1.2 Nemesis Coffee

Another one of the best coffee shops in downtown Vancouver, whose quality, atmosphere, and design, everything about it is top-notch. If you’re looking for a successful coffee shop that has been booming ever since it joined the Vancouver coffee scene, this is the one.

Not only does Nemesis coffee shop is impeccable with its service and hospitality, but it is also very responsible about the coffee and delicious treats they serve.

With a catchy wooden interior design and an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere, you can tell that they are serious about their job. In the Metro Vancouver area, Nemesis already has three locations, since it is so popular.

With a light snack and a great caffeine fix, what else can you need when you’ve arrived at Nemesis? Because they’ll provide you with every amenity, from sparkling water to savoury sandwiches, and from Tirami Croissant to delicious French toast.

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There are a ton of food options, whether it is for desserts like chocolate cookies, baked goods, or just specialty coffee from coffee roasters, this coffee shop has got you covered in all aspects.

Among their three locations, which are GNW, Polygon, and Gastown, you will find the GNW café exterior the most unique with a red building shape, you’ve never witnessed before. However, all the branches are filled with the same high-class quality food and coffee.

Expect a marvellous cappuccino or a filter coffee along with a delish brunch menu, if you’re stopping by this exquisite coffee shop on Hastings Street. Ever since its establishment in 2017, Nemesis has remained the top among the coffee shops in downtown Vancouver.

1.3 Prototype Coffee

When it comes to the best coffee shops in downtown Vancouver, this coffee shop will definitely have your mind blown every time you visit them. Never compromising on quality, Prototype is an industrial-themed coffee shop that gives off the vibes of a science lab.

Along with a large list of different coffees, you’ll be confused just as much as anyone else there, because every coffee they have, is top-notch and unique. They roast their own beans behind the counter, which is unlike a traditional coffee shop.

The cafe is stuffed with great coffee roasters and a lovely snacks menu, which will complete your taste buds’ needs alongside their coffee. If you’re unable to choose the right coffee, there’s also an amicable team who are exclusively there to help you find your coffee match.

Prototype Coffee Review (Vancouver, BC)- Washed Mexico Candelaria Loxicha

Situated on Hastings St, this place is undoubtedly one of the best coffee shops in Vancouver, because of its exquisite interior design style of minimalist. Starting from the seats to the coffee mugs, the theme is dark-hued greenery.

Along with their wide range of coffee roasters, they also specialize in delicious waffles. They have various flavours of waffles, which you cannot get enough of. So, if you’re a sweet tooth as well alongside your coffee craze, Prototype has to be on your bucket list.

To be precise, Prototype is an espresso bar and also a micro-roastery that has expertise in making unique coffee, even though it has just been newly added to the Vancouver coffee scene.

You can also order ahead, through their website, if you’re in a hurry or want to grab a stimulating coffee real quick, in the morning. All these aspects combined, no wonder Prototype has made it to the list of the best coffee shops in downtown Vancouver.

1.4 Pallet Coffee Roasters

Being one of the oldest and best coffee shops in downtown Vancouver, this exquisite café is the epitome of a modern-day coffee shop in Vancouver. With a total of seven locations strewn along the entire Vancouver city, this shop has certainly achieved success.

From roasting their own beans to being the coffee source of different bars and restaurants, Pallet has become a top-notch coffee brand for the local Vancouver people. Their interior finishing is gorgeous with a wide space and wooden finishing.

All of their branches are exquisite and visually a feast, so no wonder it has become this famous along with its diverse makings in their branded coffee. Their main headquarters and roastery are actually situated in Railroad, Vancouver.

The aim of this coffee shop is to extract every last flavour from the coffee beans, which is what makes their coffee so excellent and addicting with its fresh bitter aroma. Even if you’re not a coffee fan, just being in here will make you thrilled enough to try their delicious coffee.

Apart from making exquisite coffee drinks, they also have a great food menu, which consists of both light and heavy snacks. A few of them are Ham and Cream Cheese Croissant, Cajun Chicken Sandwiches, and Mushroom Toast.

Except for a ton of espresso coffee drinks, they also have other beverages for the drill – London Fog, Hot Chocolate, and Macha Latte. Either way. whether is food or drinks, Pallet Coffee Roasters has conquered a major part of Vancouver BC, with its unwavering quality and service as a café.

With 7 locations at hand, it is certainly among the most unique coffee shops in downtown Vancouver, which can also be a great spot for grabbing a coffee with your friends or colleagues after work.

1.5 Aperture Coffee

Situated on Main Street in Vancouver, Aperture Coffee Bar is one of the most quality coffee shops in downtown Vancouver, which is also really underrated than the other ones mentioned. If you’re a minimalist fan who loves jazz and motorcycles, Aperture is your go-to coffee shop.

With a cosy and warm atmosphere, you can sit and chill in this wonderful home-like coffee bar without asking for much. With a sip of traditional coffee, you can also enjoy the fantastic view of the walls and nature-related portraits, which is just calming for your mind.

They have two locations – one on Broadway street and another on Main street. The main street location has a special feature added to it. There is also a boozy bar created for adults who are willing to take their coffee evening to a party night with cocktails.

With a breakfast and lunch menu, they also have a tea menu alongside. Not many coffee shops have the flexibility of adding a tea menu along with their rich coffee culture. So, Aperture is definitely an exception.

It is a lovely spot for stopping by on a hectic day and chilling with your friends while having the best Vancouver coffee of your life. With all the exceptions and added features, this coffee shop is among the underrated yet best coffee shops in downtown Vancouver.

1.6 Propaganda Coffee

Situated on East Pender Street, Propaganda Coffee is the best coffee shop that you can find in Chinatown, Vancouver. With a stylish minimalist interior, it has stolen the hearts of many local residents for its uniqueness and thoughtfulness.

Their mascot is a robot and they re-create tasty coffee that is extracted from various roasters, like Monogram, Detour, and others. This coffee shop is one of the rarest shops where you can also multitask.

You can simply grab a coffee and enjoy your entire day in the cafe, sipping on your tasty latte or flat white, while working on your laptop. A few of my favourite coffee types are latte and cappuccino. An exquisite coffee shop where you can have your warmth.

coffee shops in downtown Vancouver
Image from Propaganda Coffee

There are also beautiful artworks on the wall of Propaganda, serving aesthetic satisfaction and pleasure. The coffee has a nice thick foam on top with cream, which is just delicious. Along with high-quality coffee, and a nice atmosphere, the shop is a great choice for a coffee shop.

It is special for its filter-type coffee, which is generally espresso. There are various versions of it. Propaganda coffee is ideally a perfect destination if you’re looking for a cosy warm place to hang out with your friends or colleagues, after work.

For all these facts, this place is one of the best coffee shops in downtown Vancouver. So, hurry up and put this fabulous shop on your go-to list if you’re a hardcore coffee addict.

1.7 Revolver

Situated on Cambie Street – Gastown, Revolver is undoubtedly one of the most popular and famous coffee shops in downtown Vancouver. It makes one of the most excellent coffees in the entire Vancouver city, unlike any other.

They use the best coffee beans which are imported from North America, to make the most exquisite coffee you can ever taste in Vancouver. Their shop has a very simplified menu with a strong coffee listing. They have a giant coffee menu with great flavour, with some desserts as well.

With a stylish yet cosy interior, this place has a very intimate and rustic setting. You can quietly enjoy a lovely time, drinking the best Vancouver coffee flavours at Revolver. Their list of espresso and macchiato is absolutely delish and is the best.

coffee shops in downtown Vancouver
Image from Revolver Coffee

If you’re looking for a coffee kind that is Revolver’s expertise, these are the ones. They brew their filter and specialty coffee fresh and you can enjoy amazing desserts like the coffee cake, which just finger-licking good.

Revolver has evolved a lot since the quarantine time when it was serving customers from windows only. Now again, ever since 2021, they are back again serving coffee and dessert publicly, with a simplified menu that has a vast choice.

If you’re ever walking down the streets of Cambie, don’t hesitate to stop by this outstanding coffee place for a caffeine fix. The shop is always packed with customers but the staff is always helpful and amicable. The shop is also loved for its fast service and delivery.

Revolver is definitely one of the best coffee shops in downtown Vancouver, for a reason. Their strategy is simple, they give customers what they need. A perfect leisure spot with an excellent cosy atmosphere along with the best coffee ever.

2. Conclusion

The long list of the best caffeine shops has come to an end. Vancouver city certainly knows how to draw people into its coffee dens with the most aromatic and delicious coffee.

There are still a lot more coffee places like Small victory and 49th Parallel Cafe which are also great coffee shops. However, the mentioned ones are the most popular and famous coffee shops in downtown Vancouver.

Let us know in the comments which coffee shop is your favourite and why? We would love to hear from you!

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