Exploring Vancouver City by Zodiac Inflatable Boat!

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A boat trip with family is always an amazing way to spend the day with your family. Moreover, a beautiful view of the scenic city of Vancouver will make the trip amazing.

Feverup brings a tour in Zodiac Inflatable boat to explore Vancouver on multiple dates from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Book your tickets now.

1. Zodiac Inflatable Boat Tour in Vancouver

1.1. Event

It is time to enjoy an amazing zodiac inflatable boat tour of Vancouver. The event is a three-hour boat trip in a Zodiac Inflatable boat.

The tour begins at Granville Island. The boat will pass False Creek with a view toward Stanley Park.

It is a guided tour. The guide is available in both English and French, and the guide will help you to understand the importance of the Burrard Street Bridge and the Siwash Rock.

Explore Vancouver
Zodiac Inflatable Boat Tour of Vancouver. Source: Feverup

1.2. Tickets

The ticket is only available online, and the mobile application is available on both the Google Play and Apple Store.

The tickets cover the cost of the coxswain, guide, and survival kit. The tickets are divided into two categories.

Adult tickets are charged for 15 to 64-year-olds, and seniors are charged for 65-plus. The price is CA $121.00 and CA $144.00 for senior citizens and adults, respectively.

The tickets cannot be changed, canceled, or refundable.

Also, limited tickets are available, so do not forget to book your tickets as soon as possible.

1.3. Venue

The tour will take you to numerous locations in Ottawa on a zodiac boat. The start point of location is 1812 Boatlift Ln, Vancouver, British Columbia.

1.4. Age Restriction

The event has been open for over 15 years, and you can enjoy your day with your loved one with plenty of pictures.

1.5. COVID Restriction

As per the new regulations of British Columbia, you must be vaccinated for the event, and you will need to carry your vaccination certificate for the same.

1.6. Zodiac Inflatable Boat

It is a lightweight boat constructed by Zodiac. The boat is built with flexible tubes and is filled with air. The flexible tubes are used to construct the sides and bows of the boat.

The Granite Falls  - Vancouver Boat Tour

The boat has a strong fixed base of wood or aluminum; high-grade plastic is also used in some cases. Two outboard motors propel the boats.

The outboard motors are fixed on a rigid transom, and steering controls are given ahead. These boats are fitted with seats for the guests to be seated.

1.7. Safety

Do not worry if you do not know swimming. The ticket covers the price of a survival kit.

You will be given a life jacket during the tour. Also, you will be given a brief on how to act in an emergency.

2. Zodiac Inflatable Boat Tour in Vancouver 

  • What – Zodiac Inflatable Boat Tour of Vancouver.
  • When – On various dates; check Feverup.
  • Where – The meeting is at 1812 Boatlift Ln in Vancouver, British Columbia.
  • Time – 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
  • Tickets – Book online with Feverup.

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  • Wow, this article is really informative and gave me the feel how it would feel to experience Vancouver from these boats. Now, I have all the information, so whenever I visit Vancouver I’m exploring it with these boats.

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