14 Best Birthday Cake Spots in Vancouver

Birthday celebration are the special days to celebrate with your loved ones. And birthday preparations are nothing without birthday cakes.

If you are planning a destination birthday party at Vancouver BC then, there is lots of memories to create and cherish. You can find numerous best birthday cake spots in Vancouver.

Apart from all the scenic beauty, skyscrapers, majestic location vancouver also offers exotic locations for lavish birthday parties. It is home to excellent bakeries for your birthday cakes according to your choice. Here is a sneak peek to best places to get your birthday cake spots in Vancouver.

best birthday cake spots in Vancouver
Photo by Ruth Georgiev/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

Shops for birthday cake

Hey! Cake

This is a wonderful custom cake and creation bakery located in Vancouver BC. It is one of the Best birthday cake spots in Vancouver. Cory is a great cake artist who understands his clients well. They provide you with the best creativity you want for your cake. They are specialized in cupcakes, event cakes, or surprise cakes.

Here you get the best birthday cakes spots in Vancouver. They thoroughly understand the style, decoration, and fillings you want for the birthday cake. They provide fillings of strawberry, chestnut, chocolate, buttercream, and you name any. They are efficient in designing nerdy and geeky cakes and sweets for your special day.

Buttermere Patisserie

As the name implies the buttery and smooth taste of the cakes is unforgettable! This bakery is known for its desserts and delicious birthday cakes. The cake flavors they provide are going to tickle your taste buds! The roll cakes come in strawberry, cow, thai empire, and London fog flavors. It is counted among the best birthday cake spots in Vancouver.

And lychee rose, mango passion fruit cake, chocolate banana, and raspberry yogurt are some of the best cakes to try! They will also serve you some desserts and coffee. Their speciality for birthdays is Sunflower cake which has rich mango in the center surrounded by chocolate layers.

best birthday cake spots in Vancouver
Photo by Juan Manuel Vargas/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

You can order a custom birthday cake. The cozy atmosphere would be perfect to celebrate your birthday with your friends. Though it is located in Vancouver but the Asian flavors are spread across this bakery!

Michele’s Cake Shop

Michele’s Cake Shop won’t love your birthday cake without any decoration of cream, fruits, chocolate, would you? This Chinese bakery is all here to serve you the best designs to serve you unique cakes. It is one of the best birthday cake spots in Vancouver.

Their specialty varies in fresh mango cake, chestnut cake, chocolate cake, fresh fruit cake, black forest cake, matcha cake, mango mousse cake, tiramisu cake, and many more to taste. Their special cake is Michele cheesecake. You can also order a birthday custom cakes! Coffee, buns, and bread are some of the best things to enjoy with your friends. Get the best birthday cake from the best birthday cake spots in Vancouver.

Trafiq Cake and Bakery

Trafiq cake and bakery delivers the best birthday cakes spots in Vancouver, with deliciously creative cake layer. And it also among the best birthday cake spots in Vancouver. The vibrant creamy and colored fruit curds make the cake more tasteful. The cake offered at Trafiq is most charmingly aesthetic cakes. And the variety it provides is lemon lavender, berry cake, creamy tiramisu, and mucho matcha cake. Trafiq’s are famous for their salted caramel tiramisu. They have other fulfilling cakes with every cake layer oozing to offer if you pay a visit on your birthday. You can pick any of these cake as birthday gift for your special one!

best birthday cake spots in Vancouver
Photo by Stephen Wheeler/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

Remi Patisserie

Remi patisserie excels in delivering Asian flavors with French techniques. You are served with freshly baked and best birthday cake spots in Vancouver. The variety of cakes here is elegant Thai tea flavours, matcha black sesame, rich mango sago cakes, passion fruit mango, mont blanc, strawberry field, and mango sago pomelo.

Cloud cake is the most loved cake here. This is why it is known as Best birthday cake spots in Vancouver. In the sweet desserts, Remi patisserie also serves some puffs, mochi, eclairs, flan, and other sweets. This adorable bakery creates cakes which delightful at one sight. This celebration makes your birthday boy or birthday girl feel special on their special day.

Thomas Haas

Here you will get all chocolate! You name any either cakes, confectionery, pastries you get them all here. You get the Best birthday cake spots in Vancouver. Instead of delivering as a bakery, it is counted among the top chocolateries. He applied all the lessons learned from his great grandfather’s cafe and introduced America’s top chocolateries.

You get the best handmade chocolate here and also Best birthday cake spots in Vancouver. You should also try their best cakes like crispy chocolate raspberry cake, lemon tart, matcha cake, milk chocolate passion fruit cake, and many more. The cake has modern satisfying designs. Thomas Haas creates heavenly cakes with rich texture and fulfilling flavours.


Chef Thierry is one of the finest pastries in the world, his noted handmade work can be seen through his finest pieces. The best pieces include Raspberry meringue cake, passion fruit orange cream cake, chocolate trio, lemon tart, and many more to drool. You can also add macrons like salted caramel, chocolate pistachio, and chestnut chocolate to include in your celebration. If you are a sweet tooth then this place is for you!

best birthday cake spots in Vancouver
Photo by Karlis Dambrans/Unsplash. Copyright 2o22

True Confections

This bakery is a delight for sweet tooth who are Cakeholics and prefers the sweetness around them. The delightful-looking cakes to cheer you up on your special occasion. You can opt for personalized cakes. True confections offer a combination of ice cream cake like birthday cake and ice cream, cookie-n-cream vanilla, a love potion, and others to try.

The classic cake collection consists of coconut cream cake, chocolate raspberry, orange matcha cake, red velvet, and some more. They have a special collection of special occasion cakes, like blue candy, polka dots, bear face, dinosaurs, easter eggs, and anniversaries to double up your celebration.

Cartem Donuts

If you want to give a little kick on your special day. If or wanna go all the different from cakes then choose donuts! This is the best birthday cake spots in Vancouver. Yes, the cartem donuts all out to fulfill your quest to make your special occasion a big one. They have a beautiful range of donuts like salted caramel cake donuts, rose wine, mango coconut silver classic, Pistachio, and many more.

best birthday cakes in Vancouver
Photo by Anastasiia Chepinska/Unspalsh. Copyright 2022

You will get all the glazed donuts in a variety of blueberry mint, and lemon-orange flavors too plus you can order for gluten free donuts! For a customization message, you can preorder before the celebration. You can also opt for a donut message!

Butter Baked Goods

best birthday cakes in Vancouver
Photo by David Holifield/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

Butter bakery is another Best birthday cake spots in Vancouver that serves the best nostalgic fun birthday cakes for your birthday party. As their tagline goes everything is better with butter, their cake layers are buttery smooth. This bakery excels in serving flavors like vanilla with buttercream icing, coconut cake, lemon, carrot cake, chocolate raspberry cake, and many more to try. They are well known as best birthday cake spots in Vancouver.

If you want to check out some baked goodies then you try their chocolate pastries, lemon pastries, raspberry pastries, scones, muffins, cookies, etc. Butter baked goods also have a section for special occasions like easter. You can also plan a good lunch with your friends!

L’OTUS Cake Boutiques

Just like its name serves the best delicate and flawless best birthday cakes spots in Vancouver. This Japanese cake shop serves the best of its delicacies to its customers. The specialty of the pastries here is oozing cake layers which are delightful to look at.

The flavors they offer in crepe cakes are Matcha, Blue Earl Grey, dark chocolate, dark sesame, fresh strawberry, and many more. They are also famous for other specialty cakes. The cozy atmosphere and friendly staff are a plus point to count while spending a nice birthday evening.

best birthday cakes in Vancouver
Photo by Lukasz Grudzien/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

Sweet confessions

Sweet confessions is counted among the best birthday cake spots in Vancouver. As it names it’s all about the sweet birthday cake here. The cake which they offer is triple chocolate mousse, toffee cake, carrot, chocolate raspberry cake, passionfruit flan, ganache cake, etc. They bake a cake from the finest ad freshest ingredients, Belgian chocolate. You can also order some sandwiches, cookies, pound cakes if you visit here with friends for the evening celebration.

L’Atelier patisserie

The talented pastry chef used to lead Au Comptoir but now invented his own patisserie. His divine creations include matcha passion fruit cake, chocolate hazelnut, lemon tart, Paris brest, and many more. The cake has layers of white chocolate matcha mousse, sponge and passion fruit cream.

This patisserie has its own aroma and style. You can get your favorite and best birthday cake spots in Vancouver here from the options available. Also with taste it gifts it is counted among the best birthday cake spots in Vancouver.

Chez Christophe

This bakery provides the most unique, mouth-watering cakes in Burnaby. These finely crafted cake varieties include Sunny’s matcha, mont blanc, mango Chocolat, chocolate tart, and many more to enjoy. If you are a citrus lover then Tart au Chinor is for you! You can also pick a pack of fine chocolates to gift your friend. The variety of pastry they offer croissant cubes, creme salee, and croissant puff is delicious for the tongue.

Breka Bakery & Cafe

best birthday cakes in Vancouver
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Situated on the street Vancouver. This adorable bakery serves tiramisu, chocolate mousse, strawberry shortcake, caramel mousse, and many more to taste. As they say, they have everything for everyone. You can look at the small meals, pastries, drinks, cookies, donuts, and lunch for all its customers. This cafe is a suitable place for you to have a great time with your family.

Ganache Patisserie

As their stylish name suggests they are well-known for their elegant wedding cakes. Also known for creating high-end party scenes. They also excel in birthday cakes like Blanc Fraiser, Chocolat Banane, Passionate Chocolat, Tiramisu, Coco mango, and many more. They are also specialized in custom cakes and bakery goods.

Bakeries for birthday Cake

Cadeaux Bakery

If you are searching for elegant and best birthday cake spots in Vancouver, then cadeaux bakery is your place.

They excel in making excellent flavored cakes like vanilla bean, chocolate, lemon meringue, London fog, lavender mocha, tropical cloud, raspberry, and more.

best birthday cakes in Vancouver
Photo by James Lee/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

You can also pick up freshly baked pastries from this bakery like butter croissants, chocolate croissants, fruit and custard danish, cookies, and much more. This bakery has a specials section for classic cakes like ombre petals, rustic buttercream, monet buttercream, purple rosettes, and many more colorful cakes to choose from. You can also go for personalized cakes!


Purebread bakery has a family lineage and a mission to serve the best and fresh-baked bread, cookies, cakes, buns, etc. They serve the best birthday cakes in the town.

They excel in serving the best birthday cake spots in Vancouver. Their variety includes Flourless Orange cake, chocolate cake, fun cake, devil food cake, coconut passion fruit cake, and much more to enjoy.

Small Victory Bakery

If you want to have a little fun birthday celebrations, then this pastry house is all you need! The in-house pastry is delicious to taste, with the spongey tasteful layers. The birthday pastries varieties it serves are banana chocolate, almond croissant, butter croissant, oatmeal raisin, and much more.

They are well known for their coconut covering desserts along with passionfruit cheesecake, tiramisu, lemon tart, carrot cake, and more to try. Some special birthday cakes they offer are celebration cake, coconut cake, salted caramel cake, etc. You could also try some more baked slices of bread and buns here with sipping coffee.

Ice-Creameries for birthdays

best birthday cakes in Vancouver
Photo by Sebastian Coman/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

Dairy Queen

How can we not include most renowned and world’s favorite ice-creamery which will make you drool? Dairy Queen is famous for its ice-cream cakes which your day a fun birthday celebrations. There are many beautiful and delightful varieties to choose from.

The girl’s scout thin mint, strawberry cheesecake, M&M Blizzard. Some of their specialties to try from. They offer some log cakes custom cakes according to the personalization you want. It is going to be really fun to try out cakes on your birthday.

Rain or Shine Ice cream

best birthday cakes in Vancouver
Photo by Arjun MJ/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

Wanna give an ice cream party to make birthday celebration extra special. Rain or Shine ice cream is at the rescue! You can enjoy various ice cream flavors at this creamery. Besides serving best birthday cake spots in Vancouver, these iconic ice cream flavours are made of natural sustainable and whole ingredients. You can choose from their iconic base of either waffle cone crust or chocolate brownies.

All of the classic ice cream flavours are homemade and fresh which include coffee toffee, London fog, honey lavender, salted caramel, and some more.

You can make your personalized ice cream here with some gluten-free and egg-free option! Plus you can get sundaes, smoothies shake along with delicious ice cream cakes. They are proved to be the best birthday cake spots in Vancouver.


Though Vancouver is a great place to visit for its exotic locations. Vancouver has so many beautiful places to have fun with your friends and family. And also a treasure of some of the best birthday cake spots in Vancouver.

But if you plan to have your lavish party celebration then the above-mentioned places can help you in getting the relinquishes of freshly baked cakes. These best birthday cake spots in Vancouver can even help you in organizing birthday parties for your special ones.

Along with the birthday cake bakery, there are ice creameries to enjoy your birthday especially. I hope this article would help you get your favorite birthday cake spots in Vancouver.

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