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16 Best Birthday Cake Spots in Vancouver

Birthday celebrations are special days to celebrate with your loved ones. And birthday preparations are nothing without birthday cakes.

If you are planning a destination birthday party in Vancouver, BC,  and want to know cake near me in Vancouver, there are many memories to create and cherish. You can find numerous best birthday cake spots in Vancouver.

Besides the scenic beauty, skyscrapers, and superb location, Vancouver also offers exotic places for lavish birthday parties. You can find erotic and excelling bakeries for perfect birthday cakes of your choice. Here is a look at the list of the best birthday cake spots in Vancouver.

16 Best Shops for Mouth Smacking Birthday Cake

1. Hey! Cake

If you search on google about the best birthday cake spots in Vancouver you will get Hey! cake in the results. They specialize in creating cakes, and cupcakes for various events like surprises, anniversaries, and birthdays. They are all up for creativity!

2. Buttermere Patisserie

It is the next Buttermere patisserie for its distinct desserts and mouth-licking birthday cakes. You can’t compare the buttery smooth cakes! You would drool over the flavors they offer. Some of their flavors are lychee rose, mango passion fruit cake, chocolate banana, and raspberry yogurt to taste! It is one of the best birthday cake spots in Vancouver!

As their specialty is roll cakes which come in cow, strawberry, thai empire, and London fog flavors. You can also try other desserts and coffee flavors. Try their signature Sunflower cake made with rich mango in the middle surrounded by chocolate layers.

best birthday cake spots in Vancouver
Photo by Juan Manuel Vargas/Unsplash.

You can also order for a custom birthday cake according to your birthday person’s preference. Though being in Vancouver, the Asian flavors are spread across this bakery! The warm atmosphere is perfect for celebrating birthday with your friends.

3. Michele’s Cake Shop

Michele’s Cake Shop won’t leave your birthday cake without decoration, will you love it? It is a Chinese bakery with the best designs of cakes. It is among the best birthday cake spots in Vancouver. Try their special Michele cheesecake it differs in chestnut, chocolate, fresh mango cake, black forest cake, matcha, mango mousse, tiramisu, etc. You can call them even for a custom birthday cake. From the bakery, you can enjoy coffee, buns, and bread.

4. Trafiq Cake and Bakery

If you are finding some aesthetic and creative best birthday cake spots in Vancouver, then Trafiq is your destination! They bake delicious and creative cakes and other baked products. It offers vibrant creamy colorful fruit cakes. The flavors you can try the curd in, yes you heard it right. Matcha, lemon, lavender, berry cake, tiramisu, etc.

You should try Trafiq special salted caramel tiramisu at least once in your life. The layers of their cakes are oozing layers of tastefulness with bright colors. Pick the unique cake for your special one!

best birthday cake spots in Vancouver
Photo by Stephen Wheeler/Unsplash. Copyright 2022

5. Remi Patisserie

You want to try something different for the best birthday cake spots in Vancouver. Remi patisserie should be on your list because they combine Asian flavors with french techniques! The cakes are so elegant whether you try passion fruit, thai tea flavor, match black sesame, strawberry, mango sago, etc. Try their specialty Cloud cake which has another fan base.

It offers flavors like mochi, eclairs, puffs, flan, and other sweets. As per its name, it’s an adorable bakery with delightful products. Make your birthday boy or girl feel special!

6. Thomas Haas

You are a sucker for chocolate? Then Thomas Haas is your best birthday cake spot in Vancouver to be at your birthday. Instead of a bakery, it delivers the best chocolate by applying the traditional recipe and introducing top chocolates.
Try their special handmade chocolate cakes in flavors like raspberry, lemon tart, matcha, passion fruit, etc. They are masters in creating heavenly-tasted cakes with rich textures and mind-blowing flavors. It has all the modern designs.

7. Thierry

It is named after Thierry and is among the best birthday spots in Vancouver. Chef Thierry is well known for his delicate pastries in the world. Because his handmade work is noted for his masterpieces. You can try their other best flavors fruit orange cake, raspberry cake, chocolate trio, lemon, and many more to drool over. For your custom choices, you can opt for chocolate pistachio, salted caramel, chestnut chocolate, and many more. You love chocolate they love your favorites!

best birthday cake spots in Vancouver
Photo by Karlis Dambrans/Unsplash.

8. True Confections

If you are a sweet tooth and are Catholic then you should be sweeter.
True confessions confess all your love from the delightful cakes and pastries for special occasions. They offer ice cream cakes, birthday cakes, cookie and cream vanilla, and more.

The cake collection they offer is coconut cake, orange matcha, raspberry, red velvet, etc. You can also opt for custom cakes for unique occasions like polka dots, blue candy, easter eggs, bear faces, and dinosaurs, especially for kids and anniversaries for celebration.

9. Carter Donuts

If you want to plan something special kick on your birthday or anniversary. Then Carter donuts offer the best donuts to offer other than cakes. It is also counted as the best birthday spot in Vancouver for special days. They offer doughnuts in flavors of rose wine, salted caramel cake doughnuts, mango coconut silver classic, pistachio, etc. These donuts will fill your heart on your special day.

best birthday cakes in Vancouver
Photo by Anastasiia Chepinska/Unsplash.

Donuts are glazed with various blueberry mint, and lemon flavors, also you can order gluten-free donuts! For getting a customization message on your birthday you can preorder and get a donut message.

10. Butter Baked Goods

best birthday cakes in Vancouver
Photo by David Holifield/Unsplash.

As their tagline goes everything is better with butter. And Butter bakery is of the other best birthday cake spots in Vancouver offers nostalgic and fun birthday cakes. The layers are buttery smooth and serve flavors like vanilla, buttercream, lemon, carrot cake, chocolate raspberry, etc.

They are well known as the best birthday cake spot in Vancouver. They offer baked goods, pastries, scones, muffins, cookies, etc. Butter-baked goods always offer on special occasions like Easter, and Christmas. You can also plan a good lunch with your friends!

11. L’OTUS Cake Boutiques

If you want some Japanese cakes try tastelicious cakes like matcha, blue earl grey, dark sesame, chocolate, strawberry, etc. You can
taste their special cakes. Their name also serves the meaning in itself. They have the best delicate and flawless best birthday cake spots in Vancouver. The warm staff and friendly atmosphere offer a special birthday evening. The exuding cake layers are delightful to look at.

best birthday cakes in Vancouver
Photo by Lukasz Grudzien/Unsplash.Copright 2022

12. L’Atelier patisserie

You can try this patisserie the extra talented chef Au Comptoir will serve your buds divine creations like hazelnut, lemon tart, chocolate, and more. Their cake has a lot of white chocolate, mousse, sponge, passion fruit, etc.

You will be mesmerized by the aroma and style of the best birthday cake spots in Vancouver. You can get your customized favorite cake.

13. Chez Christophe

Chez Christophe offers cake crafted with mouth-watering flavors like mont blanc, mango, chocolate, and more. If you love sour things Tart au Chinnor is for you!

It is another unique bakery with mouth-watering cakes in Burnaby, their various pastries are delightful croissants, creme, and puffs that are delicious for the foodies. They also offer the finest and best chocolates to taste.

14. Break Bakery & Cafe

best birthday cakes in Vancouver
Photo by Mike Meeks/Unsplash.

It is an adorable bakery and cafe which presents you with mousse, cremes, strawberry shortcakes, caramel mousse, tiramisu, and more. They have everything for everyone. You can plan out small meals, pastries, drinks, cookies, doughnuts, and lunch with the family. This cafe is a suitable place to have a great time with your family.

15. Ganache Patisserie

This stylish and elegant bakery offers larger-than-life wedding cake styles. It is for creating a high-end party feel for the occasion. The cakes you would love here are Passionate Chocolate, Blanc Fraiser, Chocolate Banana, Tiramisu, Coco mango, and many more. You will love their custom cakes and bakery goods.

Bakeries for Birthday Cakes

Here are full-fledged bakeries listed for your special birthday cakes.

  • Cadeaux Bakery

Cadeaux bakery should top birthday cake bakeries for the best birthday cake spots in Vancouver.

They have it all from varied flavors like vanilla bean, chocolate lemon, London, lavender mocha, raspberry, tropical cloud, etc.

best birthday cakes in Vancouver
Photo by James Lee/Unsplash.

Purebread bakery offers special dissection for traditional cakes like rustic buttercream, ombre petals, purple rosettes, and more colorful cakes. Their variety includes Flourless Orange cake, chocolate cake, fun cake, devil food cake, coconut passion fruit cake, and much more to enjoy.

You can also pick fresh pastries like croissants, fruit, custard, cookies, etc. The owner has a family lineage to serve the best fresh-baked bread, cookies, cakes, buns, etc. They serve the best birthday cakes in the town.

They excel in serving the best birthday cake spots in Vancouver. You can also go for personalized cakes!

  • Small Victory Bakery

If you want your birthday party to be more fun, then this pastry house is all you need. The pastry they offer is banana chocolate, almond croissant, butter croissant, oatmeal raisin, etc. The pastry is deliciously decorated with spongey layers.

Their special flavors vary from coconut-covering desserts, salted caramel, passionfruit cheesecake, tiramisu, lemon tart, carrot cake, etc. You could also try some baked bread slices and buns here with sipping coffee.

Ice-Creameries for birthdays

best birthday cakes in Vancouver
Photo by Sebastian Coman/Unsplash.
  • Dairy Queen

How can we forget the most renowned and world’s favourite ice creamery which will make you drool? Dairy Queen is famous for its ice-cream specialty cakes which your day birthday celebrations. There are wide beautiful, and delightful varieties to choose from.

And the varieties are the girl’s scout thin mint, M&M Blizzard, strawberry cheesecake. Some of their specialities to try from. They offer some log custom cakes according to the personalization you want.

  • Rain or Shine Ice cream

best birthday cakes in Vancouver
Photo by Arjun MJ/Unsplash.

Want to give an ice cream party to make the birthday celebration extra special. Rain or Shine ice cream is at the rescue!

The classic ice cream flavours are homemade and fresh, including coffee toffee, London fog, honey lavender, salted caramel, and more.

You can make your personalized ice cream here with gluten- and egg-free options! Plus, you can get sundaes, smoothies, and shake along with delicious ice cream cakes. They are proven to be the best birthday cake spot in Vancouver.


Now, you know much about birthday cake near me in Vancouver, so visit these cake bakeries. Though Vancouver is a great place to visit for its exotic locations, it has many beautiful places to have fun with your friends and family.

But if you plan to have your lavish party celebration, then the places mentioned above can help you get the relinquishes of freshly baked cakes. These best birthday cake spots in Vancouver can even help you organise birthday parties for your special ones.

Along with the birthday cake bakery, there are ice creameries to enjoy your birthday especially. I hope this article will help you get your favourite birthday cake spots in Vancouver.

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