Port Burwell Provincial Park: 6 Must-Experience Activities for Every Visitor

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Immersing oneself in nature’s lap is the best way to detox from the tension and stress of the bustling cities. Spending time in nature, such as mountains, beaches, forests, and other serene places, helps to calm the mind and brain.

In contrast to the pollution and dirt of cities, nature offers a breeze of fresh air which soothes the mind like no other. However, very little natural space is left with rapid industrialization and deforestation.

Canada bucks the trend in this regard. It has natural features ranging from mountains, beaches, waterfalls, and lakes, including the five big lakes it shares with the US.

The Ontario and Quebec regions host more than half of the major tourist attractions. There are many provincial parks in these two provinces. It includes the Port Burwell Provincial Park in Ontario, about which we wish to share information with you.

1. About Port Burwell Provincial Park

Port Burwell Provincial Park

Port Burwell Provincial Park is a recreational park along the northern shore of Lake Erie. It was established in 1971 with an area of 239 hectares.

Besides the hiking trail, there are sandy beaches, camping facilities, a submarine stretching back to the Cold War era, a marine museum, and a lighthouse.

Because of its nice features, Port Burwell Provincial Park is often referred to as the crown jewel of the north shore of Lake Erie.

It has two entrance points – one at 15 Libby Avenue for the campground and office and the other at 1C Chatham House.

The park has many parking facilities to help tourists during the peak seasons when the park is overly busy. Heavy rains caused pooling, perhaps the only downside to this great park and campground.

2. Things to Do in Port Burwell Provincial Park

2.1. Biking

Trekking walking
Photo by Lauren Ken, Unsplash

The beautiful scenery of the Port Burwell Provincial Park, coupled with the vast trails, is a great option for hikers in the warm Indian summer.

Biking at a scenic location like this while feeling the gentle breeze of cool air over your ears is an experience to behold. Biking also helps you to experience nearby attractions.


However, while biking in the park, you might want to know certain things about it:

1. No Dedicated Biking Trails

Port Burwell Provincial Park has no dedicated biking trails. This makes easy navigation of Port Burwell Provincial Park challenging for bikers.

Hence, you should carry a camp map legend and a main park map. It would undoubtedly prove crucial in getting lost in the wilderness.

2. Busy Roads

The roads in Port Burwell are quite busy. Thousands of tourists are daily, reaching astronomical heights on weekends and holidays.

People come from far and wide to experience Port Burwell sights through the trailers. Hence, it is quite the hike for them.

3. Hard-Surfaced Roads

Just like Garibaldi Provincial Park, its roads are also hard-surfaced for the ease and convenience of bikers.

4. Caution Advisable

It is advisable to practice caution while biking to avoid accidents due to the immense load on the park. Bikers should wear helmets for their safety.

2.2. Camping

Port Burwell Provincial Park Camping - Campground Map Show & Tell, Campsite Recommendations

Port Burwell Provincial Park provides you with the perfect camping opportunities. The park is perfect for you even if you are not a regular and prepared camper.

It has all the facilities required for camping and other outdoor activities to get the best experience of Port Burwell Nature.


Before camping in this provincial park, you must know the following facts:

1. Private Campsites

Moreover, there are many private camping space sites in case you do not have the required experience in setting up a camp.

Many tourist planners offer nearly three nights of camping packages. There are also many electrical sites available for people searching for it.

2. Designated Trailer Waste Dump Station

Cleanliness at the provincial park is important to the local government and tourists. Thus, when going to the park for camping or hiking, use the trailer waste stations for proper and safe waste disposal.

It helps to keep the park clean and preserve its natural aura from urban waste.

3. Best Nearby Restaurants 

There are many restaurants nearby the campsites to serve you the best culinary tastes, befitting the general atmosphere.

4. Availability of Restrooms

Restrooms can be easily located around the camping sites in the Port Burwell Provincial Park. You can use an exploration station or maps for this.

2.3. Swimming

The Lake Burwell Provincial Park has a 2.5 km sandy beach at the mouth of Lake Erie. Nothing feels better than a nice gradual sandy entry on the land after swimming in water.

Swimming on the lovely beach at Park Burwell is family-friendly, and you can go there with people of all age groups and even pets.

However, before visiting its beaches, tourists should look for weather conditions. The high winds on the shores, coupled with the lake’s shallow water, are dangerous combinations to look out for.


Before venturing out for swimming in the waters of Lake Erie, you should know the following about the beaches of Port Burwell Provincial Park:

1. Excellent Dog Beach

Port Burwell houses a great dog beach to support tourists with dogs. The beach is one of its kind in this regard, and this is a huge deal for Canadian dog lovers.

While the rest of the beach has a leashed dog area, this is off-leash. This means you can walk with your dog without needing a leash, and the dogs can walk free reign.

2. Nude Beach

Nude beaches are the epitome of a free world. It is also called a naturist beach as oneness with nature is focused. The warm sandy beach aims to relieve stress and invigorate the tourists.

3. Beach Parking Lot

There are several parking lots where tourists can park their vehicles at a nominal fee. The parking lot usually has large facilities to accommodate tourist demands during peak season.

However, parking in unspecified areas might get you ticketed.

4. No Lifeguards

However, Port Burwell Provincial Park has no lifeguards. This makes every tourist responsible for their safety. Caring for one’s child or pets should be prioritized.

2.4. Boating

Port Burwell Boat Tours are famous for the thrilling, adventurous experience they provide. One of the signature Port Burwell Things attracts people to this provincial park.

The great sand of the beaches serves as a perfect launchpad for boats to venture into the wild waters.

While boating, a tourist can also go fishing. However, Ontario restricts the number and species of fish you can catch.

Moreover, if you catch some prohibited fish species or more than the permitted number, you must release them back into the lake. The fish species permitted for fishing are Perch, Trout, and Walleye, among others.


Before venturing into the water for boating, one should know the following about Port Burwell Tours via boat:

1. Outside Boats are Not Allowed

In the park, you cannot bring and launch your boat. If you do your boat launch, wardens from the park office can confiscate it.

2. Private Launches are Allowed

Although bringing one’s boat is prohibited, you can rent a boat from private shops for boating at a nominal fee.

Also, many docking centers are located through Otter Creek near the shore for easy launch of boats.

3. Fishing is Allowed

The park management allows for fishing in the Lake. Angling is a popular sport in the lake, and the fishing opportunities are vast.

However, a person is permitted to fish only by following the rules and regulations set by the province of Ontario.

4. Caution is Advisable

Boating in Lake Erie leads to uncharted waters that are difficult to navigate. The problem becomes acute as there are no lifeguards deployed there.

Hence, boaters and fishers should be careful and follow the guidelines of the park office regarding the boating area.

2.5. Bird Watching

Bird-watching is an awesome activity at the lake’s coastline. The whole beach houses diverse species of flora and fauna, which attracts wildlife conservationists and photographers alike, besides the regular flock of tourists.

This is of significant importance to adventure-averse tourists who seek calm, peace, and beauty in nature. These bird sites are located close to campsites.


Bird watching presents the tourist with the following sights and scenes at the shores of the lake:

1. The Migrational Birds

The shores of Lake Erie are a perfect spot to spot and gaze at the migratory birds. Migratory birds can be found prominently during two seasons.

These are the spring and autumn seasons when the provincial park welcomes these birds. Autumn migration is particularly important as the fauna is at its best at this time of the year.

One can capture birds like hawks, vultures, and eagles in their cameras during this season. Moreover, the park is colored with colorful Monarch butterflies and Blue Jays.

The spring migration has its charm. According to government authorities, more than 85 species of birds were recorded to have been seen in this season.

Port Burwell Provincial Park is truly a heaven for bird lovers, with nearly 232 species of bird recorded in total on its premises.

2.6. Trekking


The Park boasts various other recreational and interesting activities like no other. A tourist can go trekking along the paths in the park.

One can also go for picnicking, soccer games, cricket, volleyball, basketball, and badminton, among other games. This is particularly facilitated by the large playgrounds in the park, along with nets for badminton.

You can go for these activities along with your four-legged family members. However, the tourists should ensure the dogs’ leash is less than or equal to 2 meters.


Port Burwell Provincial Park offers various recreational facilities, but a tourist needs to be aware of these facts before going for it:

1. Trekking Pathways 

There are two prominent trekking paths that a tourist can venture on. They are the Ravine creek and Coastal path.

Ravine Creek is shorter than the Coastal Path, with a kilometer difference between them. However, the Coastal path is a straight path to the seabed, while the Ravine path, as indicated by its name, travels through a ravine and woodlot.

It is because of this reason that despite being a 2 km path, the Coastal path can be covered in an hour. On the other hand, while the Ravine Creek trail is smaller, it takes 45 minutes.

Both the trekking paths have several stops between them. Tourists can take a chance to marvel at the local geology, flora, and wildlife.

2. Ticks and Poison Ivy

The park has an abundance of ticks and poison ivy, with the latter being more prevalent at night. Ticks and poison ivy add to the park’s flora, as they are a good food source for wildlife but are harmful to humans.

While playing games or trekking, you should keep yourself and your kids safe from them. Coming in contact with ticks can result in Lyme disease.

3. Use Prescribed Pathways

Deviation from the pathways prescribed by the park office can also negatively impact the flora.

Deviation from these paths can result in trampling the park’s vegetation. The grassy pathways are significant in keeping the grass within the park.

3. The Bottom Line

Port Burwell Provincial Park is a must-visit when in Ontario. It presents mesmerizing sights, sounds, and scenes to visitors. The park is rich in flora and fauna and is quite pet-friendly.

There are ample fun activities like boating, trekking, biking, and camping, among many others. The nude beach and several restaurants in its vicinity add to its appeal.

It is the perfect destination to de-toxify from city stress and watch the sunset from the shores of Lake Erie.

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