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 A small business group handles the Ontario Private Camping Grounds Association (OPCA). Its business is spread across the province of Ontario. Campers say that they prefer private campsites to public premises. Because, at the end of the day, everyone needs some privacy.

Camping should always provide a great experience and be pocket-friendly. Different campgrounds in Ontario differ from each other in terms of providing them with luxurious basic amenities or in terms of giving them a memorable experience.

Tourists can glance at the list below of the four exclusive private campgrounds in the province of Ontario, Canada.

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1. The Best Private Camping Grounds in Ontario

These private campgrounds are packed with many offers, from lodges surrounded by natural beauty, swimming pools, and waterparks to hiking trails that give one a picturesque view from the top.

The campsites even conduct family events like watching their favorite movie while gazing at the stars, having a bonfire with music, and many more.

1.1 Whispering Spring Nature Retreat Campground

The Whispering Springs Nature Retreat is a huge campground situated near Grafton, Ontario. This campground is spread across 200 acres of land in the Northumberland Country. The drive to this campground is just 1.5 hours east of Toronto. All the facilities provided by this campsite can be compared to those of an exchange hotel with a slight touch of Canadian Nature.

At Whispering Springs Nature Retreat, all visitors must encounter the best camping experience. These include basic amenities and many luxurious upgrades that fulfill the visitor’s wishlist.

Upon first glance at the Whispering Springs Retreat, tourists would encounter the Watering Hole, a welcoming roof for them. A check-in area, a common place for all the fellow mates to sit and hang out. Enjoy a glass of Prince Edward Country stretch or play board games before the quiet surroundings of nature enchant them.


Private camping Grounds
Credits- By Whispering Spring

There is a cozy space for all the book lovers. They can relish these beautiful moments in the future. Tourists can take the small wooden walkway to a swab-water pool and fire pit.

All thanks to John and Nancy for bringing their dream campground to life. They envisioned that all the tourists visiting this campground should experience the beauty of nature and have some time to reconnect with their loved ones.

1.1.1 More About Whispering Spring Nature Retreat Campground

The campground includes beautiful pony ranges, ancient woodlands, spring-fed lakes, and much more.  Timberland Sanctuary is situated in an old-growth forest area. The sanctuary offers windows that are structured in a vintage style, a comfortable sitting area, awestruck views near the lake, superior water bodies, etc.

The Retreat comes up with an extravagant and selective set-up of camp space. This camp space includes amenities like safari tents, comfortable beds, personal balconies, and adjacent washroom facilities. Tourists can take a dip in the ponds, which are said to be taken care of by the spring, go hiking, and take part in yoga classes conducted by the retreat.

It is said that the best time to visit the campground is between May and October.

The Whispering Springs Nature Retreat would help an individual take a break from his or her stressful life and again enjoy nature’s scenic beauty.

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1.2 Fanshawe Conservation Area (One of the Best Private Camping Grounds)

Fanshawe Conservation Area is a private campground in Ontario. It is located in the Canadian City of London. The Conservation Area is popularly known as The Fanshawe Conservation Area. The current location of the area is 1424 Clarke Road, N5V 5B9, in the city of London. This private campground is situated around a man-made structure called” Fanshawe Lake”.

Between the months of “May to October”, tourists are allowed to visit the camping ground. The campers are given permission to enjoy an overnight stay at this mesmerizing site.

Despite the fact that the campground is situated near London, visitors feel like they are camping in a national forest area. Estimation of around 3,000 acres of land surrounding the Grand River, Fanshawe Lake, and the dam. There are several routes for climbers and cyclists, one of which passes through the Fanshawe Lake Trail. The trail circles the lake while following the Grand River.

Private camping Grounds
Credits- By Fanshawe Conservation Area

Fanshawe Lake is the main attraction of the Provincial Park. Campers are allowed to fish, swim, rent canoes, and also have the opportunity to participate in various activities. Tourists can rent boats or cabins from the marina at the site. The campground hosts in-house interactive shows and live performances.

Camping and building tents with friends and families is always a blast and creates some unforgettable memories. On the north side of Fanshawe Lake, a few designated spots for swimming are fixed for the campers to swim and have a relaxing time. In various stipulated areas of the sanctuaries, one can find ideal spots and picnic tables for social gatherings, feasting, and much more amid nature.

1.2.1 The Fanshawe Conservation Birdwatching

For tourists interested in bird watching who want to gather more information about the various bird species, Fanshawe Conservation Area and Park are ready to fulfill their wish. Approximately 230 species of birds live in the conservation park. It is said to be a hidden gem, as this spot is also known as the hotspot of birds.

As of now, Fanshawe Conservation Area has a wide range of camping facilities and outdoor activities. As a result, it is a very popular campground among locals and outsiders visiting London, Ontario.

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1.3 West Montrose Family Camp

The family camp is located in the West Montrose area at 6344 Line 86, Ontario. Tourists can visit this campground from April to October.

While talking about the town and the scenic location, West Montrose Family Campground is in the North-southwest part of Ontario. The camping ground has two pools that are open to performing any type of activity like swimming, fishing, camping, etc.

In the nearby location, one can easily locate Elora Chasm and Elora Quarry. Visitors who are accompanied by their family members or their close fellow campers spend some memorable time on the camping ground and can relish the beauty of mother nature.

West Montrose is very well known for its two distinct tourist spots, “Kissing Ground” and Canada’s largest rancher market, “St. Jacobs Market”. Both of these are located near the West Montrose Family Camp. At the park’s north-end entrance, a surveillance camera is set up, running 24/7, to make the campers believe they are camping in a protected area.

westmont rose campground entrance

1.4 Bon Echo Provincial Park

Bon Echo Provincial Park is situated near Cloyne, Ontario, Canada. It is well known for its breathtaking views, mesmerizing scenes, and transparent water bodies.

Mazinaw Rock is a steep cliff that rises up to 100 meters above the lake’s north shore. The place has white beaches and access to more than 260 native symbols. This campsite provides basic amenities that allow the family to reside in the most gorgeous camping spots in the wilds of the north.

The Pinery Provincial Park and Camping Area provide tourists with a guided tour of the Pinery, Algonquin Provincial Park RV Camping, and various other campsites. They schedule a program to familiarize the visitors with the attributes and Native history of Algonquin Provincial Park and the camping area.

Tourists in the Provincial Park can take part in various activities like exercises, including setting up campsites in the campgrounds, climbing, swimming, paddling, kayaking, and fishing. The whole camping ground is equipped with facilities for RVs, climb-in destinations, and lodging settlements.

On the weekends, nearby locals gather around the camping ground and organize a barbecue. They can have some mouth-watering dishes and save some of their food stocks. There is a land that is shaped like a moon, and it surrounds the pond. Aside from the ocean, it is said to be one of the favorite spots for tourists. The pond is a shallow swimming spot for all the people.

Bon Echo Provincial Park | Everything You NEED To Know

1.4.1 Other Places to Explore in Bon Echo Provincial Park

Canoes or Kayaks are the most efficient way to roam around the beautiful provincial park. If a tourist wants to see the well-known petroglyphs, he or she should travel by boat. There are two spots where tourists can watch petroglyphs: Agawa Rock in Lake Predominant Common Park and Petroglyphs Common Park near Peterborough, Ontario. The silent water makes it easier to row around the massive Mazinaw Rock.

Adventurous hiking trails surround Bon Echo-Family members can enjoy a few trails, including The Bon Echo Stream Trail or The High Pines Trail.

But the most preferred hiking pathway in the provincial park is the Mazina Precipice Top Path. The path is 2.5km long and passes over rough terrain, which helps in pointing out the beautiful nature.

Bon Echo has an RV camping area in Algonquin Park Provincial Park. It is situated in the backwoods. The Boondocks campsites in Bon Echohave are said to be the best area for camping and kayaking. These camping areas are set up near Joe Perry and Pearson Lakes. Around five Boondocks campsite areas are situated along the Abes and Essens Lake Trails.

Therefore, for those who are looking for a gateway from their stressful routine, this campsite can surely be helpful.

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2. Conclusion- The Best Private Camping Grounds

These campsites are surely the most luxurious and pocket-friendly ones. Tourists should visit these four camping sites located on several lakes in and around Ontario.

There is so much fun and enjoyment to be experienced.

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