Most Popular Sports In Canada- 13 Sports You Must Know

The most popular sports in Canada are baseball, Ice Hockey,  cricket and many more. Canada is a country with a variety of games and sports. Canada showed their dominance in world sports and games such as Olympics. Sports in Canada have a special place in the native peoples’ hearts.

Canadians are very sports-attracted people, which is why there are so many followers of the team Canada in the cheering space who always come to support their team.

In Canada, there is the official governing body for every sport, which deals with that sports and time to time, arrange activities related to that sport to attract people’s interest and attention towards that sports, which is a charming strategy focused by the government to maintain people interested in the sports.

These bodies keep organizing the various leagues such as the Canadian premier league, professional league, world curling championship, professional curling competitions, world lacrosse championship, professional lacrosse leagues and many more. The organization also conducts national summer and winter sports in the country. 

They also encourage the Canadian team to participate in the Summer and Winter Olympics. And this is the reason that Canadian athletes and Canadian teams are very famous all over the world.

Most Popular Sports In Canada

The most popular sport in Canada is those sports which are very famous and mainly played in the country. Popular sports have a huge fan following in that country; people participate actively in those activities and show interest in the sport in every aspect. There are various governing organizations for every sport, such as Canada soccer for soccer.

These organizations are essential in maintaining people’s interest in a particular game. These organizations organize various leagues such as major league baseball for baseball, major league soccer for soccer, rugby league for rugby, and Canadian football league for football. The Canadian football league is very popular in the country and its neighbouring countries. 

These organizations also help in organizing national winter sports and official summer sports. They are responsible for making rules and regulations for the respective sports, and they are responsible for maintaining the reputation of the teams and helping the team players to perform better and represent their country on the international platforms.

Sports in Canada have an important place in people’s lives; they treat sports as an essential part of their life and think sport is as important as education. That is why sports in Canada are prevalent.

The most popular sports in Canada are stated below. These popular sports include golf, tennis, basketball, baseball and football, and there are many more sports which come under the category of most popular sports in Canada.

1. Golf

Golf was the first ever played game in Scotland in the past half of the 15th century. When the native people of Scots emigrated to Canada, they took the game of tennis with them, also called the Royal and Ancient Game.

Montreal Golf Club is the first Canadian golf club that was founded in November 1873. The recent president is Liz Hoffman, and the CEO is Laurence Applebaum. The body which governs golf in Canada is called Golf Canada.

Golf is on the list of most popular sports in Canada. Golf is a club and ball sport in which players use many different clubs to hit balls into a series of holes on the course in specific strokes.

Photo from: Pexels

Golf is unlike most other ball games, and this game can not utilize a standardized playing area. The game is played at the usual level on a course with a differently arranged progression of 18 holes through a recreational course.

Every hole in the course must contain a teeing ground to start from and a small putting green containing the actual hole or a cup of 4 and a half inches which is 11 cm in diameter. It is among the popular sports in Canada.

2. Rugby

The Royal Navy introduced Rugby in Canada in 1823, fostering its development in different parts of Canada. Although the game disappeared entirely from the country, it was re-introduced by the formation of the national team for the National Hockey League. It is among the most popular sport in Canada nowadays.

The Canadian rugby championship is famous worldwide. The organization also conducts the rugby league.

2.01. Rugby Union

Rugby union has also known simply as rugby. Rugby union is a close-contact team sport that initially originated in England in the first half of the 19th century. There are two codes of rugby football. One of them is running with the ball in hand.

Rugby union is a sport played between two teams of 15 players, using an oval ball on a regular field shape called a pitch. The field has H-shaped goal posts at both ends.

3. Tennis 

Tennis is another trendy sport played in Canada. The governing organization of Canadian tennis is also known as Tennis Canada. This organization maintains its commitment to developing tennis in the country by stimulating participation in this sport at local, national and international levels.

Tennis is a game of professional sports. Tennis is widely played in Canada. It is also known as professional sports in Canada. It is exciting to state that the number of the Canadians who play tennis is around four times a year increased from 1 million to 1.2 million in 1998 to nearly 1.7 million in 2001. It is the most-viewed sport in Canada.

Photo from: Pexels

4. Cricket

The governing body of Canada Cricket is also known as Cricket Canada. Canada is yet not allowed to play the test matches. However, the Canadian national cricket team is allowed to participate in the one-day international matches.

The country also has a very competitive women’s cricket team and the U-19 that has participated in 3 U-19 world cup events.

The Canadian national cricket team is the men’s cricket team which represents the country in international cricket. The team is organized by Cricket Canada, which became an associate member of the international cricket council in 1968.

Photo from: Pexels

Canada played its first international match against a team other than the U.S came in the year 1932, on their Australia tour. Canada was the country among the first two participants in the International Cricket Council. While on the other hand, this game was a cricket match played in New York City in 1844.

Cricket is also among the most popular sport in Canada. The T20I cricket team captain is Navneet Dhaliwal, and the team’s coach is Amarinder Bhinder. They played a total of 77 ODIs and won 17 among them. They appeared 4 times in the world cup and qualified for the world cup 10 times.

5. Baseball

Baseball is a game which has been played in Canada since the very beginning and is one of the most popular sports in Canada. The very oldest baseball park in the whole world is still in operation in Labatt Park in Ontario. Canada has only one major league called the Toronto Blue Jays.

Photo from: Pexels

Baseball Canada is the governing organization responsible for all the arrangements and fulfilling this sport’s requirements. They also organize major league baseball to grab people’s attention this sport. And this Toronto Blue Jays is famous worldwide.

Additionally, several independent league teams exist in Canada and participate in the Can-Am League and the American Association.

6. Soccer

Soccer is among the most popular game in Canada. Soccer in Canada was played under various rules and regulations. The first soccer game in Canada took place in the city of Toronto in October 1876 between two local clubs of Canada. The central concept of soccer was there.

The women’s Canadian soccer team has succeeded various times at an international level. The team also qualified for the 2012 London summer Olympics and performed well throughout the tournament.

They had a match with their favourite team of United States, in the semi-final and lost the game by 4-3 in the overtime. But with this American win came some controversial decisions against Canada. Moreover, Canada secured third place by defeating France by 1-0.

Canada had already organized the 2015 FIFA women’s world cup, which lasted for about a month. Soccer rank third in the list of most popular sport in Canada.

Photo from: Pexels

The governing body of soccer in Canada, also known as Canada soccer, organizes various tournaments and leagues across the country to maintain local people’s interest in the game.

Canada also has many soccer clubs which train professional soccer players for the game. These clubs’ primary focus is to develop professional soccer who can join their national team and help it win the various tournaments and leagues.

Soccer is one of the very competitive sports in Canada. Canadian soccer association is responsible for any changes in the rules and regulations in sports. The organization has the power to make changes in the respective sports according to the need. A soccer match is trendy among the small kids of Canada.

7. Ice Hockey

It is the most popular sport in Canada and is also named the official national sport or national game in Canada. The Canadian ice hockey league and the National Hockey league (NHL) were established in Canada and the united states. Canada has around seven teams currently playing in the NHL, or the Canadian NHL teams, namely Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Ottawa. The governing body of hockey Canada governs ice hockey.

The Canadian men’s national ice hockey team is the Team Canada. Equipe is the ice hockey team which represents Canada internationally.

The team is overseen by Hockey Canada, a member of the international ice hockey federation. From the year 1920 until the year 1963, Canada’s international representation was done by senior amateur club teams.

The Canadian national ice hockey team was founded in 1963 by Father David Bauer as a part of the Canadian amateur hockey association, which also paid out of the University of British Columbia.

Photo from: Pexels

The nickname or the short name was first used in 1972 in the summit series and has been frequently used to refer to the Canadian national men’s and Canadian national women’s teams ever since.

Ice Hockey is an essential and integral part of Canadian sports. The ice hockey team’s appeared in the IIHF world championship 75 times. The ice hockey team appeared in the Canada and world cup 8 times, and among them, it won 6 times. The ice hockey team has 9 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze medals in the Olympics.

8. Gridiron Football

It is also known as the North American Football and in North America called football; it is a family of football team sports in Canada and the united states. American football has 11 players on the team. It is usually played in the United Nations, the world’s best-known form of gridiron football. Instead, Gridiron Football is played with 12 players in Canada. It is one of the prevalent sports in Canada.

9. Rugby Football

Rugby Football is the collective name for the sports rugby union and rugby league team. The earlier form of football in which Australian rules football and gridiron football are evolved. It is one of the most popular sports in Canada.

The two variants of gridiron football, first Canadian football and second AF, were once considered forms of rugby football. The governing organization of  Canadian football is football Canada. This sport comes in the most competitive sport types in Canada.

Photo from: Pexels

10. Canadian Football

Canadian football is a type of sport played in Canada in which two teams of each 12 players compete for territorial control of a whole field of play which is 110 yards, which is 101 m long and 65 yards wide; each team tries to attempt to advance a pointed oval-shaped ball into the opposing team’s scoring area which is the end zone. It is an outdoor game, and the equipment used in this sport is football.

In Canada, the word football may refer to Canadian football and also American football. The CFL is the most popular and the only major professional Canadian football league. Its Grey cup is one of Canada’s most significant sporting events, attracting a broad television audience.

Canadian football is played at the bantam, high school, junior, semi-professional, and collegiate: the Canadian junior football league, formed on the month 8 May 1974, and Quebec junior football league are leagues for players whose age is 18-22.

11. Basketball

Canada basket or basketball Canada is the governing body for basketball in the country. This national federation was founded in the year 1923. This organization is responsible for selecting and training various players who represent the women’s and men’s national teams and then finally represent Canada in international competitions, including the Olympics, the FISU Games and Pan American, and FIBA World championships.

The recent or current president or CEO is Glen Grunwald. Canadian basketball oversees programmes at amateur and grassroots levels throughout the country. Some successful Canadian male players follow Steve Nash, Lars Hansen and Stacey Dales.

Photo from: Pexels

Basketball is among the most popular sports in Canada. The country launched the Steve Nash Youth basketball program in September 2007. Basketball is the fastest-growing sport in Canada, attracting many young Canadians from all backgrounds. Basketball is the best example of a professional sport.

12. Disc Sport

Disc sports in the country starts in the early 1970s, with the various promotional efforts from Irwin Toy. Disc sports include freestyle, double disc court, guts, golf, and many more. The Canadian open frisbee championships, Toronto in the year 1972-85. The two events, the team sport of disc ultimate and disc golf, are viral worldwide and are now also being played semi-professionally.

Photo from: Pexels

Concerning the time, disc sports gain its popularity worldwide, and now it is one of the most popular sports in Canada. It has gained very much importance and has become an integral part of Canadian sports. The professional disc golf association and the freestyle players association are the organizations that make rules and regulations for flying disc sports worldwide.

13. Lacross

Lacrosse is a famous sport in the nova scotia, the 13th province and territory. Lacrosse is a trendy sport in the country. Lacross is typically played with a Lacross stick and ball. It is one of the oldest organized sports in America, or we can say in North America, with its origins from indigenous people of North America as early as the 12th century.

European colonists later extensively modified the game, reducing the violence to create more professional team sports.

It was first time played in the early 17th century. The types of equipment of these supports are lacrosse sticks and lacrosse balls, in addition to various pads and body armour. The sports person also uses other protective gear for different versions for their safety. This sport had its presence in the summer Olympics in the years 1904 and 1908.

Photo from: Pexels

This support also comes under the list of famous sports in Canada. Players of this sport use the head of the lacrosse stick to carry, catch, pass and shoot the lacrosse ball into the goal. This sport has four versions with different sticks, rules, files and equipment.

The modern version of this sport is governed by World lacrosse, the international sports organization that recognizes first nations bands. The different versions of lacrosse 

13.01. Field Lacrosse

This type or version of lacrosse is prevalent among the people, and this version comes under the category of most popular sports in Canada. Field lacrosse is the men’s outdoor sports version of this sport. There are 10 players on each team, 3 attackmen, 3 defensemen, 3 midfielders and one goalie. Each player carries the lacrosse stick.

13.02. Box Lacrosse

This version is played by the five members of each team, which are called runners plus with a goalie on an ice hockey rink, where the artificial turf covers the ice. The enclosed area for playing is called the box.

13.03. Women’s Lacrosse

Women’s lacrosse is a popular sport among women. The rules of this significantly differ from the men’s lacrosse sport. Most notably, the difference is seen in equipment and the liberty of allowable physical contact. The rules of this game also differ from place to place. Women’s lacrosse does not allow physical contact; the players’ only protective equipment is the mouth guard and eye guard.

13.04. Intercross

It comes under the category of the professional sports played by the professional teams. It is also called the soft stick lacrosse. Intercross is a competitive adult sport that is very popular in Quebec, Canada, and many parts of European countries, basically in the Czech Republic.


Sport in itself is an excellent source of knowledge and information about what life is. We not only enjoy sports while playing but also learn many vital skills such as teamwork, patience, leadership, competitiveness and determination to succeed. These are some essential qualities that an individual must have in their own lives and personality. Various sports are generally played for passion, success and fitness. Also, some people use to play sports as their hobby. 

Canada is a country that gives a lot of importance given to sports. The government makes so many governing organizations to develop the local people’s interest in the sports, and they conduct time to time activities to maintain the interest of the people in the sports, the most played sport in the country is ice hockey. Ice hockey is their national sport. It is one of the popular sports in the country.

Canada is a country promoting the sport in a vast area, and they also get a chance to organize the summer and winter sports in their country. Along with this, they also held amateur sports regularly.

Canada has a separate and professional team for each sport; they select players and train them to their best abilities to represent the country in the professional league and other competitions. The country participates in almost all kinds of sports theatre. They are an individual or team sports. Team Canada is a favourite for many of us also. 

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