7 Best Blogging Platforms In Canada

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If you have thoughts that you think you can share with the world, then yes, blogging is the best thing that an individual can do. Your blog has the power to connect with the readers; that is all you need. There are so many platforms that are available for publishing your blog.

If you’re a learner, then go for the free version available but if you’re a pro learner and know how to work on the website, go for the paid version. You have to pay to use the various feature of the website per month. Most websites have per-month charges, but few also charge for the hours you work, but I suggest that you go for the website that charges per month.

To tell people your thoughts and points of you, through writing is a very creative and easy way and hence in technical terms referred to as blog writing. Changing people’s minds from your blog is something every creative and innovative idea has. In simple words, expressing your pony of you and your idea through a medium is like your blog or blogging. There are various blogging platforms available online.

And if you are a very good writer, then your blog and you get famous very quickly. You need to get started with writing your thoughts. Among various platforms, the best blogging platform is WordPress.

About Blogging Platforms

Blogging is one of the best ways to share your thoughts with other people. If you are serious about your blogging, the best blogging platform is waiting for your blog. If you decide to write a blog, you have two options.

Option 1

The first option is WordPress. It is for the person who wants to know more about their platform called website. There are other types of people who want to do much more and have excellent capabilities in SEO as well.

Option 2

But if you are looking to build or make a website with drop and drag functionally where the function of hosting is performed by another site then the best platform is Wix.

You can also choose both options if you don’t want to go for one. It depends on your choice. You can also deny both options if you have a better option than the two mentioned above.

1. WordPress

WordPress is very popular among bloggers. WordPress provides many SEO tools for the easy writing of blogs.

 1.01. Key Features

  •  Used for making business websites more professional.
  • The website is governed by you only.
  • SEO tools.

1.02.   WordPress Hosting Setting Up

  • First, you have to register your domain.
  • The second step is Hosting Setup: Free Website Builders or Cheap Hosting.
  • Install Managed Host.

WordPress is one of the platforms. It is the best free blogging platform. It is straightforward to use. You need to get started with writing the blog, and as well it is straightforward to set up. It allows you to access many SEO-free tools. The SEO parameters make it easy to use WordPress.  The rate of WordPress is also correct, coming in at very low almost zero cents if the question arises/of why then the answer is because WordPress is open for all, which means it charges nothing to use it. WordPress is free of cost.

All you need to do in WordPress is shape your word into a blog, and it is straightforward to use. WordPress has a custom domain name that helps your blog stand out in the crowd and along with this, it is the site’s best platform to start your blogging games.

WordPress is the site where you can do as much customization as you can. WordPress is the best and excellent place to do anything in your way.

WordPress powers almost 30% of the total internet. This is because it offers a significant share of the market. After all, WordPress can help to create a fantastic website. Another significant con of WordPress is it offers all facilities for free. These are the main cons of WordPress.

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Photo by Stephen Phillips – Hostreviews.co.uk on Unsplash

A relatively huge learning curve is the only problem with WordPress. WordPress is not for the person who doesn’t know anything about websites for such people WordPress can be very confusing to use.

To create a blog, various things are required. So, before starting blogging, it is essential to know everything about the blogging platforms. Choosing the best blogging site is very important for your work. WordPress is perfect for the experts.

2. Wix- The Best Easy To Use Free Blogging Platforms

Another very famous platform for bloggers is Wix. Wix is very much similar to WordPress. It is a free platform for publishing your blogs.

thomas lefebvre gp8BLyaTaA0 unsplash
Photo by Thomas Lefebvre on Unsplash

 2.01. Key Features

  • Backup of the website automatically
  • Artificial  Intelligence Design
  • customer support is 24/7

Pros of Wix are helpful features and very easy to handle. On the other hand, the cons of Wix is the scalability of a third party.

Wix is one of the best blogging platforms for your blog. Wix is one of the best free blogging platforms. If you want to start fresh and are a very new beginner, you can start with Wix. Wix is, in simple words, very wonderful. Without much learning, Wix provides the platform to make a very fantastic and beautiful site. Wix is one of the best blogging platforms, which is very easy to handle.

Choosing the best blogging website for your blog is every blogger’s dream. And if you get the best for free, it’s obvious everyone will choose that only. With Wix, all you’ll need to do is start writing. You can choose your domain name in this. This is one of the most helpful blog sites.

With the help of Wix, you can build stunning websites without any massive learning curve. The services come with many features that allow elementary buildings without having to delve into any backend, figure, or hosting. All you’ll need to get started with the Wix blogging platform is to start writing your thoughts. This is a blogging platform for especially new learners. If you want to create a beautiful website without any hustle, this one is the best blogging platform.

If you are a beginner and want to start your work, Artificial engineering is used to create a website in Wix. The platform constantly searches for the best blogging platforms based on preferences. It is a time-saving procedure to build a blogging platform. It also has a mitigating decision feature which takes away the overwhelming that a blogger comes across while building the platform.

Signing up for the blog on Wix is very easy. Visit the website and click on the many free features or options to start. The great and interesting thing about this platform is it is a free blogging platform, and the bloggers are not charged anything to create and have the ability to test a new blog.

If a blogger wants to use their domain name, they must pay for it. But if individuals want to choose a free domain name, they don’t have to pay anything for free trials.

3. Medium- Offline Platform For Blogging

Medium is a more advanced blogging platform for the new generation, and it provides the dark mode just like smartphones.

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Photo by Justin Morgan on Unsplash

3.01. Key Features

  • You can add audio to your blog.
  • It also contains the medium dark mode.
  • It also has enhanced medium stats.
  • Its pros are one can easily read articles on this website.
  • It also has a con, and that is it gets buried very quickly.

In 2016, this website had 140,000 stories. Medium uses different methodologies to create blogging services. The content should be written in Medium, not on your website. So if one has to check your wonderful website, one has to go through Medium. You don’t have to pay a single penny to use Medium for your blogs. It is free for you.

Medium is the best blogging platform for starting blogs. The procedure to start is also straightforward, and if you want to create content that the world will see, you can use Medium, go to Medium, and sign up there.

If you want to make your website, copy your content from Medium paste it into your website, and post it there. But if you are not sure, then start with Medium and after getting sufficient exposure, go for your website.

Choosing the best blogging platforms is very important for your blog. Medium is the best blogging platform for your blog, as well as it is a free blogging platform. This is best for new users and best for bloggers. This is a custom domain website. It is straightforward to use. Medium many functions make it very easy to use.

You need to write the content for your blog. Medium is one of the very exciting blogging platforms to work on. It provides many more features to make your website interesting and attractive. The only advantage of this that you can use is the free version.

Medium is the place to begin blogging. Your content can connect with the person’s thoughts all your blog and you need to do. If anyone has some exciting ideas that you want to publish for the whole world to notice, all you need to do is jump on this awesome platform called Medium, the first step sign up, and then let your thoughts be published in a blog for the whole world. If your content decides you want to create personal space, you can simply copy and then paste whatever Medium posts you have created into your website and publish or post them there. Easy, copy and paste the content, whichever you like.

If you are very sure about building your blog, we highly recommend you start with Medium, get used to writing online, and then go from there.

4. Weebly

The most significant advantage of this website is responsive themes and an app center. It is similar to Wix.

4.01. Key Features

  •  Management of team
  • Easy to use
  • Membership areas

The advantages of this are responsive themes and an app center, and the disadvantage is design limited flexibility.

Weebly is very much similar to the website name Wix. On both websites, you can drop and drag all the features including various elements you want onto your page. So you can be as much as creative as you can. It is one of the best blogging platforms for bloggers.

Every blogger wants to choose the best blogging platform for their blog. Weebly is only suitable for you if you fit the two major criteria of Weebly. The first criterion is. One: You do not pay anything for your blog, and Second you are very much overwhelmed by Wix and want some more interesting thing to do.

5. Blogger-Old School Cool

This is very easy to use, very simple yet very attractive. This site has a free host and domain.

pexels anna nekrashevich 8993878
Photo from: Pexels

5.01. Key Features

  • The very ease of use
  • Manageable and easy to work on this platform.
  •  secure platform to use.

Prons are excellent for new beginners, and it is free to the domain as well as host, whereas cons are limited to essential tools for blogging.

Blogger is very much famous among the youth. You can find every kind of blog on this platform and also this is very friendly to use. The bloggers use this site without any hassle. This platform gives a chance to every person to stand out loud in front of the audience. Anyone can post on this site. And you can read anyone’s blog without any charge.

Now in recent, it has been owned by the world-famous Google, and it still promotes new and aspiring writers, to put forward their thoughts and points of view for others to read. This is the advantage of it which is out of the box for the new aspiring ones.

All you have to do first is sign in for the use services, and it also has guidelines to help you out there. The platform interface looks very pretty. Google runs everything, but it permits you to customize your blog with different and unique types of themes.

The only problem is that it does look a bit old and outdated. If you compare your website to it or even the famous Medium, it might look like a blog from the year 2006. Many business sites still use this version for their work. This is very good for you if you are a learner.

6. Squarespace- Free But Only For 14 Days

Squarespace is a website that allows its use for only 14 days of free trial to use all the functions available

6.01. Key Features

  •  Available 24/7 Suppor
  •  Customization is somewhat limited.
  •  UIX Great

The prons are available in mobile version, and very good and excellent customer support and the cons are speed is very low. Using it is incredibly similar to using other websites. Squarespace is living in a beautiful neighborhood of pre-built houses. The other people live in a similar version of the house you moved into with their own decoration and furniture changes. Still, the neighborhood will not at all allow making any changes according to you.

Squarespace Website has stunning templates to which anyone can make very small changes, but you are limited significantly to templates. You can choose the best template from here for your site. In this way, your site will look lovely and exciting. Squarespace can decorate your site in many voter ways too. This is one of the best free version websites for your blog.

7.  Multimedia And Social Media Solution-Tumblr

Tumblr has a very high engagement rate than the other mentioned platforms, just like the social media website.

pexels canva studio 3153204
Photo from: Pexels

7.01. Key Features

  •  Very much accessible
  • Easy changeable or customizable
  • Good mobile app

The pros of this are it has a higher percentage of engagement than any other social media, and set up and use is very easy. The cons of this are the robustness of the search option can be improved. The only way to get rid of this is to keep it robust.

It was created or made in the year 2007 as a very interesting blogging platform that can act as a networking site for social media. Since it was created for blogging, it has several functionalities built-in for uploading media and writing content that you might like

Tumblr website offers many customization options to its customers, but customization is more often like a great social media profile than a website. It has an effortless dashboard look, which helps you how to work on it.


There are so many blogging platforms available for blogging in today’s scenario, but among them, seven blogging platforms are famous in Canada. It does not matter if you’re a new learner or a pro learner in making websites or working with websites. There are so many platforms available online and offline, and there are so many free and paid versions available for personal blogs. If you buy the paid version, you will be able to take so many advantages of that particular website.

There are so many guidelines available along with the website to help you out if you are stuck in between and need any help. If you like a built-in website for a business, it is preferred to go for the paid version as it offers more functions for use, making your business website attractive.

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